Features for September & October 2020: Social Sharing, Sticky Scrolling Video, CSS Image Effects and more

Welcome to the latest update on what we've recently added to OptimizePress. We’ve been working on some brilliant new social sharing tools to help grow your social following and drive more traffic to your websites.

More traffic = More Subscribers & More Customers

We’ve also been making a range of behind the scenes enhancements and squashing the odd bug here and there that you awesome people have reported. This month is a slightly smaller update than usual because we're in the final stages of a very exciting project called Funnel Visualizer. However, we still have some excellent new features added to the platform.

The Funnel Visualizer will give you more control over the configuration and building stages of your funnels. We’ll give you a sneak peek of it later in this post but for now will jump straight into all the newest features.

It’s time to get social! The latest update brings some new social elements so your visitors can share your content with their followers or even shout about your site using the new Click To Tweet!! Wanna try it?

That’s right! You can go shout about our latest updates!

If you tweeted the content above you’ll have an idea of what we’re covering in this post. We have new social sharing elements and new image editing features that really draw visitor attention and turn you into a conversion wizard.

Plus we’ve added advanced opt-in forms features that will really enhance the data you can collect from subscribers. Furthermore we’ve added sticky videos that jump to the side of your webpage on page scroll.

And...so much much more.

What's New In September

If you haven't played with these updates yet, have a read through this post and then go try out the features on your own site.

Social Sharing

Social Media is a strong tool for promoting trust and awareness in your brand. It’s great for social proof which reflects in your conversion rate optimization.

The more engaged your are with your customer on social media, the more they will respond to your posts and be willing to share your content when you ask them.

The new social sharing element makes it super easy to add social sharing buttons to your pages. This social sharing element allows people to physically share the page they're reading. This is different to our social icons element because it triggers the sharing feature for each network and pulls in the page the user is reading.

We currently support Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn and you have the option to show the share counters if you want and this gets people sharing your content, sharing your offers and driving traffic back to your blog or landing pages.

NOTE: The counters only work on Facebook and Pinterest as the other two networks no longer have a live API for counters stats.

You have full control over the colours, design layout, borders, font styles all within the toolbar. As well as size options and button style to match your own page design whether you want big buttons or subtle small buttons anywhere on the page

When used correctly the social sharing feature will help drive traffic to your content rich pages.  Try to encourage sharing throughout your articles and even on your thank you pages when people claim a free lead magnet from you.

Please note if you want to use the counters for Facebook you need to create and connect with your Facebook App. We have written about this in previous articles so click here to see the full knowledge base article on creating a Facebook app.

CSS Filters / Image Effects

This has to be one of my favourite of the newest features in Optimizepress. Images are a major player in your landing page and website bounce rate. Good images with captions grab peoples attention and keep them on your pages longer.

They can also represent your brand voice and help project the messaging your want.

Forget needing a designer or design tools, you now have the ability to add effects on images that would have required an editing program before. You can style images with contrast, grayscale, sepia and blurring effects.

This means you can take a boring stock photo and bring it to life or hide the fact it’s a popular stock photo that others might be using.

By clicking the image you will see the new “Image Effects” tab with all the amazing options like opacity, brightness, blur and more.

This is the new Image Effects toolbars options.

You can adjust the Blur of the image.

Change brightness, contrast and even invert the image creating some really funky effects.

And there's a grayscale effect to tone down your images to match your design.

This is grayscale applied to two images.

And going one step further all these effects can be applied as "Hover" effects that trigger when the mouse hovers over the image.

This is done by clicking the "hand" icon in the toolbar to see the same image effects tab.

This where you apply the hover effect.

And then applying the effects you want. Here’s how the grayscale looks when the mouse hovers over.

Advanced opt-in form, Check Boxes, Dropdowns, Custom Fields

The more you know about your subscribers the more you can target your marketing offers to them. The fundamental benefit to this is higher conversions for your business. Even a little extra details like knowing their experience level or age group can make a big difference in the way you write your website copy.

The good news about this feature update is it’s now possible to have higher quality data collection using these extra fields and segmenting of leads that you collect.

It’s no longer just a name and email form, you can create form fields and tag leads for anything you want.

The new feature adds an "Extra Fields" tab in the form builder. These work with the tags or form fields that you have inside your email marketing platform.

In the example below we used Campaign Refinery where we added the new tags. Then inside the form builder we created a new form field for getting employee count and a marketing goal field.

Notice how each goal is a tag.

Look at the "Selected Tags". When you add a new tag a new option appears for that tag which will be the dropdown field in this example.

The new field options when adding integrations.

Using the tags we can create check boxes for the different field types that users see on the form.

Here’s how the drop down field “Marketing Goals” looks on the final form.

This means you can start segmenting your leads at an early stage in your funnel and automatically tag them in your email marketing platform.

The benefits of this are that you can refine who you send offers to later or even simply gather extra data when required.

An example might be a short survey, event details form or even a basic question.

Strategy Tip - Increased Form Fields

Adding more form fields can potentially reduce your opt-in rate for new subscribers. However, depending on your relationship with your leads and the offer your are making, asking for more data can convert just as high.

New Course - List Building Course

Whoop! Whoop! It’s time to grow your email subscriber list!! 🙌 🙌 🙌

We’ve created a new course to help you get started with list building. Over 5 hours of training giving you ideas and examples of list building tips and tricks. Even if you’ve already started list building we cover strategies that will help you progress and grow your subscriber count further.

In this new course we cover:

Here's a little teaser from the List Building course.

Login to your members hub and start the course.

Dynamic Date

If you're running automated webinars with interval countdown timers there's possibly a time when you actually want to show the correct date and time that your event is starting.

Well now you can!

With that in mind we went ahead and created a dynamic date element. This allows you to set the live date that your event will start.

Let's say you're running an automated webinar that starts every 15 minutes using our interval countdown timer. Now using the new Dynamic Date element you can set the date and time to show when the webinar starts and it will automatically reset to the next automated date and time!

So every 15-minutes and your date and time will be added to your page that is concurrent with the interval countdown timer.

In this example below you can see the Dynamic Date Timer as large time which is the event start time - 2:45 PM

And you can see the Interval Countdown Timer showing the time left before the webinar starts.

You can see here the date matches the local time of the user and the next 15 minutes as it was set.

Once that time passes it will move onto the next 15 minute time window and show 3:00PM or 15:00PM if you choose the 24hr format option.

You can also set date and time, just time, just date. You can choose custom intervals before the date. You can set date formatting and 24hr times with or without AM or PM suffix.

There are lots of options for this element. You can configure what the users see and how long the countdown period is, that matches your event start time whether it’s automated or not.

Here are some of the options available in Dynamic Date.

Video Fix On Scroll

Now we're really in full swing with the new features! This new element is the sticky video feature! Yep the video pops out and sticks to the side of the page.

This is really cool. 😎

In fact I can’t explain in words how easy this is to do. I’ve spent years learning web development and CSS tricks to create these kind of effects and now, anyone can have this on their own website.

The sticky video allows users to continue viewing your content on the page while the video sticks to the side and continues to play. See it in action here.

An example of the video sticking to the bottom right.

You’ve probably seen this used with adverts on news sites like an example from Forbes.

A sticky video example on media site.

We also showed this example below from our sticky row feature in the June update.

As the sticky video continues to play while your visitor scrolls through your content it means they can consume more of your content and this increases engagement. Any increase in engagement and content consumption leads to a rise in conversions and ultimately boosts business revenue.

This feature is incredibly complex behind the scenes but we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to use and it adds a new level of content viewing experience to your pages. Your friends and colleagues or even your client will be blown away by your web skill when you use this.

We've coded this element to have a preview option so you can get an idea of how it looks while inside the editing window. That’s a nice little touch our devs added in!

The new Sticky Video toolbar options.

You have the ability to customise the size of the video player and change the position where it's going to sit - top, bottom, left or right. You can add a close button and also choose if you want the sticky video to appear on certain devices.

Here are some of the main functions of the new element.

Click To Tweet

We mentioned this before on the blog as a way to get traffic back to your site and that gave people an option to tweet positive statements or quotes from your content.

Maybe you have a testimonial or even a tip that you would like people to share. This new click to tweet element lets you add in the text, set the page URL and even the Twitter @ profile you want the Tweet sent to.

You add the content design, the design look you want and away you go! Here’s a box I quickly styled.

We’ve added some preset designs to get you started they all have different designs and hover colours. Click the magic wand to see them.

To change the hover colours for text, icon and background select the "Hover" tab.

Your "Custom Share URL" will default to the page URL your working on but can be change to any URL on your site.

This where you add the URL and Twitter profile.

Coming Soon 🎉

We like to show some transparency with our updates so you can see what we're working on and which features are just around the corner.

Funnel Visualizer

This is something that's been in developing since we started building OptimizeFunnels.

We always wanted you to have a way to visualise funnels and then modify or build new pages quickly. 

This platform will also make it much easier for you to visually see how your pages are performing with instantly accessible stats showing on each funnel step.


Our new integration with Sendinblue is just around the corner. They have a wealth of marketing automation features as well as SMS, chat, transactional email, segmentation and a growing list of integrations.

The free pricing plan is unlimited contacts and 300 emails per day!!

We'd love to hear from you!  Let us know which features you're most excited about, or what you're excited about in 'our coming soon' plans, and we'll keep the updates rolling out!

    26 replies to "September & October Release Notes: Sticky Video, CSS Image Effects & Social Sharing"

    • Fernando

      the Dynamic Date Timer is excellent, congratulations. Could you explain me, how to integrate it with the evergreen countdown timer as you said in the example?. And please tell me if it´s possible to integrate the Dynamic Date Timer with some kind of a webhook for a product launch with 3 videos and configure it to expire at 12 pm on the last day?

    • Augie Johnston

      I’m a SUPER long time OP user and I am blown away at the product now. Great work OP!

      • Ian Bass

        Hey Augie, Thank you for the kind words. There is so much we can all do in OP now. But we are working on so much more. Is there anything you would like to see added?

        • Roger

          I’d like to see an integration with Przelewy24 via Stripe. As I understood from stripe, this has to be coded separately on top of the existing stripe integration in OptimizePress. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

          • Ian Bass - OptimizePress

            Hi Roger, Thank you for the suggestion regarding – Przelewy24.

    • muaz

      So excited to wait for the Funnel Visualiser.. Lets wait for coming month.

      • Ian Bass

        Hey Muaz,

        Glad you are excited for the Visualiser. We are making the final refinements to it now so it should be ready for public release real soon. If there is anything you would like to see added to OP, then please let us know.

    • Sospeter mwangi

      When are you adding:
      1) Membership page feature
      2) Add to Cart feature

      • James Dyson

        Hi Sospeter

        We already have membership page templates included in the platform, and training included in our Suite plan for creating a membership. Did you have more specifics about what you were looking for?

        Regarding Add to Cart – we have no plans to develop a “cart” type system in OptimizePress. Our OptimizeCheckouts provides all the functionality you need to sell digital products, services, consulting etc. We’re not aiming our product at online shop type sellers.

        If you meant something else please let me know and I’ll be happy to advise further

    • Nurudeen

      Great update and post! Excited to use the sticky video feature! Great job, OP Team!

      • Ian Bass - OptimizePress

        Hi Nurudeen, thank you. We would be excited to see how you get on with the sticky video feature so please let us know. 😀

    • Wildher

      Wow excelent new features, congrats!

      Only want solitation: Are you working in a visual component that allow put blog posts into the page. Similar to Elementor or Divi.

      Thanks and best regards!!!

      • Ian Bass - OptimizePress

        Hi Wildher, I hope you’re having a great start to the weekend.

        We have a new Blog Post Element for the OptimizeBuilder in our product roadmap. We are looking for some optimised designs for the styling of the element before getting into the development process. If you have any ideas for how you want the element to work/look, then please share them. 😎

    • Joan Dempsey

      Immediately jumped right in to add sticky video . . . great! And thanks for the tip re: not overusing it—totally get that! Will be adding the TWEET soon, too. Love it.

      Love all the work that you folks continue to put into OP. Really makes my life so much better!

      • Ian Bass - OptimizePress

        Hi Joan, lovely to hear from you. I just saw on your site that you had to cancel one of your retreats due to COVID, I hope you can schedule another one soon.

        Like any part of a website, if you overuse something, it can have a negative effect. Things like using lots of animated text, images that slide onto a page or gifs can easily overwhelm your visitors. This can lead to visitors leaving your page and higher bounce rates.

        Simple use of these features is the best way forward as when used appropriately, they can help to boost conversions.

    • Juliano Camilo

      Incredible as updates. The custom field of the native email is very important for the lead version. When is it available for use?

      • Ian Bass - OptimizePress

        Hi Juliano, it is available now for you to use in the most recent version of the platform.😎

    • Local Business Domination

      Fantastic updates! Can’t wait to use the new sticky video feature

      • Ian Bass - OptimizePress

        Hey Dan, I hope you are well. Thanks for sharing your kind words. Let us know how you get on with the new sticky video feature. It’s a powerful engagement tool when used correctly. I would suggest testing it and also making sure you don’t overuse it and make it annoying for visitors.

    • Marco

      The funnel visualizer is amazing congrats! Perhaps it would be even better if we could have a view like “Funnelytics” where you can actually see a preview of the page and have a Canva to actually map the funnel in horizontal.

      • Ian Bass - OptimizePress

        Hi Marco, thank you for taking the time to share your suggestions. The demo video is from the beta version of the Funnel Visualiser the final version will be even better still with an improved interface. In the customer release version, you will be able to see previews of each page directly in the funnel, launch split tests and easily add upsell/downsell flows.

        With the new Funnel Visualiser, you will be able to map out, create and launch a LIVE funnel (not a mock-up of a funnel).

        This will save you tons of time as you can visually see all the steps of your funnel, map them out and make changes all in this one application. There will be no need for any extra work or wasted time with additional solutions. We are working hard to bring it to you soon.

        • Ian Bass - OptimizePress

          Marco, here is a little snapshot of the updated Ui:

          Here’s a link to a larger version: https://share.getcloudapp.com/z8uYdqv2

          • Marco

            Hey Ian, thank you for the update˜. Just as another reference, I was quoting funnelytics because I love the feature to see and actually map different pages and routes on my funnels.
            Just to give you context. I usually have one sales page per source. So, even with the funnel stats that I have now on OP3 (which is great) is not really useful for me because I need to map interactions based on different places in the funnel. That kind of tracking only works properly with a script mapping the user interaction.

            Let me show a view for what I have over here so I can better explain it. It would be amazing to have such a feature inside OP. Specially having the chance to map stats between different pages that are not necessarily in sequence in the funnel.


            On the image you can see different sales pages (that are created with OP3) and then mapping and analyzing the percentage (individually) of people who got into the thank you page.

            As I’m using an external checkout, this helps a lot. For me, the horizontal view, makes even more sense in that way.

            • Ian Bass - OptimizePress

              Hi Marco,

              Thank you for your feedback. I’ve made you a quick video to show the new funnels beta in action and to take into consideration your recommendation:



        • Roger

          Wow, this sounds very exciting!

    • Ian Bass - OptimizePress

      We are excited to release these features for the community and really can’t wait to share a full review of the NEW Funnel Visualiser for OptimizeFunnels – coming real soon!

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