8 Examples of High Converting Google Ad Landing Pages

Last Updated: April 22, 2024 by Editorial Team

High Converting Google Ad Landing Pages

When it comes to conversion rates and ROI, a landing page may make or break your Google Ads campaign.

Creating unique landing pages that directly respond to user search queries will have a higher chance of driving conversions.

So whether you want to generate more sales or increase your lead generation, it is vital you are creating high quality optimised landing pages for your Google ads.

But how do you create a high converting Google ad landing page that increases conversion rates?

Below we compare 8 influential Google ad landing pages that convert clicks into conversions and show you what we like about them

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What is a Google Ad Landing Page?

A Google ad landing page is a unique landing page created to use with a Google ad campaign to increase conversion rates. 

This landing page is created with one goal or objective in mind and is the page a visitor will land on once clicking on a PPC ad in Google.

Google ad landing pages are created uniquely for each campaign so that the ad copy can be made relevant to the keywords in the ad to ensure a lower cost per click on any of the ad campaigns.

If you have planned to sell products, promote your books, showcase your services, or make sign-ups for your program through Google Ads, landing pages are the gateways.

A landing page must have the flexibility to push its visitors to explore the landing page and navigate through CTAs. In consequence, which CTAs have higher conversion rates?

Let’s look at some worthwhile CTAs that convert visitors into leads:

Sign Up
Buy Now, Order, or Get Now
Request a Quote
Download Now
Learn Now

For many reasons, Google Ads is a versatile, scalable, and suitable advertising program for all kinds and sizes of online businesses.

What are the Benefits of Google Ad Landing Pages?

Despite having multiple advantages, here are 5 major benefits of Google Ad landing pages we should tell you:

Advertisers can easily target their audience.
Easily perform A/B testing on keyword variations and see which one is most effective.
Successfully converting visitors into customers from landing pages.
Collecting leads for marketing purposes.
With ease, marketers can set up multiple targeted keywords and achieve enhanced return on investment (ROI).

Our Best Real Examples for Google Ad Landing Pages

For the purposes of this article, we analysed around 50 Google Ad landing pages across a range of niches and industries. From this research, we've collated some of our favourite examples to explore in a little more detail.

Please Note: We have showcased the Google SERPs (search results pages) for the specified terms at the time of our research. SERPs and landing pages may be different as companies regularly change their targeting and landing pages.

1. Salesforce (Lead Generation Tool)

As we searched on Google for the keyword “Lead Generation Tool,” the top sponsored Google Ad result was Salesforce.

Google Ad:

Sales Force Google Ad landing page

While visiting the landing page, we found tons of reasons that imply Salesforce has the best landing page.

The first thing to discuss is the clear value proposition. That means the landing page discusses its products and services with the utmost transparency.

They clearly show who they are, and what products and services their customers can get from them. So, visitors can understand what’s in Salesforce for them at first glance.

Landing Page:

Salesforce Landing Page

The front-end design for the page is clean, minimalistic but attractive. A visitor will not experience distractions and can keep the focus on the CTAs and headings.

Salesforce’s CTAs (call-to-action) are prominent and action-oriented. It has multiple strong CTAs including “Try for free, Start free trial, Watch demo, View all our products, View all our customers, View pricing, Contact us, and more.” 

These CTAs are highly compelling to guide a visitor toward taking a desired action of converting into leads.

2. Slack (Collaboration Software)

Slack is placed on the top of Google SERP for the keyword “Collaboration Software” at present. This is the most used instant messaging software for team and task management.

Google Ad:

Slack Google Ad

Slack’s landing page includes a unique value proposition in the first look. That means it represents its ultimate features, goals, and productivities after its first heading.

Also, there is a visual showcasing of mobile and web app version images after the menu bar. So, a visitor can get an idea of its available version and get more interested in scrolling down the page.

Landing Page:

Slack Google Ad

Slack has the most unique type of menu bar having CTAs with the intention of converting its visitors into leads immediately. 

From menu bar to footer, you will notice strong CTAs buttons including social media buttons. 

Moreover, it has all the features that a high-quality landing page should have.
In addition, you’ll have a glance at its reputed customer list which is among Uber, Airbnb, and more which creates credibility and trustability among visitors.

If you’re planning to make excellent high converting Google Ad landing pages for your businesses, you can try to follow Slack’s UI design. The design hardly throws any distractions for the visitors. 

Along with a user-friendly interface, the color variations, and high-quality images provide an attractive-looking landing page for Slack.

3. Booking.com (Hotel Booking)

In Google SERP, booking.com is now on top for the targeted keyword “Hotel Booking.”

Google Ad:

Booking.com Google Ad

Booking.com has the most functional landing page in our listings. It displays real-time information for its visitors.

Its visitors can scroll through available rooms by selecting the number of people. 

If you’re planning to book hotel rooms for your stay and reach this landing page, there is a higher chance that you’re going to book from this page.

Landing Page:

Booking.com Landing Page

The search buttons along with compelling strong CTAs, make booking.com one of the most excellent examples of high converting Google Ad landing pages.

A user-friendly interface accompanied by high-quality HD images for multiple destinations across the world helps its visitors to navigate through their desired bookings within a couple of minutes.

Since it shows real reviews of other customers, a visitor will get a sense of trust from the page and therefore increase the chances of converting.

4. Brevo (Mailchimp/Brevo vs. Mailchimp)

Brevo is in Google’s top position against its competitor keyword “Mailchimp.”

Google Ad:

Brevo Google Ad

So, you may be thinking “How is Brevo on top results for its competitor Mailchimp keyword?”

Well, Google and Bing both allow marketers to bid for their competitors’ brand names keywords...

Landing Page:

Brevo Landing Page

Brevo played a very smart move here. They have bid for multiple keywords to keep themselves in top positions. And most importantly, their main intention is to outrank their biggest competitor “Mailchimp”.

Clicking on their Google Ads, you’ll be redirected to an elegant, simple landing page. From the header to the footer, a visitor will find every essential for their email marketing solution.

Brevo has discussed why they are better than Mailchimp through their functional features. The transparency of packages and pricing is also clear and simple.

The CTAs for Sign-up and Migration encourage visitors to take actionable steps. Also, the landing page has real user reviews. In this way, Brevo is showing itself as the better Mailchimp alternative and trusted platform worldwide.

5. Zoho (CRM Platform)

Zoho is the leading CRM that is in the number one position for the keyword “CRM Platform”. Zoho’s landing page has all the features stimulating characteristics to compel its visitors to explore its CTAs.

Google Ad:

Zoho Google Ad

The page has visible sitelinks and information for all the solutions Zoho offers to its customers. 

Additionally, images, reviews, and videos of its associates are clearly stated narrating the software solution.

With the use of a strong CTA to get started for free, anyone who visits Zoho’s landing page will be more likely to convert.

Landing Page:

Zoho Landing Page

The landing page also has a user-friendly looking interface. On top of everything, it showcases its client lists which are among Amazon, HP, Facebook, and more.

6. Teamwork (Task Management Software)

If you search for the keyword “task management software” on the Google search engine, the top result will be Teamwork.

Google Ad:

Teamwork Google Ad

Teamwork is a project management software and has been used across the globe. Going through its landing page, you’ll notice there are highly functional visually appealing headings and descriptions describing the software.

Teamwork showcases its promising client list near the top of the page which is a great way to incorporate ‘trust signals’ with a visitor earlier on in the user journey. 

This shows them that they are in safe hands choosing your business with their needs.

Landing Page:

Teamwork Landing Page

Teamwork have made use of a well designed CTA to instruct visitors to sign up to a free trial. This helps to bridge users' interest and conversion. 

For CTS to be successful, they should be clear and promote a sense of urgency or exclusivity in order to get immediate action.

By offering the chance to sign up with no credit card details required, teamwork are increasing the chances of conversions on the page.

7. TaxScouts (File Tax Return)

TaxScouts is running Google Ad campaigns for the keyword “File Tax Return” and we found TaxScouts in the top position beating its competitors.

Google Ad:

TaxScouts Google Ad

While visiting the TaxScouts, we found the landing page is vibrant and user-friendly. 

The landing page starts with a very prominent title “Let’s get your tax returns sorted today.” letting the visitor know straight away how they can help them.

The landing page is uncluttered and attention is drawn straight to the trust elements of the page shown as client testimonials. 

Trust elements like testimonials show new visitors that the quality of service they provide is good and so encourages new visitors to take action.

Landing Page:

TaxScouts Landing Page

TaxScouts also listed what other media companies are saying about them which increases the branding reputation in a visitor’s mind.

8. Manual.Co (Best Hair Loss Treatments)

Manual.co is ranking on Google’s top position as a sponsored ad for the keyword Best Hair Loss Treatment.

Google Ad:

Manual.co Google Ad

This Ecommerce Website focuses on selling specific products to its visitors and so immediately you are presented with high quality images of the products they can expect to purchase.

Landing Page:

Manual.co Landing Page

The landing page includes reviews and ratings of the customers along with images sharing their thoughts on Manual.co’s hair loss products. 

Also, Trustpilot’s 4.4/5 star rating builds confidence among visitors This trust factor element will help encourage future visitors to buy products.

Besides functional features, the landing page has a video with an explanation of hair loss reasons and how their products can help with hair loss by Manual.co’s medical director.

The statistic and comparison table with features on the landing page makes a great impact on a visitor's decision to explore its hair loss treatment.

How To Create Optimized Landing Pages For Google Ads

We know that relevance is one of the most crucial elements for an optimised landing page when it comes to Google Ads. 

Your landing page should be relevant to your Google ad, just as your ad copy should be relevant to your keyword.

But what exactly makes a Google Ads landing page successful, and how do you even get started? Here are the fundamentals.

Audience targeting is key:
You can never win in the SERP ranking battle without knowing the needs of your audiences. Look into your audience, who they are, what they want, and whether your customers’s requirements are served or not.Is Key
Bid for the right keyword:
We recommend performing keyword research before implementing Google Ads. It’s crucial to select the correct keyword types before choosing the cost-per-click (CPC). Also, ensure to avoid negative keywords while bidding.
Landing pages must be matched to ad campaigns:
If the landing page doesn’t match the keyword, your landing page might look untrustworthy. Therefore, make sure the ad copy, keyword intent, and landing pages are blended proportionally.
Headings! Headings! Headings!
Always write a compelling concise headline directly describing the services and avoiding the fluff which can be read instantly.
Optimize landing page content:
Use high-quality images, videos, and gifts. Also, the contents must be grammatically correct and error-free. Apply numbering, bullets, subheadings and shorter paragraphs.
Pay close attention to CTAs:
Successful CTAs are clear, compelling and create a sense of urgency or exclusivity to prompt immediate action.
Minimise distractions:
Try to eliminate unnecessary buttons, links, headings, and external ads. Plus, never add extra menus, pop-ups, or other uncertain content that can divert visitors from the primary CTAs.
User-friendly landing page for all screen sizes:
Your visitors will come from different types of device users. So, make sure your landing pages are responsive to every screen size including mobile and tablets.
Faster page loading speed:
Most of the higher bounce rates occur due to slower-loading pages so optimize the landing pages for faster loading.
A/B testing helps incremental improvements:
Testing and trying different strategies help to determine which elements are performing best for your landing page. We suggest you continuously test headlines, images, CTAs, and other content.

Final Takeaways to Improve Google Ad Landing Pages

By checking our top 8 Google Ad landing page examples, you now have a clear understanding of what it takes to create high converting Google ad landing pages.

The next step you should take is to evaluate your present landing pages or plan your next ones using these information. 

Always keep in mind that you want to give your visitors a seamless, enjoyable experience that leads them to take the desired action.

Are you still struggling to design your Google ad landing pages? 

OptimizePress offers a wide range of Landing Page Templates to look into that will help you get higher conversion rates and increased ROI.

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