How to Create a High Converting Landing Page (with Examples)

Last updated: September 22 2022

Written by Onder Hassan & Ian Bass

Have you ever wondered what makes a high converting landing page?

Building a professional looking page that turns visitors into subscribers is the heart of a successful business.

Designing a landing page that collects the maximum possible leads doesn't have to be daunting, regardless of your experience or knowledge.

You may have thought focusing on design is the only thing needed to get visitors and customers. It's a typical thought most entrepreneurs and business owners have, and they quickly realise the following…

While a great design is important, it must always follow the rule of guiding the visitor to a clear objective… To take action.

A good landing page must encourage a visitor to action the page's goal. Whether it's opting into your email list, subscribing to a newsletter or registering for a webinar.

Here at OptimizePress, we take great pride in ensuring that our landing page templates provide the best and most professional-looking designs that are also proven to convert leads.

In this guide, we will be breaking down 2 of our conversion-optimized high converting landing page templates and looking at the key elements that help the pages convert visitors into subscribers and leads.

By the end of this short guide, you will better understand the optimisations you'll need to make a high converting landing page and see fast results.

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What Makes a High-Converting Landing Page?

There are many factors that contribute to a high-converting landing page. The most important of these factors are the design of the page, the copy on the page, and the offer on the page.

Some of the most important factors are:

1. The headline: The headline is the first thing that people will see, so it needs to be attention-grabbing and relevant to the offer.

2. The layout: The layout should be simple and easy to navigate, with clear calls to action.

3. The copy: The copy needs to be engaging and persuasive, and it should explain the benefits of the offer.

4. The design: The design should be professional and eye-catching, and it should match the branding of the company.

High Converting Landing Examples 1

OptimizePress Landing Page: Digital Sales Landing Page

This Landing Page focuses strongly on reviews and testimonials to help build credibility and trustworthiness. This page is also a great example of how to use scarcity to create urgency in visitors that they must take action.

High Converting Landing Page Example

Let's break down the first of our high converting landing page templates.  Here are the components of this page:

1 - A Strong Compelling Headline

Black Friday Headline

The headline is an essential element of a landing page and is the first thing visitors will usually see when they first visit.

You must target and speak to the customer you’re looking to attract in your headline.

To optimize your headlines, you should describe their pain points and desires and the benefits of your offer to compel them to subscribe or read further into your page content.

2 - A Single Clear Call-To-Action

Single Clear Call-To-Action

Including a clear call to action gets the visitor to take the desired action. This element is extremely important if you want your page to get the desired results. Be clear and direct with your use of language to keep things simple and impactful.

Quick tip: Use the A/B testing feature in OptimizeFunnels to test your opt-in forms using different variations of colour and written copy for buttons and form fields.

3 - Add Urgency With A Countdown Timer

Landing Page Countdown Timer

Scarcity is a powerful and proven way to create demand for an offer and motivate visitors to take action. It is so powerful that annual events are geared towards it, like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day etc.

Nothing increases a sense of urgency in people more than scarcity. In this example, a countdown timer is used to build scarcity.

You can also use a shortage of stock or a limited number of places. Look for ways to use scarcity on your landing pages and take advantage of the countdown timer element in OptimizePress for increasing demand and opt-ins.

4 - The Power Of Endorsements From Trusted Brands

Trusted brands

One of the hardest things to do in marketing is to build a connection and rapport with new visitors to your landing page.

When someone first visits your page, they will likely not know who you are and naturally look for objections.

Use company name and logo endorsements from other trusted sources to help build trust and authority.

You could use endorsements from brands you have worked with, worked for, or recommend your products.

Quick Tip: Ideally, your endorsements should come from brands in your industry that people know and trust.

5 - Reviews From Trusted Review Sites

Reviews From Trusted Review Sites

Review sites are popular in a wide range of industries and niches. People trust them for accurate and honest reviews of products and services.

Including your review score or rating will give visitors further confidence to take your call to action. The more trust-building elements you can add to your landing page, the higher your opt-in rates.

6 - Testimonials From Loyal Customers

Testimonials From Loyal Customers

Using testimonials from your subscribers and customers on your landing pages will boost your conversions.

Showing your visitors that other people have taken action (subscribing) that they are thinking of taking gives them the confidence to take that action themself.

Getting testimonials may be hard at the early stages of your business, so give away your product to a few people to test in return for a review and use those initial testimonials in your landing and sales pages.

Quick Tip: The more testimonials you can show people, the better. More testimonials show visitors that a positive experience is a typical outcome for your subscribers.

7 - Final Call To Action (Stop people scrolling)

Final Call To Action

At the end of your landing page, you should always repeat your opt-in form (call to action). This stops your visitors from having to scroll back up your page to find where they need to subscribe.

Having the opt-in form right in front of them makes it easy for them to subscribe and increases your conversion rates.

High Converting Landing Page Example 2

OptimizePress Landing Page: FreshCoach Landing Page

The FreshCoach Optin page is a clean and simple template that uses a colour combination that is easy on the eye. The conversion elements of the page focus on the lead magnet benefits and showcase the profile of the product creator.

High Converting Landing Page Template

Now let's break down the second of our high converting landing page templates.  Here's what makes this page convert:

1 - Make it Real!

Real Ebook Cover

Selling a digital product and service can be challenging when your customer cannot touch and feel what they’re getting.

Use imagery of your product to create realness in your offering and to increase the value of your product.

Quick Tip: Use and its range of templates to easily create these images.

2 - Two Step Opt-In Form

Two Step Opt-In Form

A Two-Step Opt-In Form is an alternative to having your opt-in form directly on your landing page.

With a Two-Step Opt-In Form, your visitors click on the button to access your lead magnet, which triggers a pop overlay. Visitors are prompted to subscribe to complete the process.

The marketing psychology behind the Two Step Opt-in process is that visitors have committed to the process by clicking the button (first step) and are more likely to complete the process and subscribe (second step).

Quick Tip: Use the OptmizeFunnel split testing feature to split test using a Two-Step Opt-In process against having the opt-in form directly visible on your landing page

3 - Show Happy Users Of Your Product

Happy users of product

While reviews and testimonials are a great way to create trust, the most powerful way to demonstrate value is to show real people who are using your products and benefiting from them. While this can be a challenge on a landing page, using cleverly placed photos on your page can massively impact conversion rates and increase the value of what you’re promoting.

4 - Bullet Pointed Benefits

Bullet Pointed Benefits

Bullet points are an excellent way to take big blocks of text and condense them into concise benefit-driven sentences.

Website visitors tend to scroll rather than read, so bullet points are a great way to engage visitors and not fatigue them with text-heavy content.

In your bullet points, you should describe the benefits of your offer and the future pace the success people will have.

Quick Tip: Ensure that your bullets focus on the benefits for visitors rather than the features of your lead magnet.

5 - Profile Section or Author Bio

Profile Section or Author Bio

Having a section on your landing page about the product creator or author is a great way to establish trust and build authority.

This is especially important if you're running advertisements to a cold audience who have potentially never heard of you.

Your bio section allows visitors to read who you are and why they should listen to you.

Use this section as a great way to list your credentials by sharing your experiences, knowledge and who you have helped along the way.

Quick Tip: Using cleverly placed images or people looking or pointing at an element on your landing page can direct visitor attention.

For example, an image of the product creator or author looking in the direction of the author's bio is a great demonstration of subtly directing attention.


As you can see from these examples, some core elements will make you a high converting landing page.

These optimisation strategies are easy to implement and based on tried and tested principles, which, when applied, will make a huge difference to the overall conversion results of your landing pages.

Using pre-created templates like those in our OptimizePress templates library means you can access hundreds of done-for-you templates to get fast results and high conversion rates.

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