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Personal License Agreement

Our Personal license agreement explains the terms of our personal licenses designed for our customers who build sites for their own business or personal use only.

Personal License Agreement

Please read this agreement in full and ensure you fully understand it.

Purchasing any Personal plan (known as the Essential, Business or Suite plans) constitutes agreement to abide by the terms of this agreement.

Note: OptimizePress Essential, OptimizePress Business & OptimizePress Suite plans are considered personal use only plans - this means those accounts are not permitted to be used for any kind of client usage.  You must purchase an Agency license to use OptimizePress on any sites which are not your own

The OptimizePress Personal license applies to ALL OptimizePress products (including but not limited to OptimizePress Builder, OptimizePress Dashboard, PlusPack, SmartTheme, OptimizeUrgency, OptimizeFunnels, OptimizeSuite, OptimizeCheckouts, OptimizeLeads) and it is NOT a resale, re-branding, PLR or MRR license.

The OptimizePress Personal license plans are designed for personal and business users who use OptimizePress tools only for their own use.

We consider own business use to be usage for the purposes of promoting your own personal or business products and services. 

Personal use is classed as installing plugins and tools on sites that are wholly owned, operated and registered to the account holder. 

You cannot use any personal licenses for ANY client usage.

You MAY NOT sell any of our themes or plugins directly and you cannot claim credit for them.

You MAY NOT use personal licenses for any use which is not for your own business, including any use which promotes a client or customer product or service.  This also includes use for building pages, subdomain or subdirectory sites for clients on your own sites - this would require an Agency license.

Note: Any accounts found to be in breach of our personal license agreement will be subject to suspension or removal from our platform with no refund or recourse.

Policy Updated: 1st January 2021

Personal License Do's and Don't Summary

We know that understanding what you can and cannot do within an Personal license can be complex, so we're prepared the summary below to help you understand some of these terms. 

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and if your proposed use case is not listed below, this does not mean it is allowed. Please check with our team to be sure

Here's what you CAN do with the Personal License

The personal license is designed to be used individuals, small businesses, entrepreneurs for use within ONE business or for businesses or companies owned by the account holder.

This means you can use these licenses to build you own website, funnel, sales process, sales letter or any kind of marketing site as long as it is for your own business, for a company owned and operated by you, on a domain registered and owned by you.

Examples of permitted usage (this is allowed with the personal license):

You build a landing page to promote your own product or service on your own domain and on a site hosted by you.
You build a website to sell your own services
You create a funnel (Using OptimizeFunnels part of the Suite plan) to sell your own product or service on your own domain
You build a blog (using SmartTheme) which promotes your own business product or service, or an affiliate product you promote
Allowing your team to build a site, landing page or blog as long as it is promoting your own products and services, and is on a domain registered to you or your business.

In these examples - you can see that all uses are to benefit the main account holder.  If the person or company benefiting from the use of the license is NOT the license holder, this consititues client use and you should purchase an Agency plan.

Here's what you CANNOT do with the Personal License

The following are prohibited uses of the OptimizePress Personal License

Use for any client website, landing page, blog is not permitted under personal licenses.
Sharing any of the downloads with anyone external to your organisation
Building pages or sites with OptimizePress products for clients, even when registered on your own domain or hosting.  Any usage where the individual or company benefitting is not part of your organisation, is not permitted under personal use licenses.
Building sites on sub-domains or subdirectories for clients or customers is not permitted with any personal license.  Even if these sites are managed by you, you should purchase an agency license for this usage as the beneficiary of the OptimizePress service/product is a third-party and not the license holder.
Licenses to OptimizePress are not to be resold or given away, this includes inclusion in product bundles, mastermind bundles and "productized" packages.
Offering OptimizePress products for install or setup on any kind of discounted services site such as Fiverr (or similar) is strictly prohibited. We regularly check these marketplaces for services offering our products and ban any offending accounts.
Offering OptimizePress products for download as part of any kind of membership site is not permitted, even if this is bundled with other products (this is classed as reselling)
Sharing your account licensing information is strictly prohibited. You are responsible for the security of your account logins.  If you share logins inside your organisation, you are responsible for the security of your account and we cannot take responsibility for any damage caused by you sharing logins with members of your team.
In summary - you should ensure that before using OptimizePress Personal products on any site, you should ensure that you are doing so only for your own company.  Only the account holder/licensee or their business should be using the licenses provided with any personal plan.

If you have any questions on license usage, please contact our team and we'll be happy to advise. We want to see you be successful with your use of OptimizePress for growing your business.

For any questions on our Personal license usage please contact our team.

For any uses not covered by the Personal license - you should speak to our team and consider our Agency license which may cover your proposed usage.