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Here we have 15 new templates to enhance your coaching business. All the templates are designed to grow leads, run webinars, make sales and host your coaching podcast.

By David Frosdick

March 17, 2022

Here's the new UltraCoach template collection, and it's perfect for you if you want to update your current website design or promote a new offering.

This template collection will work across various industries, such as personal development, spiritual freedom and mindest niches.

It has a wide selection of pages for generating leads, running webinars, selling products, running a podcast, and more. This template collection also includes templates to create a complete website with 16 different pages, all designed and ready for you to use.

Watch this short video where we look at some of the templates used in our ready-made marketing funnels from the new UltraCoach template collection.

Templates Overview

We use the Libre Baskerville for some headlines and Zen Kaku Gothic New for body text. Both are Google fonts included in the platform.

Click the template page name below to jump down to a template in the UltraCoach collection:

Home Page Style 1

This page design uses an animated button drawing the visitor to the free guide. A hero section is split over two rows with a feature picture as the first thing you see. Further down the page, we have feature blocks, testimonials and other sections highlighting the free guide. 

The header includes menu links using the WP Menu element for the top navigation, and the footer has the List Menu element for more links to be added.

Home Page Style 2

The second home page design is a very similar layout but focuses on the lead magnet above the fold and logos to show where you have been featured.

About Us Page

The about page keeps the design on point with the other primary pages in this template set. It has more content areas to tell your story, along with testimonials and the FAQ's element.

Services Page Style 1

This template is designed to showcase what you do and what you offer. The icon and text section divides up the services. The next section tells your story, followed by FAQ's.

Services Page Style 2

The second services page uses a different hero section layout, but we added more sales content like "who is this for" and a guarantee section. You could easily add pricing and order buttons to this template.

Free Guide Landing Page

This main landing page template has a beautiful popup overlay triggered by the button click. Other page highlights include high conversion elements to encourage opt-ins and share your content.

Free Guide Thank You Page

Every landing page needs a thank you page. This page will have the attention of your new subscriber, so it's worth split testing different offers. This template has a next-step section explaining what will happen next and how subscribers access your lead magnet.

Free Resources Page

This template is where you can list all your lead magnets or free training. You can choose to link directly to each free resource or add list building opportunities here by linking to other landing pages or using the popup overlay.

Podcast Home Page

This template is all done for you if you run a podcast to reach your coaching audience. It has podcast platform links, subscribe buttons, episodes sections and more. You could add overlays to popup audio players, link directly to your podcast platform, or link to the episode page we designed for you, see below. 

Use this page to showcase your guest speakers, your best episodes and gain new subscribers.

Podcast Info Page

Now you have the podcast home page template above to draw in new listeners. This podcast info page is for displaying each episode and your show notes. This layout is slightly different to allow more content and social sharing to get more listeners back to your site.

Online Course Sales Page

This is the primary selling page in the template set. It's aimed at selling an online course but could easily be edited to suit other products. It has testimonial areas for social proof, a course content area to display what is covered and a profile section to show who is behind the product.

Checkout Page

So now you have list building pages and sales pages, it's time for the page that takes the money. This checkout form has minimal fields to increase conversions, a guarantee section to the side and a short bullet list area for what you get. The bottom of the page shows sales content and a FAQ section to answer customer questions.

Order Summary Page

Every checkout page needs an order summary page. This uses the same design but summarises what the customer ordered, what they do next and how to contact you.

Webinar Registration Page

The webinar landing page includes a countdown timer, calendar graphic, webinar date, webinar length, social icons, profile, and contact area to write about the webinar content.

Webinar Registration Thank You Page

Use this template after a subscriber has registered to attend your webinar. We've added a video for your confirmation message, next step processes and FAQ's.

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Coaching Funnels

All OptimizePress Suite customers get access to the ready made "done for you" marketing funnels.

The UltraCoach template set includes the funnels below and where to find them inside of OptimizeFunnels:


With this template collection you now have the templates for growing leads and selling your coaching services. It's available in the platform for you to access instantly.

The funnel templates can be accessed inside of OptimizeFunnels which requires the OptimizePress Suite plan.

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