8 Powerful Strategies To Increase Lead Generation

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Increase Lead Generation

In this article, we’re going to cover some simple and actionable optimisation strategies that you can apply to your websites that will increase lead generation and sales.

Optimising your website to convert more visitors into leads and customers is an important part of running an online business and one that many business owners tend to get wrong when first starting out.

According to a statistic by Strategic, 42% of companies consider email to be one of their most important lead generation channels. What we cover in this article will help you shortcut the steps to success.

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With so much information out there when it comes to properly promoting your website and making sales, many entrepreneurs neglect or struggle to set up the fundamental optimisations.

To get you started, we’re going to show you 8 powerful strategies that will increase lead generation & sales and help get the results you want.

Improve Page Load Speed

To get traffic and visitors to your website with the goal of converting them into subscribers and customers, it’s important to look at key guidelines that search engines release periodically in order to structure your website properly.

The most important traffic source when it comes to websites is Google Search. With their recent ‘Core Web Vitals’ algorithm update, ensuring that your site loads quickly has become of prime importance if you’re to keep your visitors engaged and be able to rank in the Google search engine.

According to WebsiteBuilderExpert, Any slow website, ecommerce or otherwise, will see an increase in bounce rate and a decrease in time on site.

Thankfully, Google released detailed criteria on what they’re looking for along with processes you can follow to ensure it follows their guidelines.

Core Web Vitals - Increase Leads

For a more detailed article on how to improve core web vitals be sure to check out our article.

Here are a few important tips to help you ensure your website is kept fast and efficient:

  • Test your website speed using Google PageSpeed Insights and GTMetrix.
  • Implement a website caching solution. Using a tool like W3 Total Cache will help you reduce the load on your website hosting solution.
  • Use a good web host. Our personal recommendation is SiteGround which has proven to be a great hosting solution for all of our customers.
  • Use a Content Delivery Network or CDN for speeding up media or file delivery inside your website. A great free tool to use is Cloudflare.
  • Reduce all of your image file sizes using TinyPNG prior to uploading to your website.

Core web vitals optimisation suite

Inside OptimizePress, we’ve incorporated all of the options required for ‘core web vitals’ inside our OptimizePress Suite. 

OptimizePress Optimizations - Increase Leads

This makes improving your website speed as simple as enabling a few toggles in the optimization options within the dashboard.

Optimize Your Website For Tablet & Mobile

As smartphones and tablet devices have become more commonplace due to advancements in technology, more people are using these tools to browse the internet.

Because of this, it is absolutely essential that you optimize your web pages to look as good on these devices as they would on a normal desktop computer.

According to BigCommerce, 54% of total e-commerce sales will come from mobile commerce sales by 2021.

This means a whopping half of your website visitors will not be able to visit your website if it isn’t optimized to run on smartphones or tablets.

In recent times, being able to optimize for mobile devices and tablets required being able to manually code it in order to make your website responsive.

The only other workaround was to use WordPress plugins, which resulted in a huge disconnect between your brand and the limitations of what these plugins allowed your visitors to see on their mobile devices compared to viewing it on their desktop computers.

Here are some tips for improving visibility for mobile and tablets:

Reduce the font size that best fits the device being used. 
Reduce big blocks of text that can be hard to read to concise bullet points. 
Limit the use of page pop-ups.
Hide any elements that are difficult to view on mobile and tablet.
Use images that are easy to see on all devices.
Use video to get your marketing message across.
Make sure all call-to-actions are at the top half of your page that clearly displays on your mobile and tablet devices.

Mobile optimised pages in OptimizePress

With the OptimizeBuilder, we’ve included the ability to optimize your pages for both mobile and tablet by easily switching views using a simple toggle inside the builder.

OptimizePress Mobile View - Increase Leads

Allowing you to visually see and have full control over how your page design looks, independently for each device.

Customize The Visitor-Experience

If you’re a small business owner who is just getting started or even if you have been up and running for some time you might be struggling to convert visitors because your messaging is too broad.

Most niches will contain different groups of people who have specific problems that would need solving.

Market Segment - Increase Leads & Sales

If you’re just focusing on a broad solution to a problem, then you may be limiting the number of conversions you can potentially make for your business.

Useful Tip:

Spend time in forums, discussion groups and community sites to gather research and to help you identify the different groups who are looking for solutions.

Here are some examples of how you can break down and target specific groups in your niche:

Example #1:

Niche: Golf Swing Tips

Group A: Beginners looking to learn how to swing a golf club.

Group B: Professionals looking to improve their golf swing and score averages.

Group C: Retired Pensioners looking to quickly learn how to swing a golf club without injury.

Example #2:

Niche: Productivity Tips

Group A: Students looking for productivity tips to help them study and improve their grades.

Group B: Business professionals looking to improve their productivity to progress in their careers.

Group C: Entrepreneurs who want to improve their productivity to save time and spend it with their friends and family.

Example #3:

Niche: Dating Tips

Group A: Young singles who want to improve their dating skills to find a mate and get into a happy relationship and marriage.

Group B: Divorcees looking to get back into the dating pool and have the best chances of success.

Group C: Mature singles who want to learn modern dating techniques to help keep up with trends and to find a mate.

In looking at these examples, it would require creating multiple landing pages, funnels and campaigns that cater to each group, which may prove to be time-consuming and take up lots of resources.

No easy or affordable solution has been available until recently with advancements in better tools and technology…

Create alternative page variations depending on visitor

With OptimizeBuilder’s ‘Custom Experiences’ feature, you will be able to customize each element of your page and allow you the flexibility to display different variations of an element depending on set criteria that you can easily assign inside the builder.

OptimizePress Custom Experiences - Increase Leads

So for example you could present a different version of a headline to different visitors but using just one landing page.

For more information on how to use custom experiences to convert more leads and sales, be sure to read our full article. 

Get Website Visitors To Subscribe

Not all visitors to your web pages and funnels will convert into customers. As a business and product owner you spend a lot of time and money to generate traffic and as a result you want to make sure that you have a way to communicate with visitors that don’t convert to buyers.

If a visitor decides not to buy from you the first time, there’s a chance that they could leave your page and never return, which could leave lots of money on the table and reduce your conversion rates.

This is a normal phenomenon when it comes to selling. A customer typically needs to see an offer at least 7 times before deciding to purchase, this is called ‘The rule of 7.’ 

OptimizePress Landing Page Templates - Increase Leads

Spend time building an email list using one of our pre-built landing page templates and our email service integrations and begin emailing your subscribers with valuable content and promotions to offers and services.

Over time, this will dramatically increase your conversion rates and will have a solid customer base who will trust and buy from you over and over again.

Here are some tips to help you re-engage with your visitors:

Build an email list of subscribers so you can communicate with them regularly.
Use your emails as a way to build a bond with your subscribers.
Create a ‘Custom Audience’ on Facebook using your website traffic and email list data for running retargeting ads to your blog posts and offers.

Improve site navigation with a solid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) site structure

Ensuring that your website is easy to navigate is an important metric in the eyes of Google. 

Navigation of a website is the way you structure your web pages and content so that they are in a logical order for search engines to crawl and also for visitors to find the information they are looking for. 

Similar to site speed, if a website is difficult to navigate, it will cause web crawlers to be unable to crawl your site.

This will decrease the chance of ranking in Google’s search engine and reduce the traffic to your website, which will affect overall conversions.

From a visitor perspective, this will also reduce visitor engagement and cause your visitors to leave your site.

Fortunately, this is easy to fix thanks to WordPress’s CMS tool.

We recommend following an SEO structure called a ‘Silo Structure.

SEO Silo Structure - Increase Leads & Sales

A silo structure, structures your website in a way that makes sense for both the web crawlers and visitors.

It is a method of organising your content in categories and related posts that are linked to each other, which will increase engagement from a visitor’s perspective as well as increase overall traffic across your website.

Here are some important tips to ensure you correctly structure your website:

Organise your content into different categories and topics.
Ensure you link to other related blog posts within your content.
Check your keyword rankings to see what keywords your blog posts are ranking for. Create separate content pieces where required if you’re ranking for keywords that can be expanded with their own separate blog post.

Please take a look at our SEO article for more information on Silos and how to SEO your website.

Maximize Your Highest Performing Blog Content

Your blog content is the single most valuable asset you can have on your website and is responsible for getting most of the organic traffic and visitors to your pages.

If you refer to your Google Analytics dashboard, you will be able to see which of your content is getting the most traffic.

Google Analytics - Increase Leads & Sales

Using this data will allow you to maximize what you can do with these pages once identified.

Here are a few ideas to help get you started:

Link to other pages on your site that aren’t able to easily get traffic (sales pages, service pages)
Include opt-in forms wherever possible to capture leads and build an email list.
Include links to low-ticket offers such as ebooks, tools or short video courses.
Include links to smaller relevant pieces of commercial content containing reviews of paid affiliate offers.

Continue Testing Various Elements Of Your Website

One of the most powerful features of an online business is the element of guesswork you can effectively remove when it comes to figuring out what works on your website.

Traditionally, in order to test what’s working in an offline business would require thousands of customer surveys, research and user testing, which would typically result in hundreds of man hours and business resources.

Thanks to online tools and services, you will be able to quickly test various elements of your website without much difficulty and allow you to quickly find what’s working and what isn’t.

Here are some tips to ensure you run your tests effectively:

Test one element at a time (Headline, Images, Colours, Offers, Page Styles)
Give your tests time to run in order to get the most accurate data.
Always continue to test the winning campaigns to ensure you’re always on top of the latest website trends and what’s working for your visitors.

Split testing pages for better conversions

With the OptimizeFunnels A/B Testing feature, you will be able to quickly test multiple variations of a page, which allow you to keep a close eye on what’s working and find the best variations that work for your business.

OptimizeFunnels Split Testing - Increase Leads

Alternatively, you can also use Google’s free Optimize tool to quickly conduct tests and discover the best elements that work for your business.

Add A Call-To-Action On Your Homepage

As your website begins to grow in traffic and authority, many of your visitors will begin logging into your homepage directly as their first point of contact with your brand.

It’s important that you optimize your homepage so that it creates the best first impression of what your brand is about as well as directly communicate with your visitors about what you’re able to offer them.

Most of your traffic will go to your homepage, which will be a great place to insert an opt-in form to begin collecting leads and building an email list.

We recommend inserting a call-to-action above the fold of your page so that it is the very first thing your visitor sees upon landing on your homepage and increases the likelihood of making a conversion.

Passive Income Geek Call To Action - Increase Leads

Here’s a perfect example of a call-to-action above the fold of the homepage, with an image of the site’s author cleverly pointing to the call-to-action button.

Think about what type of images you can use on your homepage that will encourage your visitors to take action.

BuzzLogic Call To Action - Increase Leads

Here’s another nice example of a homepage that contains multiple calls to action.

As you can see, conversion optimization is a very important part of helping your business succeed. 

Combined with the right strategies, increasing revenue will not only be simple but also predictable which will allow you to scale your business to levels you’ve always wanted.

We hope this guide has helped you. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them below.

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Get More Leads & Sales in WordPress using Conversion Optimized Funnels

Watch our exclusive demo now to learn how to build high-converting landing pages & funnels in WordPress.

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