Announcing OptimizeMentor - Our New WordPress online Course & Membership Site Plugin

David Frosdick

Last Updated: January 17, 2023

Today we are very excited to announce the release of our new online course and membership site plugin - OptimizeMentor.

If you want to create and sell online courses and memberships, you will be over the moon with this HUGE update to the OptimizePress tools Suite.

Today we are very excited to announce the release of our new online course and membership site plugin - OptimizeMentor.

If you want to create and sell online courses and memberships, you will be over the moon with this HUGE update to the OptimizePress tools Suite.

Course and membership functionality is frequently requested by our community, who want to be part of the booming industry of selling access to premium content.

Industry experts predict that the eLearning market will quadruple from around $250 billion in 2020 to $1 trillion in 2027 (Source: Global Market Insights).

We wanted to create a seamless experience that means you can market, sell and deliver access to your course content in one tool, making it as easy as possible for you to grow your online business and not be tangled in all the tech. 

Trying to patch together plugins and different services causes friction in any business and prevents growth. It also costs your business a lot of money that could be better spent on traffic generation to capture more leads and sales.

Today's announcement of the release of OptimizeMentor brings you the complete tool for:

Easy visual online course building in WordPress.
Protecting and delivering any content on your site for members only.
Complete done-for-you course and membership templates.
Create full membership sites and sell access to multiple membership levels.
A wide range of content release and drip delivery options.
Market, sell, collect payments & deliver course access with just one tool.
Seamless OptimizeCheckouts integration for selling courses & memberships.
And lots more that we'll share below.

This post will focus on the key features of OptimizeMentor and how you can use them to build membership sites, create online courses or sell access to your existing content.

easily create and sell your courses
and memberships

OptimizeMentor makes it easy for you to create memberships and courses that you can sell to paying customers. If you want to add a course or membership product to your existing products lineup or if you're going to create an entire business around this, then OptimizeMentor is the perfect tool for you.

Here's a quick video to walk you through what you can do in your business with OptimizeMentor.

The Opportunities Are Endless!

The opportunities for small businesses and solo creators to sell access to their content is endless. Nearly every business could offer some kind of paid subscription service for their customers.

Selling memberships and courses can add residual income to a business. Do the work once and sell it multiple times.

Any digital product you buy online can be delivered inside a members area.

Affiliate Marketing Training - Protect your training content across multiple membership levels for each course.
Cooking School - Create a collection of video courses with different paid levels for teaching your cooking classes.
Entrepreneur Coaching Academy - Run a membership group teaching your skills and have multiple video courses protected under different membership rules.
Fitness Coach - Drip release your workouts over a month, setting release schedules like every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for a new weight loss plan.

Types of products you could sell

Here's a short list of the types of digital products you could sell:

One-off videos - Sell short 60min training videos.
Webinars - Sell the replays of a webinar.
Downloads - Protect downloads (free or paid).
Newsletter - Sell access to a paid newsletter.
Any Course - Sell large or small courses.

What Is OptimizeMentor?

OptimizeMentor is a plugin for our OptimizePress Suite that simplifies how you protect content on your WordPress site and helps you create structured courses and membership areas.

It integrates with all of the tools in our OptimizePress Suite, such as OptimizeFunnels and OptimizeCheckouts. This means that you can quickly:

Launch your membership or course
Promote your membership or course
Sell your membership or course
Deliver your membership or course

The all new OptimizeMentor dashboard gives you full oversight of your membership & course site stats

There is no need for the stress and headaches associated with connecting to third party integrations and external plugins, as you can do everything with the OptimizePress suite of tools.

Creating online courses is a breeze using the visual course builder to organise and structure your course content.

OptimizeMentor includes the full range of done-for-you templates that enable you to easily create membership pages and the pages needed for your course areas such as home, module and lesson.

The membership protection features mean you can protect any content on your website, including WordPress pages and posts. The membership features give you a wide range of flexibility when selling memberships and courses, as you can sell different levels of access and drip schedule content releases.

Let's dive into the main benefits and features of OptimizeMentor in more detail. 

Done For You Course And Membership Templates

In the same way that OptimizeFunnels has done-for-you funnels, OptimizeMentor has a range of done-for-you membership and course templates you can use on your site.

This means no need for previous web design experience and no need to hire any expensive help to make amazing looking courses and members areas.

These optimized templates use common course layouts with easy navigation and clear structure for your module and lesson content.

You can choose from a range of brand new Course Home, Module and Lesson page templates that we have specifically created to engage members in your content.

You can create full membership sites using the pre-created templates included with OptimizeMentor and wow members with a consistent and professional-looking design.

Build Your Own Membership Site

Memberships allow you to control who has access to what content on your site. You can protect courses, pages and even WordPress posts.

In addition to the types of content you can protect with a membership, you can create different membership levels and schedule what content is released and when.

This gives you a wide range of flexible options to grow and scale your business with ease.

Let's take a look at the settings you can control with Memberships.

Content Access Settings

The Content Access Settings allow you to control which memberships view what content and courses on your site.

You can create one membership level that gives access to all your content or create different membership tiers that access different levels of content based on the membership people purchase.

One of the key benefits of our Content Access Settings is that you don't have to create multiple versions of the same content. You can have different memberships that you sell, and they can all have access to the same pieces of content, such as course modules or protected blog posts.

This saves you time and gives you the flexibility to create a range of products using different membership access settings.

course access settings

Redirect Settings

Control where your members go after they log in, join or register. You can send different members to different pages based on their membership.

Having these options allows you to tailor the user experience for each membership. Every membership could have its own welcome video on a different page.

To save you time and help you get ahead quickly once you install and activate the new OptimizeMentor, we have automatically created some primary pages you need to work with on your site.

These core pages help you manage how people access and navigate protected content.

Here's how these pages work:

My Account - Where people go to manage their account.
After Login - Select where the user is redirected to after login.
Login - Select where a visitor is redirected to when accessing protected content (usually a Login page).
After Registration - Select where new members are taken after registration.
No Access - Select where members will be redirected to when accessing content they do not have access to (this can be an upgrade page or pricing page for premium tiers).
Not Available (Dripped) - Select where members are taken if the content is not yet available due to a drip schedule.
Thank You - The confirmation page they see after payment.

Each new Membership you create automatically uses these default pages to manage different scenarios on your site.

As you can see below, these are set by default but you can easily change them by selecting other pages on your site.

Membership redirect settings

The default pages, created for these events above can be easily edited using the OptimizeBuilder or you can replace these pages with any other pages you design. You have complete flexiblity and control.

Access Duration

The Access Duration control settings allow you to give different access levels to different memberships. Once you set up an access duration, it will run for each member on autopilot without you having to do anything.

The Access Duration setting is where you control how long the membership remains active for each member.

Expires After
Fixed Time

For example, if you want to sell access to your course content for a fixed period of time or have access removed on a set date, this is where you would control that. It can be different for each membership.

If you were selling a monthly subscription, you would choose "Lifetime" as the duration, or if you were giving a seven-day trial to your member's area, you would select "Fixed Time" and set access to expire after seven days.

Remember earlier when I said it integrates with OptimizeCheckouts. The prices you want to charge for membership and courses are set as products within OptimizeCheckouts. There is no need to use an external sales cart plugin or manage complicated integrations; the process is seamless.

I'll cover more on how you take payments for selling memberships and courses later.

Drip Scheduling Membership Content

The Drip Scheduling setting is where you control which content is released (dripped) and over what period.

For example, if you want new members to see a new lesson or piece of protected content every other day after they join, then Drip Scheduling will automatically manage that for you.

Drip scheduling helps you control what content is released and helps you manage evergreen memberships, and can restrict people from simply joining and downloading all your content.

Releasing content to your members over time can prevent them from becoming overwhelmed and limit cancellations. This also makes it easier for members to consume what you give them.

Drip Scheduling Membership

These drip scheduling features are super powerful and give you complete flexibility in how each membership has access to the different content on your site.

You can even drill down into what days you want content released.

Want to motivate your members at the start of the week? How about scheduling your content to be available on a Monday, the same day you send out an email to your members?

Daily Weekly Monthly Content Scheduling

Sell Access To Premium Blog Content

With memberships, you can quickly create a membership level with access to only your blog content. Using the Content Access settings, you can quickly control which blog post (or all posts) each plan can access.

This helps you begin growing a community to access your content without the need to build an entire course if you don't want to. The choice is yours. There are no limits to what you can protect.

Sell The Same Content In Multiple Ways

Without getting too technical, you can easily sell the same content via different memberships AND for different prices

To go another step further, you could even drip this content to one group of people or give immediate access to those who want to pay more.

Import Members

Using the Import Members feature, you can bring your existing customers into OptimizeMentor. Simply export them from your email service or CRM and import them via CSV.

During import, add them to a Membership, redirect them to a new welcome video after login and start publishing content for them to consume.

Easy Visual Course Building

Now we're moving on to the course part of OptimizeMentor. We built the course's feature to help you structure how your content is laid out.

Complete visual course building! Using the visual course builder, you can easily and quickly create and sell an entire course.

OptimizeMentor gives you complete flexibility to bundle courses, control access, and give permission to paying members.

Building a course uses all the same page builder features and templates within your site using the OptimizeBuilder, and it allows you to visualise how your course content is structured.

The image below shows a course made with modules and lesson pages within that module. This clear visual layout makes course building easy and stress-free.

Course Features

When creating a course you have complete flexibility to...

Edit details of the page (Title, summary, URL/slug and placeholder).
Edit Page (Opens the OptimizePress page builder for full editing).
Preview (Allows you to preview your modules and lessons).
Duplicate (Allows quick building of additional modules and lessons).
Delete (Quick delete any course content). 
Move Lessons and Modules (Gives you flexibility to move your course content)
Edit Course Options

Creating A New Course

Creating a new course is a breeze. You choose a template, enter some basic details and begin adding modules and lessons to the course.

When you first create a new course, you can choose from a library of specially designed course home pages, and these are all optimized for content engagement and easy course navigation. You can also access any template from the OptimizePress template library or use your templates from your cloud account.

edit course details

Once you have your course home page set up, you can add content to your course, such as chapters, modules and lessons

After you add modules and lessons, you will see a visual layout of your course with drag and drop features that allow you to organise the order of your content and open any course page with the OptimizeBuilder, right from within the course visual interface.

Flexible Course Settings

Each course you make has individual settings for Content Access and Drip Schedule.

Course settings

Once you have your course created, you can control access to your course and, if required, add any drip schedule you want to set.

Content Access

Each course has the option to set which memberships can access the content within the course, or you can create new memberships on the fly.

Remember, every course you make can have multiple memberships access it. That means the same content can be shown to different members.

You have the option to specify which content, in the course, you want that membership to access.

It can be all content or selected modules.

This means you can have one membership that can access everything and another membership to access only module 1 & 2. Perfect for setting up trials or free teaser access to your content.

This wide range of options means you can offer different options to different membership tiers or plans that you sell.

Tease Content (Free Trials / Course Preview)

By using the Content Access feature you can create new memberships that only have access to the first module or lesson of a course.

This means you can easily tease potential customers into joining. Simply get them to join your "teaser" membership and give them access to Lesson 1 only. Next, use the Redirect Settings to send them to the Upgrade page when they try to view more of the content.

All of this can be automated, just get them to join your teaser plan and let OptimizeMentor do the rest.

Drip Scheduling Course Content

You can create a drip schedule for your course where you control when content (modules/lessons) are released.

Using the Drip Schedule feature, you set a trigger for the start time.

After Registration (when someone becomes a member of your site).
After Membership Registration (when someone joins a specific membership).
Fixed Time and Date.

We'll cover more of these settings in detail in our help articles and training, so that everything is clear and simple for you. Dripped content is a very powerful way to retain members and control content distribution.

The Drip Schedule lets you drill down to how your content is released. You have options to release content over a range of durations (Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly).

You will be able to see which content is released and on what day after an event is triggered.

Unlimited Memberships & Courses

With OptimizeMentor, you can create unlimited memberships and courses. No matter how many products you have, each of them could have its own paid membership and course pages. 

The ability to create unlimited memberships and courses allows you to scale and grow your business without restrictions.

Create and sell unlimited memberships.
Create and sell unlimited courses.
No restrictions and limits.
Grow and scale your business without limits.

Custom Experiences

We recently released the Custom Experiences feature where you can control what content appears on a page based on different events or visitor criteria.

When you use Custom Experiences with your course content you can hide or show content based on different rules that you set. 

This means that you do not have to create different course pages for different membership tiers. You can have a course lesson page for example and show or hide content on that page based on different membership rules.

Example 1: You could show or hide lesson downloads on a lesson page for different membership tiers.

Example 2: You could show or hide different welcome videos on your course home page for different membership tiers.

Here's a few more ways you can use custom experiences with your memberships and courses:

Personalise a page based on member level.
Show custom content for logged in users.
Show different content depending on the day of the week.
Show sales teaser messages for non-members.
Show upgrade teaser promotions inside your basic membership for a pro membership.
Show/hide members content based on the day or time.

Read more about our Custom Experiences feature here.

Promote And Sell Your Memberships And Courses

At the start of this post, we mentioned OptimizeMentor integrates with OptimizeCheckouts. This means you use OptimizeCheckouts to sell your courses and memberships and it works directly with OptimizeMentor to give customers the correct access to the content they have purchased.

Selling your courses with OptimizeCheckouts means you collect customer payments and deliver course content all within one tool - OptimizePress. 

Using one tool means you save huge amounts of time and stress as there is no need to connect to any third party tools or systems

This avoids the unnecessary stress and headaches of connecting tools together and managing additional plugins. 

A streamlined and branded checkout experience for your customers means higher sales conversions of members into your courses and memberships.

Once you activate OptimizeMentor there are zero payment settings to configure within the membership product itself, as this is fully controlled with OptimizeCheckouts.

To set up a price for your membership or course, you would make a new product within OptimizeCheckouts.

sell memberships optimizecheckouts

This is also where you set the rules for payment successful (Grant Access) or fails (Revoke Access).

This image shows a new product called "Gold Membership" in OptimizeCheckouts with two new integrations rules.

integrations rules memberships

The product you make inside OptimizeCheckouts lets you set the payment types, payment gateways, payment plans, trial periods, trial amounts and more.

As OptimizeCheckouts includes a wide range of "done-for-you" sales optimized templates you can easily have a new checkout live ready to sell your memberships and courses in minutes.

optimizecheckouts optimized templates

Direct Integrations Between Plugins

We have built OptimizeMentor to work seamlessly with the OptimizeBuilder, OptimizeFunnels and OptimizeCheckouts

This means you can promote and sell your courses with our done-for-you sales funnels. 

Whether you sell one-time payment access or a monthly subscription for your courses, you can collect payments into your bank account using our checkouts.

These integrations allow for beautiful login and registration forms on your site, creating a seamless user experience as members join and access your site for the first time.

Welcome emails and login details are sent out automatically to add to this overall experience.

It’s a complete all-in-one system, which means you don’t have the headache of connecting various tools and getting them to work.

One of the big stress points of working with course and membership tools is connecting them to various third party systems and plugins. 

Using the OptimizePress Suite, your progress is significantly increased as you can promote, sell, take payments into your bank and deliver your protected courses and membership content without the need for anything else.

Save Time With Dynamic Elements

With OptimizeMentor, we have created a range of new dynamic OptimizeBuilder editor elements and options. 

These elements pull information from your course settings directly onto your course pages. 

Dynamic Elements are a huge time saver as they mean you can enter course details such as lesson titles or the number of videos in a course. All this information is pulled directly onto the course pages saving you from having to add this information manually.

Another feature of Dynamic Elements is the next/previous lesson button. OptimizeMentor will automatically connect the pages and modules in your lessons together so that course members can easily navigate your content. 

Easy navigation makes it easier for course members to consume your content and engages them in your course. It also saves you the manual work of connecting the lessons.

We are extending the range of Dynamic Elements and more will be released over the coming months.

Activate OptimizeMentor Now

OptimizeMentor is a new product from the OptimizePress team and can be activated now for all active OptimizePress Suite customers from inside the OptimizePress Dashboard. 

If you are not an OptimizePress Suite member, you can upgrade your existing account now to access the new OptimizeMentor plugin plus the additional benefits of OptimizeFunnels, OptimizeCheckouts, OptimizeUrgency, OptimizeLeads and more.

Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing more ideas on how you can best use OptimizeMentor and how you can take advantage of the growing trend of selling courses and memberships. 

We also have additional course/membership features in the pipeline to ensure you have the best options for your business.

Upgrade Today 🙌

Today is the perfect time to upgrade your version of OptimizePress to our OptimizePress Suite plan and get full access to:

Build marketing funnels
Sell products and boost revenue with checkouts
Create and grant membership access
Monitor and review your leads and sales stats
Split testing your pages and funnels to increase conversions
And much, much more.

Are you ready?

OptimizeMentor is a huge update, and OptimizePress Suite package owners can activate it now and instantly start building memberships and courses. If you are not an OptimizePress Suite package owner, you can upgrade today before the upcoming package price rises.

We invite you to ask your questions in the comment section below, and we look forward to answering them.

What else do you want to know about OptimizeMentor?

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    37 replies to "Announcing OptimizeMentor: Our New WordPress Course & Membership Site Plugin"

    • Musclegaragefitness

      I explored the Optimizemember WordPress course plugin on, and it looks like a powerful tool for creating and managing online courses. The features mentioned, like drip content and membership access, are essential for course creators. It seems user-friendly and efficient for building engaging courses. Thanks for sharing this valuable resource!

    • Musclegaragefitness

      OptimizePress’ Optimizementor WordPress course plugin is a game-changer for online educators and course creators. The comprehensive features, seamless integration, and user-friendly interface make it a powerful tool for designing and delivering engaging online courses. This blog post effectively highlights the plugin’s capabilities, making it easier for educators to make informed decisions about enhancing their e-learning platforms. A must-read for anyone seeking to elevate their online courses and provide a top-notch learning experience for their students.

    • Etiaka

      Thanks for the update. OP3 has many wonderful features that we’re proud of.

      What’s lacking however is more payment processors.

      We need payment processors like Paystack and flutterwave to cater for the African market.

      Is there anywhere we can submit these feature request?


      • James Dyson

        HI Etiaka

        We’ll certainly note down your request for additional payment processors

    • Alex Adams

      I have been using optimizepress 10years now but I couldn’t actualise my complete dream with it because of region. I sale to the Africa community but the payment gateways available does not allow WooCommerce and other payment gateways like paystack or Payoneer to easily penetrate Africa market. Even Crypto payment gateways this era of Blockchain technology. Integrating with affiliate system especially AffiliateWP will help users very well to

      • James Dyson

        Thanks for your feedback Alex. We’re always looking for ways to improve our product offering including new integrations. We build integrations based on demand as these can take significant development resources to build and maintain, so we’ll certainly log your requests for these gateways. We wouldn’t integrate with WooCommerce as that is a stand-alone ecommerce plugin and lacks a lot of the functionality that our users would want. It also is very bloat-heavy and slows down WordPress websites considerably.

    • Arístides

      Hi guys,
      I think this is a great upgrade to make OptimizePress more robust. Congratulations!
      I only have a question 😉
      Do you plan to include support for Affiliate Programs in OptimizePress Mentor?
      It will be awesome.

      Thank for your great job.
      Best regards

      • Onder Hassan

        Hi Aristides. We currently have no plans for this, but there is a WordPress plugin called ‘WPAffiliate‘ that we recommend to our customers that might be of interest. Best regards.

    • Rainer Hornberger


      I think that many Germans who sell digital products on would appreciate a way to combine OptimizeMentor with the checkout of Digistore24.

      No idea if you can make that possible. Can you? It would really be a great and helpful feauture!


      P.S.: I use

      • David Frosdick

        Hey Rainer, thanks for the suggestion. It all depends on integration setup and then demand to add new services. We’ll add it to the list to research. Is this marketplace similar to Clickbank?

    • Joe

      Awesome!! How can I create a course in OptimizeMentor that is free, but the person has to opt in for?

      • David Frosdick

        Hey Joe, You can create a free membership, use the signup form element then once they join you have their email. You could use another tool to pull the email out and fire it to your email service. Another way would be to have an opt-in form to get on your list, then once they confirm their email, send a link to your registration form. To go one step further, the signup link could have a specific refer URL that only shows the free signup form using “custom experiences”.this is a little more advanced.

    • Shanthi Yogini

      Namaste! I am on Optimizepress essential publisher legacy plan now. I clicked on the upgrade button and it took me to Optimizepress suite legacy. The features below did not show OptimizeMentor though it showed OptimizeFunnels, OptimizeCheckouts etc.

      It only said All Future Plugin Releases. Please let me know if it includes OptimizeMentor for me. If so, I like to upgrade. Am I missing out on anything if I am in suite legacy plan?

      • Ian Bass

        Hi Shanthi, the answer to your question is yes. 🙌

        The OptimizePress Suite plan includes OptimizeMentor. It looks like we’ve been so busy working on the features for OptimizeMentor that we are yet to update the OptimizePress Suite page.
        If you upgrade, you will get instant access to activate OptimizeMentor on your sites.

        I hope this help.



    • Wolfgang Schmalz

      I am very happy about this new excellent tool!
      Since I work mostly with ThriveCart, I wanted to ask if an integration with it is planned?

      • Ian Bass

        Hi Wolfgang, thank you for your comments.

        To answer your question, we have a direct integration between OptimizeCheckouts and OptimizeMentor. This is the easiest way to sell and grant course/membership access to paying customers.

        If, as in your case, you want to continue using Thrivecart, then in the coming weeks, we are releasing an API connection which will allow you to connect OptimizeMentor and Thrivecart. We will announce this as soon as it goes live, so keep an eye out for that.

        Thanks again for being part of our OptimizePress community! 🙏

    • tom wakechild

      I have already set up a number of on-line classes using OP#3 tutorials that required different plugins to operate and protect materials IE. restrict user access, peter login). Will it be possible to transfer / existing classes into OP mentor easily or will i be required to recreate the same class within the new OP mentor system?

      • James Dyson

        Hi Tom. You have 2 options:

        1) You can create one or more memberships inside OptimizeMentor and then use the content access settings to protect existing pages on your site (those pages you already made as long as they are in WordPress). This would not change any of your page design, it would just restrict access to those WP pages/posts with OptimizeMentor, allowing you to then sell access to those memberships through OptimizeCheckouts or our other integrated checkouts.

        2) You could recreate the pages inside the OptimizeMentor Courses system, this would give you the benefit of our designs and site structure, making it easier to add lessons and content in a structured way in the future, but it would mean you’d have to copy/paste or transfer your content over to those new pages. There isn’t currently a way to “add in” external pages into a course as they are a separate post type inside WordPress.

        Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any more questions

    • Netpreneur Club

      Nice to know you have got a new membership site plugin ready. I have designed membership sites for 3 different courses by using OptimizeMember. It’s exciting to see how this new OptimizeMentor works.

      • David Frosdick

        I think you’ll find it much easier now. Let us know how you get on.

    • Gilberto

      Finally a true integration.
      Maybe after 10 years I will leave Amember…
      I will do some tests on some minor courses, to understand Mentor functionality well. One question: Will it be possible to protect files that are resident on Amazon S3?

      Good guys, keep it up.

      • James Dyson

        Hi Gilberto. At the moment we don’t have a specific integration that protects files on Amazon S3. What is your use case here? Are you protecting larger files and therefore need to use Amazon S3?

      • David Frosdick

        Wow! people still use Amember. That tells me your age 🙂

    • Marlene

      Never mind, lol – found it!

      Thanks, it’s going to be great!

    • Marlene

      I’m confused!

      When I click on the link ‘Start Building Your Membership Site’ it takes me to where I have to login. Once I’m logged in, there is no mention anywhere of OptimizeMentor…

      Where do I find it?

      • James Dyson

        Hi Marlene

        Sorry for the confusion. If you are an existing customer you can login to the members hub at to upgrade your account to Suite

        If you already have the Suite plan, you should update your site to the latest version of the Dashboard plugin and then scroll down on the Dashboard you’ll see OptimizeMentor available for installation and activation. No need to download anything to your site – it should all be there ready.

    • Alkan

      I have been a member for many many years and you guys are topping up your game every year. Congratulations 🎉👏 This feature is going to be excellent

    • Sergi


    • Nohemi

      Great news to me!!!
      Today I was just planning to buy Wishlist but reading your email is great to know that I don’t have to yuju!!!
      few months ago I bought OP Suit because of the Checkouts and I love it!
      Question: does it also includes the possibility to manage affiliates??

      Thank you!!!

      • James Dyson

        Hi Nohemi! Great to hear you’re loving the Suite! At the moment we don’t have affiliate management. We are working on deeper integrations with existing tools out there for now, we don’t have specific plans to build our own right now as there’s a lot of things that have to be considered when it comes to affiliate management systems. We’ll keep an eye on our community though if this is something in high demand it may be considered in the future. We’ll have training coming soon on how to run an affiliate program using OptimizeCheckouts with other systems out there

    • Sushil

      Dear team, I am getting those emails from you to upgrade but I am not a member yet. Because of the new RBI policy, I am not able to purchase optimise press with my cards.

      • James Dyson

        Hi Sushil

        If you can reach out to our support we’ll be happy to look into this for you

    • KM Lee

      Finally, the missing puzzle for OP3 Suite! So amazed to see what OP has accomplished so far as I still remembered building membership sites for clients using OP1 more than 10 years ago.

      You guys have come a long way and I’m glad to be part of the journey!

      • David Frosdick

        And still, now there are people are using OP1. If only they realised how easy it could be using OptimizeMentor 🙂

    • Kylee

      How is this different from OptimizeMember, which I currently use?

      • James Dyson

        Hi Kylee

        OptimizeMentor has been built from the ground up to work with the latest WordPress standards as well as to ensure deep compatibility with the OptimizePress Suite. We’ve designed it to be MUCH easier to use than OptimizeMember, which was based upon the old S2member framework. It makes it much easier to manage access to your content and courses, as well as dripping content and other functionality that is much harder to acheive in OptimizeMember

        I would recommend watching the video on this blog post which shows an overview of the features of OptimizeMentor and see what you think. We’re always here if you have any questions

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