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Data Processing Agreement

We’re committed to keeping your data secure, your private information private, and being transparent about our practices as a business.

When We Act As a Controller

At OptimizePress, we sell a range of tools and services for small businesses to help them build better websites that convert more visitors into subscribers and customers.  Most of these tools are created for the WordPress platform.  WordPress is a "self-hosted" platform - meaning that you install it on your own hosting or website and none of your data collected is sent to OptimizePress.

For anyone that engages with our website or purchases WordPress based tools from us (themes or plugins), we act as a controller for the data you send to us as part of joining our services or subscribing to our content.  For example your name, email address, address, credit card information etc.  We never see any of the data collected on your websites of your prospects or customers, so we are NOT acting as a processor in this situation.

Your own data treated in line with our GDPR compliant standards as detailed in our privacy policy.

When We Act As a Processor [OptimizeLeads]

With our hosted "OptimizeLeads" software which is available as part of our OptimizePress Club, there are certain circumstances which mean we act as a processor for you.  This software is in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) format and therefore some of data of your prospects may pass through our systems.

In the case of OptimizeLeads, this happens when a subscriber fills out an OptimizeLeads form on your website.  Their data is transferred into a "queues" system on our servers beforebeing transferred to your autoresponder or email marketing service.

This queues system is used to optimized server efficiency and ensure that if an external integrated service is not available, we retry sending the information so no data is lost from your forms.

After data is transferred to your external service, it is deleted from our servers.  We do not access this data at any time.

For a signable copy of our Data Processing Agreement (for OptimizeLeads users), please visit this page

Policy Updated: 23rd May 2018