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Take advantage of Drip’s ecommerce automation features together with our powerful page building tools and transform your product sales like never before with our Drip integration

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Drip + OptimizePress

Add campaign to new subscribers
Add tags to new subscribers
Collect extra data with custom fields

What can you do with our Drip integration

Popular ways to use OptimizePress with Drip

Add Subscriber to List

Apply a campaign to your new subscriber to allow easier segmentation.

Add Tag to new Subscriber

Apply one or more tags to your new customers to allow easier segmentation.

Collect Extra data with Custom Fields

Need to collect more information about your subscriber? Add additional text fields on your form.

Connect the services you use

Why Integrate Drip with OptimizePress?

With our Drip integration, you can take advantage of the power of the leading landing page platform for WordPress to create powerful high converting landing pages and optin forms together with Drip's powerful automation and segmentation features.

With our suite of tools, you’ll have access to a plethora of page templates with new ones being added regularly. These include lead gen pages, webinar registration pages, lead magnet offers, coupon lead gen pages, and much more.

Our integration gives you the power to send the data you need from your forms directly into your Drip account with minimum fuss, while enjoying our beautiful form and page building experience.

Integration Available on:

Essential, Business, Suite & Agency plans

Drip Campaign and Tags select

Segmentation & tagging

Assign subscribers to Campaigns and Tags

Upon integration, you’ll be able to select which campaigns and tags you would like your visitors to be sent to when opting into your page signup form. This means you will be able to segment your audience into different interest groups and allow you to create custom campaigns.

Form field options

Customize Form Fields for better data collection

As with all optin forms, it will not be complete without the ability to assign custom form fields, which you’ll be able to send directly to your Drip account. 

Once you’ve successfully set up which fields to use inside your Drip forms, OP3 will instantly recognise the fields to use and display them on setup.

Drip Custom Fields can be used on OpitmizePress forms

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Full GDPR Compliance

GDPR Data Protection Integration

Since the launch of new regulations, we’ve placed a huge emphasis on data protection in our new platform and have ensured that setting this up is as simple as possible. 

Which is why upon setup, you will only be required to select from three different options. Once selected, OP3 will work in the background and ensure your forms show correctly for all of your visitors.

Drip handles these options using their tagging system. If a subscriber selects any of the GDPR checkboxes on your forms, you’ll be able to segment your subscribers so you can be sure to only send them emails that they have personally requested.

Selecting to only show to European subscribers will ensure that your optin forms will only show to visitors in countries that adhere to the GDPR rules and will connect with Drip’s API to locate where the subscriber came from.

Add tags to indicate GDPR consent inside Drip
OptimizeCheckout Rules integration with Drip

Connect with The OptimizePress Suite of Tools

Send Buyer Infomation to Drip When You Use OptimizeCheckouts

As a company, we recognise that a business cannot be complete without collecting payment, which is why we’ve added the ability to assign Forms and tags to all of your new customers inside our brand new OptimizeCheckout software.

You will now be able to know exactly who your customers are and assign them to dedicated campaigns to better organise your customers. 

As per the setup inside your optin forms. You can also type in whichever tag you would like to assign your new customers or select from pre-existing tags setup from inside your Drip dashboard.

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I really like what you've done with OP3....the new flexibility like the platform-specific design capability. I also like how much faster OP3 loads.

Phillip Sugai Testimonial

Philip Sugai
Professor of Marketing, Doshisha University

I absolutely love building websites in OptimizePress! The new 3.0 version is super quick and easy to use. 

Dan Steptoe-Thompson Testimonial for OptimizePress

Dan Steptoe-Thompson