21 Top Law firm website examples from 2024

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Last Updated: January 30, 2024

Law Firm Website Examples

Your law firm's website usually serves as the first point of contact with a client, so it's important to make it captivating, authoritative, and informative.

But starting with a blank canvas isn’t easy, even for the best of designers and digital marketers. So how do you identify effective best practices and designs that draw the most visitors? 

We’ve compiled 21 examples of the best law firm website examples for your inspiration, so you have a starting point for your new law firm website. Let's get started!

What to Include in Your Law Firm Website

Before you begin, it helps to have a clear idea of what to include on your law website. to make it informative, engaging, and user-friendly. 

Here are the key elements that you should include in your Law firm website to maximize success:

  1. Non-cluttered and Responsive: Stick to a consistent color scheme and organize the information on your page so that elements are clear and not jumbled together. Since a good chunk of your visitors will be using mobile devices, ensure your website works smoothly on both mobile and desktop.
  2. Offer Incentives: The attention span of an average visitor is low, and they're likely to click away if they aren't immediately hooked. Offer easy-to-see incentives on your home page, such as a free consultation, to keep potential clients interested.
  3. Keep Visitors Engaged: Use smart tools to track what users do on your website. Integrate well-timed pop-ups to grab attention, making sure they show up at just the right moments, especially when visitors are about to click away.
  4. Social Proof: Display client testimonials, case studies, or success stories to show credibility. Provide stats on the average win rate, the amount recovered, and years in business to build trust. Positive experiences from others can influence visitors to explore your services further.
  5. Multiple Communication Alternatives: Not all visitors will be comfortable with a lengthy phone call; provide a live chat alternative for those who prefer quicker text-based communication over email or speaking over the phone.

21 Top Law Firm Website Examples

Here's a lineup of 21 different law firm websites that showcase a variety of strategies that make up an excellent law firm website.

Morelli Firm - Law Firm Website Examples

Morelli Law Firm's website immediately sets the tone for what visitors can expect. 

The use of a clear headline and introduction text in the hero section quickly communicates the main message and value proposition to visitors, grabbing their attention and encouraging them to explore further.

The inclusion of trust badges in the ‘As Seen In’ section conveys a sense of trustworthiness and credibility increasing their confidence and making visitors more open to using the services offered.

The rest of the site is similarly well done. It includes a list of locations they serve, practice areas, customer testimonials, a form to contact the team, and a live chat feature.

Disparti Law Group - Law Firm Website Examples

The Disparti Law Group's website strongly encourages visitors to take action through bold, easy-to-find call to actions. 

By adding visual trust badges to the ‘Featured On’ section, creates a sense of trust between the law firm website and website visitors. 

Navigating the site is easy, allowing viewers to easily explore the firm's areas of expertise using the header and determine whether they handle the specific case in question.

Barr & young Attorneys - Law Firm Website Examples

The Barr and Douds Attorneys website employs a minimalist design, with a black-and-white color scheme to make it easy to navigate. 

They use a standard CTA, an uncluttered look, and a parallax effect that matches the site's aesthetic.

Barr & young Qualifications - Law Firm Website Examples
Barr & Young Testimonials - Law Firm Website Examples

Barr & Young law firm website includes images and the qualifications of the staff they have. 

This not only helps establish credibility for the Law firm, but also adds a personal touch which can ultimately help convert visitors into customers.

Barr & Young Overview - Law Firm Website Examples
Axiom Law Firm Website Examples

The landing page copy of Axiom’s homepage immediately engages visitors by highlighting their unique selling proposition (USP): affordable legal services.

The home page also has an interactive stats section that highlights their achievements. You can move through these by dragging your mouse over the section. 

When visitors see that this law firm has a track record of success in delivering excellent results, it instills confidence in their ability to meet the visitor's needs.

Axiom Law Trusted Partners - Law Firm Website Examples

The site also features a live chat option and a form so visitors can contact a representative quickly and conveniently.

Pearson Solicitors - Law Firm Website Examples

Pearson’s website gets straight to the point, the hero section lists out all of their offered services and the rest of the home page includes a short introduction, testimonials, and an opt-in form.

Pearson Solicitors Introduction - Law Firm Website Examples
Pearson Solicitors Testimonials - Law Firm Website Examples
Pearson Solicitors Contact - Law Firm Website Examples

The CTA is situated on the sticky header, which means it stays with you as you navigate. This ensures visitors can take action wherever they are on the site.

The rest of the website includes the essentials, plus a blog and case studies section. Blogs can be great if you want to bring in organic traffic and case studies help convince visitors to hire your services alongside the regular testimonials.

Morgan & Morgan - Law Firm Website Examples

Morgan & Morgan takes a somewhat unconventional approach with their website – instead of a CTA through a button, they have a form on the hero section of the page, making it more convenient for visitors to take action by eliminating an added step.

They put a particular emphasis on building trust – this is shown through the as seen on trust badges, a client stories page, video testimonials, an overview of cases won along with their settlements, and the promise to only charge a fee if they win the case for you.

Morgan & Morgan - Law Firm Website Examples

The header contains the list of practice areas, the locations they serve, and other standard information regarding the firm.

Labour Law Firm Website Examples

Labour Law employs a familiar set of conversion tactics we have seen on other sites, with one notable distinction: they concentrate a portion of them exclusively in their homepage's hero section.

These include a CTA featuring an incentive (free case evaluation), win rate statistics, and the assurance that prospective clients won't incur any charges unless the case is won.

They also have a handy FAQ section that visitors can use to get answers for the most common queries, this cuts down the burden on customer support representatives.

Labour Law FAQ - Law Firm Website Examples

Besides these, the site has a blog section, customer reviews, case results, and practice areas. You can opt-in by either using the live chat feature, calling the provided number, or filling in the form.

Sobo & Sobo - Law Firl Website Examples

Sobo and Sobo uses a minimalist landing page design, with a brief description about their services and the CTA to either make a phone call or send them an email. 

This provides a convenient way for visitors to contact them directly, They also offer a live chat option, complete with a unique feature: if a user remains on the page for an extended period without initiating a chat, a pop-up prompts them to start one.

Sobo & Sobo Chat - Law Firm Website Examples

As you scroll, you can see client testimonials sourced directly from Google reviews and a detailed list of their legal services. 

This is a great way for Sobo & Sobo to gain trust from new potential clients visiting the website.

Sobo & Sobo Google Reviews - Law Firm Website Examples
Walters Gilbreath - Law Firm Website Examples

Walters Gilbreath is a family law firm and uses white and gold theme we’ve seen on other law firm lawyers’ websites. 

The landing page is minimal, with a short headline and a CTA to request a consultation to keep the focus on the visitor taking the desired action.

The homepage includes a brief history of the firm's founders which can help build trust, an overview of the services they offer so prospects immediately know if they're at the right place, client testimonials, answers to FAQs, and a contact form helping to promote both the credibility and trustworthiness of the law firm.

Walters Gilbreath - Law Firm Website Examples
Kelli Jones Law - Law Firm Website Examples

The website uses an attractive, pink, white, and maroon color scheme, which fits the overal brand of the author. 

The home page hero section is simplistic and clutter-free, starting off with a short headline and a CTA to book an appointment, which helps keeps the focus on the desired action of driving visitors to schedule a consultation.

The site is dynamic, adapting its content based on your interactions.

As you scroll, you can see the various services offered and an ‘As Seen In’ section that helps build credibility.

Another noteworthy but underutilized conversion booster we've come across is pop-ups –the site has an exit intent pop-up that appears as you move away toward closing the tab. This is a powerful way to encourage visitors who are leaving you site to opt-in to allow for communication with them later.

Kelli Jones Law Popups - Law Firm Website Examples
The Diamond Law Firm Website Examples

The Diamond Law Firm's website has all the essentials. The hero section includes a brief description of their services and a CTA to make it easy and seamless for a visitor to contact them. 

As you scroll, you can read an excerpt from the ‘About’ section, go through the various practice areas, and learn more about the team, which are all the essential details prospects need before making an informed decision.

The Diamond Law Firm About Page - Law Firm Website Examples
Eric Robinson Solicitors Law Firm Website Examples

The Eric Robinson Solicitors website is a colorful one. The home page includes the areas of expertise this law firm can help visitors with letting them know they are in the right place.

The website also has a live chat feature and a phone number to talk to a representative. Having multiple ways to contact the business makes it convenient for the visitor to reach out to the law firm if they have any questions. 

The site is interactive and very easy to navigate. To explore more about the services offered, simply use the top bar, and a section will seamlessly unfold with additional information—no need to open a new tab.

Eric Robinson Solicitors Services - Law Firm Website Examples
Feldstein Family Law Group - Law Firm Website Examples

Feldstein Family law website follows a common design used by law firms, keeping it simple and uncluttered to keep the focus and the visitor taking action. It features brief, easy-to-understand information on how they can assist you, along with a clear CTA to schedule a consultation.

The opening link of ‘protecting your family interests for over 25 years’ is a powerful statement and helps to build trust with potential clients by showing what they do and how long they have been doing it for.

The home page also provides client testimonials which is a great way to build trust about the services they can deliver.

Feldstein Family Law Group - Law Firm Website Examples
Saracen Solicitors Law Firm Website Examples

Saracens Solicitors have the general essential information listed on their home page. 

These include a stats section that displays their years of experience in the field, proving they're established and trustworthy. 

It also features sections for awards won and testimonials to build confidence in prospects on their ability to deliver.

The site also has a live chat feature, making contacting the firm easy and accessible for everyone.

Saracen Solicitors Live Chat - Law Firm Website Examples

They have a blog and a video library visitors can access through the ‘Insights’ section in the header to get answers to their frequently asked questions and to learn about other key details regarding various law fields.

They provide a brief overview of the services provided on the homepage for convenience. 

For more details, visitors can explore the 'Expertise' section in the header, where you'll find a well-organized breakdown of the different fields they specialize in.

Saracen Solicitors Expertise - Law Firm Website Examples
Ankin Law - Law Firm Website Examples

The Ankin Law site changes up the trend by including the average rating they’ve received on Google reviews in their hero section, which helps build trust among visitors as proof of their success with other clients. 

This is followed by a CTA to get a free case review, which is a gesture of confidence in their ability to help clients with their cases. 

The rest of the site showcases the various practice areas, a series of stats, and a series of video testimonials from previous clients to build trust in prospects and showcase their ability to succeed.

Ankin Law Testimoninals - Law Firm Website Examples

To contact, you can either fill in the relevant form or use the live chat feature to immediately get in touch with a representative.

Lerner & Rowe - Law Firm Website Examples

The catchy “In a wreck? Need a check” is a pretty apt description of what Lerner and Rowe offer help with. 

They have three CTAs, visitors can either choose to chat with a representative, get a case review by filling in a form, or call them directly. 

As you scroll you can see various client reviews and statistics on the average amount the firm has helped recover in settlements.

Lerner & Rowe - Law Firm Website Examples

Other essential information can be accessed through the header, including learning more about what constitutes a lawsuit and a list of hazardous products that can entitle you to compensation.

They also offer a live chat feature making it convenient for visitors to immediately get in touch with a representative.

Lerner & Rowe Live Chat - Law Firm Website Examples
Evolve Law - Law Firm Website Examples

Evolve Law uses an appealing color scheme and gets the point across of the primary service offered immediately. 

Clicking on the CTA will lead you to a contact form, or if you wish you can continue scrolling to learn more. 

They provide a list of services, explain the rationale behind their one-time flat rate, and what we found to be a particularly nice touch is the flow chart showing a timeline of events following your first consultation.

Evolve Law Process - Law Firm Website Examples

More details on the pricing and other resources are conveniently organized under various sections in the header.

18. Strategic Criminal Defence

Strategic Criminal Defence Law - Law Firm Website Examples

The hero section includes the usual call-to-action (CTA) and text but with one notable feature: a video background. 

This video offers an overview of the attorneys at the law firm and explains why they excel in their field. It helps instill confidence and provides potential clients with insight into what they can expect.

As you scroll you will see a lengthy post detailing what might warrant a lawsuit and what the next steps are likely to be once you hire their services. 

Beneath that, the site works to build trust among visitors by showcasing various press stories of cases they've worked on. Plus, they also list out their areas of expertise, client reviews, successful cases, and an FAQ section.

Strategic Law Website Defence Client Reviews - Law Firm Website Examples

It is, overall, a clean design and a great website that has all the relevant information a prospect might need before making a decision.

McMinn Law - Law Firm Website Examples

The site starts off with an attractive landing page consisting of a short copy emphasizing their service as a personal injury law firm and a CTA to get a free case evaluation. 

The phrase “ You don't pay unless we win” helps express confidence in their ability to win and increases the likelihood that a prospect will choose their services, as it offers a sense of no risk to the client.

Scrolling down you can see detailed stats on case results and how much McMinn law firm has won in settlements for their clients.

McMinn Law Case Results - Law Firm Website Examples

The site also has other information regarding the services offered, client testimonials, and more about the attorneys who will be handling your case.

Platinum Criminal Defence - Law Firm Website Examples

The site opts for a video, rather than the more conventional image, as the background in its hero section. It is a great addition that adds a layer of authenticity and professionalism to the site.

You can learn more about the attorney, read reviews, or opt-in to get a free case evaluation all from this section. However, a slight adjustment could be made by making the CTA a different color to make it stand out. 

Scrolling down, you can see the various practice areas, videos on related topics, and a list of awards won by the firm. All in all, a great site that can serve as a decent example of what a good law firm website should look like.

Family Law Of Texas - Law Firm Website Examples

The site sports a clean design which makes it easy to navigate, with a brief description of what they do and a CTA on the hero section of the page to immediately guide visitors into taking action.

Next comes the ‘Featured and Published’ section – a great addition that can help prove the site's legitimacy to visitors.

Family Law Of North Texas Featured In - Law Firm Website Examples

The site has sections for client testimonials section and the stats of cases worked on and their results on their homepage, these help boost the firm's credibility and make prospects more likely to convert.

Family Law Of North Texas - Law Firm Website Examples

The header also includes a ‘Case Study’ section which provides information on the various cases the firm has been responsible for and what the results were, another addition that proves their successful track record to visitors.

Start building your law firm website today

Building a law firm website example that gets across your information isn't too difficult. However, doing it while making sure it looks great and attracts visitors to hire your services can take some work. 

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Landing Page Lookbook Offer

Build Landing Pages That Convert with our Inspiration Lookbook

Get Access to 120+ Landing Page Swipes from Creators, Digital Marketers and Experts + insights and steps to boost your landing page conversions.

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Build Landing Pages That Convert with our Inspiration Lookbook

Get Access to 120+ Landing Page Swipes from Creators, Digital Marketers and Experts + insights and steps to boost your landing page conversions.

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