may 8, 2020
by david frosdick

Announcing OptimizeCheckouts

Sell Products & Services on Your Website with our WordPress Payment Plugin

In the world of WordPress shopping carts and payment gateway plugins, the challenge we hear so often is that many of the solutions available are too technical to set up, take too long to achieve something simple and slow down your website with bloated code 🐌

As we know, bloated code slows down your website which in turn reduces conversions.

A slow website means people won’t wait to view the product and eventually leave the checkout process (cart abandonment). The user experience from a slow website is painful especially when they want to buy.

Slow WordPress shopping carts are like walking barefoot through Lego on the floor.

Each step in the checkout process is like another piece of Lego driving into your feet as you walk. Each checkout step just becomes more and more painful and people abandon your cart.

A customer trying to checkout on most WordPress Shopping Carts

Statistics show that slow websites increase cart abandonment rates well over 75%. These 34 stats collated from other sites show some staggering data that's worth reading (after you've read this post of course 😜 ).

And that's not all of it, further challenges are ahead. Picture finally get your website shop built or find a great looking theme, and next there are an endless amount of plug-ins you need.

Plug-ins for using a stripe payment gateway, plug-ins for taking subscription payment, plugins for digital delivery, plug-ins for using conversion elements on product pages and on and on.

Oh, and not to mention you’ll be paying considerable yearly fees to access the wide range of plugins you need.

I really don’t wanna create this post and highlight all the problems of the current WordPress shopping cart solutions. However, people are not aware of the difficulties and cost until they start building a store.

With every problem, comes a solution and your solution for online payments and checkouts is the latest version of OptimizePress.

The perfect WordPress payment tool should be:

Easy to configure.
Easy to connect to payment gateways.
Easy to add products.
Easy to sell digital downloads.
Flexibility to design gorgeous checkout pages.
Flexibility to include conversion features to checkout pages.
Flexibility to add a checkout form to any page.
Flexibility to style your own form design.
Not have to involve designers or developers.
Fast loading checkout pages.
Connect checkout forms to other marketing funnels.
Rules to send data to your email provider.

OptimizePress with its new OptimizeCheckouts feature gives you a simple way to accept online payments on your site using the Stripe payment gateway (other gateways will come later). 

We’ve made a simple way to integrate with Stripe, including easy product set up. With our conversion optimised checkout designs you can add professional looking checkout forms to use on any page with ease.

If you’ve already used our latest OptimizePress page builder for WordPress, you’ll know how easy it is to design high converting pages. 

Well, OptimizeCheckouts is another element within the page builder.

It's a direct integration into OptimizePress!

This gives you all the same design functions.

You can drop WordPress checkout forms onto any page, select a product and start selling.

Also, with the power of our page builder you can literally design any style of checkout page you want. Two columns side-by-side, long scrolling checkout pages or even a checkout form that appears after a time delay.

You will save hundreds $$$$$ in shopping cart and plugin fees!

Our goal at OptimizePress was to create a simple way for our customers to sell digital products online without the need for multiple third-party services or even WordPress designed shopping carts.

Right now OptimizePress includes:

WordPress Page builder [OptimizeBuilder].
WordPress Funnel builder [OptimizeFunnels].
WordPress Split testing [Releasing May 2020].
WordPress Shopping cart [OptimizeCheckouts].

You get all these outstanding features with our OptimizePress Suite plan for one small yearly payment.

I’ve personally built some big sites using WooCommerce, some that included 300 to 400 products. I’ve worked through optimizing the site’s conversions, buying different plug-ins for payment gateways, downloads, subscriptions, connecting other payments systems, review plugins and then worked tirelessly to optimize the speed of a WordPress shopping cart.

Many times I have switched sites from WooCommerce over to Shopify purely because of the ease of use for the administrator of the site.

I'm not saying WooCommerce is bad, in fact it's the best out there of all the shopping cart solutions, but sometimes you need a really easy way to sell digital products, take online payments and automatically deliver a file digitally. 

Let us introduce OptimizeCheckouts for OptimizePress.

A WordPress payment gateway plugin that works for selling digital download files and services online. 

Anyone… (I say that with great emphasis)

Anyone can now easily set up and sell a digital product in a matter of minutes using their WordPress site and OptimizeCheckouts.

From the firsthand experience of battling with multiple plug-ins and payment providers, you are about to learn the features of OptimizeCheckouts and why it’s the ultimate solution for entrepreneurs who want to sell digital products online, or take payment for a consultation session for example.

Oh, and one last thing.... you won't need to learn anything new!

Let’s dive in and look at the features of OptimizeCheckouts.

Easy Configuration

Starting with the configuration and setup process, OptimizeCheckouts is built into the OptimizePress Suite of tools and already integrated with OptimizeFunnels.

To install OptimizeCheckouts all you need to do is activate it from inside the OptimizePress dashboard. 

It will only appear for customers that have access to the OptimizePress Suite.

Once activated you will see the guided setup wizard screen like this.

To get started you need to connect to your Stripe account. It's a simple guided process.

The dashboard page walks you through each step to get your payment gateway configured and first product live.

Once you’ve connected to Stripe you will return to the main payment settings screen to finalise some default settings.

From here you need to make one small change to your Stripe account to make the connection using a secure secret key. There’s full instructions on how to do this step further below the Payment Gateway screen.

It’s the same as any other WordPress Stripe checkout plugin where we use a Webhook to talk to stripe.

You will get confirmation of the connection and then you have other options like Business Information, Taxes and Emails to complete.

Easy Product Setup

The less time you spend messing around with settings the more time you have for marketing or more exciting life stuff with your family. Saving you time is a key factor we consider when we develop features.

With this in mind, we have focused on making creating products as simple as possible with minimal clicks.

To create your first product click "Create New Product".

In the pop up window enter the product name, description, and choose a category. Add a new category if you don’t have one or it’s your first product.

Add a "Thank You Page" link into the Successful Redirection URL field.

Tip: Create a generic thank you page on your site that you can always use when adding new products. 

This can speed up the process of not having to think about which page to use when adding products.

To increase conversion and create a better user experience use a custom thank you page for each product.

Next, add your pricing information.

Next option is to choose your payment gateway and you are done. I’ll cover the other product features like file and integrations further on in just a bit.

From those screenshots above you can see how easy these steps are.

Also, we’ve made it fast for you to jump back in and edit products later.

Converstion Optimised Checkouts Forms

Once you activate OptimizeCheckouts, you will see a new library of templates that have been pre-designed for you. Just select the template that works best for you and get to work. 😎

There are multiple different layouts with two-column designs, some that have testimonials, some have FAQ sections and other conversion type elements.

Conversion rates are critical on your checkout pages, so our optimised templates include all the required elements to focus your visitor's attention on securely completing their purchase.

To use a page it’s just the same as making a landing page. Choose a design, give it name and off you go.

The page loads and you’ll now see the checkout form ready.

From here we simply connect that form to any product we want. Just like connecting opt-in forms to your email list service this step is very similar and so simple.

Select the form and click the link icon in the toolbar to open checkout options.

Choose your product.

Choose which fields you want on your checkout form.

And you are done!

You now have a live checkout form ready to take orders! Seriously that’s it!

Now the fun begins! If you want to get a little more advanced you can begin styling your page any way you want. 

Just as you would style other landing pages you can edit the bullets, font styles, size, spacing, add image edit colours... everything!

Remember you have the full power of our lightning fast WordPress Page Builder to design your own pages from scratch or add a checkout form to any page you’ve already designed.

Easy Customisation On Checkout Pages

The checkout forms are nearly 100% fully customizable with the exception of the credit card and country field font styles but everything else can be edited. 

Here’s a form I designed in a few minutes changing colours and adding a background.

You can also edit the dynamic text and description that are in the checkout form.

Even edit your buttons to match your brand 🙌  your design options are endless 🙌 

See how all the design features are the same on our checkout forms. Just like building a landing page but now you are styling a page to take orders for products you are selling.

See how you can customise any section of the form along with font styles and colours.

One Page Checkout

Have you seen those long sales pages that have a checkout form at the bottom? They are like a one page checkout. 

They contain all the usual content of a sales page but also a checkout form at the bottom so people can instantly checkout without leaving the page.

With the features of OptimizePress you could get a little more strategic and make the checkout form appear on page scroll or time delay with the animated options.

Deliver your Downloads with File Delivery

A priority feature we wanted in the launch of OptimizeCheckouts was digital file delivery. You can upload any file type that’s supported by WordPress into the product and control how that file is accessed and how many times it can be downloaded.

Also, built into OptimizeCheckouts is file download delivery element. This is for adding your download files securely on a thank your page. 

You can build your own thank you page from scratch or use a pre-designed template.

Rules Integration Engine 

Just when you thought this already looks amazing and so simple to use, there is even more you can do. This feature is very powerful and one that most other WordPress checkout plugins don’t offer.

You can pass purchase data to your email list provider after successful payment. If you’ve created any follow up email or email sequences you want to automatically send out you can add the customer to those email automations.

Just choose your existing email integration, the trigger action and then list. 

And the Zapier integration is available if you want to get more technical.

Checkout Page Per Product

OptimizeCheckout is not designed to be a shopping cart for selling hundreds of products. 

That means there’s no central cart page that lists all your products. You could make one if you wanted using one of our templates but each product can have its own checkout page.

The advantage of this means you can tailor the user experience for each individual product, offer better upsells, or have full marketing funnels with all the pages linked together including a custom designed checkout form.

What's Coming Next 🎉

Conversions, Revenue & Gateways

I know there’s a lot to take in on this post but we are only just getting started with our suite of tools to help entrepreneurs and marketers sell more products online.

Future Features - These are just some of the features coming to OptimizeCheckouts based on what we know our community need and like I said before the OptimizePress Suite Plan is one yearly payment of ONLY $199.

Order Bumps - A great way to increase conversions on your checkout pages. 
One-Click Upsells/Downsells - Another way to boost revenues after the customer has committed to buying your initial product offering. Upsells are a great way to increase the average spend of your customers.
Subscriptions - Recurring revenue is the perfect business model. Repeat income streams from any product or service that you sell. 
Additional payment gateways - We understand that our global customer community operates with different financial regulations and as such we plan to expand to offer other gateways like Paypal for people who can’t access Stripe.

Here's an example what order bumps will look like.  These can be completely customized too!

Order bumps in OptimizeCheckouts

There are three elements every online business needs to build a list of subscribers, sell products and make money.

List Building

The OptimizePress conversion optimised landing pages, opt-in form features and integration partners are built to ensure you capture every subscriber possible.

Relationship Nurturing

OptimizeFunnels with its pre-created and niche optimised funnels motivates visitors and subscribers to take action.

Take Payments and Grow your Business

OptimizeCheckouts allows you to create products, easily sell them using the pre-created templates and deliver your new customers purchase.

With those three elements, anyone can start an online business in 2020.

OptimizeCheckouts is available exclusively in our Suite Plan

We'd love to hear from you!  Let us know which features you're most excited about, or what you're excited about in our coming soon plans, and keep the updates rolling out!