2020 A Year in Review - How We’ve Grown OptimizePress to Make a Better Suite of Tools for You

Well, what a year 2020 was. It started out quite normally and then the Covid19 virus hit with a bang and turned people's lives upside down. Despite the devastating impact that continues to affect so many of us we've kept our focus strong and continued to roll out the planned updates for OptimizePress.

Now more than any other time you need a platform that gives you all the tools you need to build high converting marketing sites. While at the same time provides you with support and frequent platform updates.

As we were already a remote team, there weren't many changes to our work environment. Some of us had to adapt to working with kids or other family members at home if any. Still, in these situations, we stay positive and adjust.

We wrote our 2019 year in review post about how we optimized many areas of our business with the tools we use. To building our own payment solution for our internal customer billing system.

Those changes allowed us to run a lean and efficient business which means we can focus 100% of our effort on adding new features and tools to the OptimizePress platform for you.

During 2020 our big focus was on rolling out our WordPress shopping cart, OptimizeCheckouts and OptimizeFunnels our WordPress Funnel builder.

The overall goal was to make selling digital products and building funnels as easy as possible for YOU!

We’ve added so many new features and tools this year that it’s easy for you to miss some of the new goodies that could really help you grow your business.

We’ve identified our top business growth features of this year and how you can use them to get ahead in 2021.

Your Revenue Growth

These are the new features added to OptimizePress this year that will help you increase your revenue when used.

The primary new feature we added here was the OptimizeCheckouts Plugin our WordPress shopping cart solution.

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Read the full post about OptimizeCheckouts: www.optimizepress.com/wordpress-checkout-plugin-release

Accept Payments on your Websites

Our WordPress checkout solution is your way to sell digital and physical products online using your current WordPress sites. Think of it as a WordPress shopping cart where you add product details then create order pages for each product.

OptimizeCheckouts connects with the Stripe payment gateway in just a few clicks. This means you can quickly be selling online and making money.

By providing an easy way to take payments on your site, we have created a pathway for you to grow your revenue. 

OptimizeCheckouts makes the whole process of adding your products and protecting them for only customers that buy, super simple.

Customizable Checkout Templates & Forms

Along with OptimizeCheckouts, we understand that everyone wants customisable options. With that in mind, we've made our checkout forms as customisable as any other element inside our WordPress page builder.

Like our other elements, they all have options to change colours, padding, text styles, and so much more. You can customise a checkout page to match your branding. This means there's a higher chance of converting more visitors into paying customers.

We have a wide range of beautifully designed checkout templates all ready to use. Every part of these templates has been designed and optimised for conversion.

You can use these templates right away to help grow your sales and get more customers.

Flexible Checkout Integrations (pass data to third-party services)

Still, on the theme of payment and shopping carts, automation and integrations give you an additional world of flexibility. In OptimizeCheckouts we have added rules so that you can pass data onto third party services like your email provider.

These rules add power to your marketing. You can tag each customer who purchases, and that data gets stored in your email provider.

These simple tagging rules can drive automation and trigger more advanced email marketing or follow-up marketing. You can trigger follow-up sequences thanking customers for their purchase or asking for reviews.

You can even use these automations to upsell existing products or educate your subscribers by sharing more content from your blog.

Order Bumps

This feature was huge in the WordPress shopping cart plugin space and is possibly one of the easiest proven ways for you to add additional income to your business. Order bumps boost your revenue by allowing your customers to simply check a box on your checkout form to add your promotional offer and upgrade their order.

Order bumps work well when you sell relevant products as a one-click upgrade on the checkout page. Relevant products are those that complement the main purchase and enhance that products use in some way.

This sales technique is different from upsells and downsells (we will look at those shortly). Order bumps are direct sales that happen just as the user is about to complete the checkout.

Furthermore, to make adding order bumps even easier, any of your products inside OptimzieCheckouts will work as order bump products.

You can watch our order bumps webinar recording inside the members' hub, where we cover order bumps in more detail.

If you're stuck for order bump ideas, try adding a 1-2-1 consulting session as an upgrade to an existing product.

Order bump offers should always compliment the primary product being sold.

We have pre-set order bump designs ready to use. These can easily be used by switching the pre-set style and loading a style of your choice. Also, our order bump element can easily be turned on or off on each checkout page.

Upsell / Downsell

Boom! 👊 As if order bumps weren't enough, we added another feature that creates even more ways to add extra revenue to your business.

Upsells and downsells were released with an easy, intuitive way to add offers post-checkout. Remember these sales techniques happen after the customer has purchased. They are also known as one-click or one-time offers.

As your customer doesn't have to re-enter their payment details upsells work exceptionally well when offered directly after the primary purchase. Customers click the add to cart button on the upsell; there are zero barriers to entry.

You should incentive your upsell offers with pricing or bonuses that are not offered at any other time. If your customers are not interested in the upsell offer. Double Boom 👊 👊, you offer them a downsell.

When crafted correctly, these sales strategies are powerful and can double or triple your revenue from one sale. Always offer related products or make crazy offers where the upsell / downsell product is only sold at that one-time. The scarcity in these offers drives sales through the roof!

Try adding them to your checkout funnels. You won’t be disappointed!

I have two last words to say about upselling or downselling, be authentic and honest when using this strategy. For long term business growth treat your customers how you yourself want to be treated.

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Business Growth

Now we move into features that improve the growth of your business in more ways than one.

Primarily these features are here to help you organise your sales paths, see marketing statistics from your web pages and test the data you gather.

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WordPress Checkout Plugin


We rolled out the first-ever WordPress Funnel Builder to create marketing funnels inside your OptimizePress site. OptimizeFunnels  truly simplifies how you create and link together all your pages into full marketing funnels.

Using our range of pre-created funnels, it only requires a few clicks of your mouse to have a fully designed, connected and optimised funnel.

There's no need to spend $99 or more per month on other funnel building tools!

You can choose from a wide range of pre-built funnel templates that will automatically be connected together in just a few clicks.

You can drill down into each template design and create the funnel style you want, then you are ready to start editing each page of the funnel.

OptimizeFunnels and OptimizeBuilder work seamlessly together, so editing funnels in OptimizeFunnels is simple.

OptimizeFunnels adds a series of additional options to the OptimizeBuilder that means you can link opt-in forms, images, text, etc. to any of the pages in your funnel using our funnel steps settings.

And the newest update to OptimizeFunnels is just around the corner. We've built an industry-leading way to create and manage funnels with our brand new Funnel Visualiser.

With our new Funnel Visualiser, you can map out your funnels in a much more visual way (hence the name). You can see what type of page is at each stage of your funnel, you can add yes/no flows, and you can see the individual stats of each stage without leaving the Visualiser.

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Stats Tracking

Each individual page's performance in your sales funnels is critical in knowing where customers are falling out of your funnel (this is when customers get to a certain stage in your funnel and do not progress any further).

The stats we added to OptimizeFunnels show pages views, clicks and conversions for each marketing page you create in OptimizePress.

These funnel stats power your sales by allowing you to see if pages are failing to convert or engage customers. They also let you understand the traffic volumes hitting those key pages.

When you can understand conversions more clearly, the only other feature you need is Split Testing! So we added that as well!

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Conversion Stats for Funnels

A/B Split Testing

The ability to clone, create or add any of your existing pages into a split test campaign opens up another world of optimisation and conversion.

If you ever think to yourself "what if that button was green, would people click it?" then split testing is for you.

To increase conversions, you need to optimise your pages. To optimise your pages, you must know which page outperforms another and why!

NOTE: All of our OptimizePress templates are pre-optimised but you should do your own split testing as all niches and customer bases respond differently to different things.

The only way to know what works best for your business is to start testing parts of a page like button colours, headline copy, images and page layouts. Your split testing can be as simple or as advanced as you like. If you want to test in more detail, start by using different messaging, images, videos, popups, etc. You could even add checkout forms directly to your sales pages, instead, of having a dedicated checkout page to see if you get more sales.

You can never do enough testing. Never settle for a perfect page. Always test!

To get started with split testing clone any of your existing pages you've created with OptimizePress and write a different headline for the page. Let it run for a week or until a substantial amount of traffic can determine a winning page.

We test one thing at a time and always keep our tests simple. 

Test, test, test!

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Cloud Template Storage

As entrepreneurs and marketers, we know all about the importance of time in your business. You need to be able to scale your sites at speed and not be delayed with mundane page building tasks.

Making simple changes and using the same page design or section design across your pages and sites should be easy.  That's where our cloud template storage feature comes in.

Our template cloud storage feature lets you upload the templates and sections you've designed to your cloud account. The advantage here is you can install OptimizePress on another domain and then access those templates at any time.

The cloud storage also lets you access your cloud templates for use when you are split testing.

Your Brand Growth

As a small business owner, you would have heard the word brand used a lot. How people see your company brand makes a massive difference to your overall sales and conversions.

Doing one thing consistently looks excellent for your brand. Having nicely designed and branded pages on your site, maintains continuity and builds confidence in visitors to your web pages.

This year we released a range of new features to help you build your brand and keep your brand design consistent across your websites.

Global Elements

When you are developing a website or marketing funnel, there may be times when you want to build the same section on each of your pages.

Of course, you can easily copy and paste sections between pages, but still, that requires more clicks and more clicks mean you spend more time that could be invested in marketing.

And, because of that exact reason, we built global elements into the platform. This single feature allows you to lock an entire section or row and save the design to your OptimizePress cloud for use later on any other page on your site.

That's not all it does!

If you ever want to make any changes to that saved design, you just unlock the global element, make your edits and save it!

OptimizePress will push the changes you make globally across any pages that are using the same stored global element.

That's time and stress saved.

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Global Elements Dashboard

100+ Pre-Made Sections

This feature is one of my favourites and also one of the secret parts in the OptimizeBuilder. Our pre-made template sections are designed and ready to utilise in any pages you build.

We've built sections for every type of content that you would want to add to your pages.  We have sections for testimonials, pricing columns, hero headers, calls to action, content blocks, feature blocks and many more.

We already have over 100 pre-optimised sections, and we are adding more and more all the time.

By using these sections, you can build a landing page in under 20 seconds.

Don't believe me? Watch this video...

Simple drag and drop any pre-designed section to a page, and you're done!

You can also use the sections to expand upon one of our pre-optimised templates. 

So if you have a template that you like, but it doesn’t have a testimonial section, for example, you can easily add one.

Template Collections

As well as the pre-made sections discussed above, we also have Template Collections. These are fully built pages (templates) that consist of a range of templates all following the same theme and design.

You can open a collection and choose to use all or just a few of the designed templates. Think of these collections as pre-built websites. Yes, you read that correctly.

Go to the collections tab and see some of the ready to use pages. If you were to pick a full collection, you'd have a complete website built in a few clicks.

I don't write that to mislead you into thinking you can build a full website with these template collections, but the simple answer is you can!

Check out our restaurant collection.

It contains nine fully built pages in that collection.

If you were to use all those pages, you'd have a complete website ready to publish. And we have a lot more collections to browse. The Starter Kit collection as an example contains 11 marketing pages ready to go.

You can even use those pages to build your sales funnels with just a few clicks.

Your Social Growth

We all know how important social media is, and it will continue to grow and evolve into 2021.

We already have a wide range of social media marketing features, and we will introduce more and update our current feature set as each social network changes or new trends push out.

Facebook Comments

This new element added that extra engagement level to your pages. For those of you who love using Facebook to encourage conversation, then this is your feature. You can change a few options with the element and set the specified URL connected to the Facebook comments.

The comments are mostly used when people want the same comments on launch pages, so the chat stays current and looks busy over multiple pages.

Social Sharing

We added more social elements to boost sharing and drive traffic back to your site. Social sharing is here to stay, and shared content has high conversion rates, people have confidence in the content shared by people they know, like and trust.

You should actively persuade your subscribers and customers to click the links and share your content.

How effective you are at having your content shared socially mostly comes down to your connection with the reader, and the type of content you write.

We've made this element very flexible in terms of styling so you can move away from the default social colours and style to match your brand.

Webinar Jam Integration

This was a prominent feature for us in terms of webinar integration but also for WebinarJam users.

The tight integration allows you to create live or automated webinars inside WebinarJam and build beautiful opt-in forms with OptimizePress on your webinar registration pages.

Users who signup through an OptimiePress form will be added to your webinar in WebinarJam. The connection is simple to set up using API keys and updates time zones on the fly when making changes inside WebinarJam.

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WebinarJam Integration

Zoom Integration

We were the first WordPress plugin to be listed in the Zoom market place. Now all your Zoom subscribers can register through great looking webinar opt-in forms on your OptimizePress pages.

Much like our other webinar integrations, you create the webinars inside Zoom and then connect OptimizePress to your Zoom account, and away you go.

No more boring old webinar registration pages!

Webinar Thank You Element

This feature coincides perfectly with our webinar integrations. After a  subscriber registers for your webinar they will arrive on the thank you page you specify.

On your webinar thank you page the magic of our webinar thank you element comes to life! This element works on the page and has options for the user to save the event to their calendar.

There are two benefits here from using this element.

Firstly it lets webinar registrants save the event and make reminders in their own calendars.

Secondly, it means you can move on from the limited range of webinar platform page templates and use our OptimizePress template library and OptimizeBuilder editor. 

By offering this option to users and using our OptimizePress templates, you should increase your attendance rate.

Your List Growth

We are always harping on about the benefits of having an email list, and there's a good reason we do that.

Your email list is the deadliest weapon in your marketing toolbox. It gives you constant connection to your subscribers and you can fire targeted marketing at any time.

Keep growing that list, build a relationship with them by delivering value and you'll have an endless supply of marketing opportunities.

Advanced Opt-in Form Segmenting

If you knew what your email subscribers wanted more of, would you offer them more of it?

If you answer, yes, you need to segment your leads and collect more information about each person.

OptimizePress was initially built to make landing pages that collect leads. However, there's a time when you will need to know a bit more about those leads, or you may want to track more advanced information about what those leads requested from you.

Advanced form segmenting does just that. It allows you to create advanced forms with extra data fields so that you can collect extra information from subscribers. As an example you can begin tracking the exact lead magnet a lead requested so that you know the subject matter they are most interested in learning about

The more you segment your leads, the more targeted your marketing offers can be to those small groups.

Remember it's not just about the size of your list but the quality of your relationship with them. You can enhance your email list's quality by knowing what lead magnet each person has received or what they purchased from you.

Think of tagging your leads in your customer management system. Our advanced opt-in form features help you collect more data and pass that information into your email provider.

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Email Tagging

We offer tagging functionality for most of our integrations; the latest to be added was Mailchimp tagging. The power of tagging lets you trigger automated email campaigns as well as advanced segmenting as described above.

Try to use tagging where possible to segment your leads. Each opt-in form on your site should be configured to tag any leads that opt-in through those forms. You should start using tags immediately.

Tag your leads who opt-in via a sidebar form. A footer form. An inline form. Tag everything everywhere and start discovering which of your tags are most popular.

This stat alone will help you understand how you're converting leads and which lead magnets are performing best.

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Email Integrations

Our wide range of email integrations gives your business more options. Adding new email integrations is always on our roadmap, with more being added all the time.

Each platform has its own features, but most consist of the same main tools like tagging, automation and campaigns.

We offer a broad mix of email platform integrations to ensure you can grow your email list using your favourite platform.

Here's just some we've added recently this past year:

If your favourite email provider is not yet integrated, let us know in the comments.

We'll be adding more over the next year and we are always looking at ways we can offer more advanced integrations to our current list.

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These courses are live right now in the hub and ready to get you started on your marketing journey.

If you decide you want to polish your marketing skills, then why not jump into one of our courses.

New Course - How To Build A Lead Magnet

This course guides you through making a lead magnet from scratch. It's a leisurely paced course with some real gems to get you started.

Lead magnet creation should not be challenging, so we’ve made this course really easy to follow and get results from.

New Course - How To Grow An Email List

If you follow the first course on list building, you’ll be ready for this course.

We jump into all the fundamentals of building a list and topics like getting your first subscriber, using single vs double opt-in, using your blog compared to landing pages, what type of traffic to use and much more!

Wrap Up

Well, that's it, folks (for now anyway)! This passed year has truly seen OptimizePress add an amazing range of new features and tools. Our focus has always been on YOU having the best tools to market and grow YOUR business.

We haven't even mentioned all the additional new features we have added recently like sticky row, sticky video, section separators and more.

We look forward to working together and helping you even more in this new year!

Please take a moment to tell us what you want to see more of from OptimizePress in the new year. It might be new features, training webinars, new courses, integrations or anything else.

Just post it below!

Have a great start to this New Year!

    8 replies to "OptimizePress in 2020: A Year in Review"

    • WebMeTools

      Wow.. Lots of new Improvements and Features..
      Good luck for 2021, Team Optimizepress..

    • Alan

      Thanks for the recap. Waiting for Paypal in Optimizecheckout

      Wish You All The Best 2021

    • Ángel

      Thanks for the recap and for all the wonderful features you launched this year, guys!!

      My wishes for 2021:
      – Removing the requirement in OptimizeFunnels to have a prefix for all Funnel Pages ← This is the only reason why I’m currently not using the tool, because it makes page URLs too long and complex 😔
      – Being able to make any existing page part of a funnel with a click (instead of having to save it as a template and then creating a new page using that template)
      – Support for hidden elements in opt-in forms and being able to autofill them with variables from the URL, so you can pass UTMs to your e-mail provider (see Smart Complete with URL QueryString in Thrive Leads)
      – A calendar element that lets you easily create links for all the calendar solutions (Google Calendar, Outlook, iCal). Similar to what services like Eventable (eventable.com) provide
      – Some kind of multi-edit system that lets you change the font family, colors and style for all the H1, H2, H3, paragraph, etc. in a page. Now, if you decide you want to change all your H2 from 18pt to 20pt you have to go one by one changing them
      – Bring back the Membership Navigation Sidebar and Membership Page Listings elements from OptimizePress 2

      Hope you all had a great start of the year, and looking forward to seeing what you build in the next few months 🙂

    • Roger

      Thanks for the wrap up, Optimise Press is great. For us it’d be great to see the following features added:
      – Integration of Przelewy24 via Stripe
      – Membership functionality
      – Ability to centrally adjust fonts, colours, etc. of all the pages created from various templates in order to achieve uniform look across the whole website

      • David Frosdick

        Great info Roger. A central font style that overrides all of the fonts would nice. Even if there’s a way to set a template to use the overriding styles.

        Thanks for commenting!

    • Abu Bakar Abdullah

      I’m a huge fan of optimizepress since Optimizepress 1 to 2.0 and up until now. Thanks for this great page builder.

      • Ian - OptimizePress

        Thank you for your comments Abu and for being a loyal member of our community since OP1.

    • Abu Bakar Abdullah

      Waiting for woocommerce integration. Selling apparels with multiple variations in Optimizecheckout is truly hard.

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