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14 Lead Capture Landing Page Templates (to Grow Your List)

by Onder Hassan

Last Updated: October 20, 2023

Would you like a range of tried and tested lead capture landing page templates that will help you turn more of the people that visit your website into leads and subscribers?

Building a high-converting lead capture landing page from scratch no longer has to be a challenge. In this article, we showcase 14 new lead capture landing page templates that you can start using today.

Lead Capture Landing Page Templates

This brand new template set is called ‘Instant Response’.  This lead capture landing page collection includes templates that are all designed to do two things…

Build your subscriber list and get more leads into your business.

This new collection aims to give you professional, high-converting lead capture landing pages without hiring a designer.

These templates work straight out of the box and you can easily customise them to fit your niche and brand using the flexibility of the OptimizePress landing page builder.

Add your headline, web copy, and product image and publish to refresh your landing page campaigns and accelerate your lead flow.

Why You Should Use A Lead Capture Landing Page

A lead capture landing page is a page created specifically to take visitors and convert them into leads.

If you want more subscribers and registrations, using a landing page can massively impact your website's success. Here are some key benefits and important considerations:

Guide visitors to your goal

Unlike typical websites that have multiple pages and potentially distracting options, a landing page is streamlined and dedicated to a single goal, such as capturing leads, promoting a lead magnet, or encouraging registrations for a webinar.

This focus helps guide visitors toward your intended conversion goal without the distractions of unnecessary information or links.

Increase conversion rates

The simplicity and focus of a landing page means it often helps you increase the conversion rates on your website.

A landing page is designed to lead visitors through the decision-making process in a very deliberate way, which can significantly increase the likelihood of converting a visitor into a lead or subscriber.

Improve the effectiveness of lead capture

Landing pages are incredibly useful for collecting contact information from prospects by offering incentives like content downloads, free trials, or product demos.

In exchange for these lead magnets, visitors provide their initial contact details, such as their name and email address, helping you build your subscriber list for future marketing communications.

Improve your paid marketing campaigns

Landing pages are crucial for the success of paid advertising campaigns. By creating a landing page specific to your ad content, you can ensure message consistency, which is key to maintaining visitor interest.

This alignment between the ad and the page content typically results in better conversion rates.

Improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

While landing pages are often associated with paid search campaigns, they also offer valuable organic search engine optimization (SEO) benefits.

By focusing on a particular topic, service, or product, your landing page can rank for specific keywords, driving targeted traffic and increasing visibility for your business.

Better targeting of your audience

Different consumer segments respond to different triggers. Landing pages allow you to create various versions of a page, each tailored to speak directly to a specific audience or market segment.

This customization can lead to improved engagement and higher opt-in rates.

Better testing & optimization

Landing pages provide a framework for A/B testing, where different versions of a page are presented to visitors to determine which is more effective for achieving the business's goals.

By experimenting with different calls to action, designs, and content, you can find the most effective strategies and continually improve your page's performance.

Gain insights and collect analytics

With the help of analytics, you can track visitor behavior on your landing pages and collect data on click-through rates, time spent on the page, and conversion rate. This data can be invaluable for understanding audience behavior and optimizing your future marketing strategies.

14 New Lead Capture Landing Page Templates

Below is a list of our latest templates that are now live and ready to use inside of the OptimizePress template library.

We’ve ensured that these landing pages cover a range of designs to cater to all types of goals and to work in any niche or industry.

1. Coaching Workshop Lead Capture Landing Page

Are you a coach and would like a template that uses the most up-to-date design that works in today’s market? This template contains everything you need to begin collecting leads and bringing in new clients.

It includes a preset headline that you can easily edit to suit your audience as well as social proof elements to help you quickly build trust and credibility.

We recommend using this page to help you promote your premium coaching services and build a loyal client base to work with for years to come.

Coaching Workshop Landing Page

2. Video Series Landing Page

We designed the Video Series landing page to clearly show the benefits of your offer without overwhelming visitors.

Using a simple colour scheme, it contains a bold headline, an opt-in form and a list of bullet-points you can use to describe the benefits of your offer.

You can instantly replace the text with your own copy and begin collecting leads immediately.

Video Series Landing Page

3. Cheat Sheet Landing Page

The Cheat Sheet landing page focuses on a minimal design that uses a few elements to deliver the most impact.

It contains a call-to-action button that launches a popup to reveal an opt-in form.
This has proven to improve engagement and commitment from the visitor, resulting in higher click through and opt-in rates.

In addition, the page also includes an image of the offer and feature boxes that you can use to insert the key benefits.

Cheat Sheet Landing Page

4. Coaching Cheat Sheet Loading Landing Page

The Coaching Cheat Sheet lead capture landing page template uses a high impact contrasting colour scheme to highlight the call to action buttons to visitors.

The page also includes a video that you can use to further sell your offer and provide alternative ways for visitors to consume your content.

Coaching Cheat Sheet Download Landing Page

5. Free PDF Guide Landing Page

The Free PDF landing page was created specifically to appeal to audiences that respond to simple and direct offers.

The example headline makes a clear value proposition and provides a format that you can use to help inspire your own headline ideas.

The minimalist design of the template ensures you can make a clear offer to visitors without the need for them to scroll the page.

Free PDF Guide Landing Page

6. Bright Personal Landing Page

The Bright Personal landing page is designed for minimal page scroll, putting your offer front and centre for visitors.

This template includes a profile image you can easily replace with your own photo or one aligned with your product/niche to help you build rapport with visitors. 

Adding pictures of people on your landing page has been shown to significantly improve conversions as it allows your audience to attach a face to your brand.

Bright Personal Landing Page

7. Free Video Training Landing Page

This Free Video landing page focuses on video as the main promotional method with a list of benefits beside it to highlight key points.

What’s clever about this video image is that clicking on it reveals a popup box that prompts the visitor to opt-in in order to gain access to the video.

This is a powerful way to improve opt-in rates and encourage your visitors to take action. 

Since they originally clicked on the image in order to view the video, they are more likely to subscribe in order to gain access.

Free Video Training Landing Page

8. Client Scale Landing Page

Not all landing pages require paragraphs of text. This is demonstrated with the Client Scale landing page template which includes a simple headline, image of the offer and a simple opt-in form.

We recommend testing different elements, colours and page styles to help you find the best performing page for your audience.

You may find a very simple landing page like this is very effective in your niche. You won’t know until you test.

Client Scale Landing Page

9. Free Masterclass Landing Page

The central focus of the Free Masterclass landing page is the use of imagery to showcase what the visitor could potentially experience if they take action.

For this template example, we used inspirational images of a happy couple to give proof of life satisfaction and success. In this case, showing the end result of the things visitors will also likely want to experience.

We recommend using images of your own in your industry that show similar end results as proof of your offer’s effectiveness. This will make it more likely for visitors to subscribe.

Free Masterclass Landing Page

10. SaaS Free Guide Landing Page

The SaaS Free Guide landing page includes a tab element where you can highlight the content in your lead magnet. Not only does this keep the page compact it also means visitors interact with the page increasing engagement.

If you have multiple offers that you’re giving away as part of your free incentive, including a tab element is a great way to promote engagement on your page, which will encourage better visitor interaction.

SaaS Free Guide Landing Page

11. Timed Opt-In Landing Page

The Timed Opt-In landing page includes 4 notable features that makes this an ideal template to use for your promotions.

The first is an animated headline that underlines key area of the text to highlight the main benefits of the offer. This is a great way to engage your visitors.

In addition to this, a countdown timer is included to build a sense of urgency for visitors who are currently on the fence about subscribing.

Lastly, the call-to-action button and arrows are animated to help draw the visitors attention on where to click on the page, which is likely to improve opt-in rates.

Timed Optin Landing Page

12. Simple Webinar Landing Page

A notable feature for this landing page in addition to its minimal design is the inclusion of a reviews element that is placed below the call-to-action button.

Including testimonials and ratings from satisfied customers is a proven way to increase trust and credibility with visitors.

We recommend you test adding trust elements around call-to-action button on your landing pages.

Simple Webinar Landing Page

13. Boost Webinar Landing Page

The Boost Webinar landing page uses a dark colour palette to contrast the colour used on the call-to-action buttons. Doing this helps to draw attention to the key elements on the page.

The strategically placed opt-in forms and buttons throughout this template mean visitors can take action without scrolling up and down the page.

We recommend that you always make buttons and links on your landing pages stand out and easy to locate to make it simple for visitors to subscribe, download or register.

Boost Webinar Landing Page

14. Soonish Waitlist Page

Do you have an ecommerce site and would like a landing page to promote a new product line?

The Soonish waitlist page is the perfect template that is designed to suit all ecommerce brands. Simply add your product images, headlines and text.

We recommend you build a waitlist to generate anticipation, create a sense of exclusivity, and strategically manage the launch of your product.

Soonish Waitlist Page

Instant Response Lead Capture Landing Page Templates Takeaways

The new Instant Response Landing Page collection contains an extensive range of lead capture landing page templates to fit any conversion goal.

If you want to collect leads for a waitlist, promote a new lead magnet to subscribers or register attendees for a webinar, this collection has you covered.

The collection is now available inside the OptimizePress landing page builder for you to access (for all plans).

Already an OptimizePress customer? Upgrade to the Suite.

Not yet a customer? Buy the Suite plan and get this template collection.

All of these templates can be edited to match that of your own branding.

We'd love to hear how you plan to use these templates - let us know in the comments below...

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