Real estate website templates set

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November 10, 2022

We have a new Real estate website templates set available to all custom ers. It includes 13 professionally designed templates including landing pages for real estate. You'll also find templates for list building, webinar promotion, business information and listing property for sale.

Real estate website templates

Are you ready to sell more property in your Real Estate business?

We've designed this new template collection for people looking for Real Estate website templates.

We are certain you are gonna love this collection and even if you're not in the property niche, you can easily switch up the template designs and use them however you like.

The template includes a mix of different layouts that can be added together or change to suit you business. All the colours and fonts can be edited to match that of your brand.

This template set can also be used for:

Property rental website
Personal AirBnB listing 
Coach or consultant website
Personal brand website
Ecommerce product website

Remember: You can use the OptimizeBuilder landing page builder to quickly adapt this template collection to work in any niche or industry. 

Real Estate Website Templates Overview

This template set uses a monotone theme throughout along with the font Playfair Display:

Playfair Display

The main pages in the template have a logo and navigation links on the right. 

There is a formatted footer to include additional links and we've also include some nice designed sections that can be used to link through to other pages. 

Here's a block section showing larger square button links that you can use on any page.

Real estate template sections

Here's a mini about section that can be copied to other pages and used to link back to your "about us" page.

Real estate vendor section

And we have this listing block that can be styled in various ways to showcase more about your business. Again, copy it and use on multiple pages throughout your real estate site.

Real estate listing block

Templates included in the Listing set:

Real Estate Website Home Page

The real estate home page uses a hero section up top with a call to action center, as you scroll down the page you'll see property listings, an about section to show who's behind the business, a recently sold property section and some performance stats. 

We've included a counter element for stats, icon element for reviews and bold section with bullets to list services.

Real Estate website home page

Real Estate About Page

This about page is where you can show who's behind your real estate business. We added text blocks, FAQ elements and featured icon sections to share your company mission.

Real estate about page

Landing page for real estate (V1)

The first landing page for real estate uses a primarily white colour with a pop overlay for lead capture. It has testimonials, images, bullets and a feature section with an icon list. The page design is clean and simple, with no distractions, which helps to convert the maximum number of visitors into leads on your email list.

Landing page for Real Estate

Real Estate Landing Page (V2)

This landing page version uses a darker design for the hero section. It has a similar layout to the previous landing page but uses some subtle tweaks in the about section and has the same pop overlay for lead capture.

Real estate landing page

Landing Page Real Estate (V3)

This landing page Real estate version switches the layout position slightly with testimonial further down the page in a rounded section. We've included the same pop overlay and all the landing pages have the footer that can be removed or customized.

Remember you'll find many more landing page templates available for OptimizePress if you're not in the real estate niche. 

Landing page real estate

Thank You Page

The thank you page is shown after prospects, and leads submit their details on your landing page. The design style stays consistent and has a download button and bullet list for instructions. The thank you page is one of the most seen pages in your business, so it is worth considering the additional promotion of your products, social media channels or upcoming events.

Real Estate thank you page

Real Estate Webinar Registration Page

This page design uses elements to increase conversions with a countdown timer and the date time element to show when the event is happening. We keep the same font style and use an inline opt-in form here. An important conversion factor on a webinar registration page is telling visitors the benefits they will receive from attending your event. Using bullet points is a great way to share this information in a concise and easy-to-consume format.

Real estate webinar registration page

Webinar Thank You Page

The thank page is design to work with the webinar registration page. It includes a video popup where you could show a video message telling your visitors what to do next.

Webinar thank you page for real estate

Buy A Home Page

The Buy A Home page has 2 column layout with gradient on one side and inline opt-in form to capture leds. Further down the page we added a listing layouts to show current properties for sale. 

We added a logo and about section and styled blocks with previous sold properties. Remember you can copy any sections from a page and paste those onto any other page.

Buy a home - real estate website templates

Value My Home Page

This page is much like our main home page but we've added a counter to the hero section to show sales stats. Using stats is a great to give visitors confidence in your business and services. As you scroll down we show recently sold properties and testimonials. The map element is also here allowing you to show what areas your real estate business covers.

Value my home website page

Sell Your House Page

This page is one every real estate business must include. Much like the Value and Buy pages we use similar elements to showcase stats, properties sold, logos and satisfied customers.

Sell your house template page

Recently Sold Page

Again a primary page for a real estate businesses to show future clients the properties you have recently sold. Showing recent properties sold gives people confidence that this is a pattern you consistently repeat and that they can trust you to sell their property. We've included section design blocks from other pages, map listing to show areas covered and featured properties for sale.

Recently sold website template

Real Estate Property Listing Page

The property listing page uses a 3 column layout showing images, property type, icons and bullet list for property features.

Real estate property listing website template

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Real Estate Website Templates Takeaways

This beautiful and conversion optimized template set is perfect if you have a business in real estate, luxury property, rentals or airbnb.  It can also be easily transformed into a website for marketing coaching or consulting services, or as a personal brand website with just a few small tweaks and changes.

The 'Listing' Real Estate business website template pack is now available inside the OptimizePress landing page builder for you to access instantly (for all plans).

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All of these templates can be edited to match that of your own branding.

We'd love to hear how you plan to use these templates - let us know in the comments below...

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