Funnels 2.0:
The best funnel builder for WordPress just got better

James Dyson & Ian Bass

Last Updated: February 2, 2021

After months of intense coding from our development team, the brand new version of our funnel builder software - OptimizeFunnels 2.0 is here!

Woohoo, I hear you cry, we know you have been waiting for this, and there is good reason to be happy today.

Version 1.0 of OptimizeFunnels bought an easy way to build marketing funnels to WordPress. Now version 2.0 has revolutionised marketing funnels again.

We genuinely believe there is no easier or better way for you to build funnels in your business.

This update is HUGE, it includes a total revamp of the way you build marketing funnels, and in this blog post, we will show you all the new enhancements we have made.

And here is why this update is so important…

All successful businesses like Apple, Amazon and Disney use marketing funnels to turn visitors into subscribers, customers and repeat buyers.

Build better marketing funnels

Want to understand marketing funnels better?

We recommend reading our Ultimate Guide To Marketing Funnels. This full step by step guide covers everything you need to know with some brilliant examples of funnels you can use.

When you use OptimizeFunnels in your business, you don’t need huge start-up capital, and you don’t have to have done any of this before. You can easily copy the same smart techniques as the business giants.

When we sat down to think about how we can improve the way you make your marketing funnels, we focussed on four key areas:

Ease: We wanted to make the easiest way to build funnels (zero tech skills or previous knowledge required).

Speed: A vast library of done for you visual funnels that were quick to build and fast to launch.

Revenue: Increasing sales with upsells, downsells and order bumps should only take a few simple steps.

Conversions: Clear page and funnel stats that allow optimising of funnel performance.

I’m pleased to announce we have achieved all of these goals with the new OptimizeFunnels 2.0. The overall result is a significant step forward in the way you build, edit and view your funnels.

Using our high converting done for you funnels is a simple click and create visual process in this all-new best funnel builder for WordPress. 

Whether you’re a marketing funnel wizard or have never made a marketing funnel before, you’ll elevate the performance of your business.

Let’s get into the update and check out all that’s new and live today ready for you to use.

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First of it's Kind Visual Funnel Experience

A big part of this update is the new Funnel Visualiser. We’ve taken the original funnel steps layout from version 1 and replaced it with a much better visual way of building funnels. We believe this makes OptimizePress the best funnel builder on the market today!

Funnel Visualiser is a visual funnel builder

The Funnel Visualiser shows you the exact structure of your funnel. This means it is easy for you to see how a visitor will progress through each step. The visual experience greatly improves your understanding of your funnel and gives you clarity on how all of the steps in the funnel connect.

The key highlight here is that these are not just funnel diagrams or flowcharts. These are live, fully connected working funnels. You can see all of the funnel steps and also make changes such as editing pages, adding steps or cloning them.

Create yes no funnel flows with our funnel builder

You can create a new funnel from scratch but we highly recommend you use one of our done for you funnels, as shown in the example above. All the pages in the funnel are preconnected. This means any opt-in forms, checkouts forms, upsell/downsell buttons are already connected to the next step.

If you're an experienced funnel builder you will know how much time this saves. If you just starting out with funnels this makes things so much easier as the funnel steps are already preconnected for you.

Having so much flexibility in your funnels means you can control and edit the path a visitor will take at any time.

The funnel visualiser lets you:

View the exact flows your visitors will take as they progress through the funnel
Easily start split tests and monitor test results
Review detailed stats for each step in the funnel
Edit any funnel page directly in the OptimizeBuilder
Add products, order bumps, upsell and downsells

Let’s look at some of these features of the funnel visualiser in more detail.

Complete Control Of The Steps In Your Funnel

The new Funnel Visualiser, lets you step back and take a complete birds eye view of all the pages in the funnel and how they connect to one another.

A key feature here is that you can easily add new pages to expand your funnel. You might have designed a new template you want to use or found a new collection in our templates library that better presents your businesses services.

Just as easily as you can add pages you can also remove them. If you see a drop in conversions for example you might want to remove an underperforming page and replace it with a higher converting one after running a split test on it (more on split tests in a moment).

Create From Template - allows you to add a new page from our templates library of hundreds of optimised web pages.

Clone Existing Page - allows you to add a new page to your funnel from a page that is an exact clone of an existing funnel page.

Connect Existing Page - This allows you to easily connect any page in the funnel to another page in the funnel.

This is full visual editing, and it means you have complete control of each step in your funnel.

You also have a wide range of editing options for each step.

The best funnel builder includes a range of sidebar options
Preview: Allows you to preview each page in the funnel
Copy Funnel Page Link: Copy a direct link to this funnel page (great for providing links in your email followups)
Edit in WordPress: Open your page in the default WordPress Edit page screen (useful if you need to edit meta data not available in the OptimizeBuilder)
Edit in OptimizeBuilder: Open your page in the OptimizeBuilder for full-screen editing experience
Split Test: Launch the split test screen where you can start, edit and review split tests for this page
Delete Page: Delete this page from your funnel.  Funnel pages below this funnel will move up and be reattached to the funnel step above. If you do have “no flows” be aware these will be removed
Page Settings: Edit your page title, page slug and page publish status

Scale Funnels With Ease Using The Funnel Page Linking Wizard

A common challenge when creating marketing funnels is connecting all the pages that make up that funnel.

This is one of the parts of funnel building that holds people back. You might be thinking you have to copy and paste lots of page URL’s to link your pages together.

However, this is not the case. Our done for you funnels come with all the steps preconnected in the new funnel visualiser.

To give you further control and allow you to customise your funnels we also have simple funnel page linking options.

Within any OptimizePress funnel page, you have actions for opt-in forms, buttons, text links or checkout forms. Our linking wizard guides you through and gives you a range of options to choose from.

Funnel wizard linking options

Next Step: Visitors will progress to the next funnel step after an action. This is the commonly used option to continue the visitors flow through your funnel.

Previous Step: Visitors will progress to a previous funnel step after an action; this is useful in launch funnels. As an example, your visitors might want to navigate to a previous launch page to rewatch content.

Specific Step: Visitors will progress to a specific step you determine in the funnel. Using this option, you can allow visitors alternative paths through the funnel.

Yes/No Step In Funnel: This option is presented on upsell/downsell pages when the visitor has options to accept (yes) or decline (no) the offer you present them.

Select the next page in our funnel builder easily

So, while the funnel builder will automatically link all the pages for you, you can use additional control options to customise things to suit your marketing needs.

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Revenue boosting upsells & downsells

Using OptimizeFunnels, you can create funnels for all types of goals, such as list building, webinar registration, product launches, mastermind applications, to name just a few.

One of the huge benefits of building funnels in OptimizePress is the direct connection to OpitmizeCheckouts our WordPress checkout plugin.

This means our wide range of sales funnels can offer product upsells, downsells and order bumps. These are great ways to increase your average order value and bring additional revenue into your business.

We have written extensively about the benefits of upselling as a powerful way to increase sales. You can find out more about that here in our upsells and downsells guide.

The new funnel visualiser makes adding order bumps to your checkouts easy. You choose the order bump product you want to sell from our product settings drop-down menu, and our cleaver system adds it to your checkout.

Where the new OptimizeFunnels shines is when you want to add upsells or downsells to your funnels. You can use one of our done for you upsell funnels, or you can add an upsell page to any existing funnel or new funnel you build yourself.

Our upsell element will automatically create a yes/no path in the funnel visualiser and also connects the buttons and links in your pages to the yes/no paths.

Adding upsells is now really simple and gives you a clear visual reference of how visitors will flow through your funnel. Furthermore, with a simple click of your mouse, you can add as many upsells and downsells to your funnels as you need.

If you have existing sales funnels with no upsells, now is the time to start creating them. You can quickly and easily introduce products as upsells or downsells to any point in your funnel just like adding a new page.

Increase your average order value 

Add order bumps with our simple product settings
Add upsells & downsells at any point with just a few clicks
Add unlimited upsell & downsell offers to your funnels

Metrics to improve your funnel conversions

Once you have your funnels created and live another critical step in growing and scaling your business are your funnel statistics.

Famed management consultant Peter Drucker said -If you can't measure it, you can't improve it.

The new funnel visualiser takes a huge step forward in recording and presenting stats for each step in your funnel.  You won't find this level of granular detail in any other funnel builder on the market.

Funnel Metrics Screenshot

As each step clearly shows your conversion metrics, you get a complete understanding of how each page in your funnel is performing.

The page stats give you:

Number of unique visitors
Number of opt-ins
Opt-in conversion rate
Number of conversions
Conversion rate
Number of orders
Volume of sales

These are all critical metrics you need to know if you are serious about growing your business. Using these metrics can help you see where you can make improvements in the performance of your funnels.

You can easily remove steps from the funnel that are not working or add new steps if you feel your visitors need more content. Another way to increase your funnel's effectiveness is to use the split testing feature to test page optimisations (more on this next).

Using the funnel builder for Rapid funnel building

You can easily toggle between stats view and build view using the switch in the funnel visualiser top right-hand corner.

Easily optimise the performance of your funnels with built-in split testing

The results of split testing can make huge enhancements to the performance of your funnels. One of the hold-ups with split testing is it is not that easy to do. You have to copy and paste code; you have to create different versions of pages, you have to calculate percentages of traffic.

So it’s no surprise that split testing is one of those things you hear about and know you need to do but often never get round to doing.

I’ll level with you here… we are guilty of that ourselves. We should do much more split testing than we do. Well now we have no excuse, and neither do you.

In the new funnel visualiser, starting a split test could not simpler. From the drop-down menu, you select the split testing option and either test with a variation of your current page or with a new template from our templates library.

Easy to Split test funnel pages

Once you have made your test edits, you start your test and then monitor the results using the test dashboard.

Complete your funnel split test with one click

Once you are satisfied you can confirm the test winner, OptimizeFunnels then automagically replaces the losing page with the winning page in your funnel. Nice and simple, no need to copy and paste code or mess around with complicated data points.

The result is fast and friendly split testing that enables you to do more testing and continuously improve the performance of your funnels. 

Split testing with OptimizeFunnels will allow you to:

Clone any existing page
Create unlimited tests
Start & Stop testing
View stats to measure performance
Choose a winning page

Top tip for Funnel Split Testing inside the funnel builder

You can run a split test with any of your web pages or choose from the hundreds of templates in our pre-built template library that come free with OptimizePress.

Total control of your funnel performance

In the new Funnel Visualiser, you have seen that you now have complete control over each page's metrics in your funnel on a per-page basis.

In addition to these per page stats, we have also added an entirely new stats dashboard that gives you a clear breakdown of your entire funnel's overall performance. The comprehensive stats reporting gives you precise data on all the various aspects of your funnel.

Much like split testing, analysing your business metrics can sometimes be something that is never as simple as it should be.

Worry not… we have designed a clear dashboard screen for you and segmented it into three key milestones you must measure as your business grows.

Those milestones are traffic, opt-ins and earnings.

Our funnel stats dashboard shows all your metrics

The traffic metrics give you statistics for the number of total funnel page views and the number of unique visitors your funnel has received.

You can see total opt-ins and opt-in conversion rates. These serve as an excellent indicator for your email list growth.

Your earnings metrics will give you the total number of orders, total funnel revenue, and average order value. These metrics show you the precise information on the sales performance of your funnel.

For those using upsells and downsells, you can see how much revenue they have earned in your funnel, and you can drill down into the revenues per unique visitor or page view.

Here's a quick recap of those all-important statistics:

Traffic Stats

Traffic: Total funnel page views
Traffic: Total unique funnel visitors

Opt-In Stats

Opt-Ins: Total opt-ins for your funnel
Opt-Ins: Total opt-in rate percentage for your funnel

Earnings Stats

Earnings: Total number of orders for your funnel
Earnings: Total revenue generated from all sales for your funnel
Earnings: Average order value of products sold through your funnel
Earnings: Main product sales total 

Earnings: Upsell/Downsell product sales total
Earnings: Earnings per page view
Earnings: Earnings per visitor

Reviewing your overall funnel metrics is now a simple process. You can use this information to assess what improvements you can make to the performance of your funnels.

Save time… Now you can clone your funnels

OptimizeFunnels 2.0 is a tremendous enhancement for your OptimizePress suite of tools. We wanted to include one final feature, and it's one that you the OptimizePress community have requested. You wanted the ability to clone your funnels, and now you can. 

Once you have a funnel built and live on your site, you can now with one-click, make a clone of the entire funnel.

That's a clone of all the pages, settings, design styling, opt-in forms, checkout forms, upsells and downsells. It's everything, with one click!

This time-saving feature means you can take an already successful funnel and clone it to use in your next marketing campaign.

Get OptimizeFunnels 2.0 As Part of the OptimizePress Suite Plan Today

Frequently asked funnel builder questions

If you have further questions about our best funnel builder and funnel building features, we're answering your questions here.

What is the Funnel Visualiser?

The Funnel Visualiser is our brand new funnel builder interface that combines the benefit of visual funnel flow building with the actual functionality of a working funnel.

Everything you connect up in the Funnel Visualiser actually functions as a real funnel, and as you send real visitors through your funnel, these stats will show in the funnel flow that you created.

What features make OptimizeFunnels the best funnel builder?

We highlighly recommend reading the information at the top of this post which tells you all about the brand new funnel builder features we've added to Funnels 2.0 including our Funnel Visualiser. 

This includes:

- Advanced funnel builder with the Funnel Visualiser

- Easy stats tracking with the Funnel Stats screen and funnel flow stats

- Upsell and downsell flow building with the Funnel Visualiser

What is the cost for the OptimizeFunnels funnel builder software?

The OptimizeFunnels Funnel Builder is included as part of the OptimizePress Suite plan, currently priced at $199/year.  OptimizePress runs on WordPress, this gives you complete flexibility over running your sites the way you want, and maintaining full control.

If you're an existing OptimizePress 3 customer you can upgrade inside the members hub.  If you're not yet a customer, you can find links below to purchase OptimizePress.

So are you ready to start using the best funnel builder - OptimizeFunnels 2.0? 

As you can see, the 2.0 version of OptimizeFunnels is an incredibly powerful tool for your business. Whether you use our done for you funnels or create your funnel from scratch, you have full control using the visual funnel building experience of the new Funnel Visualiser.

If you haven't joined OptimizePress yet, what are you waiting for?  Get started with the best funnel builder today and you won't look back.

For those of you who already have the Optimize Suite plan, you can get going right away and update to OptimizeFunnels 2.0 now.

If you're not part of the OptimizeSuite plan, you can easily upgrade your OptimizePress account from inside the member's hub.

Please join the conversation in the comments below with any questions and share what features you would like us to add next. 

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    3 replies to "Funnels 2.0: The best funnel builder for WordPress just got Better"

    • Anthony

      Any update on when the plugin is coming so we can run the software without display limitations and charges? All these updates are exciting, but without full power, hard to explore in a meaningful way.

      • James Dyson

        Anthony I’m not quite sure what you mean? What display limitations or charges are you referring to? We don’t make any limitations on how you use OptimizePress in terms of page displays/pageviews or visitors as this is determined by your own hosting setup. Perhaps I’m not understanding your question?

    • Ian Bass - OptimizePress

      We are super excited to see how you use OptimizeFunnels 2.0 and hope it brings prosperity to your business.

      I’d like to also say a BIG thank you to everyone on our OptimizePress team for working so hard to bring this HUGE product update to the OptimizePress community.

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