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Share Your Templates With Unique Sharing Links

Share any templates you create in OptimizePress with client, friends, customer and even earn affiliate commission using our tightly integrated referral link system built into your Template Sharing link.

By David Frosdick

May 18, 2021

In this OptimizePress product update, we've added another heavily requested new feature, template sharing links! Yes, that's right; this will allow you to share templates via a template sharing link.

This update will appeal to all of you who work with clients using OptimizePress, or want to more easily share their designs with customers or prospects.

If you have built a template and saved it to your OptimizePress cloud library, it can be shared.

By simply finding the template in your cloud library, you can create a share link and send it to anyone.

Yes, any templates you have built using the OptimizePress editor you can share with clients, customers or prospects, and if they don't have an OptimizePress account, they can create one from the shared template login page. We'll show you more about this below.

How it works

Here's how you can take any template from your site and share it with another OptimizePress member or potential customer.

Firstly we'll look at exporting the template and where you go to find it. Then we'll look at what happens to the end-user when they click the link and access the template.

A quick video walkthrough

If you can't watch the video right now we've listed all the steps below so you can get started right away.

How To Export A Template To Your Template Cloud Library

1. Start by creating a new template in the OptimizePress builder or using an existing page that you've already created.

2. Once your template is finished and ready for sharing, you must first export the template from the Page builder. This is done under Settings > Export Template.

3. In the Export wizard, give the page a name and description then click submit.

4. Wait for the confirmation page and click Close.

5. The template has now been exported to your Template Cloud.

How to get the share link

Now we are going to find the template we just exported and get the share link to send to people.

1. Jump over to the member hub and login - this is where your templates get stored and managed in your cloud library.

2. Once you've logged in, go to Your Templates on the left.

3. On this page find the template you just exported and click the yellow share link.

4. A popup will appear with a link you can copy. This is the link you would give to a client, prospect or friend you are sharing the page with.

5. Click Copy To Clipboard to get your share link and you are now ready to share your template.

All you would do is pas that link to whomever you want to access it or you might even add it as link in a piece of content. You can use this link anyway just like any other link and share you template.

If you're wondering what happens when someone click the link, then read on.

What happens when someone clicks the share link?

Now we're going to look at what happens when someone (or yourself) clicks a share link to access the shared template. 

Remember, you will need to be an OptimizePress customer to access the template immediately or they can buy OptimizePress directly from the share page.

Once the share link is generated it will look something like this but with a longer string of characters on the end. 

This is an example Template Sharing link:

1. Click the link or paste the URL into your web browser.

2. You will see a page that shows the template name and thumbnail image of the template being shared. On the same page is a login form.

3. Next, enter your credentials and log in.

4. Once logged in, you will see a confirmation message saying Template Received Successfully.

5. Scroll down the page and you will see the template you just received.

6. That's it. The template has now been shared with you, imported and saved in your Template Cloud.

How do we use a shared template on our wordPress site?

Next, we're going to use the template that we just saved to our Template Cloud. 

Remember all the templates in your OptimizePress Template Cloud can be accessed via any sites which are connected to the same OptimizePress account.

1. Go to the OptimizePress dashboard and click Create New Page. 

2. Click See More to expand the categories.

3. Then click My Templates.

4. You might need to scroll depending on how many templates you have saved in your account but you will see the template that was shared with you.

5. To use the new shared template just hover over the template and click Use This Template.

And, that is all there is to it.

A simple way to share and use template across any site with any OptimizePress customer.

sharing templates with customers

One of the power solutions with template sharing is sharing landing pages, sales pages, or any kind of website you've made.

If you're creating any training that requires you to share some templates, this feature will make it much easier to get those templates to your customers.

Following the steps above, you simply share the link to the template and they can directly add these templates inside their OptimizePress accounts with one click.

Some of our most successful customers are building complete training programs around OptimizePress and template sharing links make this process even easier.

sharing templates with clients

Are you working with clients who are using OptimizePress?  

You can now use this new template sharing feature to easily get templates into your clients OptimizePress accounts (if you're not using an agency account) so you can build out their pages, funnels and sites on your own site and then just share the links to each template.

No more having to login and work on their site. You can do it all from your own site and simply share the template.

sharing templates and earn affiliate commission

We've added a unique and powerful feature to our template sharing.  If you're an affiliate of OptimizePress (and you should be) - you can add your affiliate link in your account to earn commissions anytime you share a template.

If someone clicks your shared template link and isn't a customer they'll see the template sharing preview screen, and can follow the link to purchase OptimizePress.

If they purchase, your affiliate link will track the purchase from your template page, so you'll earn a recurring yearly commission for every sale you make for OptimizePress as long as those customers remain OptimizePress users.

This is a great way to encourage signups for OptimizePress and provide value to your buyers by them purchasing through your link.

Watch this video to see how you can start earning money for every template you create.

Shared Templates For Customers Only

Any template you share can only be used by a customer of OptimizePress. You'll need our OptimizeBuilder to use and edit the templates.

Remember to update you affiliate ID like shown in the video and then you can earn commission if someone joins after seeing one of your templates.

What next?

So now you know you can share templates you should firstly update your profile with your affiliate ID (or join our affiliate program if you're not already).

Once that's done you can start promoting and sharing your templates with clients, customers and potential customers.

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    • Barry Friedman

      Just did this for the first time to save a page I wanted from a URL that I am going to let expire. Unbelievable… So easy. Thank you very much.

    • David Frosdick

      Thanks Stephanie. It’s such a nice feature for sharing templates with clients and friends.

    • Stephanie Carlisle

      Okay this is hands down AMAZING what an amazing feature to have to sharing templates. Optimizepress is the best.

    • KM Lee

      The template sharing PLUS earning commission feature is really a game changer, never thought we could promote OP in this way. Gives me some cool ideas on promoting OP now. šŸ‘

      • David Frosdick

        Yes, this one is exciting! Any way we can give a little back to our customers, it’s a win for us all!

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