60 About Us templates To Build Trust and convert more leads

by Onder Hassan

Last Updated: November 9, 2023

About Us Templates sections

An About Us section on a web page is one of the most powerful yet underutilized parts of your website or blog. It can make a huge difference in generating a positive connection with your audience.

We've released 60 brand new About Us templates sections that are now live and available to use in the OptimizePress Builder. You can insert these done-for-you designs to engage your visitors and build new fans rapidly.

What is an About Us section?

The "About Us" section of a website is a dedicated area where you can share information about yourself, your business and your products to help new visitors learn and understand what the website is about.

It serves as a window for visitors to look deeper into the values, mission, history and the people important to your website or brand.

The "About Us" or "About Me" section helps build credibility and relatability with visitors. It turns your web pages into a narrative visitors can engage with.

Wistia About Us Page

Wistia about us page showcases the story of their business

Here's some of the elements to include in an 'About Us section:

People: A personal introduction from you or someone significant in your business. 

Mission & Values: Share your personal or business mission and values.

Visuals: Images or videos will make a personal connection and give a face to your products and services. 

Culture and Ethos: Your personal ethos or company culture gives visitors a sense of what it's like to work with or buy from you.

What are the conversion benefits of an About Us section?

Several benefits make having an 'About Us' section an effective part of a web page:

It helps you build trust & credibility

The "About Us" section on a website tells visitors about your company's background, what it stands for, and its goals. When people know more about you, they feel comfortable and trust you more. 

This can make visitors feel good about buying from or working with you.

Stronger connection with visitors

When a website shows pictures or tells stories about its team and founders, it makes the company feel more like real people and not just a business. 

This helps visitors see the human side of your company, and as a result, visitors can feel a closer connection to you.

Makes your brand stand out from competitors

A good "About Us" section shows what's unique or special about your company, making it stand out from other businesses.

This special thing could be your story or what you believe in. Customers who like this unique part might be more interested in buying from or supporting your vision.

Tells your story without interrupting the visitor's journey

If you have a simple landing page or homepage, you might not want a dedicated About Us page. Adding a dedicated About Us section to a page lets you tell your story without interrupting the visitor journey. You can keep visitors focused on your primary call to action and not distracted by other pages on your website or in your funnel.

Improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Adding a keyword-optimized About Us section to your web pages can help your website show up better in search results.

Optimizing your About Us section for SEO means using keywords and phrases that people might type into search engines. This can make your website more visible when people search online.

Helps build business-to-business opportunities

Businesses and companies are always looking for new promotion partners to work with. Adding an About Us section on your web page will help make your story and values stand out to potential joint venture opportunities. People like to work with businesses that align with their own ethos and promote products that share similar values.

60 About Us Templates

We've looked at some of the most popular and high-converting About Us examples from across the web and created 60 powerful new 'About Us' template sections to save you hours and help you connect with visitors.

About Us Templates

Each section comes with light and dark options, giving you the choice to use whichever suits your brand.

As with all of our premade sections, you can quickly and effortlessly change the text and images with your content and go live ready to engage more visitors.

About Us Sections - Light Style

Start using the 60 About Us Templates

Whether you have an established business or are just starting out, having an effective 'About Us' section is a great way to kickstart your website by connecting with your visitors most effectively.

About Us sections - dark style

With our new sections, you can drag and drop the best section design for your brand, add your images and text and watch in excitement as your new visitors turn into raving fans and loyal customers.

These new sections are now available inside the OptimizePress landing page builder for you to access (for all plans).

Already an OptimizePress customer? Upgrade to the Suite.

Not yet a customer? Buy the Suite plan and get this template collection.

We'd love to hear how you plan to use these new sections - let us know in the comments below...

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Build Landing Pages That Convert with our Inspiration Lookbook

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