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september 7, 2021

by david frosdick

So it's that time again when we have another huge OptimizePress update, and this one we feel deserves a place on the main blog.

As many of you know, we recently rolled out OptimizeCheckouts that included a Stripe payment connection. However, it was missing one of the largest payment processing solutions in the world, PayPal.

We are excited to announce OptimizeCheckouts now directly integrates with PayPal!

Let's take look at the integration, some of its benefits, and where to get started.

Using Our Powerful Checkout Features With PayPal

We already built a powerful checkout solution with our integration to Stripe and wanted to make as many features as possible available to sellers when using PayPal as a payment gateway on their funnels.

The end result is our integration that allows you to use one time payments, order bumps, subscriptions, instalments and even upsells out of the box with OptimizeCheckouts and PayPal.

In the video below, you can see how PayPal works with OptimizeCheckouts as we walk through a digital product sale with upsells using PayPal.

Let's now take a look at a few more reasons why you should consider using our new PayPal integration as your WordPress checkout solution.

More Countries Support PayPal

One significant advantage of using PayPal is that it's supported in over 200 countries! 

We know Stripe isn't available to everyone, but hopefully now, those of you who couldn't use Stripe due to restrictions, can now use PayPal

You can see a complete list of supported Paypal countries and check if your country is listed. 

Stripe has expanded quickly, but it's still only available in 26 countries compared to the 200 from PayPal, so this is very exciting as it now enables more of our customers to sell products with PayPal and build their online business.

More Users = More Potential Sales

This brings us onto users - more users on PayPal equals more potential sales for you. 

As of 2021 PayPal reportedly has over 400,000,000 users!

And, many new users are still signing up to use PayPal for the very first time.

That's a lot of people who can now buy your products once you are using this new integration. And as their user base grows, they grab more of the market share in terms of payment processing.

With those numbers, it's crazy not to offer PayPal as a payment solution as it can only increase your chance of selling more products to customers who want to use PayPal.

Trust & Confidence

One of the major benefits of PayPal is the trust a user has when they checkout on your site. They store their card details in PayPal and simply use their login credential to checkout.

With so many users, they offer a tight Purchase Protection policy on eligible products. This gives the user a sense of security and increases their confidence to buy with PayPal.

When a customer has trust and confidence making purchases online, your conversions go up.

Easy Checkout Process

This brings us to the next benefit, which is the ease of payment.

PayPal already has the trust of their customers, and they make it incredibly easy to pay. Much like our Apple & Google Pay updates, users can buy products very fast with an email and password.

Another reason that accepting PayPal is a no brainer.

Payment Fees from PayPal

The fees for PayPal are much the same as Stripe for standard payments, so for those already using Stripe in OptimizeCheckouts there's not much difference. 

The fee structure in PayPal varies from micropayments through to donations, so just double-check which you are using. 

Most of our customers will be using the standard payment methods where the general fee applies. See the links below for comparisons.

Paypal -

Stripe -

Which OptimizeCheckouts Features Work With PayPal?

Offering PayPal payments is pretty neat, we knew everyone wanted it but we couldn't stop there. There's no point offering a basic integration that 99% of WordPress carts offer.

So... we pushed our development team further to bring all the awesome selling features from OptimzeCheckout and OptimzeFunnels and make those compatible with this PayPal update.

We are delighted to say that many of the existing selling features are available in PayPal and OptimizePress.

You can still do ALL the following when selling your digital products with PayPal:

That means if you've built funnels with upsells, checkout pages with order bumps and anything else, you can continue using those same pages, and your customers will now see PayPal when they choose to buy (as long as PayPal is activated on those products).

Fraud Protection

As soon as you offer a product for sale, you open your site to fraudsters looking to scam you.

PayPal's built-in 24/7 fraud protection help alleviate some of those suspicious transactions. With over a billion transactions a month, they are already scanning and blocking stolen cards and failed authentication checks.

This fraud protection on their end gives you and your customers peace of mind and helps increase conversions for you.

PCI Compliance

One big advantage of using PayPal is that you don't have to worry about your site being PCI compliant as they handle all the compliance requirements on their end. 

Things like 2FA and 3D secure are included when someone uses PayPal to purchase. 

This is a big relief for some business owners as PCI compliance with payment gateways is an ongoing battle.

PayPal Buy Now Pay Later or Instalments

A great feature PayPal recently introduced after their PayPal Credit service was buy now pay in instalments.

 In the USA it's Pay in 4 -

In the UK it's Pay in 3 -

Pay data source:

This is where customers can choose to pay in instalments through PayPal.

Now, don't get confused with the payment plan settings inside OptimzeCheckouts.

Pay in 3 & Pay in 4 works on the customer side of the purchase with PayPal. It has nothing to do with this integration.

You, as the merchant, still get paid up-front, but the customer might choose to pay via instalments to PayPal.

This doesn't affect how your payment plans are set up in PayPal and OptimizeCheckouts. 

And, can only positively impact your conversions and better still, if you sell high priced items where you want the full payment up-front, but the customer wants to split the cost.

How to get started with PayPal

Firstly you need to have our OptimizePress Suite plan to take advantage of the selling tools available like OptimizeFunnels and OptimizeCheckouts.

PayPal is included in OptimzeCheckouts. You can upgrade to the suite plan from our members hub or buy OptimizePress Suite plan if you’re new to OptimizePress.

You can follow this knowledge base article that includes setup videos but the integration is fairly straightforward.

what do you need?

Knowledgebase: How to do it step by step

We have put together a detailed video guide showing how to setup PayPal for sandbox testing and then switching it live.

Please take the time to watch each video to ensure you have PayPal configured correctly and ready to take payments.

Final Thoughts

This update is huge for both us as a platform and you as a digital product seller.

Offering PayPal opens up OptimizePress to more users who want to sell with PayPal, and it allows YOU the seller of digital products to reach more customers who want to buy with PayPal.

It's a win, win for all of us.

Let us know what you'll be selling or post your links to your OptimizePress sales pages in the comments below...

    2 replies to "Sell Products with our WordPress Paypal Checkout"

    • tom

      to have both stripe and paypal option for product, will you have to set up same product in OP3 checkout twice. one each for stripe & paypal in live mode snce looks like can’t have both live at same time as one product?

      • James Dyson

        Tom you can have both options enabled on the same product in OptimizeCheckouts. There will be a dropdown menu shown when you have both options enabled which allow the buyer to choose which option they wish to purchase with.

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