january 5, 2022

By David Frosdick

Typography Presets, Conversion Dashboard & Optimize University - December 2021 Features Update

So a new year is upon us. Happy New Year from all of us at OptimizePress! 

We have lots planned for this year, but our top priority is to launch our membership feature into the platform as we know you all want to protect your content and sell memberships (more on that very soon)...

In this post, we're looking back on what we released in December 2021.

Feature 1

Typography Presets

Typography presets give users an easy way to save the typography settings on their pages to use on other pages within their site.

If you have created a page and styled the typography settings perfectly, you can now easily reuse them on any other page on the same OptimizePress/WordPress website.

Typography Preset Fonts

Using the new presets you can:

Save Presets - save a preset for use on another page on your site
Edit Presets - update a preset already saved with new settings
Load Presets - load a preset already saved on your site onto this page
Delete Presets - removed a preset from your site.  This will not affect pages that already use that preset
Save Edit Load Preset Fonts

How to use the presets:

  • Open typography screen
  • Scroll to presets button
  • This will give you options to save, load, edit and delete presets
  • To save a preset simply give it a name and then click apply to save the preset. This will now be available to load on other pages on your site

You can also edit a preset:

  • To edit a preset you would first create the NEW presets you want to use to override an existing preset. Set the settings you want in the typography control panel then go to Presets > Edit and select the preset you wish to override with your current settings

You can also delete a preset:

  • To load a preset, just choose the preset to load and this will set the typography settings for your page to whatever was in the loaded set (headlines, paragraphs, bullet list styles etc)

NOTE that if elements on your page were not using the typography settings before (e.g. they have inline styles controlling them) then loading a typography preset will not affect those elements unless you use the Override options

learn how to use the typography settings

Watch the walk through video and see how to configure your typography settings and override font styles.

Feature 2

Conversions Dashboard New Features

The conversion dashboard has now been expanded to include reporting - giving you the ability to view trends on your site over a set reporting period e.g a week, month etc.

Conversions Dashboard Reporting

This new enhancement allows you to identify trends on your site - and see where pages might be improving or declining. 

You can track conversions as well as other stats - so if you make changes to a page or funnel on your site you can see the impact of those changes in the stats graphs here.

You'll also find a few more new features we've packed into this latest Conversion Dashboard release...

Export Your Leads

We've now added the ability for you to export a CSV (spreadsheet) file of your leads collected on your site through OptimizePress forms.  This gives you a way to import your leads into platforms not yet supported by OptimizePress, or just gives you a way to save a backup of your leads for yourself.

The lead export feature allows you to export leads over a set time period (e.g. between two dates or last 7 days) or export specific leads.  Just select the filtering you want on the Leads page, and click export.

You will get a CSV download of the leads from your site (provided your server allows this function to run).

Erase Personal Data Stored by OptimizePress

As we have now introduced the ability to save data on your conversions with the Conversions Dashboard, we wanted to ensure we help you remain GDPR compliant when storing personal data on your WordPress site.

To assist with this, we have integrated with the WordPress Erase Personal Data options which allow you to remove the data of a specific person if you receive a request to do so. 

To erase the data of a prospect in the conversions dashboard (as well as any other record of that prospect in other compatible plugins) - got to Tools (In your WordPress dashboard) > Erase Personal Data.

Note: You may be required to take further actions to comply with other regulations regarding server location and data storage depending on your country of business, so please check with local regulations to ensure you are compliant.

The Conversions Dashboard is only available on our Suite plan as it has tight integration with OptimizeFunnels. 

Another reason to upgrade now and get access to more platform features.

Learn more about the conversion dashboard

See the full post and video guide on how the conversion dashboard works.

Feature 3

local Template collection

In December we added another conversion optimized template set to the platform. You can use 13 marketing pages or use these templates as a mini website for your local business.

The Local template set can be used for any niche as the mix of template designs can be easily edited to work with your business.

The templates in the Local small business set include:

See all the 13 Templates & Funnels

Checkout the full post with preview links to all the templates in the set.

Feature 4

optimize university

The Optimize University gives you everything you need to develop and grow your online business.  Learn how to build a list of eager prospects, how to sell digital products and courses, and how to promote your products and services online.

Optimize University Dashboard

We created the Optimize University to give you a place to learn all the marketing strategies behind starting and growing an online business.

We're launching with a signature new course - Lead Funnel in a Weekend - that will show you how to build a complete lead grabbing funnel in just one weekend - a goal achievable by anyone just by following our step by step video course.

learn more about the university

See our release post for more information and video walkthrough of the new Optimize University

Feature 5

lead funnel in a weekend

As mentioned above, we launched our new university with this brand new marketing course.

This course appeals to those both those who are just starting out, and those who are more experienced. It's designed to help you gather more qualified leads into your business without needing any previous experience in funnel marketing.

If you don't yet have a lead funnel or you want to improve your current flow of leads, this course is the perfect starting point.

Here's a sneak preview of what's covered.

learn more about this course

See more details about the full course content and what you'll learn.

Feature 6

members hub updates

The OptimizePress platform is growing rapidly, with new features coming every month. Every new feature requires a new tutorial to help customers understand what it does, the settings and configure it where needed.

We gave our Members Hub a complete revamp by moving all the technical training videos out from here and over to our Tutorials and Help Center while making it easier for you to learn to get up to speed with OptimizePress with our new onboarding flows.

You'll still want to visit the hub to access product downloads, manage your billing and manage your saved templates and funnels, as well as your licensed sites.

OptimizePress Hub Dashboard 2021

see what's new in the hub

Discover what's changed and where to go to get what you need.

that's 2021 wrapped up!

So that's 2021 done! More features rolled out!

Remember, you can see the full changelog of all the tweaks and changes we've made over at my.optimizepress.com.

Please post your comments below, and let us know what features you want to see added to OptimizePress in 2022!

    2 replies to "What’s New In December 2021 – Typography Presets, Conversion Dashboard Updates & Optimize University"

    • Stephen

      Any news on when you will add updated membership services for online courses and memberships sites? I find it a little odd that you are using an outsourced platform for your own University.

      • David Frosdick

        Go and see the latest update to answer that 🙂

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