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Trust Badge Element

Increase credibility and boost conversions by adding Trust Badges and guarantee seals to your sales and checkout pages.

By David Frosdick

April 13, 2021

40 awesome new high converting trust badges

Get ready to boost your conversions like never before using these awesome new Trust Badges. Showing customers a money back guarantee or risk free trial is one of the most positive elements to include on your sales page.

When customers know they can ask for a refund without any hassle it instantly removes a barrier from their purchasing decision. 

The fewer walls your customers have to jump over, the more likely a customer will purchase your product, and you make a conversion.

Trust wins

Money back guarantees can often be overused as most online sellers soon realised money back guarantees helped increased conversions. When used ethically in sales messaging, money back guarantees and other trust signals eliminate people's doubt of making a purchase.

These tiny pushes you make as a seller, to get your message across, help the customer learn what's on offer and you gain a little trust. Stating you offer a risk free trial or money back after 30 days, removes all those worries a buyer has.

Your goal as a seller and a marketer is to create that warm fuzzy feeling when customers buy your products. Trust badges and risk free offers help get your customers closer to that feeling.

And, because we know how important that is, our new element will help you create trust in your sales copy.

Our new Trust Badge element includes designs like:

examples of our trust badge Designs

The new Trust Badge element allows you to switch designs using the magic wand icon in the tool bar and add colour to each badge to match your design. You can rotate the design and resize it to fit anywhere in your page.

Here are some examples of the new Trust Badge design we have. 

Secure & Safe Badges, 14/30/60 Day & 100% Guarantee Badges

Risk free, secure checkout & money back guarantee.

No text badges, SSL checkout badges and simple guarantee badges.

Examples Of Trust Badges From Around The Web

Here's a few examples from around the web of various Trust Badges and Guarantees, all of which you can easily build with OptimizePress.

Money back guarantee showing next to pricing options.

Gold 30 day money back stands out clearly on this checkout page.

Secure checkout, SSL seals and merchant verified logos build trust.

30 day money back guarantee displayed near the pricing and payment button.

30 day money back guarantee displayed underneath the price.

365 day money back guarantee to show how confident they are of the product.

How To use trust badges

Here's a short video showing how to use Trust Badges on your pages and the different setting available within the element.

To add Trust Badge to your pages just search for "Trust Badge" or scroll down to find the Trust Badge element. Then drag the element to your page.

Next click the wand icon in the toolbar to see all the pre-set Trust Badge designs.

You can adjust the colour, size and rotation angle of the Trust Badge.

What To Do Next

The new Trust Badge element is available to all customers and ready to use inside the platform.

If you have any sales pages and checkout form built with OptimizeCheckouts we highly recommend you give those a quick review and ad some Trust Badge like the examples above.

These badges are used worldwide on payment pages so you have no excuse to not be using them yourself. They add trust, increase conversions and take less than a minute to implement on any page.