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OptmizeLeads Integrations Update - New Email Marketing Services 

We have just released a new update to OptimizeLeads which includes all the current email integrations that we have inside of OptimizePress.

By David Frosdick

June 22, 2021

So we have some exciting news to share in this week's platform update.

OptimizeLeads now has ALL the same email integrations as OptimizePress! This means you can easily integrate your OptimizeLeads account with all the integrations you use in OptimizePress.

More integrations = more options for your list building. 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌

Adding these integrations gives you all of the flexibility you have in OptimizePress and brings it to OptimizeLeads.

So now you have a huge list of integration partners to use combined with the listing building tools and conversion templates that come with OptimizeLeads.

Let's get into all the juicy news about how the new OptimizeLeads integrations can accelerate your list growth.

What is OptimizeLeads?

For those of you who are not familiar with OptimizeLeads (OPL), it is our stand-alone list building tool we built alongside OptimizePress. 

Optimizeleads allows you to create email capture forms that work on any website, not just a WordPress or OptimizePress site.

You can add OptimizeLeads forms on any website you own using a small piece of code that you embed.

We know members of our community want a way to collect leads from other sites that might not be built on OptimizePress or WordPress, and this tool provides a great advantage for people.

OptimizeLeads is included as part of our OptimizePress Suite plan and has a wide range of email capture forms with 30+ designs to choose from that can be used as:

OptimizeLeads is included in our Suite plan

OptmizeLeads is a stand-alone email list building tool that you can use on any website you own. It works on any web platform, not just WordPress, with a simple snippet of embed code. The simple publishing feature lets you capture leads from anywhere.

OptimizeLeads is included in our OptimizePress Suite plan.  Get your OptimizePress Suite plan today or upgrade  to get access.

Here's an example of just some of the list building templates that are included with OptimizeLeads.

There's also a wide range of animated form loading effects to grab the visitors attention, like slide-ins, fade-ins, spins, twists, bounce, wobble and more.

This new update brings you all the following integrations to OptimizeLeads:

With this full range of updates complete, you can benefit from having all the same integrations you have to use in OptimizePress.  

Note: this update does not include integrations that are direct WordPress plugins such as Mailpoet and FluentCRM.

Your list building can now move forward another step if you use OptimizeLeads.

A quick video walkthrough

If you can't watch the video right now we've listed all the steps below so you can get started right away.

How to use a new integration

To integrate with any of the email providers only takes a few clicks, we've made it super simple.

Click on the Integrations link in the top navbar. Scroll down to find your email provider and click the grey Connect button.

Next, one of two things will happen.

1. (Auth) - You'll be taken to the list service website to login and authorise OptimizeLeads to work with that service

2. (API) - A form will pop up and ask for some keys or usernames to connect to the service. It might say API Key / API Url / API Token / Username.

Once you connect to the service, you can start building your opt-in forms.

Click the Create New Opt-in link in the top navbar and choose a form type, either:

When your chosen opt-in form first opens, you have to connect your list service with the form. 

Remember each opt-in form could potentially be linked to any other email service if you use more than one.

Once you integrate the form to your list service, you can start designing and editing the text.

You can read more about OptimizeLeads here.

are you ready to use OptmizeLeads?

If you're not on our OptimizeSuite plan then you can join now and get full access to OptimizeLeads. It is a complete list building tool that works without WordPress or any plugins (it of course works seamlessly with OptimizePress). Use it on any website you own where you can embed a line of code and you are ready to go.

Get OptimizeLeads with your OptimizePress Suite plan today or upgrade to get access.

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