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Ecommerce Website Template Set

We kick off January with our first template set of the year aimed at the ecommerce space for selling physical products. Yes, you can sell a physical product with OptimizeCheckouts. Read on to learn more.

By David Frosdick

January 28, 2022

This month's new template collection is called EcomPlus. The goal of the templates in the collection is to help you sell a physical product via a single sales website.

If you want to sell physical products, you don't always need to have a full-blown shopping cart. With single sales pages, you can create a beautiful, conversion-optimised website or marketing funnel to sell the features and benefits of your products.

Some shopping cart themes are limited to what content you can show on a product page. Using conversion-optimized templates from the new EcomPlus collection can help showcase your product features more appealingly.

You might even own a Woocommerce or Shopify store, and you can still use OptimizePress to create stunning sales pages and have your customers checkout on your current store platform if you're not using OptimizeCheckouts.

Watch this short video where we look at some of the templates used in our ready-made marketing funnels from the new EcomPlus template collection.

Templates Overview

This template collection uses the Montserrat font with black and white colours scheme and a splash of green and orange.

Click the template page name below to jump to any templates in the EcomPlus collection:

Product Home Page

This home page has a clean design with featured logos, a call to action straight to the shop, and content areas to show how your product solves people's problems. Preview the page below to see all the other high converting elements like reviews and FAQ's.

EcomPlus Home Page

About Us / Story Page

A wide hero photo and video placeholder will let you tell your story and sell who's behind your product. We've also added more content areas to share your company beliefs or mission.

EcomPlus Our Story

Products Specifics Page

The product specifics page includes a big product shot, bold font face, reviews and testimonials all above the fold to boost conversions. It continues with product videos, a featured-in section and more benefits.

EcomPlus Product Page

FAQ's Page

A straightforward, no-nonsense FAQ page using the toggle element to show and hide answers to questions. Use this page to enter all your customer's common questions, which will help boost conversions.

EcomPlus FAQ Page

Checkout Page

We've customised the checkout form on this design to use big grey borders on the form fields. The page is split into two with a product image on the right and other elements to increase buyer confidence and trust.

EcomPlus Checkout Page

Upsell Page

This one-time offer upsell page focuses on promoting a special offer to your customers. Increasing your average order value by getting paying customers to buy more from you is easier than attracting brand new customers. The elements on this page focus on the highlights and benefits of the upsell offer you are making.

Upsell Page

Order Summary Page

The order summary template uses a wide layout design, reminds the customer of the guarantee that came with their purchase, and shows how to contact product support.

Order Summary

Product Home Page - Style 2

To give you variety in your marketing, we have created a second product page that includes more features like Overlay popup, product description in a toggle menu and more benefits above the fold.

Check out the complete page design to see the extra selling features on this template.

EcomPlus Product Style 2

Reviews Page

Customer reviews increase sales instantly. They help answer peoples questions and usually tell the truth about your product. Use reviews on all your pages. This design uses lead capture and large customer review areas.

EcomPlus Reviews Page

Landing Page (Coupon)

This full-screen landing page with a two-column layout and large image has one goalā€”capturing the names and emails of leads. Discount coupons are the most popular way of grabbing emails from web visitors.

EcomPlus Landing Coupon Page

Thank You Page (Coupon)

The coupon Thank You page shows the coupon code along with social sharing links to encourage audience growth.

EcomPlus Thank You Coupon Page

Webinar Registration Page

A key part of this webinar registration page is the "your experts" section. In this area, you can showcase the webinar hosts and highlight their skill sets. To help you increase your webinar registration rates, the page includes a countdown timer for scarcity.

EcomPlus Webinar Registration Page

Webinar Registration Thank You Page

Use this page after subscribers register to attend your webinar. Show a confirmation of visitor registration and explain the next step in the process.

EcomPlus Webinar Registration Thank You Page

Upgrade to the Suite plan today to get access to the Checkout & Funnel templates

EcomPlus Funnels

All OptimizePress Suite customers get access to the ready made "done for you" marketing funnels.

The EcomPlus collection includes the funnels below and where to find them inside of OptimizeFunnels:


You now have the tools for selling physical products with this eCommerce template collection. It's available in the platform for you to access instantly.

The funnel templates can be accessed inside OptimizeFunnels which requires the OptimizePress Suite plan.

Already an OptimizePress customer? Upgrade to the Suite

Not yet a customer? Buy the Suite plan and get these templates and all the funnels.

We'd love to hear how you plan to use these templates - let us know in the comments below...

    9 replies to "Ecommerce Website Template Set"

    • Anna

      Great templates! Will try and see if any of these suits our new business.

    • Glen

      To have a shopify alternative would be awesome, and really nice to see OP moving to support physical products. I’m sure there is a lot involved to make it happen but to see the ability to have a cart page were you can increase or decrease the number of products in your cart to purchase would be a great addition.

      I currently use OP for all my information pages but the actual checkout is with WooCommerce so I’m not able to fully utilize the OP Funnels and checkouts but do have a simple lead magnet which uses OP Funnels.

      • David Frosdick

        Hey Glen, thanks for the suggestions. We don’t have plans yet to add a cart page at this time as we’re focusing more on features for single sales pages with order bumps and upsells. Have you tried selling your product with OptimizeCheckouts and measuring those conversions?

    • Andrew

      Does this support multiple products and product variations e.g. size & colour?

      • David Frosdick

        Hi Andrew, not at this time but we do have these features planned for future releases.

    • Anthony

      I think you need to add 2 more templates for collections pages. Eg a master collection like boots and then a sub collection page for say ankle boots, high boots, combat boots etc

      • David Frosdick

        Thanks, Anthony. We’ll add those to the next set. Maybe even build a Shopify theme šŸ˜‰

    • Tony

      Great to see OP moving to support physical product sales. This is not quite right for my outdoor furniture store. I am tempted though!

      • David Frosdick

        Hey Tony, we’ll keep refining it. Your site is great BTW. A really love how you’re using OPC!

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