12 Best Dental Website Examples for Inspiration in 2024

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Last Updated: January 19, 2024

If you're a dentist or dental practice looking for new clients, standing out with a great dental website is more important than ever. 

Your potential client will be presented with a wide choice of options when they're searching their local area, so having a great dental website not only maintains a professional and attractive look, but also can help you instil trust and showcase your services in order to turn visitors into leads.

In this article, we’ve compiled 12 successful dental website examples that serve as best pratice inspiration, each providing valuable insights and practical strategies to consider when constructing your own site.

What to include on your dental website

Here are some essentials you should include on your dental website to ensure a user-friendly, informative, and enticing experience for visitors.

  1. Appointment booking: Include an easy-to-use online scheduling system to allow patients to book an appointment without having to call your office. Consider offering a unique incentive, such as a free consultation or discount, on their first visit.
  2. Call to Action (CTA): Use action-oriented text on the CTA, such as "Schedule an Appointment," "Request a Consultation," or "Learn More."
  3. Social proof: Create a section for positive reviews from patients you have treated to build trust and credibility, you can showcase some of your notable achievements through video testimonials
  4. Services offered: A significant portion of your patients will likely already have an idea of why they are visiting. Include a brief, easily visible section on the homepage that lists the various services you offer – you can hyperlink each to a separate page that goes into more detail.
  5. Stick to a colour scheme: Having different colours throughout your page can be an eye-sore. Ensure your site has a consistent colour scheme across all its pages.
  6. Before and after Photos: Include visual examples of successful treatments to showcase your work
  7. Insurance and Payment Information: Clearly outline the insurance plans you accept and payment options available. Include information about any financing or discount plans you offer.

12 best dental website examples

Here is a collection of 12 successful and impressive dental websites that truly stand out.

Swish Smiles - Dental Website Examples

The Swish Smiles landing page features a large headline and a short copy underneath that reflects the essence of their mission: making dental visits enjoyable. 

This is further highlighted by the short video framed to the right of the page, which shows what the standard visit to the dental office will look like.

Swish Smiles Booking - Dental Website Examples

There is a sticky header that follows visitors when they browse through the website, allowing them the convenience to make a booking without having to scroll to the top. 

Other notable sections of the home page provide a brief overview of the services offered, office locations, google reviews to build trust, and a glimpse of the flexible payment options for convenience.

This approach keeps users engaged and provides them with an overview of the essentials, eliminating the need for them to navigate to different pages with lengthy blocks of text (although the option is still available for those who wish to learn more).

Swish Smiles Services - Dental Website Examples
Clinic334 - Dental Website Examples

Clinic334 operates by referral, meaning that other dentists send patients with complex cases their way.

The website's hero section features a brief description of their services along with social proof, showcasing the ratings and feedback from their previous patients to instil trust in their visitors.

The 'Cases' tab in the header details the various treatments they have conducted, which helps provide website visitors with an idea of the clinic's expertise.

Clinic334 Reviews - Dental Website Examples

Overall, the website has a clean and attractive design and neatly presents all the information that prospective customers will likely be interested in before converting.

Brentwood Spa - Dental Website Examples

Brentwood’s website uses a simple colour scheme to make it easy to browse and less distracting.

In the hero section, a video background captures a patient's experience during a dental appointment, highlighting the warm and welcoming approach that Brentwood extends to its customers. This approach aims to evoke a positive and comforting emotion in visitors.

As you scroll you get an overview of the services Brentwood offers, along with a short description and handy pictures that help visualize each procedure. This is a nice change from other websites as patients won't need to click for further details about a specific treatment's purpose.

Brentwood Dental Spa - Dental Website Examples

They also have a reviews section that shows what other patients have had to say regarding their experience with Brentwood – a great tactic to build trust and make prospects more likely to convert.

Brentwood Dentwood Spa - Dental Website Examples

The Buffalo Run Dental website is sparse, with just three pages: the home page, the ‘About’ page, and the ‘Contact Us’ page. This type of minimalist approach can help avoid overwhelming visitors with information and keep them focused on the CTA and other essentials.

Buffalo Run Dental Website Examples

The home page features a brief description of Buffalo Run, a simple and convenient contact form for booking appointments, and a phone number for those who prefer to schedule via phone call. 

This method is different from websites that use a button to take you to a contact form, making it more efficient and saving you the extra step.

The bold ‘Book Now’ CTA on the header sticks with visitors as they navigate the site and provides them the convenience of taking action wherever they are on the site. 

The page also provides a list of services they offer, which helps eliminate confusion regarding whether the clinic is suitable for the particular needs of a prospect and helps them quickly understand your value proposition.

Buffalo Run Dental Services - Dental Website Examples

There is also a dedicated section that introduces Dr. Ben, the lead dentist at Buffalo Run Dental. This introduction fosters a sense of connection with visitors and gives the practice an aura of reliability and trustworthiness.

Buffalo Run Dental Intro - Dental Website Examples

At the end of the page, you'll find helpful details about the clinic's location, conveniently situated in a retail area with plenty of parking space. It also includes their opening hours, making it easy for prospects to plan their visit.

Buffalo Run Dental Opening Hours - Dental Website Examples
Dr Rhona Dental Website Examples

Dr Rhona places significant emphasis on establishing her personal brand and positioning herself as the central figure of her company. 

She achieves this by using videos and high quality images that showcase her outstanding achievements, including awards, recognitions, media appearances and testimonials.

This strategic use of multimedia not only conveys information but also actively engages and instils trust and credibility in website visitors. 

As a result, potential patients are more inclined to select her as their dentist due to the compelling impression created by her online presence.

As you scroll you can read about the various awards won and trust badges with the names of popular magazines she's been featured in.

Dr Rhona Featured In - Dental Website Examples

The price calculator is a notable feature that can offer several benefits to potential patients. 

It not only saves time for prospects by quickly calculating charges without needing to call or visit your office, but it also promotes transparency to help manage their expectations.

Dr Rhona Smile Calculator - Dental Website Examples
Bhandal Dental Practice - Dental Website Examples

Bhandal Dental Practice has a brief introduction on their website's landing page, along with a convenient call-to-action (CTA) that allows visitors to easily locate a nearby clinic by entering their postcode.

The site has a chat feature that can be used to answer some of your more common queries and also to book appointments. It is also a great way to connect with your patients and build trust prior to making a booking.

Bhandal Dental Practice - Dental Website Examples

There is also a slider at the bottom of the homepage showing various reviews left by patients who have previously been treated at Bhandal Dental. 

This helps build credibility and works to convince potential patients to book your services, as feedback from other real people connects on a more personal level than any other type of content.

Bhandal Dental Practice Testimonials - Dental Website Examples

7. In Path Dental

In Path Dental Website Examples

In Path Dental's unique selling proposition lies in its commitment to inclusivity and personalised care, tailoring services to meet the specific needs of each individual patient. 

This strategy attracts a multicultural audience – visitors are more likely to convert if they see that a dental practice is closely aligned with their demographic. 

As visitors scroll through the In Path Dental website, they are presented with a section highlighting its various sponsors, including several well-known names. This association with recognizable brands helps in building trust.

In Path Dental Sponsors - Dental Website Examples

The remainder of the homepage features a concise overview of the offered services for convenience (these go into more detail on their dedicated pages found in the header), and a section for testimonials from satisfied clients which helps build trust among prospects.

in Path Dental Testimonials - Dental Webaite Examples
Bowles Dental Website Examples

The Bowles Dental website opens with an engaging headline paired with a relevant image and two call-to-action (CTA) buttons that encourage visitors to book an appointment either online or via call or text.

They also include dedicated sections aimed at engaging their target audience, primarily families, and convincingly conveying why Bowles Dental is the best choice to meet their needs.

Bowles Dental Information - Dental Website Examples

The testimonials section emphasises this dedication to becoming long-term dental care partners with the headline “Become a Patient for Life.” It's complemented by a personal testimonial that gives you a sense of being part of a practice that values familiarity and comfort.

Bowles Dental Testimonials - Dental Website Examples

It's professional yet intimate, showing they're not just about appointments but about building lasting connections.

The home page conveniently features the clinic's address, paired with an integrated Google map for easy navigation directly from a user's device. The trust badges at the end help build trust of the authenticity of the practice.

Bowles Dental Location Map - Dental Website Examples

The consistent use of the words "modern" and "transformative" across the website characterizes the approach Zen Dental takes to offering its services. 

This message is echoed by the image slider section that displays their sleek, up-to-date office environment, which can help invoke interest in prospects.

Zen Dental Studio - Dental Website Examples

The next few sections of the page build upon this and describe the different ways Zen Dental stands out from other dental practices. This is a simple way to convince visitors to book an appointment with you.

Zen Dental Studio Services - Dental Website Examples

The website's final section showcases patient testimonials that reinforce trust and demonstrate the clinic's quality of care. 

Visitors can filter these to display specific categories like service or staff, this helps showcase the particular aspect of the clinic they're interested to hear about.

Zen Dental Studios Testimonials - Dental Website Examples

Animating sections on the website also helps encourage interaction from visitors and click one of the several CTAs present throughout the page to book an appointment.

For details about services and payments, you can use the header and navigate to the relevant tab. This website design approach can be another great option if you have a convincing unique selling point you can sell to visitors.

Brentwood Dental Group - Dental Website Examples

The hero section includes a convenient contact form to schedule an appointment without the need to navigate to another page, making it easier for visitors to book an appointment and keep their attention focused on taking action right as they enter the site. 

The 'Patient Education' section on the header answers frequently asked dental questions, which could also help the site appear in search results for various other searches, increasing visibility and organic traffic.

Brentwood Dental Group Header - Dental Website Examples

As you scroll, you can read brief descriptions of the key elements of the practice.

Brentwood Dental Group Description - Dental Website Examples

These tabs include the ‘Our Team’ section that introduces the dental professionals at Brentwood, building trust through transparency. 

'Services' is another tab which showcases the clinic's offerings and immediately lets a potential customer know if the practice offers what they need.

The 'Patient Information' guides newcomers on what to expect and gives them a clear picture of what comes next. 

The site also has a bottom bar with a CTA to book an appointment that stays with you as you go through the site, so visitors immediately know where to click once they've made their decision.

Brentwood Dental Group Map - Dental Website Examples
Dentologie Dental Website Examples

Dentologies uses a modern minimalist design with a focus on readability, navigation, and ease of use. 

This is apparent from their home page, which features a short headline, a CTA, and a small picture of their clinic. This type of approach to website design is great if you want to direct your visitor's attention to a specific task without offering too many distractions. 

As you scroll, the website provides a brief description of why you should choose Dentologies, a testimonials section to build trust, and a services overview to give visitors an idea of what the practice offers.

Dentologie Testimonials - Dental Website Examples

You can learn more about these by navigating to the “Services” tab on the header and selecting the service you want to learn more about. 

These display stats on what patients can expect – which can help bolster the confidence of potential clients in your services, providing evidence of your superior effectiveness compared to competitors.

Dentologie Stats - Dental Website Examples
Yorkshire Dental Suite - Dental Website Examples

The hero section features a video as its background of people of various backgrounds with one aspect in common: perfect smiles. This complements the headline and provides the visitor with a clear picture of what to expect.

The green bar below the top header, along with the Google reviews showcased at the bottom of the hero section, serves as trust indicators, casting the dental practice in a positive light for potential clients.

There are two CTAs, one to fill in a contact form, the other to learn more about dental implants offered by YDS and how much it’ll cost you on average. This guides visitors towards taking the next step, whether they're ready to engage with the clinic or just seeking more information – they have the flexibility to choose.

The homepage contains a range of information and dental marketing tactics. These include an overview of the dental care services offered and a step-by-step walkthrough of what to expect upon scheduling an appointment. 

This helps prepare patients in advance, ensuring they are well-informed about the process and know what comes next, which can ease anxiety and build confidence in the practice's services.

Yorshire Dental Suite Process - Dental Website Examples

A notable section is the short videos showcasing before-and-after pictures of some of their standout treatments, along with the procedures implemented. This helps assure potential patients of the clinic's capability to deliver successful treatments.

Yorkshire Dental Suite Services - Dental Website Examples

Another great dental marketing feature is the sticky footer that promises a free consultation, enticing visitors into booking an appointment.

Yorkshire Dental Suite Vision - Dental Website Examples

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