October Release Notes:
Global Element, Content Toggle, FAQ's & Membership Content

Each month in our new Release Notes update, we will share what's new with OptimizePress so you can be sure you don't miss new features and improvements.  You'll also get a sneak peek at what's coming soon.

Many great things come in groups of four. Off the top of my head I'm thinking four-cheese pizza, the band The Beatles, the four points of a compass, the four seasons and of course The Teenage Ninja Turtles (Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo). 🐒

And now... the four brand new features we've recently released for OptimizePress.

These new features expand your design potential and allow you to maximise the amount of information you have on pages but still keep it looking minimal and slick β€” all of these features aimed at getting you more subscribers and more customers.

πŸ•Ί Leo's feeling this update - More Subscribers & More Customers πŸ•Ί

Table of contents

What's New In OptimizePress πŸŽ‰

Features Coming Soon πŸŽ‰

What's New In OptimizePress πŸŽ‰

Global Element

Everything we do at OptimizePress is focused around faster ways for you to create successful landing pages, sales pages that increase your marketing campaigns activity.

We already added our fantastic copy and paste feature for you to reuse elements around your pages and posts, and we also added our innovative personal cloud, allowing you to save sections and templates for use across any of your OptimizePress sites.

We're now proud to introduce our latest page building enhancement, Global Elements.

When you're building out a full marketing website for your brand, you often have elements or sections you develop that you might want to reuse across your site, but editing these individually each time because some of the content needs to change is a real pain.

Well… it was a real pain until now! πŸ™Œ

Global elements allow you to create and save any element, row or section to reuse as a synched global element across any page on your site.

Simply right click any element and chose "Mark Element as Global".

This differs from our other similar features though, as this global element can be unlocked and edited in ONE place, and your changes will be applied across every instance where that Global element is used.

You can even unlink the element, so styles are not synched further.

Let's think about a few potential applications for this...

Maybe you want to show a button that highlights people can schedule a call with your company. You could make a call to action (CTA) global section and then include that section on all your primary pages. 

Lets say the CTA has been added to many pages you might decided one day to remove that offer and change the link to an upcoming webinar. 

Rather than having to editing multiple pages and multiple elements you can simply change the global element once and those edit will be pushed globally on all pages that have the element.


Once you right click to mark the element as Global, the wizard pops up. Give the your Global Element a title, description, click submit and it's ready.

It will appear inside your Global element menu from the top nav as shown below.

I bet you've already thought of ways you can use this!

It really can offer you new ways to promote your marketing campaigns and test new offers quickly across multiple high traffic pages.

Feature Tip

Step 1

Create a simple call to action using some generic text and a colourful button. Apply this to your top 10 traffic pages and exit pages and link the call to action to your current offer.

The FAQ element makes it super easy to drop in a text based FAQ's or accordion (collapsable blocks) to your pages. 

These are perfect for frequently asked questions, or any collapsable text sections where you need to include larger blocks of content but you want to keep your page footprint smaller/shorter.

With the FAQ, styling of your text and header styles is sycned so you can easily keep your designs looking consistent with minimum effort.

Here are some examples of FAQ's you could easily create with our element.

First example form YouTube help pages. This was the nicest design I found and easily to create using our content background colour settings.

Next is from Nintendo Switch FAQ page. Using our custom icon option you can build this design as well.

Lastly I found this example....

I had to take a moment to cry...

It's from Fatface help centre. It's very boring. Does the job I suppose...

Here's an example of an FAQ block I quickly styled.

You can customise header styles and content background colours, text colours, icons and fonts as well as the usual range of OptimizePress styling options. Your FAQ blocks don’t have to look boring anymore. 

They can match that of your branding, fonts and keep within the style of your page.

You can literally style these FAQ's text blocks anyway you want.

Feature Tip:

Step 1

Use the FAQ's elements at the bottom of your sales pages and collapsable options will not distract from the overall page goal. By having your questions available you can eliminate any user doubt and increase conversions.

Toggle Element

As well as FAQ's sections, we know there's often a need to include additional content in a compact format on your marketing pages. Similar to the collapsable style of text block the toggle element is like FAQ element but you can pack it with content.

This Toggle element allows you more flexibility to drop in any content type (any element from our library) into a collapsable section on your page. 

You can even create multi-column layouts within each collapsable accordion sections that include video, opt-in forms, feature blocks, buttons and much more.

See this example from Meeting Owl. There FAQ area but with video! You could create the same using the Toggle Element answering more common questions with video alongside text answers.

The difference between the FAQ Element and Toggle Element is the FAQ is used for text and Toggle can include other elements.

These blocks completely change the amount of content you can tuck away form the main page. 

This is a great way to include a series of videos, training, legal documentation, contact information, daily event agenda, course module content or anything else where you need to include links to multiple content items and keep the user on the same page.

Here's another example from Demio's Growth Formula course. See the videos inside collapsable blocks.

The design options allow you to style your blocks however you want. And to add other elements simply drag and drag those in.

Even include two column layout and opt-in forms if you wanted πŸ™‚

How does this help increase conversions?

The visitors to your websites consume the content on your pages in different ways. Some are visual learners, and too much content can be overwhelming for them while another segment of your visitors will want to consume everything.

Content toggle boxes give you the perfect opportunity to cater to both. Visitors that skim content can get the quick summary and visitors who want all the juicy details to make an informed decision can expand the content toggle and consume.

Feature Tip

Step 1

Create FAQ style elements that include additional video content to answer your customer questions in more details and reduce your support load.

Membership Content Element

Displaying links to content in your training course, or simply displaying links to other sub-pages on your WordPress site (typically used for a membership site or course structure) has been difficult in the past.

We know that you often want an easy way to display links to these pages - often as part of a membership site or online course.

We've developed the membership content element to allow you to quickly list sub-pages or a particular collection of pages from your site.

You could create a list of pages to look like the Demio course from earlier.

The element will pull in a thumbnail (featured image), title & description for each page.

Here's the default layout.

You can leave the design like our preset or you can style the design to fit with your page or branding. All the same editing and styling options can be customised in this new element.

Conversion Tip

Step 1

You can use this element on your home, landing and sales pages to show teasers of your course modules. Showing visitors what's available in your membership site or course will increase signups. When using this element for promotion, it's important to highlight the benefits of what potential prospects will learn from the content rather than technical features.

New Features Coming Soon πŸŽ‰


Are you ready to up your marketing game? Are you ready to have funnels as good as the top online marketers? Are you ready to increase sales and grow you business like never before?

We're about to launch a tool that delayed the entire OptmizePress launch due to the secrecy of the project and how deep it's integrated with OptimizePress.

OptimizeFunnels is a complete one-click funnel builder that will build entire marketing funnel pages for you and link them all together and plus it will NOT cost you $97 (minimum) a month for it.

The user experience is also a key feature of this tool. We've made it super easy for you create new pages in any existing funnel. 

OptimizeFunnels forms an integral part of your marketing suite so you still get the full editing experience of the lightening builder at all times.

There is no other tool for WordPress like this funnel builder. It's another market first tool we have created to help our customers create amazing linked marketing pages and sell products or grow their email list.

Introducing Funnel Niche Optimiser

The ability to create marketing funnels on the fly is cool.  But we've taken it a step further with Niche Optimisations in OptimizeFunnels.

We appreciate that everyone has their specific niche and that editing a group of marketing pages to appeal to that niche can be time-consuming.

With our Niche Optimiser feature, you choose your funnel type, select your template style and then select the Niche Optimisation that works best for your target audience. The colour scheme, niche images and niche copy are specifically optimised for that niche market.

Wait... There's more!

Step 1

The first version of OptimizeFunnels makes funnel marketing super simple. The next phase of updates that are already in development include some additional amazing marketing features you are going to LOVE! ❀️

When OptimizeFunnels Goes Live, you will not want to miss it!

E-goi & Zoom Integrations

We know that having an easy way to connect your marketing services to your landing pages created with OptimizePress is very important to you.

We're adding more integrations in our next major OptimizePress update, including E-goi and Zoom

E-goi Integration

E-goi is a popular email marketing service based in Portugal, serving the Brazilian-Portugese speaking market (as well as English market).  We're adding a simple API connection with their service so you can easily send your leads directly to your email lists inside E-goi

Zoom Integration

Zoom is a popular online meeting and webinar platform used by many of our customers that run consulting and training businesses.

We know this webinar is highly anticipated, and our team are hard at work building out this direct oAuth integration so you can quickly and easily connect your Zoom account to send leads from your landing pages and opt-in forms.

We can't wait to share more information about these features, and many other exciting updates in our next release notes update.

We'd love to hear from you!  Let us know which features you're most excited about, or what you're excited about in our coming soon plans, and keep the updates rolling out!