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Release Notes: A/B Split Testing, Stripe Checkouts, Order Bumps, More Webinar & ESP Integrations.

In our new release notes update, we will share what's new with OptimizePress so you can be sure you don't miss new features and improvements.  You'll also get a sneak peek at what's coming soon. 

This update includes some major new features (see below), and we are excited to see your comments below. Please share any further feature recommendations you have.

This recent update to OptimizePress is jam-packed. It's brimming with significant new features, elements and integrations. 

We know you want to take your business to the next level, and to do that you need next-level features, so here they are...

🙌 🙌 The OptimizePress Bumper Update 🙌 🙌

Peter Druker said - "If you can't measure it, you can't improve it."

Well... now you have the control you need to improve your conversions. We've added split testing and a brand new statistics dashboard to our WordPress funnel builder - OptimizeFunnels.

We've recently released our WordPress Stripe Payments platform - OptimizeCheckouts. In this update, we have added the new Order Bumps feature.

Order Bumps in OptimizePress are cooler than a polar bear's nose. 🐻‍❄️

A great thing about Order Bumps is that they are effortless to implement, even if you've never used Order Bumps before.

By far, the best thing about Order Bumps is that they increase your average checkout value (ATV). This means more income for your business from the same amount of customers.

Yes... that's right, same traffic, same customers, more income! BOOM - MIND BLOWN 

We'll cover later in this post why Order Bumps is a feature you must implement now.

Split testing, statistics for conversion rates, checkouts and Order Bumps are just part of this major update.  Let's get into it all now!

Remember you can get a full update and changelog inside the members hub.

What's New In OptimizePress 🎉

A/B Split Testing

Whoop! Whoop! Time to dance. Fist bump! 👊

Yes it's here!! You can now split test your pages inside OptimizeFunnels.

If you want to increase your opt-in rates and sales revenue, then you need to be split testing.

Entrepreneurs and digital marketers use split testing, also referred to as A/B testing to make incremental improvements to the conversion rates of their web pages. Increases in conversion rates can add more income to your business without any increase of traffic.

The basic concept behind split testing is simple. Here is an example:

You take an element of your landing page, such as your opt-in form button and test if changing the colour increases or decreases the number of visitors that subscribe.

You may not think that button colour would make a difference to the conversion rate of your pages. Still, specific colours provoke different human responses and can also be impacted depending on your niche.

Split testing can show you an increase, decrease or no improvement at all. Still, it's worth testing the various aspects of your page so that you know you have the most optimum page possible.

An increase in your conversion rates of just a few percent might seem small, but over time that can lead to hundreds of new subscribers and thousands of dollars in extra revenue.

Here are some suggestions of elements of your pages you should split test:

Top Tip

You can go in-depth with split testing. Our advice is to keep it simple and test the core elements of your pages. As your business grows, you may find you have the resources and time to dedicate to more detailed testing criteria. For most online marketers, initial split testing is a great start and can make a considerable improvement to your conversion rates.

To start a split test, you need to create a funnel using one of our pre-built optimised funnels, or a funnel from your existing pages.

There are over 40 different pre-built funnels inside of OptimizeFunnels. 🖥️

When viewing the funnel, you’ll see an option to Create A Split Test.

You can clone the original page or test against a brand new template. 

If you click Clone Original, it will be done with one click and you can open the page to make your test edits. We recommend testing one item at a time so that you can see the true impact of that change alone.

To run a split test on pages that are not currently in a funnel, you can simply convert those pages into funnel templates inside of the OptimizeBuilder editor by clicking page setting in the top menu Settings > OptimizeFunnels > Switch the Funnel Page Template to ON.

When viewing the funnel under Create A Split Test, you choose From Template.

When the templates window opens look for My Templates far right, click that tab and you will see any other pages you’ve converted to funnel pages.

Split testing is part of our OptimizePress Suite. You'll need to upgrade your account to get instant access to this awesome feature, plus much more.

Funnel Statistics

When we released OptimizeFunnels, the response was great. We are glad so many of you have seen huge benefits from it in your businesses. Your suggestions for new features help us to build the things that you need, so please keep them coming. 

We've now added Funnel Statistics to OptimizeFunnels giving you an awesome stats dashboard to track what's converting.

We wanted the stats to provide some key information but not to overwhelm people with too much data. 

Stats can get very detailed and for this reason, we've kept the visitors and conversion stats to a minimum showing you:

If you are selling products, you will also get some enhanced stats like the number of orders, order volume, and average order.

It’s very easy for website statistics to become overwhelming, and this results in what should be very beneficial to your business, becoming confusing. 

OptimizeFunnels stats are clear, easy to understand and help you see what is happening on your web pages so you can make improvements to increase conversions.

As the owner of a website being able to see the visitor stats and conversion metrics gives you the clarity needed to make improvements.

"It's like turning on a torch in the pitch black of night."  🔦

So much marketing time is focussed on getting new traffic. Now with OptimizeStats, you can increase your opt-in rates and sales revenues without having to increase traffic.

Better still, once you have your pages working at maximum conversion efficiency, any further increase you make in your traffic will return you a much better result (ROI = return on investment).


Well, what can we say about this? 

You guessed it already. 

Other than saying, it’s the easiest and most affordable shopping cart builder for WordPress

Anyone can take payments and sell digital products or services directly from their WordPress website.

OptimizeCheckouts gives you a high level of conversion design editing as our page builder. There’s nothing new to learn as it’s built directly into the platform. 

The way you build your checkouts is as easy as building a web page, and lets you style the checkout pages to look amazing!!

OptimizeCheckouts includes a complete set of amazing conversion optimised cart templates and pre-built sales funnels.

You can simply choose from one of the many cart pages, add your product and go live selling online.

You will save hundreds of dollars by not needing to pay for a shopping cart. 

You will be less stressed out from dealing with WordPress' clunky shopping carts, and to top that off you get:

You’ll feel like there’s finally a platform built for YOU

See the full feature list of OptimizeCheckouts here.

Order Bumps for OptimizeCheckouts

Everything we do here at OptimizePress is focused on helping you market your business more effectively, and optimise your revenue from every customer you bring into your business.

Order bumps is the first in our planned range of expansion features for our amazing new OptimizeCheckouts platform.

Order Bumps (sometimes called checkout add-ons) are a great way to optimise the revenue from every visitor to your checkout.  They work by offering a [usually] low priced additional product directly on the checkout that your buyer can easily add to their order with one click.

Usually this Order Bump product adds additional value to whatever you are already selling, and with just a click of the checkbox is added to the order.

The Order Bump box is positioned strategically right after the credit card information field, and before the order button.  This means that the visitor's eye is drawn to this offer as they move down the checkout ready to complete their purchase.

Order Bumps are not only a great way to add value to your product offerings, they can also help you break even on front-end ad costs by increasing your average order value (AOV). 

Designing your Order Bump section in the right way is critical to the success of your offer, and we include a wide range of presets you can easily select as part of our Order Bumps element inside the OptimizeBuilder.

Once you've selected the preset you want to use, almost any part of the Order Bump can be customised. OptimizeCheckouts is the most flexible Order Bump designer available in any checkout or cart solution.

Change the colour of anything from the Order Bump box background to the checkbox colour!  You can add a product image, add an arrow or icon to alert your visitors to the offer, and even change the colour of your checkbox bar when it's been selected.

Every part of the Order Bump's feature has been designed and optimised to help you get the best results from your Order Bump offer - so what are you waiting for?  Get your Order Bump added and boost your AOV today!

The sticky bar feature changes what you can do with a marketing page and how you present your offers. When used correctly, it can hold critical site information, and then even better, use it to highlight a call to action on a long scrolling page.

You can apply the sticky bar to any row or section, and inside those layouts, you can have whatever elements you like.

On this Ted example, they use a sticky menu bar that contains video and social links.

See how we can create the same sticky effect on scroll using these new features. Our menu is positioned down the page and fixes to the top on page scroll.

See this example from Use Proof where the sidebar sticks to the page.

Again, you can create the same sidebar sticky on any page. In this example, we are using a call to action opt-in section.

One thing to note is you might want to hide the sticky row on mobile devices so it doesn’t interfere with the user experience. When designing you web pages, you should always consider the way in which your user will consume your content across the various forms of device.Then clone the same row design, turn off the sticky feature, and hide the new row on the desktop and tablet.

This is how you can show the same design bar, but the sticky feature would only work on tablet and desktop.

See this KB article on how to show and hide elements on certain devices.

If you want to get technical, you can also control where the sticky content stops and starts!

Notice the options under Stick Until we’ve included this to give you the flexibility you require. 

Sticky options can be controlled by:

End of page - This means it will show for the entire page scroll.

End of parent container - This means you can apply a sticky row within a section. The section is the parent container and the sticky row would stop when it reaches the end of the section.

Specified element - This lets you specify a CSS class for when the stick feature stops.

See this example below using End of parent container (end of the section). The sticky row fixes to the top and then disables as it reaches the end of the section. The section end is the End of parent container.

You can keep things simple or get advanced with how you use these features on your pages. Do what works for you, often keeping it simple is the best way forward, but you have the flexibility in the element should you wish to use it.

WebinarJam Integration

Another webinar integration to add to your toolbox. This works in a similar way to EverWebinar that we rolled out in February, which is understandable considering they are the same company.

The WebinarJam integration will allow you to connect an OptimizePress opt-in form to a specific webinar.

We will pull in the options for that webinar (times and dates available) and show them in a custom dropdown for the date of the webinar and timezone if you want. 

With this element, there is no need to stick with generic WebinarJam pages. You can combine the power of WebinarJam and OptimizePress to build a power dream team for your business. 👍

We know that hiring a developer to build this yourself (at a cost of hundreds or thousands of dollars) is not something most of our customers can do. So we have built our own version of this and baked it into our WebinarJam and Everwebinar integrations.

With this page-builder first - we've created a custom integration that allows you to show dropdown select fields for timezone and date/time. When you use this integration your visitors can choose the perfect webinar time to suit them (you would need to set up these recurring times in WebinarJam or Everwebinar first).

Webinar Thank You Element (for WebinarJam & Everwebinar)

We recently rolled out some tight integrations with Zoom and Everwebinar and now WebinarJam, mentioned above, where you can send your subscriber data to your webinar platform after they register through an OptimizePress opt-in form. 

The cool thing about this is you can use OptimizePress pages for your webinar promotion and have complete control over the design. Again, no more stale boring webinar pages! 😎

To accompany that feature we added the Webinar Thank You page element so subscribers can see notification and calendar reminders on the Thank You page after they register.

This data is dynamically pulled into the element.

You will only see these new element options if you are connected to a webinar provider. 

The data you can show in the element is:


The Thank You Page element only works with Everwebinar and WebinarJam at this time.

Global Elements Dashboard

Global elements are an amazing way to help you manage headers, footers and other repeating elements across any websites and funnels you create.

We covered the advantages of this feature in an early update of the OptimizePress platform.

It can save tonnes of time - all you need to do is build your design block (e.g. a header) once and then reuse that design across all your pages.

Rather than having to redesign that header on every page, you just save it as a global element. Go to the new page, navigate to the Global library and drag that design into the new page.

Now what’s exciting is, if you then make any changes to any of your Global elements via the new Global Element Dashboard from inside the OptimizePress dashboard, these changes will update all of the instances of that Global Element.

Here's a preview of how the Global Elements library shows your saved sections and elements:

From here, you can choose one of the designs you want to edit. When you click to edit, the page builder will open up with only the design block inside 🙌

Global Elements Uses

Here are some ideas on how you can use our Global Elements features.

Lead Lovers Integration

A new list building integration we have added is Lead Lovers. This brings the total number of email integrations to over 25.

Lead Lovers have many of the same features that all the main email integration services use as well as URL Shorteners, Scarcity Counters, Facebook Messenger, SMS and more.

Icon with Text Element

Huh! Icon with Text element? I know some of you just said that…

Well, Icon with Text element saves you trying to create an icon with text using columns or feature blocks.

This element means you can quickly drop an icon with text anywhere on the page. These are perfect for more illustrative headings, sub-headings or section titles on your sales pages.

You could even use the element as a simple landing page or website header logo as shown above.

With this new element, it means you can add a smart-looking logo on the fly as you create pages. Professional logos on your websites will help to build trust and rapport with visitors, and this is proven to increase conversions.

Section Separator Styles

These new design-optimised separator styles are a powerful addition for anyone wanting that contemporary touch on their pages. 

We’ve given our original styles a first class refresh and now we have some lovely shapes, waves, drops, triangles and dotted lines. 

Not only have we added these new styles, but they also now work on Rows with the Flip Horizontal option as well as sections.

Section Separators help break up text on the pages while adding beautiful design touches to what could have been a boring block of text.

See how Miro use them to highlight a testimonial.

Or, how Intercom uses these rough edges to break content.

And this angle section break from UseProof.com

Our advice is to use these separators to help break up blocks of content on your pages and give your site that polished premium feel.

Here are a few of the new separator styles.

Limit Revisions

Those of you who are site speed and optimisation geeks will love this!

This new optimisation feature will help keep your website database clean and running smoother. A cluttered database can impact your site speed.

Every time you make changes in WordPress, a log is stored with a history of those changes. Some blog posts and pages can generate hundreds of revisions all saved within the database.

You can get technical and manually add some code to various files (htaccess) to fix this, but we made it super easy to set the limit and clear saved revisions.

By setting the limit it stops WordPress from saving hundreds of versions of pages, and allows the database to be lightweight and faster running. By default, this feature is Turned ON and set to 10 revisions.

Find the options under OptimizePress Dashboard > Settings > General.

Mad Mimi

We have just added Mad Mimi to the email marketing integrations and it's ready for you in this update.

Mad Mimi has a wide choice of integration partners as well as the usual mailing features and CRM functions you might need.

New Features Coming Soon 🎉

New Sections Update

We will be releasing a large update to the sections feature. This includes 100 new section presets and also totally new section categories. Each design is optimised for the highest conversions and created to save you time when building your marketing pages.

It's possible to build a high converting landing page in minutes with these new section updates.

Updated Designs

We're updating our existing designs collection to bring you a greater selection of designs for the existing categories we have including:

New Designs

We're adding an amazing range of new section categories to help speed up your page building experience with OptimizePress and ensure your pages continue to look beautiful and convert more visitors into subscribers and customers.

Social Sharing Element

Leveraging social networks for traffic is still an essential component of any online business.

Your subscribers and customers sharing your content on their social networks is a great way to boost your business with referral traffic.

Our new social sharing element will allow your visitors to easily share your content on all the most popular social networks with just a couple of clicks.

We'll include our usual customisation flexibility in this element to ensure you can style it to fit with your company or landing page brand.

We'd love to hear from you!  Let us know which features you're most excited about, or what you're excited about in 'our coming soon' plans, and we'll keep the updates rolling out!