The design aesthetic of your website plays a huge role in the actions that your website visitors take.

In the long term a quality product that addresses a need and delivers impeccable service will ensure you have a long lasting and successful business.

“The key is to set realistic customer expectations, and then not to just meet them, but to exceed them — preferably in unexpected and helpful ways.” – Richard Branson

But, if your website is failing to convert visitors then all the hard work you put into your products or services is worthless.

We see some amazing products and services from marketers and business owners that fail to develop and grow as they should, because their websites do not build confidence and trust, leading to visitors that leave the site without taking action.

Here at OptimizePress, we have run countless design tests, troubleshot hundreds of thousands of customer websites and have highlighted some key design points that make for a highly engaged web page.

The result of which has lead to the discovery of some common website mistakes, which lead to lack of content engagement and have a negative effect on conversions.

In this article, we’re going to review these mistakes and introduce some BRAND NEW row options, which have been added to OptimziePress to help you alleviate and avoid these potential pitfalls.

Without further ado… let’s get started

Mistake #1: Hidden Call To Action

The purpose of every landing or sales page is to encourage your visitors to take ‘one desired action‘. Anything more than that will often confuse and frustrate your visitor, resulting in a high page bounce rate and a loss of engagement. Websites with a mix of video, images, bullet points, headlines and copy can often distract attention from opt-in forms and buy now buttons.

This can lead to users exiting away from your page if they can’t easily locate opt-in forms or buy now buttons.

Solution: Row Feature – Fix Row On Scroll

With the ‘Fixed Row On Scroll’ feature, you will now be able to consistently show the most important element of your web page to your visitors and customers regardless of where they scroll on the page. This means you can display the elements that matter most, such as an opt-in form or ‘Buy Now’ button.

This means when a visitor scrolls past a row with a web form in, you can choose to fix that row to the bottom of the browser window, so it’s always in the visitors line of sight.

5 OptimizePress Features That Will Boost Engagement
Fix row on scroll example, with call to action button

TOP TIP: We recommend that when you use this feature, you set a minimal row height so that the fixed row does not dominate the browser.

Mistake #2: Lack Of On Page Engagement

Website behavior studies discovered that it takes approximately 4 to 5 seconds to engage a web visitor before they decide to either leave your website or to continue browsing. While the quality of your content and good design is imperative, the challenge is finding a balance between having lots of informative content while at the same time not overwhelming the visitor and confusing them as to the action they need to take.

Solution: Row Feature – Engagement Scroll (Row Separator)

The new ‘Engagement Scroll’ feature is a subtle but highly effective optimization tweak to your pages.  You will now be able to place a pointer to the bottom of the rows to encourage your readers to scroll and continue reading.

5 OptimizePress Features That Will Boost Engagement
BRITISHAIRWAYS.COM – Very subtle use of the pointer, guiding users to navigate through the page content

Using this in conjunction with a well written sales message will turbo boost your customer engagement, further increasing intrigue, building authority and the eventual conversion success of your website.

Subtle, but very effective!

5 OptimizePress Features That Will Boost Engagement
Wide Row Separator Example
5 OptimizePress Features That Will Boost Engagement
Thin Row Separator Example

 Mistake #3: Site Doesn’t Convey Brand Confidence

As we covered at the start of this post, we only ever get one chance to make a first impression. If you have a poorly structured site, with a dated and tired design then visitors are going to lack confidence in your products ability to deliver the service or goods that you promise.

This will have a negative effect on the site’s success in converting visitors into subscribers and customers.

Solution: Row Feature – Boost Visitor Confidence With Parallax Rows

It’s imperative that we structure our site in such a way that it showcases modern design aesthetics and professionalism. You want to reduce the overall site bounce rate. What if there was a sure-fire way to ensure you make the perfect first impression? How would this affect your overall engagement and revenues?

With ‘Parallax Rows’, you will now be able to draw visitor attention to the key content and calls to action areas by using modern contemporary aesthetics; further boosting customer confidence and removing doubt from your visitors.

Mistake #4: Failure To Maintain On Page Interest.

The simple fact is, new and shiny will always win over flat and boring. While the sales message or content on the page is important, presentation and design play a huge part in a web page’s conversion rate. Website visitors need more and more encouragement and reason to stay on a page.

With an abundance of websites now live on the interwebs and other distractions to compete against, it will be to the detriment of your business to not focus on ways to increase your page presentation in order to sustain your customer’s interest.

Solution: Row Feature – Row Delay Animations

An effective conversion technique is to show content to visitors at the time when they can action it. Let’s say for example you have a sales video on your page, you want visitors to watch that video and not be distracted with other elements of content on your page.

5 OptimizePress Features That Will Boost Engagement
Frank Kern – Chief Engineer, NASA (Ret), is master of attention focused web pages

With ‘Row Delay Animations’, you can now hide the rest of your page content until such time as your visitor is ready to take action. So in this example, you might choose to delay the rest of your page content for 30 seconds until your visitor has started to engage in your sales video content.

Now you can draw attention to the most important parts of your page, and then encourage visitors to take action by presenting more content when they’re ready. Best of all, this can easily be setup with just a few simple clicks.

Mistake #5: Visitor Doubt or Scepticism

As we covered in point #3 visitor confidence, making the correct impression is paramount. Often marketers and businesses make the mistake of not projecting the image that matches their customers’ expectations, this leads to doubt and skepticism in the product or service and visitors are likely to exit your website without taking any action.

Solution: Row Feature – Image Background & Opacity Settings

No matter how we analyse it, visual aesthetics make a difference when you need to grab peoples attention. Once you have made the right impression, the value of your content will covert the visitor to become a subscriber or customer.

A great way to make an instant impression is by using amazing row background images, these enable you to really capture visitor attention.

You can find out more about background image sources from this OptimizePress blog post.

Using our new image background settings you can now customise row backgrounds to fit with the colour scheme and style of your pages without having to hire a design or learn how to use an image editing software.

5 OptimizePress Features That Will Boost Engagement
Colour and opacity settings create contrast and highlight call to actions

Once you have uploaded your image background you can add a colour overlay and also adjust the colour opacity. This not only enhances the overall look of your page but it allows the content on the row, such as opt-in forms and buy-buttons to be presented in perfect contrast. BOOM!

These BRAND NEW row options are available now in OptimizePress V2.5.8 onwards. If you have any features requests or ideas for new features you would like us to add then please comment below.

As Steve Krug famously says in his book, “Don’t Make Me Think”:

If you want a great site, you’ve got to test. After you’ve worked on a site for even a few weeks, you can’t see it freshly anymore. You know too much. The only way to find out if it really works is to test it.”

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    • Next Anyextee


      Is OP Support still active or working properly?

      OP Support is being non-responsive.

      It has been over a week since my last support ticket, and that ticket is part of a problem thats been carried over from an earlier ticket last year that went unresolved. The ticket got closed with a resolve and left me hanging with a bigger problem that is a direct result of significant changes OP Support made to my site…

      Support proposed a solution and asked for my logins, host logins to resolve but in doing whatever they did, it created a host of new problems…

      Now many of my images will not publicly display including company logo on every page and many background images. It’s hurting the brand and look of my site. Sales have dropped off considerably.

      I can’t replace the images that do not display simply because media will not allow for new uploads anymore since OP Support made changes. Further none of my images in media will display. Plus I also lost all my comments which served as valuable social proof and took a year of sending paid traffic to build up. I even other authorities in my space leaving positive feedback but now its all gone based on changes OP Support made to my site.

      Unfortunately, with no further communication from support, no phone support, this blog became my only hope at getting the proper attention required to fix something that is a direct result of changes to my site that OP Support made in response to an older ticket that is still unresolved.

      I tried to reply and notify support who asked me to reply if I had any further problems, but I couldnt because they closed the ticket before I could respond. I created new ticket but its been over a week and no response.

      Is your policy still the same in that support requests will be answered the following working day? Or are my messages just being missed by support?

      Can someone at OP please help?

    • Juan Ruiz

      Hey where are now the delays for elements?

      • David Frosdick

        Hi Juan, the delay setting are in the row. Have you update to the latest version?

        • Juan Ruiz

          Hey david where i can upload to the lates version, or check which version i have

    • Workout Anywhere

      It’s amazing how far everything has come since Optimize Press. We got in towards the end of Optimize Press 1, and then OP2 came out. Now, you guys pretty much have it all. Once the membership side is dialed in, this will really be the ultimate web site building tool.

      I feel for membership programs, having a page template that utilizes the already developed tools, but is best designed for the mobile experience. Also, taking some of the basic functionality from LMS software, would really enhance the membership side. Like starting a course when the user is ready (by a button). Making the lessons follow consecutively and having a way for the user to mark that lesson complete. That would be epic.

      P.S. We have an iOS and Android mobile app working with our OP2 site. Loving the new features, but just waiting for the courses to be upgraded before we really push it.

      Thanks team!

      • David Frosdick

        Thanks for feedback! Have you submitted some of your ideas on the new feature request area?

      • Taillard Silvana

        I thought the same thing, when I read about the new features of optimizepress!

        Where are the updates for an LMS within the member area?

        When this happens, optimizepress will completely settle all existing LMS. I am optimizepress fan for several reasons.

        And I also have 5 applications, and I have 2 applications, using OP.

        Just great!

    • Tyronne Ratcliff

      Solid content,thanks a bunch!

    • Andron Ocean

      Awesome and incredibly useful updates! Thanks so much — these will save me a lot of time!

    • Juan Ruiz

      Hey guys these new features are really great, thanks! But i’m curious about if you remove the delay timer for elements?

      • Zvonko Biskup

        Hello Juan. No, delays for element remain

        • Juan Ruiz

          Where? i cant see them where the option used to be

        • Juan Ruiz

          Where? i cant see them where the option used to be

    • crilee

      “Frank Kern – Chief Engineer, NASA (Ret)”.. are you sure..

    • Alan Mazzolari

      A W E S O M E!!! Thanks guys!!!

    • Иван Кузнецов

      Большое спасибо за крутое обновление! С любовью из России! Я обожаю OptimizePress!

      • James Dyson

        Спасибо Иван! Так велика вам нравятся обновления!

    • KM Lee

      will include some of these new features in my upcoming templates. keep on going and improving guys!

      • James Dyson

        Awesome thanks KM – we look forward to seeing those templates!

    • Vic Dorfman

      You guys never quit improving OP and that’s why I’ve remained a customer and advocate. Awesome to see you not resting on your laurels. And great content as always.

      • James Dyson

        We really appreciate your loyalty Vic. We have lots planned for 2017 here at OptimizePress, so I’m sure you’re going to love what we have coming

    • AmericanBeautyMagazine

      Very useful updates! Will definitely be incorporating them. New feature request: any chance we can have an option to “automatically link” together all pages in a sequence?
      Thx again team.

      • James Dyson

        Thanks for the comment! I’m not sure what you mean about automatically linking together pages in a sequence, but you can submit more information and a proper feature request here

        • AmericanBeautyMagazine

          Hi James. I’ll provide more clarity in the feature request section now. Thanks again.

    • Sheila J Davis

      Awesome! I love these changes! Now I can stop using code to do all of these things. 😀

      • James Dyson

        We have more tweaks and improvements coming that should further reduce your need to dig into any code Sheila. We’ll keep our readers in the loop here

        • Sheila J Davis

          That’s awesome! I’ve already put these into place and loving the plus pack as well. Thank James!

    • Andrew Lock

      Nifty tips Ian, thank you!

      • James Dyson

        Thanks Andrew, great to see you here!

    • Marcus Jovanovich

      Loving the new features and looking forward to more great initiatives to come

      • James Dyson

        Thanks Marcus – we’ve got lots more coming

    • Omezikam Ugwa

      Definitely more Blog themes

      • James Dyson

        We have some news on this coming *very* soon!

        • Omezikam Ugwa

          Awesome James…Looking forward to it

    • Rob Gafeney

      I like OptimizePress great platform sometimes building a landing page etc. gets kind of complicated to me, especially the Blog pages. I am not a snap crackle pop type of Guy maybe I am just reaching for an easy button as one would say? However Thank You for all the years you have been around I have been a customer for 6yrs now.
      p.s sure wish you had and autoresponder system.

      • James Dyson

        Thanks for being a long time customer Rob – we appreciate it! We do have some developments in the blog and blog theme areas coming soon which hopefully might help with those areas you’re struggling with.

        No plans to develop an autoresponder system at present I’m afraid but there are some great options out there now in this area.

    • Jose Zuniga S (totalmundi)

      Es muy interesante e importante, pero hay alguna posibilidad de ver una versión en español, ya que la traducción deja muchas parte sin entender. Gracias

      • James Dyson

        Hi Jose. If you are having problems translating certain areas of the platform, please let our support team know and they’ll do their best to help you get this sorted

    • Ed Movius

      Very cool. I particularly like the sticky row. Thanks to all of the OptimizePress team.

      • James Dyson

        Thanks Ed! The sticky row feature is really cool!

    • AndreaDeCandia

      I saw already some days ago and i already made some template for the Marketplace

      • James Dyson

        Thanks Andrea! We look forward to seeing your new templates

    • Workout Anywhere

      Also, do any these work on the blog pages?

      • Kevin McClellan

        These are updates for the live editor. The blog features will be getting some love from developers soon though 🙂

    • Workout Anywhere

      Amazing updates! Already using them and they rock.

      I do see you’re having the same issue with your gravatar image though. 😊

    • Charles

      hello Ian, great features here. thank you
      I would like to see quiz funnel and survey funnel versions of optimizepress

    • Diana Reid

      Love love love the updates! Thank you

      • James Dyson

        Thanks Diana – we’re glad you’re finding them useful

    • Jeremy Chamberlain

      Awesome Awesome Awesome. Can not wait to start implementing them

      • James Dyson

        Thanks Jeremy, we look forward to seeing what you do with these new features

    • Diogo W. Rocha

      One of the best OP2 updates ever! Row delay was a HUGE improvement!! Keep it up guys! Awesome!

    • Bob Philpin

      Love, love, love this new update. Just made OP2 even more exceptional. Thank you gang, for your hard work.

    • trevormccallin

      I bought OP a few years ago and have not got around to using it. Just now I need a membership website for my new WP plugin. WP Tube Ultimate, is this sort of member ship website secure? Any tips help thank´s.

      P.S. This has never been done before that is why it must be secure 🙂 only for members.

      • Kevin McClellan

        If you need to create a members only area and secure the download file then OptimizeMember will work great for that (especially with Amazon S3). You can actually use about any membership plugin available as well if you already have something you like using.

        • trevormccallin

          Hey Kevin, thank´s for the feedback.

    • Hani Mourra

      Loving these awesome new updates Ian!

    • Susan Lassiter-Lyons

      Ian, thanks for the updates. We love OP.

    • Heavy357

      Anyone participating in this discussion I am looking for some really hard hitting Product Sales Page Templates and also Sales Page Templates for my Webinars. Optimize Hub doesn’t have any. Can anyone recommend a designer? If so please email me at

      • David Frosdick

        Hey Heavy357, Have you looked in the Marketplace? Do you have example designs you would like?

    • Heavy357

      What about a News Feed that scrolls and you can click the link on the message that suits you? I can do it in Java but it would be cooler with it built in.

      • James Dyson

        We have some developments for bringing blog posts into your pages coming in an update very soon. The idea of a scrolling news feed sounds quite cool.

    • Pablo

      It would be more productive to solve first the issues I reported so many times but never got an decent answer. Thank you for the offer, but no thank you.

      • Diogo W. Rocha

        I´m just curious… what are the issues you refer to?

        • Pablo

          The fact that it freezes all the time, imagine working and having to delete cookies and temps, every five minutes. Not fun (at least for me)

    • Tom R

      It just shows how far behind the game Optimizepress have fallen if they consider any of this “new”. These features are standard or can be implemented by just about any page builder out there.

      • neufsky

        Agreed! Their builder was very clunky and old fashioned to begin with, and it has completely stopped working with each WordPress update. Deeply regret my purchase.

        • KM Lee

          I’ve got no issue using OP with the latest WP 4.7. which OP version you’re using?

      • Diogo W. Rocha

        OP2 is a bit behind other solutions, I agree… But, being self hosted and all there are some limitations when compared to SaaS solutions which are all billed monthly by the way. Guess we just can´t have it all… I´m looking forward, however, to see how 2017 unfolds for OP2… seems like there are plenty of new updates coming…

        • Kevin McClellan

          Hi Diogo,

          Sorry for the late reply. I totally agree with you about SaaS solutions. With the features that OptimizePress has it is really a bargain compared to paying monthly for similar features on a product that uses a SaaS platform. It is much easier for them to code new features since they don’t have to be compatible with 20,000 plugins 🙂

          We have lots of new features and products on the horizon here at OptimizePress, so I’m sure 2017 is going to be a fantastic year.

      • David Frosdick

        Hi Tom, thanks for commenting. The feature are new to OptimizePress and some customers. Agreed, some page builders will already have these feature but other landing pages solutions that I’ve tested don’t have them all. Lots more coming 🙂

    • Alex Beaudin

      A transparency setting on the feature block!

    • Jason Owens

      Ian, I want to implement an upside down homepage with a welcome gate. Do you have anything like this on the roadmap in the near future?

      • David Frosdick

        Hi Jason, we do have something being tested now. Regarding the upside down page this could be created form a an existing template.

        • Jason Owens

          David, Thanks for responding. I did take a look at existing templates, especially in Marketplace. No luck there. I’d much rather buy one for $10-$15 rather than taking time to design one on my own. If you need a beta tester for the welcome gate, please keep me in mind.

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