The Best Landing Page & Sales Funnel Builder for Your Agency

Get Your Clients The Results They Deserve, Faster Than Ever Before

The OptimizePress Agency plans give you the power to build high-converting landing pages, sales pages, marketing sites and more, all in WordPress

Why choose OptimizePress for your site building platform?

We build the features and tools you need to help build better marketing campaigns

Revolutionary Editor Saves You Time

Our brand new Lightning Builder brings the fastest page-building to WordPress.  We've created an intuitive interface that is easy to use and gives you access to powerful advanced features when you need then

Quickly Build Pages That Convert

We include instant access to our rapidly growing library of over 80+ conversion optimized templates.  This  makes it super fast to create landing pages, sales pages and other pages that get results.

Amazing Support from our Global Team

Launch your projects faster with our team of OptimizePress Ninjas on hand to help if you get stuck.   We are available via email to help with any challenges you may have. 

Professional Design Builds Credibility

Design matters! Impress your clients with the professional templates included with your OptimizePress Agency plan.  These designs boost the credibility of both you and your client!

Marketing Focused Features Get Results

We use OptimizePress daily in our own business, so we know what modern marketers need from a page builder.  We regularly release new elements and platform features that you need to grow your client's businesses

Faster Loading Pages as Standard

The speed of your pages has never mattered more.  Google now considers this when ranking your pages and assessing landing pages for ads.  Our pages load super-fast and regularly score receive 95%+ scores in PageSpeed and Yslow tests

Here's answers to some of your burning questions...

We've answered your most common questions about our agency page builder and agency funnel builder platforms below

What is the difference between the normal Essential, Business & Suite plans versus the Agency plans?

Our Essential, Business and Suite plans are all designed for personal use only.  This means those licenses should only be used for sites that you own, operate and are registered to you.

If you plan to build sites for any clients as part of your agency, freelance or service business, you will need an Agency plan. 

Our agency plans include access to our main product suite, and are designed for you to manage client sites by licensing them through your own agency licenses.  All agency plans include full access to our support team (for the account owner) as well as updates to our products, and cloud template storage.

Do I get sub-accounts for my clients?

No.  Agency sites are licensed through your normal OptimizePress credentials - meaning you would typically login to your client site to install and activate OptimizePress.  You should never provide your OptimizePress credentials to any client or third party.

We do not provide api keys or separate accounts for your clients - as the account holder you are responsible for supporting those sites licensed in your account - and only you are eligible for support from our team

Can I buy more agency licenses if I run out?

Yes! If you're on our standard plan, you'll first need to upgrade to our Pro plan which includes a total of 40 licenses (adding 25 more if you are upgrading from the Standard Agency Plan)

If you need more licenses after your 40 included with the Pro, we have the option for you to purchase packs of 10 additional licenses for $200.  This is a one-time additional fee, your annual plan pricing remains the same.

Please note if you cancel your Pro plan or let your plan lapse, any unused licenses will be lost at the end of your paid term.

What happens if I cancel my Agency plan?

OptimizePress is an annually recurring subscription - this means we bill you just once per year for all your OptimizePress tools access.  If you decide you're no longer going to use OptimizePress (we hope you don't)... you can cancel this at any time in just a few clicks from within our members hub.

When you cancel your Agency subscription - you will lose a number of benefits at the end of your paid term.

- Access to our support team
- Access to product updates including new product releases
- Ability to license new sites will be revoked
- Access to our Cloud Template Library and Personal Cloud storage will be revoked.
- Access to your grandfathered pricing (if you cancel and rejoin the price may have increased)

Your existing sites already licensed with OptimizePress agency licenses should continue to run, just bear in mind that they will no longer receive product updates so in the event of major framework changes to WordPress there could be future incompatibilities (this is why we recommend always maintaining an active license)

Sites licensed through an agency account are not permitted to be re-newed or relicensed through personal account licenses.

Can i whitelabel OptimizePress as part of the Agency plans?

We do not have a whitelabel option for OptimizePress, and currently we do not plan to offer this. 

The Agency Plan Do's & Don'ts...

Yes we know it's not exciting, but it's important you're clear on what you can and can't do with our Agency licenses

You can view the full Agency license agreement here

Here's what you CAN do with the Agency License

The agency license is designed to be used by agencies, developers, funnel experts, copywriters and other service professionals in combination with your own services. 

This means you can use these licenses to build your client's website, funnel, sales process, sales letter or any kind of marketing site as long as it is part of service where you add value (e.g. not just installing the software).

Packages including OptimizePress should be sold for a minimum of $200 - and $300 if including funnel functionality.  In reality you can charge a LOT more than this and build a real business with OptimizePress powering your clients sites

Here's what you CANNOT do with the Agency License

The following are prohibited uses of any OptimizePress Agency License

You can view the full Agency license agreement here