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Selling on your WordPress site has never been so easy!

OptimizeCheckouts gives you the power to sell digital products and services with WordPress. Integrated with Stripe for easy payment processing & management.

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Create checkouts just like these with a few clicks using OptimizeCheckouts...

Sell one-time, subscription and payment plan products

With our visual funnel builder, you can map out every step of your funnel. This makes it easy to plan and optimize your funnels.

Capture buyer details and send to your CRM or external database

Upsells and downsells are critical to the success of every funnel. With OptimizeFunnels you can add these with no extra tools required.

Connect directly to your Stripe & Paypal (no additional fees)

Reliable funnel tracking is key to your success. With OptimizeFunnels you have all the stats you need easily accessible.

What can you sell with your WordPress checkout page?

Sales funnels work with any kind of business to help you convert more prospects into leads, and leads into customers.  Here are just some of the possible marketing funnel applications:

Sell online courses and training programs

Build your course content with our OptimizeBuilder, giving you complete freedom to design it your way.

Sell access to a paid webinar or virtual event

Choose from over 100+ conversion-tested landing pages that are completely customizable (and all load super-fast too)

Sell your ebooks and digital downloads

Our OptimizeBuilder makes editing your pages quick and simple. Click to edit text, fonts, sizes, colours and much more.

Sell tickets for a live event or conference

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Sell access to community or membership sites

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Sell your services such as design or development

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Sell a subscription to your continuity program

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Sell coaching or consulting services

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Sell anything!*

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Easily connect your Stripe & Paypal payment gateways

With just a few clicks, our step by step training will guide you through connecting your Stripe& Paypal accounts to your OptimizeCheckouts installation, meaning you're ready to start taking payments in minutes!

Ready to use checkout templates

No more struggling trying to create the perfect checkout page - we include a range of designs all ready for you to use.

And if you're using our OptimizeFunnels platform, each of our checkout funnels includes a checkout page design - optimized for conversions.

Conversion tested checkout form designs

Our checkout forms are fully cutomizable, and are based on thousands of checkout tests to ensure that our designs mean maximum conversions for you.

Customize your form fields to keep your buyer lazer focused on the process, and only collect the information you need.

Fully Customizable Order Bumps

Adding an Order Bump on your checkout form is an easy way to instantly increase checkout revenue. We've made it super easy to add an order bump, and even customize the look and feel of your Order Bump on your checkout form

Offer add-on products such as training programs
Offer a complementary product
Enhance the main purchase with additional offer

Unlimited 1-Click Upsells & Downsells

Upsells and downsells (often as part of a sales funnel) are the ulitmate way to get the average order value (AOV) of your business to increase rapidly.

You can add an unlimited number of follow-up offers after your buyer has completed their checkout. Every upsell or downsell can be purchased with one-click (no filling in card information again)

Features of the Checkout Form Builder

Our WordPress checkout plugin includes everything you need to start collecting payments on your own website with no additional tools.

Accept major credit cards with Stripe integration

Connect with Stripe to easily process credit card payments through their secure processing network.

Customizable checkout forms in WordPress

Our checkout form element means you can build beautiful checkout forms inside the OptimizeBuilder, fully optimized for conversion.

Collect EU Taxes with EU VAT Calculation

If you need to collect VAT/Sales tax from your EU buyers, we have you covered with our tax charges calculations at checkout.

Discount your products with coupons

Offer coupons for special offers or promotions and instantly accept these on your checkout forms. 

Customize your confirmation emails

Send customized emails to your buyers on completion of their orders to assist with onboarding your new customers.

Offer secure downloads for your digital products

Delivering your digital products automatically saves you time and gives you more opportunity to grow your business faster.

Easy overview of sales with Stats Dashboard

Use the OptimizeCheckouts dashboard to get an instant overview of your sales stats for any timeframe you choose.

Create & send receipts to customers automatically

Give customers everything they need for their accounting after purchase with our instant receipt generation system.

No transaction fees (just your Stripe fees)

We do not charge you any fees for using OptimizeCheckouts for your transactions.  Note: Stripe transaction fees will still apply.

Deliver Digital Downloads Simply and Securely

When you sell a digital product, whether it's an ebook, lightroom preset, or other downloadable, delivering it instantly is critical to the success of your business.

With our digital download delivery feature, you can attach digital downloads to your products and deliver these via a custom download element on your thank you pages.  This completely automates the deliver of your products.

Create user accounts for membership platforms

If you're creating a membership or online course, you'll probably want to add these buyers into your membership or course platform.  With OptimizeMentor (included with Suite plans) you can add buyers directly into your own membership site or online course.

Send receipts automatically

Helping your customers manage their payments is very important.  With our receipt sending feature, you can instantly send a customized receipt to your customers after they purchase your products and services. 

Receipt content be customized inside OptimizeCheckouts to match your brand including logo and address information.

Add buyer information to your email marketing service

Building a list of customers is essential for any online business.  With our industry-leading integrations with the most popular services online, you can send the name and email data from your customers directly to services like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign and many more.

analytics & stats tracking

Monitor your sales on the Dashboard

Use the OptimizeCheckouts dashboard to get an instant overview of how your business is performing.

Quick business overview

Get an instant overview of how your products are selling with the OptimizeCheckouts dashboard

Filter by currency

Selling products in different currencies?  Now you can view your stats per currency easily.

Check top products

Filter by product to see which products are outperforming your other products. 

Monitor refunds

Keep a close eye on refunds with our refund tracking.  You can filter by specific products to see your least popular products.

Included with all Suite & Agency plans

Start selling from your WordPress site today!

The Suite plan from OptimizePress includes everything you need to sell your products from your WordPress site.  Plus you get landing pages, sales pages, online courses, funnels, and membership sites in one tools suite.

Software Advice Front Runner 2022

Rated 4.8 based on 1,124+ reviews

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

After giving OptimizePress a try, if you find the software isn't for you, just let us know and we'll issue a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase.

Steve Dougherty Testimonial

"While there are other top quality page builders available, none of them have the team behind them that OP3 does...That is why I consider OptimizePress the best because it is NOT 'just' a page builder app."

~ Steve Dougherty
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Frequently asked checkout plugin questions

Here are answers to your most commonly asked questions

Which payment merchants/processors are supported by OptimizeCheckouts?

OptimizeCheckouts integrates with Stripe and Paypal for processing payments.

We do not charge any additional fees for connecting through us, you'll simply pay the transaction fees that Stripe or Paypal charge (typically around 3%).

Does this replace my ecommerce website or cart system?

OptimizeCheckouts is not designed to be an alternative or replacement for an "online shop" or ecommerce website - the focus with OptimizeCheckouts is to create highly optimized sales processes including sales pages, specific checkout pages and sales funnels.

This process has been found to increase sales and conversions - and average revenue per customer. Many of our customers have found that when switching from a traditional "store" site to a focused sales website - their sales and conversions have increased.

Do you integrate with WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a full online ecommerce store website platform. This platform although very powerful is very bloated and often causes site slow downs. 

 We do not integrate with WooCommerce and OptimizeCheckouts would operate completely separately to any WooCommerce tools on your website.

OptimizeCheckouts can be a replacement for WooCommerce where you're looking to sell individual products, online courses, digital products. It's not the best solution however if you want a "storefront" offering lots of products.

Are subscriptions and recurring billing options available?

Yes! You can take payments and setup recurring subscriptions for your customers, perfect for membership sites and ongoing billing agreements.

These subscriptions can be managed inside your Stripe or Paypal account so you benefit from the full power of their payment management system including their intelligent system for retrying failed renewal payments.

Remember if you use a WooCommerce based checkout solution, you'll also need their subscriptions addon which costs an additional $239/year!

How do I create an affiliate program/referral program to work with OptimizeCheckouts?

We're not planning to develop our own affiliate platform for OptimizeCheckouts.

We'll be adding integrations with the most popular affiliate platforms very soon. We recommend WPSlice for your affiliate programs.

Why wouldn't I just use WooCommerce or a free checkout solution for WordPress?

WooCommerce is a great solution for an ecommerce store - but it was designed for this purpose. Most of our users are not building an online shop where a visitor adds multiple products to a "cart" - instead they want to sell one or a series of carefully selected products in a sales funnel process.

OptimizeCheckouts is designed specifically for this purpose, and everything is optimized to ensure maxmium conversions and therefore more sales and profit.

Start building your checkouts in WordPress with no limits.

Quickly and easily build checkouts, landing pages, sales funnels, membership sites, online courses and more with our complete marketing suite for WordPress.