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Agency License Agreement

Our agency license agreement explains the terms of our agency licenses designed for our customers who build sites for clients or offer services that include OptimizePress

Agency License Agreement

Please read this agreement in full and ensure you fully understand it.  Purchasing any Agency plan constitutes agreement to abide by the terms of this agreement

Note: OptimizePress Essential, OptimizePress Business & OptimizePress Suite plans are considered personal use only plans - this means those accounts are not permitted to be used for any kind of client usage.  You must purchase an Agency license to use OptimizePress on any sites which are not your own

The OptimizePress Agency license applies to OptimizePress products (including but not limited to OptimizePress Builder, OptimizePress Dashboard, PlusPack, SmartTheme, OptimizeUrgency, OptimizeFunnels, OptimizeSuite, OptimizeCheckouts, OptimizeLeads) and it is NOT a resale, re-branding, PLR or MRR license.

The OptimizePress Agency license plans are designed for business users who build sites, or offer advanced marketing services to clients, and require a page builder as part of this process.

You MAY NOT sell any of our themes or plugins directly and you cannot claim credit for them.

No usage will be permitted where you are essentially attempting to undercut our pricing or offer OptimizePress products for any kind of discount.  That is not the intended use of our agency plans and anyone in breach of this will be banned and licensed revoked.

You can use the products to create websites that you build and maintain for clients as part of an extended service (i.e. the client gets more from you than just a website/theme/plugin installation). 

You must charge a minimum of $199 for any services which include OptimizePress.  If you are using features from the OptimizeFunnels product - the minimum you charge for your service should be higher than the minimum price for the Suite customer plan (we recommend you charge much more than this).

You can sell websites that are using OptimizePress, without your buyer having to purchase a license of their own. The buyer cannot use OptimizePress on any other sites or transfer them from the original site, without getting a license of their own.

You are not permitted to offer services which simply provide pre-built Optimizepress websites - this is classed as reselling.

Your clients can use all the options in the themes and plugins, but they cannot transfer them to other sites, without getting a license of their own.

You should not provide your license or access to the members hub to any of your clients, you are responsible for managing and maintaining your client websites.

You may use templates from the template cloud on any of your client sites (including premium templates and templates purchased from the Marketplace).  You can also store your own personal templates within your own personal templates cloud.  Please be aware this is accessible via any site licensed through your account (for this reason we recommend managing your clients sites yourself).

Access to the template cloud and any templates stored in your personal cloud requires an active subscription to OptimizePress Agency plan.

Only you are entitled to support from our team. Your clients do not have any rights to support from our team so you any support issues must come through the agency membership owner account.

You cannot charge less for your service that includes OptimizePress products than those products cost (e.g. a site setup Fiverr gig that includes an OptimizePress installation is not allowed).

You cannot offer any OptimizePress product as part of an automated service such as hosting installer, website builder or service which automatically includes our products.  You cannot whitelabel OptimizePress and you are not permitted to modify our platform code in any way.

Usage of OptimizeLeads is included in our Agency license but please be aware we do not currently offer a sub-account structure for this service.  You are allowed to create boxes/forms for your clients but these must be managed through your own account by you, (we do not offer sub accounts currently), and this usage is subject to your OptimizeLeads account tier limits.

We regret that we do not offer refunds on our Agency package purchases
If you have any further questions, you can contact us via our support site http://www.optimizesupport.com

Note: Any accounts found to be in breach of our agency license agreement will be subject to suspension or removal from our platform with no refund or recourse.

Policy Updated: 29th September 2019

Agency License Do's and Don't Summary

We know that understanding what you can and cannot do within an Agency license can be complex, so we're prepared the summary below to help you understand some of these terms. 

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and if your proposed use case is not listed below, this does not mean it is allowed. Please check with our team to be sure

Here's what you CAN do with the Agency License

The agency license is designed to be used by agencies, developers, funnel experts, copywriters and other service professionals in combination with your own services. 

This means you can use these licenses to build your client's website, funnel, sales process, sales letter or any kind of marketing site as long as it is part of service where you add value (e.g. not just installing the software).

Packages including OptimizePress should be sold for a minimum of $200 - and $300 if including funnel functionality.  In reality you can charge a LOT more than this and build a real business with OptimizePress powering your clients sites

Examples of permitted usage (this is allowed with the agency license):

Here's what you CANNOT do with the Agency License

The following are prohibited uses of any OptimizePress Agency License

For any questions on our Agency license usage please contact our team