December 23, 2019
by david frosdick

Build Marketing Funnels in WordPress with OptimizeFunnels

As we are fast approaching the end of the year we are back with another update post for you.

Each month in our new Release Notes update, we will share what's new with OptimizePress so you can be sure you don't miss new features and improvements.  You'll also get a sneak peek at what's coming soon.

In this post we going to be looking at the latest update to the platform which was rolled out during December.

And…. drumroll…

That update was OptimizeFunnels - the awesome new WordPress marketing funnel builder.

Note: Remember, all updates are available to view in our Members Hub Changelog.

We also released a bunch of fixes and other new features but we wanted to focus the December update on the release of the brand new OptimizeFunnels plugin.

This is more than just a normal feature update, it a completely new tool that we've been working on for over 12 months. So lets call a really big feature update!

How do I get access to OptimizeFunnels?

OptimizeFunnels is part of the OptimizePress Suite Plan - if you're part of our Essential or Business plans you can find options to upgrade within your members hub

Table of contents

What's New In OptimizePress 🎉

Features Coming Soon To OptimizeFunels

What's New In OptimizePress 🎉

What Is A Marketing Funnel

A marketing funnel is typically a start, middle and end of the customer journey. These stages are often referred to as the top, middle and bottom of the funnel. What the user experiences through that journey depends on the offers you make and the type of marketing funnel you are using.

Top: This is typically a landing page where we are asking for name and email in exchange for a some form of lead magnet or free trial.

Middle: Typically this is where you nurture the relationship, and build rapport with your new subscriber. Creating a bond of trust and confidence with your new subscriber will lead to a higher chance of them converting to a paying customer when you sell your products.

Bottom: At this stage of the funnel you usually make a sales offer to your subscribers. The goodwill and value you have provided in the previous stages of the funnel will give you the best chance of successfully converting a subscriber into a customer.

A marketing funnel takes the user through multiple pages where you might make offers, upsell and downsell products or even provide educational content.

There are many different types of funnels, some might be lead generation where are you nurture the customer by providing some free training. Another type might be where you are leading the customer through a sales journey with an offer at the end. 

Others types of funnel could be a webinar replay funnel with the opportunity to sell something at the end or a book launch funnel where you are promoting your new book. 

NOTE: We will soon be releasing training on marketing funnels and how to use them in your business.

  Example of a webinar replay funnel with sales offer.  


With OptimizeFunnels we have completely simplified the process of creating marketing funnels inside of WordPress. Using our range of pre-created funnels, it only requires a few clicks of the mouse to have a fully designed, connected and optimised funnel.

There's no need to spend $99 or more per month on funnel building tools! 😉

We have done all the hard work. We have made linking pages, naming pages and designing pages as simple as possible using our Lightning Page Builder and by us pre-configuring each funnel step for you.

A great feature of OptimizeFunnels is that it works seamlessly with the new OptimizePress 3 lightning page builder. This means there is a minimal learning curve, and you can get your funnels built with ease.

OptimizeFunnels our WordPress funnel builder has been designed so you can also customise our pre-built funnels by adding new custom pages, your own existing pages or delete pages from any step of the funnel. You have full control.

Are you planning to launch a new product? With a few clicks of your mouse, you can create a five-page launch funnel, each with a different step in the funnel, and they will all be linked together. Our range of pre-made funnels works for multiple niches and topics so that you can find a funnel for your exact need.

Lets take a look at an example of a simple lead generation funnel and the steps that you can add to that funnel to expand it.  

  Every business needs some kind of lead generation funnel. This could simply be a landing page asking for name and email and a thank you page.  

Add another step on the end with a sales pages, you now have a lead generating sales funnel. Easy!

Why make funnel building complicated?

  Lead generation funnel with sales page.

After that step, you could put the customer into a new lead nurturing funnel where they are shown a free video course over a set number of days.

A simple lead nurturing funnel helps build trust between you and the customer.

Not every marketing funnel needs to have any sales side to it. 

You can use marketing funnels to engage with your potential customers. You could even use them to persuade more people to attend a live webinar.

  Webinar funnel with persuasion page to increase webinar attendance numbers.

If done correctly the sales process should be much easier when you’ve spent the time getting to know the customer, building trust and educating them.

Let’s build a small funnel using OptimizeFunnels.

Building A WordPress Marketing Funnel

Ok, are your ready to get inside of OptimizeFunnels and build your first funnel?

From inside the OptimizeFunnels dashboard, you can select from the full range of pre-built funnels that we have, or you can choose to create a funnel from scratch.

We currently have four main funnel categories, launches, list building, sales and webinar funnels.

You can choose any funnel type, and you will then be presented with a range of pre-built funnels for that category.

You can also preview each funnel in detail to review the page designs and see how many steps the funnel contains.


OptimizeFunnels includes an industry-first tool that makes building funnels that much easier. After you have chosen from the range of pre-built funnels, you are taken to our NicheOptimizer tool.

Our NicheOptimizer creates various versions of your chosen funnel that are optimised for the main niche categories of Home, Wealth, Lifestyle, Technology and Wellness.

This means that your chosen funnel will be optimised for your niche with images, branding, colour scheme and copy pre-created.

Once you decide on which niche branding you want the funnel is created and all the pages linked together.

Now the fun part begins where you add your own content and set the final live. All the default pages will be linked together.


You can re-order your funnel steps, delete funnel steps and add new ones easily. You have full control to customise your funnels as you need.

OptimizeFunnels and OptimizeBuilder work seamlessly together, so editing funnels in OptimizeFunnels is simple.

OptimizeFunnels adds a series of additional options to the OptimizeBuilder that means you can link opt-in forms, images, text, etc. to any of the pages in your funnel using our funnel steps settings.

These options allow you to choose from the next step in the funnel, previous step in the funnel or a specific step in the funnel without the need to copy funnel page URLs.

If you clone a page later and add new content you can simply link back to a specific funnel step or the previous step.

The Opt-in forms on funnel pages also include new options that logically work with your funnel. These options will only show on funnel pages.

Have you built an awesome page and want to use that in your funnel? We thought of that too. 

You can convert any OptimizePress page into an OptimizeFunnels page.

And when you add a new step into a funnel you can choose the pages you've converted.

OptimizeFunnels lets you preview pages, clone pages, publish and unpublish pages, add new steps, reorder steps and much, much more.

New Features Coming Early 2020 


In early 2020 you will be able to sell your products with our new plugin OptimizeCheckouts. We want to make the process of taking payments easy, allowing you to sell and upsell products.

Our goal is for you to process payments for digital products and then deliver those products to the customer.

As of now, we have lead generation marketing finals, but once OptimizeCheckouts is released live, you’ll be able to create full sales funnels and upsell products.

Your checkout pages in your funnel can process the payment rather than you sending the customer to another shopping cart to check out.

All of this power within the OptimizeSuites means limited need external solutions in your business, so as a result, you save time and money.


Another main feature we have currently in development is OptimizeStats. Using OptimizeStats, you will be able to see your conversion metrics, visitor stats, split test pages and view your sales performance throughout every funnel.

Once you have stats and split testing this will allow you to optimise the sales process of any marketing funnel to increase your subscriber and customer numbers.

We'd love to hear from you!  Let us know about how you're most excited to implement funnels in your business...