Product Update: New Contact Us Sections To Increase Lead Enquiries

by Onder Hassan

Last Updated: December 22, 2023

Would you like a way to get more contact enquires from your landing pages and website and build a strong relationship with your leads?

We have released 62 brand new Contact Us sections that will help you get more contact enquiries from visitors to your website.

In this article, we will provide you with some valuable tips on what to include on your pages so that you can turn more visitors into leads on your website.

Why a contact us section is important on your web pages

The Contact Us section of a website serves as a bridge between your company and your visitors, offering you a direct line of communication for enquiries, quotations, product questions and feedback.

While having a dedicated Contact Us page is what’s common, a Contact Us section on your website home page (or other pages) means you reduce the number of site pages you have to create/manage.

Here are some key reasons that make the Contact Us section an important element of your website:

Visitors will leave: If your visitors can’t find a way to contact you, they are likely to leave your website if they are unable to find the information they’re looking for.
Builds trust: Having a way for visitors to contact you demonstrates that your company is open to contact from visitors and gives them trust and confidence that you care.
Gives you a competitive edge: Allowing your visitors to reach out to you personally adds a level of trust that your competitors may not be willing to provide, helping you stand out.
Learn more about your visitors: Having a direct dialogue with your leads will help you learn more about them and allow you to better understand your audience. You can use the knowledge you learn to make website optimizations.

Top Tip:

Always be responsive to new contact enquiries as this will improve trust and credibility of your brand, which will positively affect sales.

What to include in your contact us section to make visitors respond

Crafting an effective Contact Us section is more than just listing your company's contact details.

The right elements can significantly increase the likelihood of visitors reaching out, leading to more interactions, inquiries, and feedback.

Here are some essential elements to include to ensure you get the most benefit from your Contact Us sections.

Contact form, Name, Email, Message Field, Custom Fields

Every contact form must include the core contact fields of name, email and personal message.

Additionally, custom fields can be used depending on the type of information you would like to receive. 

For example, do you need to add a telephone number field to call back leads, or do you need a number field to learn the number of employees an enquiry has?

Please Note: Only include fields in your forms that are relevant. Asking for too much information can reduce the number of submissions.

Contact Form Fields - Contact Form Sections

Social channel links

Including social media channel links on your Contact Us sections is a nice way to let your visitors know about the alternative ways to connect with you.

This provides additional options for your visitors who may prefer a specific way to interact and is a great way to build community and trust with your visitors who want to actively engage with you.

Social Links Contact Us Sections

Address & Opening Hours

Including an address and opening hours is particularly useful if you have a business that is physically reachable. This level of transparency helps with managing visitor expectations and improves trust with your business.

Address & Opening Hours Contact Us Sections

Telephone Number For Accepting Calls

Including a telephone number on a contact form is important for several reasons.

It provides an immediate and direct line of communication for visitors who prefer or require a more personal interaction, such as discussing complex issues or seeking quick answers.

This option is especially valued by visitors who are not comfortable with digital communication methods or who may be in urgent need of assistance.

Contact Us Sections - Telephone Number

Links To An FAQ Section

Alternatively, including links to an FAQ page can be a nice way to give visitors an option to search for commonly asked questions that may provide an answer prior to making contact.

FAQ Links - Contact Us Sections

Inviting Images To Encourage Contact

Adding the right images to your Contact Us section can be an effective way to encourage and subtly guide your leads to contact you.

Adding visually appealing images of you, your team, your office will create a more personable and trustworthy image of your brand, further encouraging people to make contact.

Inviting Images - Contact Us Sections

General tips for an optimized contact us sections

As we’ve discussed, Contact Us sections can be a great opportunity to directly communicate with your visitors.

Here are some general optimization tips to ensure your Contact Us sections get a response:

Ensure your Contact Us section is mobile optimized: A large percentage of visitors to your website will be on a mobile device so making sure your page is fully optimized to display on mobile will improve the number of contact submissions.
Have a clear call-to-action (CTA): Include a clear objective that you want your visitors to take, call your store, submit a contact form or reach out to you on socials. This will reduce confusion and improve conversions.
Make good use of white space to make contact details stand out: Good design and layout of your contact forms will make a big difference with your visitors and will give them a better experience when filling out your forms.

62 new Contact Us sections

To add further value to our suite of tools, our designers rolled up their sleeves and added 62 new Contact Us sections that are now live inside the OptimizePress Page Builder. 

These sections are optimized to increase contact from your website visitors so all you need to do is drag and drop them into your web page.

As with all of our pre-made sections, you can completely edit them to your hearts content and be sure that your forms will get the results you want while you focus on building your business.

Are you ready to begin engaging your leads?

With the new Contact Us sections, there has never been a better time to build the all important relationship with your visitors.

Would you like to know what drives your customers to want to learn more?

How about having a deeper understanding of their pains and frustrations so you can provide exactly what they’re looking for?

Using a Contact Us section, you will now have the ability to quickly discover exactly what your customers want and build your business that is perfect for their needs.

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Landing Page Lookbook Offer

Build Landing Pages That Convert with our Inspiration Lookbook

Get Access to 120+ Landing Page Swipes from Creators, Digital Marketers and Experts + insights and steps to boost your landing page conversions.

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Build Landing Pages That Convert with our Inspiration Lookbook

Get Access to 120+ Landing Page Swipes from Creators, Digital Marketers and Experts + insights and steps to boost your landing page conversions.

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