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Guide your customers by showing your business stats in rich animated number format for any metric within your business.

By David Frosdick

March 23, 2021

The latest feature to be added to the OptimizePress page builder is our brand new Counter element. This element will show counting numbers on your pages, allowing you to display stats in animated motion.

Numbers Increase Conversions

If you want to add some statistical data to your marketing pages, the Counter element will do just that. The animated number counting effect will count up (or down) to any specified number you set.

You can show numbers and metrics for anything in your business. These metrics are a great way to show proof that your business and products are actively being used. 

Using the Counter element, you could share numbers for:

How many clients you have
How many ebooks you sold
How many times your app has been downloaded
How many lines of code you've written
How many trees you've planted
How much you've spent on Facebook Ads for clients
How many customer support questions you resolved
How much plastic your business has stopped using
How big your team is
How many views you've had on YouTube videos

The uses for this counter element on your pages are endless. The more stats you show that align with your products, the higher chance you have of converting more traffic into customers.

The Benefits Of Using Number Counters

The benefits of using counters on your pages are that it allows you to show some proof of business data in a format that is easy for visitors to consume. When you display pictures of customers, it's social proof. When you show numbers from business data, it's statistical proof. 

This Counter element allows you to share business achievements in number format where pictures aren't as easy to use, especially for more significant numbers.

The type of numerical data that you present on your pages should be benefit-driven to your audience. The most effective use of this feature is not to showcase your business's success but more to represent the success that your prospects want.

For example, using the Counter element to show the number of successful customers, you've helped give visitors confidence that they would also achieve a successful result.

By showing data and figures, your marketing pages can convert more leads, increase sales and represent accurate information you want to share. 

Examples Number Counters

Here's are some live examples.

Tree's planted so far in 2021

Support Tickets Resolved In 2020

Sites Running OptimizePress

Sites Running OptimizePress

Time Saving Preset Design

The Counter element inclue soe ready to use preset design that you can use. These save you a little time in choosing later and text options.

Example Use Cases

The Counter element is a powerful feature for sharing metrics on your marketing pages. Here are some examples of businesses using counters to represent data from their achievements, missions and other stats.

Ocean Bottle - They show how much plastic has entered the oceans while on the web page.

Ecosia - They show how many trees the web searchers have planted.

Forest App - They show how many trees they've planted.

Trees for Cities have a number of counters displaying stats.

Trees for Cities counters

How To Use The Number Counter

Watch this short video showing the options and pre-set designs.

When in the OptimizePress page builder, click the + symbol (Add Element) to left to open the elements sidebar.

In the search box type "Counter" and drag the element to your page.

Click the main Counter icon to expand the settings.

The toolbar will show Counter Settings.

And view the Layout options.

Take Action

The Counter element is available in version 1.1.2 to the OptimizeBuilder.

You can start using it right now one but please note, do not overuse the Counter on pages designed to collect leads or generate sales. Overuse of this element can distract visitors.

If you have any questions about how you could use it, please post those in the comments below, and we will give you some more ideas.

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