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Engage Visitors & Customers With  Our WordPress Audio Player

Now you can easily add an Audio Player to your landing pages, sales pages, membership pages and more with our WordPress Audio Player Element

The Audio Player element is available on all plans

What is an Audio Player for WordPress?

Playing audio on your website can be a great way to add interactivity and increase engagement on your pages.  There are potential content types you might want to use a WordPress Audio Player to add audio to your pages including:

Podcast Recordings
Coaching Recordings
Audio Training Lessons
Music samples

To add audio to your website - you might consider this requires you to add WordPress audio player plugin to your site.  With OptimizePress, this is not the case, as our WordPress audio player element is built right into our platform.

Reduced plugin bloat and faster page load times

One of the most important things about creating your website is that you ensure your pages load as fast as possible.   Speed is at the heart of all things we do here at OptimizePress, and our audio player for WordPress is no exception.  

When using our Audio player, you do not need any extra plugins or code, our fast loading player is built into OptimizePress and all you need to do is select the Audio Player element from the sidebar and drop it into your pages.  Your audio player is instantly ready - just choose your media file to play and you're all set!

By avoiding adding extra plugins, this means your site runs faster, and this means better user experience, as well as better search engine rankings.

Why choose the OptimizePress WordPress Audio Player?

Unlike other WordPress audio player elements and plugins, our audio player is lightweight and fast loading.

We also include all the main features you need for your audio player including autoplay (where supported by the browser), loop audio (great for background audio tracks) and download option (perfect if you want to offer your audio player files as downloads on a membership).

Read on to find out more about the benefits of using our WordPress Audio Player...

Benefits of using our WordPress Audio Player

Our audio player is simple and lightweight, but includes everything you need

Fast Loading WordPress Audio Player

Simple, clean, fast loading

Our WordPress Audio Player is lightweight and fast loading so has no impact on your page load speed.

Upload your audio player files easily

Easy upload of Audio Files

Upload your audio files directly from your computer to WordPress or choose from items in your WP media library.

Flexibility on positioning your audio player for WordPress

Position your player to suit you

With the flexibility of the OptimizeBuilder, you can position your player where you want on your page.

Full Mobile and tablet support for your audio player

Tablet & Mobile Support

Our audio player for WordPress works on desktop, tablet and mobile devices so we've got you covered.

Audio Player Features

Here's a summary of the features we included in our WordPress Audio Player

Responsive Audio Player

The audio player will resize responsively on tablet and mobile devices for optimal device compatibility.

Autoplay Audio Files

Choose to audioplay your files on page load (where supported) - great for background audio tracks.

Loop Audio Files

Want to loop your audio track? We have you covered with our simple looping option.

Add Simple Download Option

If you're including an audio file in a membership or download page, we include a simple download option.

Resize to fit your page design

Want a smaller audio player that doesn't distract from your content? Easily resize your player in our page builder.

Multiple Audio Players per page

Got lots of audio files to include on your page?  Add as many audio players to your page as you need with ease.

Case Studies & Use Cases

See how others are using our Audio Player

Use audio to increase your engagement with visitors, subscribers and customers


Stream podcast recordings from your blog posts and WordPress pages to grow your following. 

Online Course Creators

Create downloadable audio sessions form your online course videos.

Music Producers

Create music clips and make them available for your listeners directly on your site.


Share your teleconference training sessions with customers and attendees.

Zoom Recordings

Upload your Zoom meeting recordings so team members can recap later.

choose your image

Audio Sales Letter

Create audio versions of sales letters and make your content more accessible to all.

Questions about audio player for WordPress 

We're answering your most commonly asked questions about our WordPress Audio Player 

Do i need to install anything to use the audio player in OptimizePress?

Only OptimizePress!  As long as OptimizePress Dashboard and OptimizeBuilder are installed and activated, you'll have full access to our audio player element inside the OptimizePress page building platform.   No additional plugins or scripts are required.

Can i use this audio player outside of OptimizePress?

The audio player element exists inside the OptimizeBuilder page building platform from OptimizePress.  It cannot be used outside of this page builder.  Any pages you create with the OptimizeBuilder can include the audio player element.  If you deactivate the OptimizePress tools suite your audio player element may no longer work.

What kind of files can the WordPress audio player support in OptimizePress?

The OptimizePress audio player element supports MP3 and WAV audio file formats.  These are the most common formats for audio files and are supported across all major web browsers, meaning the maximum number of your site visitors will be able to access and listen to your audio files.

You can find many different tools to convert your audio files if they are not in one of these formats.  We recommend the Convertio service (free ad supported service) for converting your files

What kind of pages can I use this element on?

The OptimizePress Audio Player element can be used on any pages created with the OptimizeBuilder page building platform, included as part of your OptimizePress purchase.

This means you can use our audio player on landing pages, sales pages, membership pages, download pages, thank you pages, and much more.  Any page you can create with OptimizePress will support our audio player element.

Can I play my SoundCloud recordings with the WordPress Audio Player?

Our Audio player element does not support SoundCloud, but we're pleased to announce that we have a special SoundCloud element which is designed specifically for your SoundCloud recordings.

Just search in the OptimizePress element sidebar for Soundcloud and you'll find our element which supports your SoundCloud file links and will even import your SoundCloud artwork.

Ready to Start Creating landing pages with audio?

Start using the Audio Player on your pages today

Add an audio player to your page today and start adding an extra layer of interactivity and engagement to your pages with our Audio Player element in OptimizePress