juLY 6, 2021

By David Frosdick

Release Notes June 2021: Speed Optimizations, List Building Integrations & Upsell/Downsell Upgrades

We are halfway through the year and are super excited to see what you do with all the updates we've delivered over the past six months. We're going to keep the momentum up, get stuck into the next half of the year, and bring you even more value-packed features.

Last months updates saw one of the most significant updates to the platform's core code. This core update focussed on bringing you faster web pages that Google loves to see.

In this post, we will review the platform updates for June and share with you what's coming in the weeks ahead.

Google PageSpeed Optimization

We introduced a huge range of speed-related improvements to bring you faster web pages and compliment Google PageSpeed updates.

Our new speed improvements are among the most significant updates we've applied this year to the platform's core code. These code enhancements improve how our page builder creates your pages. By that, we mean how it writes the HTML code that Google crawls and reads.

On the front end, it might not seem like much has changed, but behind the scenes of the editor, the code is now cleaner and faster, with multiple ways to choose what CSS and JavaScripts load on any individual page or the entire site.

These significant speed enhancements are not all we added. We also built our very own image compression tool right into the platform. It will convert your new and existing images to next-gen format. This one feature alone will dramatically improve your page speed and adds so much value to OptimizePress. Next-gen image formats are what Google wants to see on web pages, and now you have it.

We invite you to update your sites, clear your OptimizePress and server caches and start testing the speed of your pages.

This update includes an entirely new Optimization Dashboard where you can control all the speed options and bring your site in line with Google's Core Web Vitals.

There are a lot of speed optimizations you can control in this update. You'll want to watch the video above to learn all about them because then you'll be able to make the fastest pages possible.

Learn about  our Speed Optimizations

Read the full update and see how you can use these settings to speed up your site and get a great Google PageSpeed score.

OptimizeLeads Integrations

This update was a big overhaul to our existing integrations in OptimizeLeads. You now have access to most of the same integrations in OptimizeLeads that you have in OptimizePress.

With these new integrations added it now means you have greater options for list building in your business.

If you haven't used OptimizeLeads before, it is our lead generation tool built to help those focusing on list building. To learn more about the new integrations we have added and how you can use them, see the full OptimizeLeads integrations update here.

See all the new OptimizeLeads integrations

OptimizeLeads is a list building tool that works on any website (not just WordPress). It's included with our Suite plan and can be used to create pop-ups, slide-ins, top bars and full-page opt-in forms.

Upsell & Downsell Element Enhancements

Another enhancement we have made is updating how the upsell/downsell element works in OptimizeFunnels. Selling upsell and downsell products is an excellent opportunity to increase your business revenue.

OptimizeFunnels makes selling upsell or downsell products simple, and in this recent update, we have simplified how the element works to make it easier for you to use.

You can now set the settings for the "no link" directly inside the upsell/downsell element wizard.

The "no link" is the link someone clicks when they don't want to take your upsell or downsell offer.

Before this update, you would have set the actions for the "yes/no" links in two separate areas. 

To make editing the element easier for you, we have added a new Decline Action (Downsell) step inside the element wizard.

Here's where you can find it when you open the element wizard.

The main action settings are now in one convenient element wizard where you control the upsell (Accept/Yes) and downsell (Decline/No) actions.

You can set the Decline Action to go to:

Features Coming Soon ūüéČ

As always, we have more new features in the pipeline and currently nearing release. Here's a little taster of what's to come over the next few weeks.

The New Marketplace

The doors are about to open on our new Marketplace. In addition to all of the templates included with your OptimizePress package, you can view additional template packs created by vendors and buy them with one click.

Better still, we've made the process super easy. You simply save any new template packs you purchase to your template library and then access them on your licensed WordPress sites.

Expect to see some new advanced, high converting template designs that will blow your socks off.

Although the New Marketplace isn't officially open yet - you can get a sneak peek inside the Marketplace now.  Just head over to the OptimizePress hub and click on "Template Store" and you'll see a range of templates available.

We're still adding lots more templates and designs, but you can already purchase from a wide variety of template packs and collections.

HTML Form Integration

The HTML integration is something that we have seen regularly asked for, so we have been working on bringing you this new feature.

The HTML integration means you can embed HTML form code into your opt-in form element, and OptimizePress will scan the code, take the parts you need for the form and format it into a nice looking optimized form in our form builder element.

This new feature is in final testing now and will be released soon. You'll be able to embed a snippet of messy HTML form code from your list provider, and we'll transform it into a nice looking form on your landing page.

Google Pay & Apple Pay

Yes, you asked for it, your customers will love it, and it's coming soon.

Super easy, faster checkouts for customers on Android (Google Pay) and IOS (Apple Pay).

This update will work with OptimzeCheckouts, meaning customers can checkout 100x faster than entering card details. They simply click the shortcuts on their mobile devices to complete payments.

We're confident this will boost your conversions due to how easy it is for customers to purchase on your site.

Offering your customers more payment options will only help your business secure more payments.

That's A Wrap

So that's it for June. We hope your business benefits from the new speed improvements we've made. Please share your PageSpeed scores so we can see how fast your pages are.

If you have any questions, post them in the comments below.

If you have a favourite feature from our May updates, please drop us a comment below and let us know.

    4 replies to "What’s New in OptimizePress: June 2021"

    • Piotr

      Hello guys! Is there any chance to make an integration of P24 (Przelewy24) via Stripe in OptimizeCheckouts?

      • James Dyson

        Hi Piotr

        We’ll be investigating other payment integrations in the future – we need to see how these will support our advanced options like one-click upsells and downsells. We’ll share more on this once we’ve done further investigation and consider these based on feature requests and demand from our customers.

    • Roger

      I have two questions:
      – Will Apple Pay / Google Pay support subscriptions?
      – Will you consider adding shadow presents to replicate neumorphism design?

      • James Dyson


        Our plan is that Apple pay and Google Pay will support subscriptions as long as those platforms allow it (I believe they do).

        Regarding neomorphism – we have no plans to change our shadow options at the moment but we’ll always consider feature requests if we get enough requests. You can already achieve some nice effects with our presets and then customize those further if you need to.

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