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Campaign Monitor, the cost-effective email sending service that integrates seamlessly with OptimizePress. Use our conversion optimised landing page library to find the perfect landing page for your Campaign Monitor integration.

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What can you do with our integration

What Can You Do With Our Campaign Monitor Integration

Add new Subscribers to any list

Each high converting opt-in form can send unlimited leads to different lists in Campaign Monitor.

Create visually stunning opt-in forms

Get away form embed codes and use our pre-designed opt-in forms and templates.

Create unlimited forms and lists

There's no limits to the number of opt-in forms and landing pages with OptimizePress.

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Why Integrate Campaign Monitor with OptimizePress?

The benefit of using OptimizePress landing pages give you more flexibility to create stunning pages to grow your email list. While Campaign Monitor offers forms and subscribe button options, OptimizePress forms give you far more options with how they look, how they can be customised and how they are triggered to appear on a page.

Use Campaign Monitor's power to run your email campaigns but let OptimizePress manage how those pages and forms look to the customer. Our conversion optimised form designs will present your offer in a way that will increase your chances of gaining new subscribers.

You can trigger opt-in forms in various ways, from page load to exit intent and more.

Integration Available on:

Essential, Business, Suite & Agency plans

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Beautiful Opt-in Forms

Our pre-styled opt-in forms are fast to create, edit and integrate so you can start growing your email list from day one.

Connect The Services You Use

Unlimited Lists & Forms

You can build as many landing pages and opt-in forms as you like with OptimizePress and Campaign Monitor. There's no limit on our side, only the amount of subscribers you have in your Campaign Monitor plan.

Each opt-in form can send leads to any of your lists in Campaign Monitor, so you are ready to segment your leads and create your customer journey.

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Create your custom journey

OptimizePress will enable you to create beautify landing pages to capture leads and pass those over to Campaign Monitor to build out your customer journey and begin nurturing your leads.

Get the power to grow your list (and business) today!

Join over 100,000 entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and online experts that choose OptimizePress as their page building platform of choice in WordPress

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GDPR Data Protection Integration

Since the launch of new regulations, we’ve placed a huge emphasis on data protection in our new platform and have ensured that setting this up is as simple as possible. 

Which is why upon setup, you will only be required to select from three different options. Once selected, OptimizePress will work in the background and ensure your forms show correctly for all of your visitors.

Infusionsoft handles these options using their tagging system. If a subscriber selects any of the GDPR checkboxes on your forms, you’ll be able to segment your subscribers so you can be sure to only send them emails that they have personally requested.

Selecting to only show to European subscribers will ensure that your optin forms will only show to visitors in countries that adhere to the GDPR rules and will connect with Infusionsoft’s API to locate where the subscriber came from.


Send Buyer Information to Campaign Monitor With OptimizeCheckouts

As a company, we recognise that a business cannot be complete without collecting payments. We’ve added the ability to assign lists and tags to all of your new customers inside our brand new OptimizeCheckouts software.

You will now be able to know precisely who your customers are and assign them to dedicated tags to organise your customers better. 

You can apply whichever tag you would like to assign your new customers so that you can segment them inside your Campaign Monitor dashboard.

Start growing your business with OptimizePress & Campaign Monitor today!

No hidden costs.  Cancel at any time.  One simple yearly fee.

I really like what you've done with OP3....the new flexibility like the platform-specific design capability. I also like how much faster OP3 loads.

Phillip Sugai Testimonial

Philip Sugai
Professor of Marketing, Doshisha University

I absolutely love building websites in OptimizePress! The new 3.0 version is super quick and easy to use. 

Dan Steptoe-Thompson