OptimizePress April 2021 Update

May 4, 2021

By David Frosdick

What's New in OptimizePress  April 2021: Trust Badges, Arrows, Integrations & URL Parameters

March saw one of our most significant updates and released a highly requested feature, subscription payments for OptimizeCheckouts. We also expanded our extensive library of marketing elements.

But, we didn't stop there; we've kept the OptimizePress train running at full steam, and in April, we have added more new features and integrations for you to use.

Plus... we always make little fixes and tweaks here and there based on feedback from you, our amazing community. You can always check our full Changelog inside our member's hub.

This post will give you a quick rundown of all those new features we released in April so that you are entirely up to date and can learn about anything you may have missed. 😎

URL Parameters (Just Released 🆕 )

This new feature allows you to pre-fill data in form fields on your pages. It does this by using URL mapping - so you can now pass data to other forms from previous forms like an opt-in form to checkout form.

Let's dive in and see how this works.

How to use this feature

To use the parameter settings you first need to set your URL mapping in the opt-in form input fields.

This mapping name can be anything. Please note, some external services may provide you with the correct URL mapping they use. In this examples we're keeping it simple.

We've set:

First Name field = fname

First name URL Field mapping


The Email field we've set the URL Mapping = email

Showing the URL Email Field

To use this function the URL must have the mapping names in it like:


An example URL string would looks like this:


Here's what happens when we add the string to the URL:

First name being prefilled with URL Parameters

The name is pre-filled in the form.

Now we're going to pre-fill the email.

In my next example my URL string looks like this:

https://yoursite.com?fname=David&email[email protected]

Notice the two URL mappings in bold.

Here's what happens when we add the string to the URL

Prefill Email with URL Parameters

As you see the email is now also pre-filled in the form.

Override Form Fields

Let's take it one step further and override a custom form field using URL mapping.

You might have a web form that is used for lead capture and people submit the form with their details requesting for help to grow their email list.

The form field URL mapping is already set as goal.

Override form fields

And, to save time you set the default form field text to save them time typing it in.

Now, let's say you wanted to email your existing email subscribers about a new coaching package you are offering.

To save time setting up another web form (although it's super quick in OptimizePress) you decide to use a form you already have, but you want to override the form field with the word Coaching and not use the current default field text Grow Email List.

Because we have set the URL mapping we can use the goal mapping and replace that with Coaching by using the following URL:

https://yoursite.com?fname=David&email[email protected]&goal=Coaching

Here's the result.

Showing the URL Parameter in the URL

We have replaced the default form field text with our new word based off the URL parameter string.

Tip: Including more than one Variable

If you need to include more than one variable in your URL, for example name and email, you need to use the & character in between each item for example:

https://yoursite.com/page/?name=NAME&[email protected]

Automatically Pass Form Field Data and autofil

Now, we can go one step further and pass data to another form.

Why would you do this?

Let's say you have an opt-in for a free guide and an upsell on the thank you page with a OptimizeCheckouts checkout form.

Firstly you add the checkout form to your page and add the same URL mapping for all the fields.

Email Field URL Mapping

Next we add the checkout page URL to the Redirect to URL form post action and turn on Autofill Form Fields.

Use Optin forms to pass form data to checkout

What happens now is the data submitted in the opt-in form is passed to the checkout form and pre-fills any fields that match up.

In this example it fills the name (fname) and email (email).

Pre-fill the checkout form with url parameters

This new feature opens up a lot of possibilities for you to give a better experience to your prospects and customers as they move through your websites and sales funnels. 

Be sure to let us know how you plan to use this in the comments at the end of this post!

Hand Drawn Arrows Update

One of our most popular updates in April was the introduction of brand new hand drawn arrows in our existing Arrows element.

The new hand drawn arrow design pack includes 100 arrows of all types including curled arrows, outline arrows, small and large arrows and many variations to suit your design.

Hand drawn arrows examples

You can easily use this element to encourage your web visitors to click on the call to action (CTA) offers on your pages.

We’ve also included a new “flip arrow” setting that makes this element even more flexible and gives you further design options when building or editing a webpage.

Adjust the colour, size and rotation angle of the Arrow

So you may be wondering, why use these arrows on your marketing pages? Well, this subtle and simple update to our arrow element packs a powerful marketing punch. 👊 

Directional cues on your web pages from graphics or images will influence where the visitor focuses their attention. Directional cues like arrows on a webpage are a simple but effective marketing strategy and page optimisation.  

Learn about our updated arrows element

Read the full update and see examples of the arrows you can use to create directional cues on your marketing pages.

FluentCRM Integration

FluentCRM is a new and innovative email marketing service that has been gaining popularity in the past few years.

One of the main reasons for Fluent CRMs success with customers is they offer a WordPress plugin rather than being a Software as Service platform like Drip or Convertkit.

This means you are not limited on number of emails sent, campaigns created, or customizations to your design when using this program unlike most other services out there which have monthly fees attached to them.

FluentCRM Integration

We've put together a short update showing the full list of features for FluentCRM and a guide on how to get started with connecting your site to their service so you can start growing your email list.

Learn more about fluentCRM

Read the full update showing how to integrate with FluentCRM, managing your lists and getting started with the OptimizePress integration.

HubSpot Integration

Founded in 2006, HubSpot has been providing email marketing and automation for SMBs since the early 2000's.

HubSpot Screenshot

Hubspot provides a full suite of solutions to help businesses manage their customer experience better – from lead generation through conversion.

We know that some of our more established customers have been using HubSpot for some time, and we're now providing a better way to integrate OptimizePress opt-in forms and checkout forms with HubSpot.

Learn about HubSpot

Read the full update about integrating OptimizePress and HubSpot.

Trust Badges Element Boosts Credibility & Conversions

Looking to increase conversions? Trust badges will help you do just that. Showing customers a money back guarantee or risk free trial is one of the most positive elements to include on your sales page.

We've added a brand new Trust Badge element to OptimizePress that gives you the ability to easily add trust badges and credibility enhancing images to your pages in just a few clicks.

You can change the colour of every badge in our element to fit your page and branding, and even rotate the images if you want to get creative with your design.

Examples of Trust Badges

Trust badges included range from money back guarantees and secure seals to best seller seals.

Money back guarantees can often be overused as most online sellers soon realised money back guarantees helped increased conversions. When used ethically in sales messaging, money back guarantees and other trust signals eliminate people's doubt of making a purchase.

These tiny pushes you make as a seller, to get your message across, help the customer learn what's on offer and you gain a little trust. Stating you offer a risk free trial or money back after 30 days, removes all those worries a buyer has.

Learn about Trust Badge & see examples

Read the full update about our new Trust Badge and see examples of other sites using them to increase conversion by adding more trust signals.

Funnel Visualiser Date Filtering

As requested by many of you, the new stats filter allows you to select the dates you want to see stats for, then drill down to those results.

You will see the new date filter in the main Funnel Stats page and top right when in  the Funnel Visualiser.

Funnel Visualiser Date Select

The date filter lets you choose a date range for which you want to show your stats. You can select any period and customise with settings for days, months and years.

Date filter select for funnel stats

And, you can choose from some of the preset date periods for ease of use when viewing averages.

Funnel Visualiser Date Filtering

We are continuing to refine and update OptimizeFunnels, so keep sending us your requests for new features and help make this tool even more powerful than it already is.

Google PageSpeed Updates Coming Soon!

Our OptimizePress engineering team have been working hard behind the scenes on a very exciting update to the platform which will bring a huge round of speed improvements.

Pages created with our OptimizeBuilder page builder already perform very well in pagespeed testing, but we're always looking for ways to give you even better results when you use the platform.

This has been of increased importance since Google released news late last year that Core Web Vitals (or PageSpeed test results) will become a ranking factor in the coming months.

This means the speed of your pages will affect how well your pages rank in Google search results - making it very important for SEO to use a tool which optimizes your page code for best results.

The optimizations we're making to our platform will cater for the page experience signals that Google is looking for in it's PageSpeed testing - but will also bring overall speed improvements to your pages - after all, user experience is still the most important factor on your sites.

All of these changes and improvements will mean you don't have to mess around with tweaking and testing lots of different plugins to get your site to perform well.

Google PageSpeed Results

Without getting too technical, this update will bring greater control for you to decide which codes to load on your pages initially, or "defer" these scripts to avoid any initial delays when a page loads.

We've also made significant structural changes to how elements like icons and fonts are included in your pages, to minimise any potential page load overheads and give you optimal speeds "out of the box".

Faster Pages are Coming!

We're very excited to release the new superfast OptimizeBuilder to you, and we're confident this will launch well in time for Google's rollout of the new page experience rules which is scheduled for June 2021.

That's A Wrap

So there you have it again. April was another busy month of new features and updates for your OptimizePress, and we also squashed some minor bugs and made improvements to exisiting elements. See the full Changelog to view all the fixes.

Now go try out some of the new elements and let us know if they improve conversions for you.

If you have a favourite feature from our April updates, please drop us a comment below and let us know.

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