june 2, 2021

By David Frosdick

Release Notes May 2021: Payment Plans, Template Sharing & Amazon S3

The month has flown by faster than a seagull chasing chips on Brighton beach!

In the last three months, we've added over 30+ new features to the platform 🙌 That's a lot of awesomeness going into OptimizePress to help you make sales and have the best tools available to build your business.

As we continue to push forward in making the OptimizePress Suite the right mix of marketing and conversion tools for you, we are always open to new ideas or bolt-on features that could improve the platform.

Feel free to share your feature requests in the comments below.

So here’s a rundown of what we have added to OptimizePress in May! Take a deep breath and carry on. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with what we’ve rolled out for you.

Payment Plans in OptimizeCheckouts

Our new Payment Plan feature gives you greater flexibility for pricing your products. 

These payment plans allow your buyers to spread their payment over a set number of days.

This little payment gem helps increase conversions because it reduces the initial purchase price of your products and makes your products more affordable to a wider group of people.

Taking a high-priced product and breaking it up into smaller, more manageable payments instantly makes your offering more attractive to the customer. The result is higher conversions and an increase in sales.

Offering your customers payment plans lowers the barrier to entry as they can spread the payments over a period you set rather than seeing one high price point. 

This payment plan update makes OptimizePress a powerful competitor in the WordPress shopping cart space.

Offering a range of payment options to customers means they can choose a schedule that fits their circumstances and gives them choices that might have alternatively meant they would have abandoned the checkout without completing their purchase.

Learn about Payment Plans

Read the full update and see how you can use payment plans to increase conversions on your websites and revenue in your business.

Ultimate Guide To Subscriptions

Recurring revenue is a powerful business strategy to add some consistent cash flow to your business — no more worrying about your next product launch or what new product to make.

With a subscription business, you can sell many different product types. For example, you can build a membership site, add content and start marketing to get new members. Then, as your members grow over time, your revenue increases, and the compounding effect begins. Read the complete guide to see revenue and subscription examples other businesses are using.

You can also take recurring payments for services and products, and this guide will give you an insight into what's working now and what you can do next.

The ultimate guide covers:

Read the ultimate guide to Subscriptions

Get yourself a pen and paper for note taking and read the full guide to learn more about how you can add subscription payments to your business and introduce recurring revenue. 

Easier Template Sharing (with Template Links)

A super neat feature we've added to the platform is Template Sharing, and this will allow you to share templates via a unique template sharing link.

And what makes this even better is connecting your affiliate id to your templates and earning some money if someone joins OptimizePress. 👊

You can share any template you make with clients, customers, friends and family. All you do is add the template to your OptimizePress Template Cloud, generate a share link, and you are good to go.

If you decide to promote OptimizePress, we'll reward you for your efforts. The updates post includes an in-depth guide walking you through all the steps it takes to export, find and share your templates.

And if you want to earn some money, there's a video showing how to hook up your OptimizePress affiliate account with your Template Cloud.

Now, get sharing your designs!

Learn more about template sharing

Read the full update to see how to share your templates and connect your affiliate ID to your account.

Amazon S3 Integrations (OptimizeCheckouts)

Amazon S3 integration has been something frequently requested since we launched OptimizeCheckouts. If you're reading this and don't know what OptmizeCheckouts is, it is our version of a WordPress shopping cart, and it enables you to sell digital products and deliver digital files.

Before this update, you had to upload your product download files to the WordPress media library. Now you can also use Amazon's robust, low-cost S3 service to store your files and then deliver them after the customer completes their purchase.

The advantage to using the Amazon S3 integration is that you reduce the storage on your web host and server load if you are selling lots of downloads.

Also, if you use Amazon's S3, you can enable storage in different countries, meaning your files will be delivered from the nearest server to your customer, making the download even quicker. Faster downloads mean happier customers.

Here's a quick video on how this works.

Bullet List Element Alignment

This is a subtle update, but we know some of you will be over the moon. We have reworked how you can align your bullet list within your content.

Until now we only had left and right alignment and now we have added center alignment.

Many of you might be wondering why offer center alignment on bullet lists. Well, we are always looking to add features you request as long as they don't hinder the function and usability of the platform.

That's A Wrap

So there you have it again. May was another busy month of new features and updates for your OptimizePress, and we also squashed some minor bugs and made improvements to existing elements. See the full Changelog to view all the fixes.

Now go try out some of the new elements and let us know if they improve conversions for you.

If you have a favourite feature from our May updates, please drop us a comment below and let us know.

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