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OptimizePress Product Roadmap

OptimizePress makes it easy to create landing pages, optin pages, webinar regstration pages and much more - all optimized for conversions.

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Last Update: Sept 10th 2020

What OptimizePress can do today

We've already come a long way with the new OptimizePress platform and suite...here are the features we're most proud of

BirdSend Integration

Adding support for BirdSend integration inside our integrations dashboard.  This can be used with OptimizePress OPtin forms as well as OptimizeCheckouts integration rules.

WordPress Comments Element

If you would rather use WordPress comments instead of Facebook comments on your launch pages or custom post designs, this element is just for you.

OptimizeCheckouts - One-Click Upsells/Downsells

One of our most requested features is here!

We've added full support for one-click upsells and downsells when using OptimizeCheckouts with Stripe.  This awesome innnovation in our platform means you can create unlimited flows for your sales funnels, giving you the ability to optimize revenue like never before.

Offer upgrades, add-ons, or other product expansion options to dramatically increase your Average Order Value (AOV) and boost your overall business revenues.

Checkout Summary Element

Add a summary of your order to your thank you pages as part of OptimizeCheckouts funnels - giving your buyer a simple way to get a clear picture of everything they purchased from you.

Self-hosted Video Support

If you like to host your videos yourself on services like Amazon S3 or similar, we've added full support for this with our embedded HTML5 video player option.  This has been added to our existing video element for even further expanded flexibility on your pages.

We also now support custom hosted videos for our video background options.

OptimizeCheckouts - Order Bumps

An order bump is like an upsell directly on your checkout. This is one of the best places to increase the value of each of your customers - by offering an instant upgrade or add-on to their purchase right on your checkout form

We added support for Order bumps in our June Checkouts update.

OptimizeFunnels - A/B Split Testing

Testing different versions of your landing pages and funnel pages is an essential strategy in any marketers aresenal for increasing subscribers and profits. 

We've now added support for A/B split testing inside our Funnel builder. You can easily create a split test with multiple versions of your page and identify the winner based on revenue or optin conversions for that page.

Mad Mimi Integration

We added a new integration with Mad Mimi, giving you a quick and easy way to add contacts from our optin forms and OptimizeCheckouts to your Mad Mimi lists.

Text with Icon Element

We've added this new element to give you an easy way to create text with icons next to it.  This is great for a simple site logo, headline with icon next to it, or even just for a short testimonial or profile image with name. 

This element is very versatile and we're already finding our team are using this regularly when designing new templates for you.


Now you can easily roll back to previous versions of your pages inside OptimizePress, and you can also clear these revisions in our settings screen in case you want to keep your site temp files clear and light.

LeadLovers Integration

We've added support for the popular Brazilian autoresponder and email marketing tool, LeadLovers to OptimizePress.

OptimizeFunnels - Stats

Tracking the stats of your pages and funnels is critical to your business success, especially as you start to run paid advertising or grow your site traffic

With our Stats, you'll be able to easily analyse the success of your funnels, and see where your blockages are in your funnel so you know where to spend your time when you're optimizing your pages.

WebinarJam Integration

To continue our webinar integration expansion, we've added support for WebinarJam to our integrations list.  You can now connect to one of your upcoming live WebinarJam events and subscribe prospects with ease.

Beautify your forms will all our styling controls so you're no longer stuck using the default WebinarJam signup forms.

March 2020


Our biggest release since launching OptimizePress, OptimizeCheckouts is now live and exclusively available in our Suite membership plan.

This integrates perfectly with our sales pages and funnels in OptimizePress to allow you to easily collect payments from your customers, and deliver file downloads after purchase

This will revolutionize how you take payments on your websites and integrate payment forms into your OptimizePress pages.

March 2020

Webinar Thank You Elements

OptimizePress First Feature

As part of our dedication to bringing you the best in marketing tools for your landing pages and marketing sites, we've developed the awesome webinar thank you elements.  These elements integrate with Everwebinar (other integrations coming soon) to allow you to showcase the important information from your webinar on your thank you page.

Show the time and date of the webinar in a beautiful calendar element, allow your registrant to click one button to get a calendar invite for your webinar, or get a link directly to the webinar room!

March 2020

Sticky Rows & Sections

Another cool feature for you to increase your conversions on your pages - the Sticky option allows you to make your rows or sections "stick" to the page view on scroll - meaning you can keep things like optin forms in view for your visitors.  We've already released a number of templates that incorporate this feature too!

Favourite Colour Saving

We know that keeping track of the colours used on your pages can take some time.  We've created the favourite colour picker option to allow you to easily save your colour palette on your site so you can reuse colours across pages and quickly maintain your brand style across your pages.

Video Backgrounds

Video backgrounds was a popular feature of the OptimizePress 2.0 PlusPack, and we've been working hard to bring this feature to OptimizePress 3.0

Our focus is on ensuring using a video background has minimal impact on your overall site load speed and ensures conversions are optimized.

Everwebinar Integration

We've added support for the popular Everwebinar automated webinar platform.  You can now add subscribers to webinars from Everwebinar with our powerful integration that also includes date and time pickers - so we'll dynamically pull in your webinars

Exit Intent for Pop Overlays

We've added support for you to detect users exiting your page and trigger your overlays.  This is a great way to capture leads that you might have lost from usual browsing behaviour - and boost your list!

Mautic Integration

We've now addd support for Mautic, including support for the latest Oauth2.0 intgration.  You can add contacts to campaigns and apply tags when your subscribers opt-in through your OptimizePress Optin forms.

Zoom Integration

Another World First Feature

We're proud to announce that we're the first WordPress Page builder to be featured inside the Zoom marketplace with an official integration.  This integration has been tested and approved by the Zoom team and allows you to easily register contacts for webinars from your OptimizePress opt-in forms.

Animations & Delay Content Features

We've now added the ability for you to animation elements on the entry to your page, as well as lots of customizable loading features

You can also delay your elements, rows or sections from loading, so these are loaded after a set delay from page load - great for hiding add to cart buttons on video sales pages.

Interval Countdown Timer

Another World First Feature

We know many of you run automated webinars with platforms like Everwebinar, EasyWebinar and Demio.  We wanted to make it super easy for you to drop in a timer that counts down to intervals on the hour.

So for example, if you have a webinar running every 30 minutes, you can set your Interval countdown to 30 minutes and it will count down to 0 on the hour and every half-past the hour e.g. 1pm, 1:30pm, 2:00pm.

This helps boost response rates on your webinar registration pages.

Egoi Integration

We've added an integration with the popular Egoi platform for email marketing.  You can easily send your subscribers from optin forms inside OptimizePress directly to your Egoi Campaigns


Our biggest development for the OptimizePress Suite since the launch of our brand new editor is our FunnelBuilder. This amazing tool will make it easier than ever before to create lead generation and marketing funnels to help drive your business to new heights. 

Facebook Widgets

Facebook is the biggest social network in the world, and we know you often want to bring some of the Facebook functionality onto your OptimizePress pages.  With our FB widgets, you can drop in comment boxes, links to your Facebook pages and social sharing like buttons with just a couple of clicks

October 2019

FAQ Accordion 

Displaying content on your pages in a clean and organised way can sometimes be difficult.  Using an accordion (sometimes called a content toggle) gives you a great way to identify key points of your product or service, without overloading the visitor with too much information at once. 

October 2019

Legacy Membership Options

We know that our membership features were highly popular in OptimizePress 2.0.  We're working on a major upgrade to our OptimizeMember functionality, but while we work on that, we have created an easy way for you to display links to your membership content - with our membership page listings and legacy options for OP3!

October 2019

Video Popup Enhancement

We know you often want an easy way to show video content on a page without cluttering your page or distracting from your sales message.  The video popup features will allow you to do just that.  With video popups you can easily add videos in popups, triggered by any image, button or link.

October 2019

Personal Templates 'Cloud'

Our unique new Personal Templates Cloud will give you an easy way to save templates you create or customize in our Lightning Builder.  Your personal templates cloud gives you access to all of your saved templates on any site you have licensed under your OP3 account.  With our template share feature you can also share templates with clients in a few clicks.

September 2019

Video Thumbnail Element

Making it easier for you to create launch type pages or any page where you want to show a preview of a video (or a screenshot of a video), our video thumbnail element is perfect.  This element is great for using as a trigger element for a video popup, optin form, or just to show as a placeholder on your page

September 2019

Video Element Enhancement

As part of our dedication to ease of use, we're expanding our video element options to make it faster and easier for you to embed your videos from the most popular video hosting platforms including YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia.

September 2019

Evergreen Countdown Timer

Evergreen countdown timers allow you to set a timer which repeats or is specific to a visitor - rather than counting down to a date, this will count a specific period from the first visit from your prospect.  These personalised timers are great for additional scarcity and evergreen offers.

August 2019

Visual Builder for Menus (WP Menu Element)

Although OptimizePress is known best for conversion focused landing pages, we know there are often times where you want to include menus on your pages. You might be building a minisite, a blog or a membership delivery platform.  All of these can now be achieved faster with our beautiful and powerful WP Menu element.  This gives unrivalled customization and control for menus you create on your OP pages.

August 2019

Code before & after sections, rows and elements

If you're building any kind of membership site or course with OptimizePress, there might be occasions where you need to add some special codes before and after elements or content on your page to show or hide this.  We've brought back another popular feature from OP2, our code before/after element which allows you to add custom codes around your building blocks on your OP3 pages.

Zapier Optin Form Integration

When it comes to integrating software solutions, Zapier is the market leader.  We've now added our own integration with Zapier so you can send optin form data straight from your OptimizePress site through Zapier, giving access to their library of 1500+ connected services

August 2019

Copy & paste sections, rows & elements

We've made it even easier to move content or elements around your page with our copy and paste feature.  Just simply right-click, select "copy" and you can now paste this element, row or section anywhere on your page.  You can also copy and paste elements between pages on the same WordPress site

Right click options for easier page building

There were a few places in our editor where we wanted to make it even quicker and easier for you to access options.  To help with this, we added a right-click menu which gives you access to additional options (see below).

Webhook Optin Form Integration

Developers amoungst you might want be looking for a bit more flexibility when it comes to our optin form integrations.  To this end, we added webhook integration so you can pass the data through to an external webhook of your choice, expanding the integration possibilities with OptimizePress.

Unlock Inline Toolbar and move to anywhere on screen

We've always got our ear to the ground when it comes to improvements that will make your lives easier when using OptimizePress.  From your feedback we heard that some of you would like to be able to set the placement of the inline toolbar to make your editing experience that little bit more flexible and customized.  So we added a simple option to allow you to unlock the toolbar and move it anywhere on the screen!

Klick-Tipp Integration

Klick-Tipp is a popular German email marketing software that has been in great demand from our audience.  We're working hard with the Klick-Tipp team to add an integration to OptimizePress - this will allow you to send leads from your OptimizePress Optin forms to Klick-Tipp.

Create completely custom popup overlays (visually!)

Now you can create completely custom overlays (or popups) for any of your pages.  Just click the Create new Overlay button and you can create one or more overlays that can be used to show anything from an optin-form, to a video, to more in-depth content.  Click here to see an example

Direct integrations with 18+ leading marketing tools

We launched with 16 direct integrations with some of the leading marketing services on the Internet, and we're regularly adding more.  Our current count is 18 services including Mailchimp, AWeber, Infusionsoft, ConvertKit, Drip, ActiveCampaign, Campaign Refinery, Constant Contact, Demio, Emma, MailerLite, Get Response, Ontraport, SendReach and KlickTipp

Industry First Fully Visual Editor

No more editing in popups or sidebars, OptimizePress launched the first WordPress editor to include advanced in-line editing of almost any option on your page, without even opening a sidebar.  This means faster & easier editing, faster page deployment, and faster progress towards your marketing goals.

The above list is an overall summary of some of the larger updates we've made to the OptimizePress suite of tools since we relaunched the platform in May 2019.  We have also made many smaller updates, fixes, enhancement.  If you're an OptimizePress customer you can find these listed in our changelogs.

What's coming next...

These features and improvements are being worked on by our team right now, and can be to be released very soon (usually 2-6 weeks)

Sept/Oct 2020

Funnel Visualiser (OptimizeFunnels Upgrade)

With our new Funnel Visualiser, you can map out your funnels in a much more visual way (hence the name).   You can see what type of page is at each stage of your funnel, you can add yes/no flows, and you can see the individual stats of each stage without leaving the Visualiser.

September 2020

Social Sharing Element

Get more traffic to your landing pages, launch pages, blog posts and more by adding social sharing bars and buttons.  Networks supported include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. 

September 2020

Custom Fields Expansion - Adding Checkboxes & Dropdowns

To help you segment your subscribers better, we're adding the ability to add checkboxes and dropdowns to your optin forms.  These fields can be used to add tags or data to custom fields (depending on support from the email marketing platform).  This brings you powerful segmentation features to all your OptimizePress forms.

September 2020

OptimizeLeads Integrations Update

We're revamping all the integrations inside our SaaS offering OptimizeLeads that is included in the Suite plan.  We'll bring all the integrations currently inside OptimizePress 3 into OptimizeLeads to give you greater flexibility when integrating with your email marketing service or platform.

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