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Got questions about OptimizePress? We'll try and answer them here...Remember you can reach out to our support team at any time by clicking the Support link at the top of the page

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Purchasing & Plans Questions

Now you can create any kind of pages you need for your business, all inside WordPress

What can OptimizePress do?

OptimizePress is a powerful WordPress based software for creating pages and websites for marketing your business.

These include landing pages, opt-in pages, webinar registration pages, thank you pages, sales pages. 

Basically any kind of page you might want to use to help build your list, or sell your products & services, you can create with OptimizePress.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free to use software you can install on your own website - usually you can install WordPress with just a few clicks from within your hosting control panel (we can help with this if you're not sure where to start).

All you need is your own hosting (with a company like Siteground) and a domain to use.

Once you have these setup, you can install WordPress, and then add OptimizePress to your site to make it super easy to create landing pages, sales pages and more in just a few clicks.

Does OptimizePress replace my theme?

OptimizePress 3.0 is a WordPress plugin. This means you can install it on your existing WordPress site and just use it to create landing pages and other marketing pages without affecting your existing theme and site design

If you want to also make your blog pages and posts look more fancy - you can also use our editor to customize the content on those pages too.

Will OptimizePress work with X?

OptimizePress will work with most themes and plugins available for WordPress, as long as they are coded in accordance with WordPress standards.

To ensure all our pages load super-fast, we exclude the code from external theme and plugins on our blank template pages by default, but you can easily enable these for any plugins you plan to use on our pages inside our settings.

Do you have a version I can use for my clients sites?

Yes absolutely! We have selection of Agency plans available if you are building sites for clients.  You can find out more about these plans on our Agency page

Can I upgrade after purchase?

If you choose one of our lower tier plans (Essential or Business) you can certainly upgrade these with just a few clicks from within our members hub after purchase. 

Our pricing will increase over time, so if you're thinking of upgrading, or think you'll want the features included in the higher plans, you should upgrade to ensure you lock in the best rate.

Once prices increase, we cannot upgrade your account at earlier pricing.

How do I get support for OptimizePress?

We provide support via email to any customer with an active license.  You can get support via the forms or chat boxes on most of our websites including the members hub

You can also get self-service help via our knowledgebase at

We also have a comprehensive video training library inside our members hub to help you get used to the platform and learn how to use any feature in the platform

Do you provide phone support?

As a remote company operating from around the World, we find that email support is the most effective for us to be able to serve the needs of our community.

Due to the technical nature of many requests we receive, it would not be viable to offer cost effective phone support.  We do provide email support and our team are often commended for their amazing service.

What happens if I cancel my plan?

We like to be completely transparent here at OptimizePress.  Our mission is to empower creators, marketers and small businesses to create websites that get them better results.

We have carefully considered the pricing of all of our plans to try and make these as affordable as possible, whilst also allowing us to grow as a company and be able to support our users in the best way possible through high quality support, product updates and new features.

We will not stop your pages from working if you cancel your OptimizePress plan, but certain features and services will limited after your license expires.  These include:

- Access to our Template Cloud (the Create new page will be disabled)
- Access to our Sections Cloud
- Access to any templates and sections saved in your Personal Cloud
- Access to license new OptimizePress sites
- Support via email/chat from our team
- Product updates via our members hub or automatically via dashboard

What's your refund policy?

We offer a 30 day refund policy on new purchases of OptimizePress.  Obviously we'll be sad to see you go - but all you have to do is drop our friendly team an email

Feedback from Our Amazing Community

OP3 is super easy to set up and use for your website. It’s easy to drag and drop elements and use even as a novice web builder.

Laney Houser

You enable me to save a bundle of money each year by NOT having to buy the other tools I was using to get this job done...The program really pays for itself!

Nick Walsh
Corona Naturals

The best page builder on the market today! While there are other top quality page builders available, none of them have the team behind them that OP does.

Steve Dougherty

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