Building a good landing page is like laying down the red carpet for your potential customers to walk down. At the end of that red carpet awaits your lead magnet for them.

Landing pages play a vital role in growing your email list and have become part of everyday marketing. You will want to learn how to build them quickly, test them for better conversions, test different offers and even test new business ideas.

The process of a landing page is to do one thing only, usually this is to capture the name and email of the perso who lands on the page. How you choose to entice the user into entering their name and email will depend on the content, the page headlines, the product images or videos telling the user the benefits of your offer. If you do this well then converting the visitor (into a subscriber) will be easy. Finding the balance is the hard part.

Over the years landing pages have changed so much and have even been adapted into content landing pages or info pages. These are pages that are content heavy and mostly used for educating people about how to do something specific or an in-depth step by step guide like split testing with OptimizePress and Google Analytics.

Content landing pages still have a goal but they are more tailored to building rapport or nurturing your leads before they submit any details.

As customers get wise to hyped up headlines and bright red fonts, it’s becoming more difficult to convert cold leads with just a minimal page. This is why we get creative or use video to add some personality and build engagement or, going a step further, by creating a content landing page to build some trust.

Landing pages are not the most search engine friendly page on your site and they are mostly used for using targeted ads to send traffic directly to a Call-To-Action on your site.

Good luck trying to get a basic minimal landing pages to rank in search engines or even approved by ad companies; Google have very strict policies on what types of landing page they will allow you to send ad traffic.

In the OptimizePress HQ we want our landing page templates to convert cold leads into long term customers and that is why we have created this guide to creating the ultimate search engine friendly landing page.

Here’s a glimpse of an infographic we made to help you.



We have added the compete infographic you can download at the bottom of this article.

OptimizePressl anding pages infographic


We want to help you connect with your leads, subliminally encourage them to give you a name and email and at the same time keep the search engines happy with the content on the landing page.

As with any landing page it’s very hard or even near impossible to get a single landing page to rank in search result. We are going to show you in this article that with some additional content on your page you can soon come up with a perfect landing page that has a clear call-to-action message, doesn’t distract away from the call-to-action and provides enough genuine information that search engines “may” index it.

We’re not saying they will index this page but understand we are not trying to cheat search engines. We adhere to their guidelines and provide what they want. We also want the landing page to convert so having this extra information can certainly help.

If you include all the info shown here this landing page should even pass the guidelines required by most advertising networks.

[feature_box style=”8″ only_advanced=”There%20are%20no%20title%20options%20for%20the%20choosen%20style” alignment=”center”]

NOTE: This is just a guide, if you own OptimizePress, you have the most flexible landing page editor at your finger tips so don’t be afraid to try new things and mix up your market. Test, test, test!


What you will learn in this article:

  • The optimal content flow for your landing page layout
  • What content to include throughout the page so people can connect with you.
  • Why to include the additional content so you can engage with cold leads and convert those into lifetime customers.

The Lead Magnet

The lead magnet is item (incentive) you’re giving away to encourage your visitor to submit their information on your landing page.  An example of this might be a resource guide, short report, mindmap or checklist. The product or free gift you are planning to give away will also depend on what content you can ask for from the user and how you plan on marketing to them later.

If you are giving away a free report, pdf, blueprint then name and email is enough.

If you are giving away high priced products, shipping physical products or items with high perceived value you can ask for more details like address or phone number.

Landing Page Length

The length of your landing page can vary dramatically based on lead magnet you are offering. A landing page is very different to a sales page so don’t make it too long trying to cover everything.

Save the selling for a sales page. The landing page should be long enough to cover the benefits of the lead magnet but not overwhelm the user with reasons why they should opt-in.

That said, you can still have a long landing pages if you need to answer objections.

Let’s Breakdown The Landing Page



Now we are getting into the meat of your OptimizePress landing page. These are the elements you should include on your landing pages to keep the search engines happy and connect to your audience with engaging images and social proof.

The Header Area

As OptimizePress is the most flexible landing page editor on the market you are not tied down to fixed options on your pages. You have the flexibility use one of our tested layouts or create your own from scratch.


First decide on the type of header and navigation you want.

  1. Use the OptimizePress header layout and link the navigation links to individual pages on your site.
  2. Turn off the header and build you own row where you add the logo image and manually code the navigation links to jump down to areas (contact & about) on your page by using anchor links.
  3. Use the OverlayOptimizer with text block inside to load information like contact info, about text.

There are many choice for the header area but using the default layout in OptimizePress is perfect.  You will find that some landing pages included in our platform do not include a header section as we have found this sometimes can improve conversions (it’s best to test this for yourself to see what works for your audience).

Your landing page logo and navigation area should be neatly positioned at the top inline and in proportion with each other.

Don’t make these too big on your landing pages. We don’t want to waste valuable space above the fold.

– Logo

Your logo should be positioned at top left of your page inline with your navigation on the right. It should not overpower the header area. Make it big enough to be recognised and remembered but small enough to allow room for the content below to be seen.

OptimizePress landing page will automatically reduce the logo size on page so it fits nicely in the header area and make it mobile responsive.



– Navigation

The navigation will be positioned on the right. Use a clear font face that is easy to read and a reasonable size like 14px to 16px.


Include the following links in your navigation so people can easily click and find what they want:

  • About Us – The information about you or your company, covered later down the page.
  • Contact – Link to a contact page or jump further down to the company overview section.
  • Testimonials (Optional) – No usually seen in the top nav but if you have glowing testimonials then show them off.

Again, have some fun and test what links you change and see if they help conversions.

Visual Focal Points

Video or product images become the visual focus point of your page. Make images the best quality you can.


Video is a better option and has more benefits but will need a catchy call-to-action as part of your video. Two reason why we use videos:

  • Retention: A valuable video will grab attention and people to stay longer on your page, allowing your message to be absorbed.
  • Increased trust: Videos brings your product to life with a face and voice. It provides instant engagement with the viewer.

Knowing your customers preference for articles or videos will increase conversions.

Autoplay or not? Autoplay is annoying but it can convert better – you must split test your audience to find out the answer to that question.

If you give people what they want, your landing pages will convert better. Now you just have to test, test, test to find out what they want.

The Call-To-Action (CTA) Area

You landing page CTA is usually an area that includes a strong headline and form where the user submits their name and email.

These are the elements of your page where you will continually tweak and test.


Use Strong headline above your opt-in form. The most import line on your page and usually the first element seen before a user watches the video. It should grab the user attention immediately and clearly describe your offer. Split test your headlines and track your conversions.


You don’t always have much space for headline in this style of page so make this clear and concise on what you are giving away. It can support the video if needed but keep it simple, remember you are trying to get the user to enter their email.

Headline example: The 5 Tools To Make You More Productive Daily

There are hundreds or resources for creating headlines and learning copywriting but my favourite example is this from Lenka Instvanova – The ultimate headline formula.

Numbers + Adjective + Target Keyword + Rationale + Promise

How to craft the perfect headline

Have a go at crafting your own headlines and post them in the comments below.

Supporting Headline

The perfect line to backup your headline claim or provide some additional keywords to reinforce the main headline. Also use quote marks to draw attention to keywords or make references.

Example: Become a “productivity expert” without trying.


Other Headline examples:

  • Main headline – The 5 Tools To Make You More Productive Daily
  • Supporting headline – Includes Checklist, Guide & Case Study

The Form

Keep it simple and just ask for name and email. If you are filtering more targeted leads ask for more details. Don’t be afraid to test your forms, even try including a phone number.



Call-To-Action Button

You button text must describe what will happen when the user clicks the button. This is a primary point to regularly test on your landing page.


Text examples for a productivity ebook might be: “Get Productive Now” “Download Now” “Start Learning” “Get Your FREE Blueprint” “Get More Productive“.

Your CTA buttons must stand out on the page using one of your primary colours or a bright colour so it becomes the focal point.

OptimizePress landing pages button example

Try testing different button text, button colours and sizes. Measure your goal success rate with Google Analytics or another conversion tracking tool. You need to know which buttons convert better.

Button Sizes: Would you believe that button size on a landing page could affect signups? …It can

buttons size split test

Read the full article about 10 Call-to-Action Case Studies, it will amaze you.

Spam Policy

Showing an email privacy policy can have mixed affects on your forms because you are telling people their email is safe and most spam policies include word spam… think about that for a minute…



Had enough time to think…?

Maybe these examples will help you.

Michael Lykke Aagaard ran a split tests on how the privacy policy can affect signups.

Here’s the first experiment:

Privacy Policy Experiment

Here’s the second experiment:

Experiment Privacy Policy

Amazed?? I was…

Just using the word spam had less signups!

This is why we say TEST, TEST, TEST!

Please take the time to read the full experiment on Michael’s site: How Your Privacy Policy Affects Sign-Ups – Surprising Data From 4 Different A/B Tests.

[optin_box style=”24″ alignment=”center” email_field=”inf_field_Email” email_default=”Enter your email address” email_order=”2″ integration_type=”infusionsoft” double_optin=”Y” list=”142″ name_field=”inf_field_FirstName” name_default=”Enter your first name” name_order=”1″ name_required=”Y” action_page=”″][optin_box_hidden][/optin_box_hidden][optin_box_field name=”headline”]Enter Your Name & Email Below for Access to the Ultimate SEO Landing Page Resources[/optin_box_field][optin_box_field name=”paragraph”]PHA+TG9yZW0gaXBzdW0gZG9sb3Igc2l0IGFtZXQsIGNvbnNlY3RldHVyIGFkaXBpc2NpbmcgZWxpdC4gRG9uZWMgdmVsIG51bmMgbm9uIGxhY3VzIHZlbmVuYXRpcyBjb21tb2RvLjwvcD4K[/optin_box_field][optin_box_field name=”privacy”]We value your privacy and would never spam you[/optin_box_field][optin_box_field name=”top_color”]undefined[/optin_box_field][optin_box_button type=”0″ button_below=”Y”]Get Instant Access![/optin_box_button] [/optin_box]

Features & Benefits

Your landing page should focus on benefits, not features.  Using benefits leads to higher conversions as the actual benefit to the end user is conveyed, rather than just listing the features of your ebook/guide etc.


Use benefit based lists and descriptions. Benefits carry more weight.

  • Benefits – List your benefits to describe the problem you are solving. A subtle mention of recognised names gives authority proof, again use role performance statements like “become a landing page conversion expert”.
  • Features – List features to explain what those benefits do. Address objection and back up your claims with proof.

[feature_box style=”10″ only_advanced=”There%20are%20no%20title%20options%20for%20the%20choosen%20style” alignment=”center”]

Benefits sell, features support those benefits.


Secondary Buttons

Try including secondary CTA buttons within your pages like a “Take the tour” or “Get Started”.


Only use these if your landing page is long enough and has room. Having a secondary CTA will take users away from the primary action but you could try a secondary button linking to the same primary lead magnet, basically using different text on the button. A perfect chance to split test without any technical scripts.

About You

Many landing pages have no personality. People never want to share who is actually behind the landing page. This section should cover who you are, what you do and your experiences that qualify you to be asking for a name and email.

OptimizePress landing pages about you section

Don’t be afraid to add an image of yourself on your landing pages. They become the visual point of the page section and it allows people to put a face to a name. You should see a higher conversion rate as people will connect with you. Having an image of yourself adds credibility and proof there is someone running your business.

You should be proud of your products, so grab your smartphone and take a selfie if you have to! Actually don’t do that. Get a friend to take a nice profile shot of yourself against a white wall and use that on your pages.

A profile shot of yourself could also be used at the top of your landing page in replace of the video or product image.

Testimonials & Social Proof

Social proof is very powerful along with recognised brand logos. You can show a “seen in” area to build reputation if you have been featured in the press.

Be specific with company names don’t just say “big companies use our service” use the actual company name.



Use testimonials from individuals to help address the objections that your product is for them and not just for large companies.

Extract the essential point of the testimonial and make it bold or the headline. Show company logos under testimonials. If you don’t have any testimonials you can grab a screenshot from a Facebook comment or twitter.

Company Overview

This area can include your contact information and also a brief summary about your company what you do.



Don’t bother using some made up mission statement about how your product saves the world. Keep it simple. Explain how you can be contacted, what hours you are available and any other relevant information.

Remember search engines want to know you are are real business so keep it simple and show them your details, don’t hide.


Your footer should include the following links:

  • contact page
  • terms and conditions
  • privacy policy



Link directly to these pages and even set the links to open in a new window so your landing page remains open on the users browser.

Some Additional Tips

If you follow the guide you should have yourself a well structured landing page waiting for you to drive some traffic to. Here are some additional tips to help you craft the perfect landing page and convert more leads.

Overall Page Colour

Colour tone is very important! Knowing the colour tone for the market you are trying to reach can make or break your conversions especially if you mix up the wrong colours with your CTA buttons.

Try to use a single colour tone for the page and bright CTA button.

We have created a colour emotion guide to help you pick a colour.

OptimizePress Colour Emotion Guide

(You can download the complete colour emotion guide at the bottom of this article)

If you want to use more colours they should compliment each other and be used consistently throughout your funnel. Yes I do mean on your confirmation or content delivery pages as well.

There’s no point creating a beautiful OptimizePress landing page with a soft colour tone like Afternoon Chai only to have a email popup form with a mix of Pear Lemon Fizz buttons and Garden Swimming Pool on the follow up pages.

To find good colour tones for your landing and sales pages visit Adobe Kuler.

OptimizePress landing pages colour palette

This is where you can turn a basic page into an amazing colour coordinated design using the colour palettes.

The Suggestive Technique

If you are going to use full page images try using the suggestive techniques. This is where your image might have a directional viewpoint.

OptimizePress Blog | The ultimate guide to search engine friendly landing pages

Rather than having an image of a person looking straight out at the user, have the image behind the opt-in form or looking towards the opt-in form. The focal point switches as the eyes will naturally be drawn towards the direction of the view point.

The landing above is from our ClubHouse templates.

Mobile Click-To-Call Links

Make you phone numbers mobile friendly using the tel+ ref for your phone numbers.

<a href=”tel:+1800123456″>Call us free!</a>

Try these on your pages if you included phone numbers and want people to call you.


Add an element of surprise to your landing pages. No we don’t mean a transparent video of you running across the screen (however it might be worth a try). We mean mixing up your images photographs that have a wow factor. Maybe an image of you sky-diving or standing on cliff edge or the top of a tourist attraction.

Try and keep the image related to your company of offer don’t just add them for the sake of it. Be creative and always test, test, test.

Avoid External Links

The text in your landing page content should not include any links. If you do want to add some extra content that didn’t fit on the page you could use the OverlayOptimizer but don’t link to external sites or other sales pages.

Your page has one goal, to collect leads. I’m aware I said about linking in the footer, this should be the only links that open on the page or links that open new windows to a page with legal info.

No Distractions

Keep your pages simple and clean. Avoid butterfly’s going across the screen or even chat scripts opening up (although this could work on sales pages). Let the users flow into your funnel and don’t think of adding unnecessary form fields that could cost your business $12 million unless you are split testing.

White Space

Create white space and give important elements room to breathe. White space on landing pages helps define areas of interest making your content easier to read.




Pattern interruption is also something worth trying. As we get wise what to expect on landing pages try and break the normal flow.

You could try adding the OverlayOptimizer Delay or Exit Pop were you present a video. Be different, try reversing the content order on your landing page. Start with info about you, the company, then testimonials, then add video and opt-in form last. If you try this you will need a good headline to get the user to scroll down.

Pattern interruption would work well with surprise. Remember test everything. Having opt-in forms further down the page may increase conversion… you never know until you test.

Now Test A Live Site

If want to have a look at some live tests go to Usabilityhub’s live test area and you can start helping others by giving feedback on their landing pages.

If you want to pay and have anonymous people test your pages try these sites.

The Confirmation Page

I really wanted to include this page as I see so many stale confirmation pages. The after experience your new subscribers have will determine how believable you really are and set expectations going forward.

This is great time to touch your leads hot points. Seeing a confirmation gives clarity that the the opt-in form worked and they will receive their free gift.

Always use this page to explain clearly what will happen next or tell them what to do next.

Do not try and sell some unrelated product.

Here’s how you could touch your leads and build more brand awareness:

  • Blog posts – Share your most popular blog post or guest posts related to the topic
  • Social Media – Ask your new signups to give you a shout out on social media after they opt-in. Give them a hashtag like #seolandingpages (click to tweet) make it even easier by using our social sharing icons or even hard code the message into your tweet.
  • Surprise – Give them something out of the ordinary and be different to you competitors, it could be a video of you explaining a strategy, a bonus training session or additional content downloads.

The Landing Page Toolkit

Download your landing pages toolkit which includes:

  • Landing Page Infographic (PDF)
  • Colour Emotion Guide (PDF)
  • Landing Page eBook (PDF Version of this article)

[optin_box style=”24″ alignment=”center” email_field=”inf_field_Email” email_default=”Enter your email address” email_order=”2″ integration_type=”infusionsoft” double_optin=”Y” list=”142″ name_field=”inf_field_FirstName” name_default=”Enter your first name” name_order=”1″ name_required=”Y” action_page=”″][optin_box_hidden][/optin_box_hidden][optin_box_field name=”headline”]Enter Your Name & Email Below for Access to the Ultimate SEO Landing Page Resources[/optin_box_field][optin_box_field name=”paragraph”]PHA+TG9yZW0gaXBzdW0gZG9sb3Igc2l0IGFtZXQsIGNvbnNlY3RldHVyIGFkaXBpc2NpbmcgZWxpdC4gRG9uZWMgdmVsIG51bmMgbm9uIGxhY3VzIHZlbmVuYXRpcyBjb21tb2RvLjwvcD4K[/optin_box_field][optin_box_field name=”privacy”]We value your privacy and would never spam you[/optin_box_field][optin_box_field name=”top_color”]undefined[/optin_box_field][optin_box_button type=”0″ button_below=”Y”]Get Instant Access![/optin_box_button] [/optin_box]

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