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OptimizePress is a Clickfunnels designed for WordPress websites.  It works seamlessly with the services you use, has a fast and easy to use drag and drop page builder and visual funnel builder.

This comparison optimizepress vs clickfunnels was updated 24 August 2022

" After searching long and hard, I chose OP as my tool of choice for my online course training. The tools and feature are great. You can use the solutions and templates out of the box. OP provided the greatest value for money compared to competitors"

~ Yolanda H.
Capterra Review

About Clickfunnels Sales Funnel Software

Click funnels is a hosted/saas sales funnel builder.  Click funnels includes over 80 templates across a wide variety of lead generation and sales uses. 

Clickfunnel template categories include:

Author and bio landing pages
Checkout pages
Consultation and consultant templates
Event landing pages
Free resource or download templates
Lead gen and lead capture (optin pages)
Webinar and virtual event
Wait list templates
Sales page templates
Thank you page templates

Clickfunnels templates include drag and drop functionality, so you can drop in "widgets" onto your pages to add functionality.  In our testing, this drag and drop builder can be clunky and a little inflexible, making it hard to get an exact design you want to acheive.  It is however fairly fast to use if you don't want to make many changes.

Compare Clickfunnels alternative pricing

Initially we are comparing the Clickfunnels Standard plan to the OptimizePress Suite plan.  These are the entry level plans for each landing page software

OptimizePress vs Clickfunnels logo

Suite Plan | $199/year

Install on 10 sites/domains
Unlimited Leads & Traffic
Unlimited Funnels (per install)
Unlimited Pages (per site)
Landing pages, Funnels, Checkout
Membership sites & online courses
SmartTheme WP Marketing Theme
Templates Cloud Access including 300+ Templates
30+ Premium Integrations inc Zapier
Email Support from our global team
clickfunnels alternative logo

Clickfunnels Standard Plan | $1164/year

Unlimited Leads & Traffic
Create Landing Pages, Pop-Ups, Alert Bars
20 Funnels Limit
100 Pages Limit
3 Domain Limit

A cheaper and better Clickfunnels alternative

Quickly and easily build landing pages, sales pages, webinar pages and more with our WordPress page building and marketing platform

Pricing and plans to suit your business

Clickfunnels feature comparison

In this feature comparison we look at why Optimizepress is the best clickfunnels alternative for WordPress.  These are the key marketing features you should look for with any landing page builder or marketing funnel builder.

Feature Highlights

Same or comparable features

OptimizePress logo

OptimizePress Suite Plan $199/year

clickfunnels alternative logo

Clickfunnels Standard Plan $1164/year

Page Builder Elements



Cloud Template Library

Responsive Templates

ESP & CRM Integrations

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Unsplash Integration

Visual Font Picker

Full ownership of site & content

Synced Countdown Timers

"As a marketing guy I'm familiar with landing pages and sales funnels. etc. It's easier than ever with Optimize Press 3.0. I produced a landing page for my Note About Marketing eReport was produced in less than 30 minutes from scratch and without reading any instructions. Imagine what I can produce when I've read them. "

~ Paul Clegg
Somerset Marketing Hub

Clickfunnels features analysis

Want to know more about how OptimizePress features compare to Clickfunnels features?  We'll break down each of the feature offerings below:

Clickfunnels page builder elements comparison

Clickfunnels includes the basic elements you need to create a landing page or sales page including headlines, paragraphs, bullet lists, images, image popups, videos and buttons.

By contrast - OptimizePress includes a much more comprehensive selection of elements including various countdown timers (interval countdown, evergreen countdown and even linked counters between pages).

We also have powerful design elements like number blocks, feature blocks, 2-panel switcher elements, Calendly embeds, and much more.

Clickfunnels will probably have the basics if you want to create a very simple site, but if you want to create anything a little more custom or match your brand more closely, you need the flexibility of OptimizePress.

Unsplash Integration

Sourcing images for your landing pages, sales pages and marketing funnels can be time consuming and costly

With the OptimizePress Unsplash integration, you never have to leave your site to find beautiful, high-quality, and most importantly - free - images for your pages.

Clickfunnels does not include an unsplash integration, so you'd have to manually source images for your pages created with their platform.

Why choose OptimizePress?

Clickfunnels Templates Comparison

Clickfunnels includes a wide range of templates for landing pages, sales pages, click-through pages and funnel templates.  OptimizePress also includes a wide range of templates. See our comparison below:

Clickfunnels Email Optin Templates

Clickfunnels includes 106 templates for email optin or standard landing page/squeeze pages. 

This is a good selection of templates, although may of these templates are the same design with just the colours changed.

Clickfunnels email optin templates
OptimizePress optin landing page templates

OptimizePress Optin Landing Pages

OptimizePress includes 66 email optin templates for collecting emails via a squeeze page or opt-in page.

Although this is less than Clickfunnels, the variety of templates included is much greater - with more flexibility in design this means OptimizePress templates have a greater variety of design styles

This means you're more likely to find a design which fits your branding or niche.

More reasons to consider Clickfunnels Alternatives

If you need more reasons to consider OptimizePress over Clickfunnels, check out the information below

Are Clickfunnel templates Responsive?

You might have noticed above that we have an orange check mark next to the responsive templates option for Clickfunnels. 

The reason for this is, based on our analysis of Clickfunnels templates and clickfunnel reviews, we've found that many users report responsive issues with their templates.

You can specify sizing for desktop and mobile sizes inside the Click funnels interface, but these options are clunky, and most templates do not have these values set by default.  This means you have to spend a lot of time manually updating all of your pages to make them support tablet and mobile devices.

OptimizePress Responsive editor

How does responsive design work in OptimizePress?

Inside OptimizePress, we have industry leading responsive design options.  This includes the ability to set font sizing, margins, padding, line height and almost all other values for each device size.  You can do this in our visual interface by just switching to the tablet and mobile view - for an instant look at how your page will look on different devices.

We also ensure that all of the templates you find in our templates cloud are created with responsive design as a priority - so you can use our OptimizePress templates "out of the box" with no need to change anything (unless you want to).

Can using Clickfunnels increase my ad costs?

Facebook continually changes it's policies on how it assesses landing pages that you are sending traffic to from ads.

You should always ensure your landing pages are compliant with the latest Facebook or ad platform rules to ensure your ad costs are as low as possible.

One important factor that Facebook and Google assess is page load speed and domain reputation.  Clickfunnels pages sometimes struggle with load speed issues and mobile responsive issues which can affect your ad costs.

Many of our users have experienced reduced ad costs simply by switching to an OptimizePress site hosted on their own domain and server.

can clickfunnels increase ad costs?

Clickfunnels vs OptimizePress Page Speed Test

Page load speed is a critical factor when considering your landing page or funnel building platform. Longer page load times means less conversions and lower page quality score which equals more expensive ads.  We tested OptimizePress against ClickFunnels with GTmetrix...

Clickfunnels pagespeed test

Clickfunnels GTmetrix Score: E

Page tested: 

Performance Score: 51%

Structure Score: 69%

Time to Interactive: 9.4 seconds

OptimizePress pagespeed test

OptimizePress GTmetrix Score: A

Page tested:

Performance Score: 96%

Structure Score: 92%

Time to Interactive: 1.0 seconds

About this test

Like Clickfunnels, we "eat our own dogfood".  This is a fancy way of saying that we use our own software in our business for all our landing pages, sales pages and marketing websites.

So we thought the fairest test would be comparing our sales page to the the Clickfunnels home page/sales page.

From the scores above you can see that OptimizePress excels in all areas of the test, from page load speed and performance to structure (this tells you how well your page is coded for performance).

What do these scores mean?

Page speed test scores like those above can vary depending on many factors including server load at the time of test, location of the test relative to the server location, content on the page etc.  So this is not 100% definitive.  What it does tell us is that overall, OptimizePress pages are coded better for performance, and generally load faster. 

For you, this means that your visitors will get a better experience (and likely stay on your site longer), which equals higher conversions. 

It also means that where services like Facebook and Google are ranking your page for usability - they're likely to give your page a higher score with OptimizePress - which in turn can mean lower ad costs!

Why switch to OptimizePress?

When you compare Clickfunnels vs OptimizePress, the difference is clear: we offer a better editing experience, more modern templates, and friendly customer support. 

Clickfunnels alternative editor

The original landing page platform backed by 10 years of industry experience

Back in 2010, we were the first landing page builder for WordPress.  You can buy with confidence that our products are supported by a full-time team who is dedicated to developing and supporting industry leading products for the long-term.

Create pages that out-perform every other WordPress page builder

Our page builder framework has been optimized to create pages that perform amazing for speed and optimization out of the box (no extra optimization required).  This means better SEO and lower ad costs.

clickfunnels alternative faster editor
Clickfunnels Alternative funnel builder

The complete suite of marketing tools for your online business

We're continually releasing innovative tools like our new OptimizeFunnels (included in our Suite plan).  We are dedicated to creating the complete platform for all your online marketing website needs.

Get started today

Choose the best Clickfunnels alternatives for WordPress

OptimizePress is the best Clickfunnels alternative for WordPress.  Start using a landing page software with flexibility, ease of use and amazing support.

Suite plan including all funnel features only $199/year

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