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Template Collections: Restaurant Templates for WordPress

In this template collection that we’ve just launched, we’ll be looking at the specialist restaurant business niche. You can find the templates live in the platform ready for editing. 🖥️

 Important Tip

This restaurant business template collection we showcase will highlight a specific market. The web pages in this collection can easily be adapted to work for any niche or industry. 

Using our super fast editor, you can quickly change the images and colour scheme to suit any brand or business type.

The culinary industry is without a doubt one of the most popular business models available. Simply because it’s evergreen, we all need to eat and eating is a major requirement to the survival of the species.

Furthermore, as we all become more web savvy with better access to the internet, more and more online ordering services are becoming common, with Uber Eats and Deliveroo capitalising on this growing trend. This has contributed to the rise of food services that don’t require a conventional dining area.

We have also seen various types of healthy new dietary styles ranging from “Gluten Free” to “Vegan” with specialised blogs, recipes and specialist websites. It’s clear that there is a growing need for promotion, with many companies flocking to social-media and other promotional opportunities.

This doesn’t come without its challenges. Thousands of other restaurants are also out there competing for the same customers. According to a study carried out by restaurant.org, there are 1 million+ restaurant businesses in the United States alone with 1.6 million new jobs set to be created by the year 2030.

This will force many restaurant owners to think outside the box when promoting their business, looking for ideas that other competing chains are currently not doing.

One of the key places to promote your business is to have a professional looking website. 

Here at OptimizePress, we understand the challenges of building a conversion optimised website. We provide an easy service to help you get started with building your pages quickly and without compromising on quality or requiring any technical know-how.

We have also carefully designed our templates so that they can be easily used on a range of other similar niches in the travel, fitness and health space.

Template Showcase

Introducing the Specialist Restaurant Business Collection. A quick glimpse of the homepage and you’ll notice a nice professional layout, containing lots of food images and dishes to showcase what’s on offer. It’s a perfect template framework to start with if you’re in the culinary business. 

You will now be able to begin designing your very own pages quickly and effortlessly and all without hiring a designer.

So let’s take a closer look at what you’re getting...

Home Page

The first time your visitors see your website, it's usually at the homepage. It's considered to be one of the most important pages and serves as a digital business card for your business.

Here, we see a nice design with sharp angles and clear differentiation of the elements on the page. Certain niches have more of a visual aspect to them and using the correct range of images that showcase your products will boost sales and increase the size of your customer base. Therefore, in this homepage we’ve placed a big emphasis on imagery and the food on offer.

As the common saying goes... "We eat with our eyes!" 👀 😋

Other niche types that will benefit from the use of optimised imagery are fitness, travel, photography, plus other niches requiring images to describe what’s on offer.

There is also an optimised opt-in form at the top of the page (above the fold) which promotes subscribing to a newsletter. This offers a great way to begin building the customer base and communicating with them on potential special offers and other future promotions.

Updating Templates to Fit Your Market or Product

With a quick change, you can easily change the images in this template to suit other niches like fitness, photography, wellness, healthy living or interior design.

Just because the initial template niche is on a restaurant business doesn't mean you can't adapt it to work for you. With some image and copy changes, you can turn this collection into your own full business site.

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Services Page

The collection also includes a dedicated services page, which is great for showcasing what your business offers and is recommended as a way of developing trust and authority.

In a niche like food, it’s especially important to use this page as an opportunity to highlight what makes your business different from other businesses who are also offering similar services.

To continue with the design choices of the homepage, the services page offers very similar elements. The services page looks at what is currently available in further detail.

Again. further down the page is another large opt-in form with the option to sign up for the newsletter. 

As a rule, we recommend including opt-in forms as often as possible to increase the chances of the visitor signing up and improving your email conversion rates. Not all of your visitors will subscribe from your homepage and can potentially leave without you capturing the chance of communicating with them in future.

So it’s always recommended to include opt-in forms wherever possible without overwhelming the visitor.

 Optimisation Tip

Visitors who navigate to your services page are often looking for further information about what you offer. It's vital to detail your key services and what makes them unique.

About Us Page

The About Us page provides a great opportunity to tell your story and connect with your visitors with customers more likely to buy from those they like and trust.

With a page dedicated to learning more about the brand, it also provides a great opportunity to explain the company vision, your history and really identify with your potential customer.

The more personal and open you generally are, the more likely you’ll attract and keep dedicated and loyal customers in the long term.

Again, the page offers a very image heavy design, with a description of the mission of the business and a profile of the chefs. This provides a great way to build trust and show a face behind the business.

The page again offers an opt-in form with the option to sign up for the newsletter.

Contact Us Page

The Contact Us page is generally recommended across all websites as a way to allow visitors to get in touch. Generally, the easier you can make it for customers to get in touch, the stronger the trust and loyalty.

We recommend adding as many methods of communication as possible and including URL links to the page. Some popular services include email, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Live Chat.

Again, similar to the About Us page, there’s an additional element included providing a map of the location, and opening times.

 Optimisation Tip

Make it super easy for your customers to contact you. It's vital that you respond as quickly as possible and it is suggested to set expectations around your response time.

Design tips for customising your templates

You can see once again that with a change of a few images and colours this Contact Us page can be easily adapted to fit with the photography niche.

Changing the template images and text is quick and easy with our page builder.  With our ultra-powerful Unsplash integration, you can choose from a library of over one million images to use on your pages.

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Restaurant Menu Page

If you’re a restaurant business, then it will be essential to show your website visitors what you serve. 

It’s the perfect opportunity to build trust because you’re confident enough to show your potential customers what you have on offer before they’ve decided to visit your restaurant.

This page is without a doubt one of the most important if you’re a restaurant business and will be one of the first places a visitor will go to for more information on the food you offer. 

This can also be adapted to work in other relevant niches. Examples can include a fitness business offering a listing of their classes. Or a travel company listing an itinerary of their travel packages.

Here we have a dedicated section for the menu with a food pricing list, followed by specialities that we provide and the ingredients we use in our dishes.

Testimonials Page

Having a dedicated testimonials page from existing customers is generally not common, but it's a great conversion boosting asset if you have the success story.

Studies have shown that the more testimonials you show to potential customers who actively use and love your services, the higher the likelihood of sales you can potentially receive. We recommend adding as many testimonials from customers as you can.

So, including a testimonials page is highly recommended if you have a lot of positive feedback and can include images of customers and the opportunity to sell directly through it. 

There are many ways to get testimonials with the most common ones including, screenshots of social-media comments, videos, and customer interviews/case-studies.

Here we’ve included testimonial elements and placed them as a grid. We also have an opt-in signup form as this will most likely entice the visitor to sign up having read what our other customers have said about the business.

 Optimisation Tip

A large number of testimonials will increase conversions. The more testimonials you can show the more customer success will appear to your visitors as the collective experience and not an exception.

FAQ Page

Like most prospects who visit your website for the first time, they will have a range of questions that they would like answered. This page is great for providing answers. 

We recommend finding out what the most common questions are that get asked constantly by conducting surveys, or by simply asking your customers and work colleagues directly.

We’ve organised the FAQ as columns to improve readability and allow for quick scanning for the visitor.

If you handle visitors objections on this page then they have the answers they need to commit to your business. Unanswered questions will lead to support emails but more likely visitors that abandon your site and leave.

Landing Page

Every business no matter the niche should be building a subscriber list. Building an email list will give you a direct route to contact your subscribers with the latest news, updates and special offers.

The best landing pages have a simple layout with a clear call to action. As you can see the landing page in this collection follows those fundamental principles. The benefit-driven headline and lead magnet image all guide the visitor to the opt-in form to become a subscriber.

A professional looking lead magnet will go a long way to increase your opt-in rates and overall business conversions.

Thank You Page

Like your landing page, your thank you page should follow the same simple layout. The key job of the thank you page is to deliver the lead magnet subscribed to by your visitor.

Just because a visitor subscribes, it doesn't always follow that they will download and consume your lead magnet. With this in mind, it is a good idea to give clear instructions on how to download the lead magnet and to also remind them of the benefits your lead magnet provides.

TOP TIP: You must deliver on your thank you page what you outline on your landing page. Failure to follow through on your promises will lose your new subscribers confidence, and they may be lost to your business forever.

Over To You

Quick Reminder: The theme of this template collection can be easily edited. It will work with any niche or business type.

With the collection now available, we hope this has inspired you to begin designing your own pages and look forward to seeing your finished masterpiece. 

This collection is avaliable now inside of our OptimizePress Templates Library.

To access the templates in this collection, you must have an active OptimizePress license.

Do you have an idea for a collection? Please reach out to us. The OptimizePress Design Team are always open to suggestions. 😎

Let us know how you'll use these templates...

What template sets would you like to see our team create?
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