The New OptimizePress is Here! Get a Sneak Peek of 5 Features in The All New WordPress Page Builder

David Frosdick

Last Updated: January 8, 2019

In 2010, OptimizePress pioneered the world's WordPress plugin for building landing pages and sales pages. Now, in 2019, we're innovating once again. Introducing the brand new OptimizePress Builder 3.0...

The New OptimizePress is Here! Get a Sneak Peek of 5 Features in The All New WordPress Page Builder

Eighteen months ago, the OptimizePress team started out on a huge development project investing tens of thousands of hours into building a brand new version of our tool that would create new possibilities for businesses and incredible experiences for their prospects and customers. A new version of the WordPress plugin you already love, making it easier for you to market your business online and generate more conversations, conversions, and consistency in your business’ success! 

Today, we’re giving you the first glimpse of the new OptimizePress 3.0 Page Builder, which is just one part of the all-new OptimizePress.

I’m sure you’re curious to find out more about what’s coming and we’re super excited to be sharing this first look behind the curtain of what OptimizePress 3.0 has in store for you (and your business).

New Feature #1

Boost Conversions with Super Fast Page Load Speeds

When we set out to develop the new OptimizePress Page Builder, we identified the key factors that influence the conversion rates of your websites, and one of those is page load speed.

A common problem is that most website editors are built with lots of complex code or littered with unnecessary files. This slows down the loading times of your live web pages, which in turn can drag down your SEO rankings and higher bounce rates — you’ve put in the hard work to grow your presence, but it’s the factors that aren’t always visible that can keep you from seeing better results.

We wanted to give you super-fast, industry-leading page load speeds, so we started from the ground up to ensure every page created with our 3.0 editor uses clean, minimal code with no additional bloat.

The truly great thing when you use our new editor is that you don’t have to do any extra work to get super-fast page speeds, we have taken care of that for you!

Throughout the course of developing our new page building platform, we regularly tested with key performance review tools like Google Pagespeed and GTMetrix - you can see some of the results an average landing page received above.

Start seeing these benefits from using Optimized pages created with our 3.0 Builder:

Higher opt-in rates on your pages (a streamlined experience leads to more trust and interest)
More customers for your business (getting leads to take the first step is crucial to converting them to customers)
Increased revenue and profit (need we say more?)

New Feature #2

Build Pages Faster Than Ever Before With Fully Inline Editing

WYSIWYG — usually, not so much.

Traditionally website editors have lots of pop-up menus or endless sidebar options. This is a problem because you waste time clicking through settings and this leads to frustration and increases the possibility you won't get your campaigns launched successfully.

While building the new OptimizePress 3.0 Page Builder editor, we focussed considerable time on making sure the new editing experience was easy and intuitive. We worked through every single setting, carefully refining the way you build websites so that we could eliminate complexity.

Our 3.0 Builder gives you capability without complexity.  As soon as you use the new editor, you'll know what we do - there's never been a better way! 

New Breakthrough Editor With Full Screen Editing

We've made huge breakthroughs with the new editor and moved the editing options directly into the page as you edit. Having the options directly in front of you as you build your websites, speeds up your progress and makes editing a page so simple.

It also means you get a seamless full-screen editing experience.

Whether you're building a page from scratch or using our brand new WordPress landing page templates or Sections (more on that in just a bit!), you'll find creating amazing high converting websites is effortless.

Edit inline with our contextual toolbar
No need for sidebar options - we have removed the need for sidebar options in most situations meaning you can enjoy a beautiful full screen editing experience (especially on laptops and smaller screens).

Full Featured Library of Elements

Elements are the building blocks of your landing pages, sales pages and websites.  Our new platform includes a rapidly expanding library of elements to fit any kind of page you'd like to build.

As well as including a wide variety of elements, most elements inside the OptimizePress 3.0 Page Builder include carefully crafted style alternatives so you can find the perfect design for your page or funnel.

We know a “one size fits all” approach to your marketing strategy doesn’t work, and the same is true for your marketing pages, so our element styles will let you choose the design that fits with your page vision, whilst still ensuring every part of your page is conversion-optimized for maximum results.

Complete Design Flexibility & Easy Layout Customization

We know one of the most important things you're looking for in an editor is layout flexibility.  With our 3.0 editor, we now bring a new level of layout flexibility with sections, rows and columns to make it super-fast and easy for you to achieve the design you're looking for.

Just watch how fast we convert one layout to a completely different format in just a few minutes

Some of the ultra-flexible features of our new editor include:

Visually adjustable column widths - just drag to adjust.
Set section and row minimum heights, or set to scale to screen height.
Adjust padding and margins of any section, row, column or element visually with easy to use sliders (and set negative margins where required).
Adjust column gutters (space between columns).
Nest rows within rows for almost unlimited layout possibilities.
Visually add underline, bold and italics, as well changing text colours inline with no need for custom CSS or coding.

New Feature #3

Your New Way To Build Conversion Optimized Sites

You use OptimizePress throughout your online business, so creating a brand new editor was a great opportunity for us to rethink and improve the way you create websites.

Conventional website templates often lack the optimized elements you need and this means poor conversion rates.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the new way you'll build your websites -  Sections.

Build High-Converting Websites Using OptimizePress Sections

Sections are pre-optimized combinations of elements that you simply drag and drop onto a page to make amazing looking websites.

We have all the sections you need pre-created and optimized for conversion in a dedicated cloud-based sections library.

Just a few of the sections included in OptimizePress 3.0 include:

Hero Sections
Opt-in Form Action Sections
Pricing Sections
High Impact Feature Sections
Light & Dark Sections 
Team Information Sections
Testimonial Sections
+ Many more...

So much of the conversion optimization on a web page is the stuff you don't obviously notice, like spacing between elements, fonts sizes, and colour combinations. Using Sections means all of the individual optimizations are done for you.

It couldn’t be easier.

This feature alone gives you the power to deploy more beautiful, higher converting pages faster than ever before, and makes you look like a professional designer in the process!

New Feature #4

Build For Mobile Optimization, Not Just Mobile Responsiveness

When we introduced mobile responsive websites in OptimizePress 2.0, we truly believed in the future of mobile web pages. 

But mobile isn't just about how your website looks on a phone or tablet, it's about how content works and whether it's optimized for conversion on a mobile device.

In the new OptimizePress Editor, we've introduced 'Optimize For Mobile' and made it effortlessly simple for you to customize your website specifically for the various mobile formats of tablet and phone.

Optimize For Mobile

Now you can customize your website specifically for the device your visitors are viewing on. You’re customizing for experience and engagement — what your visitor wants most.

Here’s what makes this feature so powerful...

When your new website is created, you can simply switch to view how it looks on a tablet or mobile device. You can change, hide or add any content for each specific device type. This means regardless of how a visitor views your web pages, they will display in the most optimized format for that device.

This ensures that you convert visitors in whichever format they view your content and offers.

New Feature #5

Edit With Any Theme, On Any Post Or Any Page

A key advantage of WordPress is flexibility, but it is very easy for your setup to get complicated with a minefield of plugins. 

To help you progress effortlessly, we have built the new OptimizePress Page Builder to work with any theme.

Even with the new WordPress Gutenburg editor, this does not give you marketing and conversion focused elements that are designed to increase leads and sales from your website.

With the OptimizePress Page Builder 3.0, you can edit any page or post content within your theme framework. This means you can customize layouts (add rows and columns) and add any of our marketing specific elements like opt-in forms, popup overlays, countdown timers and much more, all with no additional plugins. 

This power previously required you to be a PHP expert or HTML ninja. Was that a collective sigh of relief we just heard?

What's Next?

Want To See More New Features?

The New OptimizePress Page Builder is just one part of some amazing new updates coming to OptimizePress. In the coming days, we'll be taking you behind the curtain and revealing more of the amazing new features we have been working on.

Plus, we'll give you a first look at a brand new industry-leading tool that is going to make it super easy for you to create funnels that market your business and sell your products and services.

We can't wait to share the next updates with you.

It's Your Turn...

Tell Us What You're Looking Forward to Most

Which of these new features are you most excited about? What features do you think we should add to OptimizePress?

Share them with us in the comments below!

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    165 replies to "The New OptimizePress is Here! Get a Sneak Peek of 5 Features in The All New WordPress Page Builder"


      I am a user of the old version (2.0). Only the option to upgrade to 1 site appears. I want to upgrade to the 5 site plan. How do I upgrade to 5 sites?

      • David Frosdick

        Please reach out to our support team and they can help you out.

    • bloginaweek

      I am really happy to learn that you guys are bringing a new update/version for the optimizepress. I have been using optimizepress for a while now and i would love to know about a page where i can see some demo templates made with the new OP3. I have a grandfather option in hand(just got an email), but before going any further i would love to see some templates please. I have a license of several site builders like DIVI. If optimizepress is the next big thing i am so down with 39/yr payment.
      Please add a template making video on this page. The promo video is not that much useful to be honest.
      Waiting for your response.

    • Valentin

      Hi guys,

      Thank you very much for that I just acquired, the tool looks powerful! Soon my return 😉

    • Ashvani

      Hello OP team….I am really glad you finally updated your page builder. I am a web developer and I have been using OP for more than 5 years. I can see that you are trying to match with thrive and divi builders but I just want to request you that please don’t flood the builder with plethora of options because it makes the builder too heavy and creating pages with so many options is never ending . I love OP due to its simplicity which makes page development way faster than divi or thrive. Divi builder usually hangs when the page gets little lengthy so I always loved IP because it never hangs.

    • Ofer

      Anybody home????
      Was the OP 3/0 released already and I didn’t see that?
      A business is alive at the level it communicates.

    • Ofer

      Hellllllooooo……? Anybody out there?
      When will we get the OP 3.0 and its editor going?

    • Christian

      YEP !!! I just installed Optimizepress 3.0 on one of my sites and I congratulate you for the quality, speed of use and I am now waiting for future themes and additional options.
      Christian – France
      YEP !!! je viens d’installé Optimizepress 3.0 sur un de mes sites et je vous félicite pour la qualité, la rapidité d’utilisation et j’attends maintenant les thèmes à venir et les options complémentaires.
      Christian – France

      • David Frosdick

        Great to hear Christian! Thanks for your feedback!

    • Eric

      New version?

      • David Frosdick

        Yep, read our latest post for more info.

    • Millstone

      Still waiting for OP 3.0. When is the release date?

    • Ruhrpott-Marketing

      I like update my account. The new version looks amazing. Date for rollout?

    • Shannon

      Hi James and team,
      Is this version available yet?

      • David Frosdick

        Just published another blog with more info.

    • Tobias

      When do we get this awesome update? I am thrilled to use it!

    • Si

      Anything you can share on if we are able to save sections of a page design to use on other pages with this new release of OP?

      Looking forward to trying it out!


      • David Frosdick

        We plan to make it so all you can save templates and sections to your OP cloud and then pull those design to any site you license without the need to download and saving templates.

    • Michael

      This sounds like a great evolution of the OP product! When do pre-sales start?

    • Ofer

      Any news guys?

      • David Frosdick

        We’ve just published a new post with more info. Go read it!

    • Hany

      What is the releasing date?

    • Chris

      Will we have the ability to determine and save the default for a drag and drop item on the interface? I don’t want to be forced to choose font, size, color, etc, everytime I want to use a component? With that will we have the ability to create our own page templates and save them.

    • Anfisa

      FIrst of all, thank you very much for your work. Great plugin.

      I have couple of suggestions.

      1. Would be nice to have integration OptimizeMember with Woocommerce (pay for levels through woocommerce shopping cart).

      2. And OptimizeMember localization. A lot of text is not localized, due to this cannot translate it fully.

      Look forward to OptimizePress 3.0 🙂

    • Manolo

      Integration with WooCommerce / EasyDigitalDownload

      • David Frosdick

        Thanks for your suggestions Manolo. We do already have Woo layout for the SmartTheme. Not sure what else we could do with landing pages.

    • Chad Fullerton

      Any update on timelines for OP3?

      • David Frosdick

        The BETA people will be playing with it first then we’ll update everyone!

        • Chad Fullerton

          How do I get into the beta group?

    • Raj

      Hi Team. I’m very keen on implementing this in our business this year.

      Can you please advise of the release date to exisiting customers (Active licenses)?

      • David Frosdick

        Hi Raj, It goes out to our BETA testers first and then a slow release to customers gradually

        • Fábio


          I am really concerned with that issue… Like another customer said above, almost all features you’ve shown us until now every other builder already has for a while…

          Any news?

    • Tobias

      WoW you build a small version of Elementor.

      • David Frosdick

        Haha! Good one. We’ve been tested every page builder to ensure we have a fast and smooth tool. You’ll love it!

    • Ofer

      I am finalizing our 2019 strategic plan. Any news on OP 3.0t schedule?

    • Chad Fullerton

      YES YES YES! Drag and drop pre-built sections is a GAME CHANGER and the one feature I’ve been waiting to see OP release, and now it’s a reality! I am so excited for OP3! Front-end style editing + sections makes OP3 a no-brainer home-run now. Gone are the days of waiting for popup editing windows, just click and edit. I’ve had to rely on WPBakery Page Builder for this front-end editing, but now OP does it all. Great job team!

    • Mauricelio

      Hi, I honestly think the members area is very complicated. I’m looking forward for you guys to make the members area simpler be simpler to set up. I think you’re already taking too long to launch the new version since the announcement. Already have an expected release date?

      • David Frosdick

        Thanks for the feedback Mauricelio. Please do email any suggest on how we can improve the members are to our support team. Regarding the launch please sit tight. We’re getting the beta tester using the new editor first. They will report any bugs and then we can fix those before rolling it out to customers. Beta tester are starting the end of this week. Thanks for your patience!

    • Paul

      I love Optrimize Press however i’m a bit skeptical with OP3.

      1) There’s no release date and we’re only being shown a small snippet of what it can do and no mention of what problems it has since fixed since OP2.

      2) What were being shown is a editor and features many other drag and drop editors have had for years now (Visual Composer, Divi, etc).

      I’m starting to think that even with OP3 customers are still going to be behind the fold on what other companies are providing, hence why we’re being kept in the dark..

      • David Frosdick

        Hey Paul, thanks for your comments and we understand your scepticism. One thing we’ve done with our new editor is consistently compare it to other editors and we want to create a fast loading page builder but also simplfy much of the way we create pages. Yes other editors have these features and with that in mind we’ve bundled some other features they don’t have.

        1. It’s impossible to give a release date until our beta testers report back. Once that’s complete we’ll post an update.
        2. We certainly aren’t keeping you in the dark. Agreed, the other editors have had these features for sometime which is why we’ve worked on improving what is already out there.

        Thanks for your patience 🙂

    • pepe

      please add a checkout page like shopify

    • Adam

      🥁I knew you guys were working on some. 🙌
      The market is a mess right now so this was much needed.
      Thanks guys just make it affordable for us😁

    • Hany

      Hi James,
      What about the SmartTheme is there any planning for update with more future and some improvements.

      • David Frosdick

        Once our new editor is released we do have plans for SmartTheme updates. We know you all want new themes 🙂

    • Pil

      Op1 was amazing. Made me good money. Op2 was a differant story… lots of glitches and took an age to make a webpage. Curious for op3.

      Maybe you guys can make standard funnels like russel brunson software?

      • David Frosdick

        Glad to hear Pil. If we make funnels we will be sure to make it simpler.

    • Matheus

      Wow!!! Very Nice!!! I have Op 2.0 i need buy op 3.0 or its for free to me?

      • James Dyson

        Hi Matheus. If you have an active support & updates license when OP3 is released, it will be included for you. If you do not, you will need to renew or upgrade your account to get access

        • Matheus

          Thank you James! I hope the launch 🙂

    • Marko

      Conversion and sales tracking improve. I would love to be able to see how much money I’ve made for website in Specific period like in clickfunnels.

      • David Frosdick

        Hi Marko, that’s more of a shopping cart feature. We might look at that one day but we can’t be everything. There are some brilliant shopping carts out there so we should leave those companies to do what they do and we’ll stick the marketing pages and sites for now.

    • Aaron Davidson

      OP3 sounds really great. I was this close to purchasing OP2, but since OP3 is a completely different framework, I’m not sure I want to buy OP2 and spend time creating a website only to have to recreate it in OP3. Is the release one month out or more like 6 months out? I can wait one month, but not six.

      • David Frosdick

        Hey Aaron, Beta testers will give their feedback and then we have to fix any bugs they report. It wont be 6 months.

        • Dan

          LOL. Are you sure? Been eager to get in on this… but it seems there is nothing on the horizon

    • David Armstrong

      I love OptimizePress but had to switch; I have tried different hosting services, but always end up database slowdowns or intermittent locks, it’s only when looking at server logs I see this, while this is a budget hosting trend and not an Optimizpress issue. The best solution would be to use Optimizpress to build pages and export to flat pages that don’t need the WordPress database, which would give users faster development time and website visitors a lightning fast experience.

      Anyway, well done on the new look.

      • David Frosdick

        Yes, unfortunately all the gurus promote the poorer hosts cause they pay high affiliate commissions. I would choose a premium host, expect to pay $15 upwards.

      • IAN

        Are you saying that WordPress is slow?

    • Jim

      How do we migrate an OP2 site to OP3? Can OP2 and OP3 operate on a single site concurrently for an incrimenftal conversion process, or do we have to perform amass upgrade from 2 to 3 for an entire site?

    • Laurent

      Hey guys,

      Still using OP2 for my product launches since a long time now, as it’s the only WordPress platform that would allow me to have a proper launch site Jeff Walker’s style, protect the content, for evergreen or “one-shot” launches. I had to switch to Divi for my sales page to get a more modern look (and saw a big boost in conversions, so that counts).

      I feel like I could probably switch my launch websites entirely to OP3 now, which would be great.

      OP3 is still gonna handle product launches features, right ?

      • David Frosdick

        Hey Laurent, are you referring the launch suit or just building static pages fo your launches?

    • sue

      Hi James,
      I’m also a long term OP1 & OP2 user; looking forward to OP3.

      Question: Have you thought of a better way to organize uploaded images under Media? It’s frustrating to have to scroll through dozens of pages of uploaded images and have to sort through (and exclude) the images uploaded by OP for your demo pages. Sometimes my keyword searches don’t pull up the right image.

      • David Frosdick

        Hey Sue! Thanks for the feedback, there’s not really a way we can change that. Have you tried looking for media file organiser plugins? I’m sure there’s some out there.

    • alvaro

      hello I’m doing a course in which I’m recording tutorials on how to make capture pages with op2, my concern is the new users who buy optimizepress in 2019 will already have activated op3? if you can answer me please and wait for me to also have active op3 to do the tutorials, thanks

    • Garry Dufresne

      Looking forward to taking OP3 for a drive. I do have a question though. . . . the “MarketPlace” sells page templates, will these be compatible with OP3? -or- if we want to use them will we have to stay with OP2?

      Ideally you’ll release OP3 soon and the templates I want will work.

      • James Dyson

        Garry the OP2 templates won’t automatically work in OP3 because the framework of the editor is completely different. We are planning to have vendors of OP2 templates recreate these in OP3 so you can utilise them in the new platform. You won’t have to purchase the template again but not all templates will be available for OP3 at initial launch

    • Jack Fredericks

      All I want to know is, When will OP3 release?

      • David Frosdick

        We have to slowly roll it out, squash some bugs then release it again. Sit tight 🙂

    • alvaro

      hello there is date of the update for all the users in general

    • Brian McLeod

      Exciting news, James & TeamOP!

      Bring it on home to Papa… I’m ready : )

      OP3’s inevitable evolution from dialog boxes and shortcode generation to real-time, inline editing and drag-and-drop Sections is clear and away the mechanism through which modern page building gets done going forward… I’m friggin’ excited to put it to work IN OPTIMIZEPRESS!

      As the class-act you’ve always been, and shown in the comments on this very thread, it’s clear that you’ve taken care of your existing long-term OP users.

      I’m looking forward to seeing how everything fits together with the new inline editor, SmartTheme, OPM, courseware, carts, and top-of-funnel tools like quizzes, surveys, etc…


      Brian McLeod

    • Malene

      Hi there… A long time OP supporter here too. With OP3 will you need to redo your pages?
      Looking forward to seeing it 🙂

      • David Frosdick

        Hi Malene, OP£ is a completely new page builder that produces pages with cleaner code and more functionality. You wont need to change existing page if you don’t want.

    • Dennis H

      Will this new upgrade also include improvements to Memberpress?
      I also see you’ve answered that the old platform will play well with the upgrade on existing sites, that’s good news.
      I look forward to the new release. Huge fan of the platform. I was using ClickFunnels and switched back due to the ease of use. I’m also hoping the shopping cart will be more robust and attractive.

    • Kevin

      Hi James and the rest of the OP team.

      My main questions right now are regarding how different OP3 is going to be, and how easy/difficult it will be to bring my current, custom OP2 membership site over to the OP3 platform…

      My membership site is similar to say, Kajabi, but much more clean and user friendly, because of the customizations I had created for it over to the OP3 platform.

      Will you be offering free support in this transition for customers such as myself?

      How long will you continue to support OP2 during this transition?

      These are very important issues to me and I assume anyone else that has created custom membership sites with OP2.



    • Leon

      Hi Stuart,
      Im 30x license owner.

      For the new update and shopping cart developments.
      – Will you have the ability to connect pages with “stripe and paypal” directly, instead of having to use third party plugins?
      – Then be able to do something similar to clickfunnels (one click upsells and bump offers) ?
      These features would massively take the whole funnel experience to a new level for many, not just myself.

      Looking forward to its release.


      • James Dyson

        Hi Leon. Thanks for being an OP customer! I can’t share too much about the shopping cart developments yet, based on what we have planned I think it will fit a lot of your requirements 😉

        We’ll be sharing more about those features after we have released the main Page Builder platform which is the first product in the suite we’ll be releasing.

        Keep an eye on your inbox and the blog for more announcements soon!

    • Albert

      Wow! That’s great news. I was thinking about getting another page builder because i think OP 2.0 is a little bit out-dated but now i know OP 3.0 is coming up I will keep using OP for sure. I’m a clubmember so looking forward for december to try the new version. Good job people from OP!!

      • James Dyson

        Thanks for being a Club member Albert – you’ll be first to find out about the new editor as it will be released to our Club members first 🙂

    • Brian

      I am looking forward to OP3 supporting Order Bumps!

      • James Dyson

        We’ll look forward to sharing more about the OP3 cart developments in the not too distant future. Right now we’re focused on sharing more about our new page builder as that will be released first, but through the course of the launch we’ll share about our other plans too. Thanks for your comment Brian

    • April

      Will 3.0 now be compatible with the Divi Theme?

    • Simon

      This looks great. I hope integration with Zoom will be available similar to GotoMeeting. I assume Infusionsoft will still be supported.

      Finally I want to use MobileMonkey chatbot but cannot loaf this into the footer area. As this is a type of product becoming normal do have any functionality for this?

    • Mike Lawson

      Hi James.

      The new editing functions look very good – pity I haven’t yet launched my finished course teaching people how to use Optimizepress 2.0 !!!

      One of my main wishes was to allow students of my courses I build in Optimizemember to be able to continue where they left off – like part way through a particular video or module without having to remember where they last viewed it.

      Will this be incorporated in 3.0 ?

    • Genevieve

      Looks great! Can’t wait to try it out!

      One question…I was wondering if there will be more course/membership related functions with OP3?

      • James Dyson

        Hi Genevieve, thanks for your comment. We’ll be sharing more about developments in this area soon. Were there particular features you were looking for? The new editor will allow us a lot more flexibility in all areas of the editor, and the membership and online course page development is definitely an area we plan to address.

    • Ángel

      Hi James!

      The new OP3 looks great! Congratulations!!! 🙂

      Just one question:

      How will OP3 compare to other Page Builders like Thrive Architect, Elementor or Beaver Builder??

      From what I saw on the tease video, the UI and the functionality look very similar, so it would be great to know the reasons why users should choose OP3.

      • David Frosdick

        Hey Angel, we have a few other things in the pipeline to make OP different. One thing that really stood out for us was the loading speed of the other builders and ease of creating a page for a complete novice.

    • Steve

      Hi Guys

      A great announcement…loving the new page builder…and the ability to set the format for PC, tablet and smartphone separately (it’s always been a problem for me having a great looking pc page which on tablet and phone looks pretty bad due to image and content spacing from the sides, also background images being left justified rather than centred).

      I have been using OP since 2013 (my current pro licence expires Feb 2019) and your announcement has come at a great time. I was looking at alternatives for the last few months before my licence and my client licences expire…looks like I don’t have to now:)

      • David Frosdick

        Hey Steve, glad to see you here! We hope you keep using OP and building awesome pages. We’ll have an update out very soon.

    • Will

      Finally, I can come home.

      • James Dyson

        We can’t wait to welcome you back to the OP family 😉

    • Thomas

      So when is OP3 due to be realized? Also is this version still heavily focused on blogs and membership sites? I just use it for landing pages and funnels for paid traffic sources. There’s so many questions I have.

      • James Dyson

        Thomas the new editor will be flexible enough to be used on blog pages and posts as well as building membership sites, landing pages and funnels. The Editor will form the base of many of the new functions in the OP3 suite.

    • Torkild

      Sounds great!
      I’ve been using OP2 since it came out (and OP1 before that)
      Is OP3 compatible with OP2, e.g can I just upgrade without having to rewrite all the pages?
      And pricing, if you can let us have details of that it would be great.

      • James Dyson

        Thanks for being a longterm customer Torkild, it’s great to have you with us on this journey! We’ll be sharing more information about backwards compatibility in a video soon – but initially at launch we won’t have a direct backwards compatibility with OP2 pages.

        The reason for this is that OP3 is built on a new faster, more flexible framework compared to OP2. The components that make up the pages are all new, and optimized for 2018 and beyond. This means that bringing in backwards compatibility would risk slowing down new pages as we’d have to incorporate old elements and the bloat that comes with some of those.

        Our focus for the new platform was speed, simplicity and flexibility. We have achieved these but at the initial cost of backwards compatibility. We feel that the results you will get with the new pages will far exceed any trouble caused in recreating pages. It’s also important to note that building pages is MUCH faster in the OptimizePress 3.0 Builder, so you’ll have no problems replicating your pages.

        Our longer-term vision is to build a transition tool to allow you to import OP2 pages into OP3. This won’t work in all scenarios (where you’ve used a lot of custom CSS) but it will enable some of your pages to be brought over. This is something that is a little way off at the moment as we’d rather dedicate development time to making the new platform as powerful, easy to use and fast as possible for you.

        We’d rather be completely transparent about this – it was a hard decision to make but something which we believe will stand the new platform in the best position to be the leading WordPress page builder for 2019 and beyond.

        • Richard

          So if we upgrade to OP3 and already have HUNDREDS of OP2 pages… what happens to them??? Do they remain on the site as is and can still be displayed in their present for? Or are you suggesting that the moment we upgrade to OP3 that ALL our OP2 pages must be rebuilt?!?!? If that latter is the case why shouldn’t we all just move to a competitive product since OP3 is essentially an incomparable theme without backward compatibility? I hope to god that you rethink this scenario and billed in backwards compatibility for OP2 pages. Otherwise OP3 is just a theme change and offers no compelling reason for business built in OP2 to upgrade vs move to a competitor.

    • Tom

      What if you use OP2 with the template files from that version (OP2 builder). What happens if you upgrade to OP3? Must i have a completly new theme? Or can i just upgrade and all will be the same + better? Thanks guys.

      • David Frosdick

        OP2 and OP3 will work alongside each other but you will not be able to edit pages build with OP2 using OP3 editor.

    • Ellery

      It is very exciting. Thank you very much for the effort.

      Before viewing this article, I just though OP3.0 will be a SaaS, but turns out that it is not. But it is fine.

      One question: one key features/pressing needs I would like to have in OP3 is a survey function. Would it be there?

      Thank you again

      • James Dyson

        Hi Ellery. We considered a SaaS but since OptimizePress has always been focused on WordPress, we wanted to deliver the best page builder for WordPress as we know that’s what most of our audience uses. We’ll be releasing more information about the full feature set very soon – Surveys is something we certainly have planned although it might not be in the initial release version

    • Chris

      I’m a customer with an active subscriptions, so I’m excited about all these new features!

      I have a OP 3.0 feature question: will we be able to do things like add drop shadows/shadow effects on content boxes, columns or to other elements?

      • James Dyson

        Hi Chris. Awesome to hear you’re excited – we are too! Yes you can certainly add drop shadows on most things in OP3 – text, boxes, columns, sections and more. We obviously always recommend not going too crazy with shadows, and our pre-made designs and templates will help you create something beautiful without being a designer.

    • Keith

      I’ve owned OptimizePress 1 almost since the beginning, but I’ve only recently purchased OptimizePress 2. (A few weeks ago.)
      Should I stick with OP2, which is new to me, or sink more money (ugh) into another version?

      • James Dyson

        Hi Keith. Thank you for being a long-time customer 🙂 If you recently purchased OptimizePress 2.0, you’ll automatically get access to this new version when it is released. We’ll be sharing more about this in the coming weeks as we release more OP3 information.

    • Audrey

      I’ve been a long-term user and raving fan of OP1 & then OP2. Can’t wait to get the new OP happening. Well done, James and all your team!

      • James Dyson

        Thanks Audrey – we’re excited for you to see the new platform

    • Arturo

      This is the best news of the year. I’m with Optimizepress since I started with version 1. I love it! One question: Is there an update for Optimize Member that I also use?

      Congratulations and Thank you very much.

      • James Dyson

        Thanks Arturo! The new platform will work with OptimizeMember. We do have plans to update OptimizeMember but for now it will work with the new platform as it is.

    • Brenna

      This looks fantastic!!! How will our current pages on 2.0 work with 3.0? Will we have to re-do them entirely?

      • James Dyson

        Brenna – thanks for your question.

        Initially we won’t have a direct backwards compatibility to OP2 pages. There are a few reasons for this. I’ll post my response from above:

        OP3 is built on a new faster, more flexible framework compared to OP2. The components that make up the pages are all new, and optimized for 2018 and beyond. This means that bringing in backwards compatibility would risk slowing down new pages as we’d have to incorporate old elements and the bloat that comes with some of those.

        Our focus for the new platform was speed, simplicity and flexibility. We have achieved these but at the initial cost of backwards compatibility. We feel that the results you will get with the new pages will far exceed any trouble caused in recreating pages. It’s also important to note that building pages is MUCH faster in the OptimizePress 3.0 Builder, so you’ll have no problems replicating your pages.

        Our longer-term vision is to build a transition tool to allow you to import OP2 pages into OP3. This won’t work in all scenarios (where you’ve used a lot of custom CSS) but it will enable some of your pages to be brought over. This is something that is a little way off at the moment as we’d rather dedicate development time to making the new platform as powerful, easy to use and fast as possible for you.

        We’d rather be completely transparent about this – it was a hard decision to make but something which we believe will stand the new platform in the best position to be the leading WordPress page builder for 2019 and beyond.

        Remember that OP2 and OP3 page builders can run on the same site, so you don’t need to rebuild all your pages right away. We’d recommend just rebuilding your most used landing pages and either testing the new templates we will be including or rebuilding them just for the speed improvements.

        • IAN

          I appreciate the straightforward honesty James, tough choices have to be made sometimes.

    • Kevin

      So unlike one of the comments above my background is NOT in graphics and building pages in OP2 was painful, arduous and something I wish NEVER to do again. Now that I’ve FINALLY built my pages, understand OP2 …are you now telling me:
      1. I will have to purchase an entirely new program?
      2. will my old pages still be live when oP2 comes out?
      3. Will by old pages be automatically transferred and installed and viewable in OP3 or will I have to rebuild everything??
      I am NOT looking forward to this!!

      • James Dyson

        Hi Kevin. Thank you for your comment. Hopefully I can offer some reassurance…

        1. The OptimizePress 3.0 Builder will be included for anyone that has an active support & updates license for OP2 at the time of release. We’ve always said that our support & updates license covers you for new releases and updates to the platform, and although this is a major update, we’re still treating it as an update and therefore you will get access if you maintain an active license.

        2. Your OP2 pages will be unaffected by the release of OP3. We’ll still be providing support for OP2 and that platform is used widely so we know it will take some time for our user base to start to transition. You will be able to use OP2 and OP3 on the same WordPress site side by side if you wish (so perhaps building new pages in OP3 or gradually rebuilding your pages using new templates included with OP3)

        3. There is not a direct backwards compatibility – so OP2 pages will not be editable with the OP3 editor. I mentioned some of the reasons for this in one of my other replies here but essentially the platforms are built on completely different frameworks and in order for OP3 to be the best it can be, a full backwards compatibility was not possible. This doesn’t mean you have to rebuild everything though as you can still use OP2 as you wish.

        I hope that helps offer some reassurance. We want to make the transition process to OP3 as smooth as possible and we’ll be doing everything we can to help with this. We’re also confident that when you see the ease of use of the new editor, you will not have any problems with building exactly what you want – even without any graphics or pagebuilding experience.

    • Richard

      I am THRILLED to see OptimizePress growing into version 3. We run a membership site based on OP2 and OptimizeMember. Of course we have hundreds of pages that are build with the visual editor.

      • Will OP3 be fully backwards compatible OP2 page elements?

      • What’s the upgrade path?

      • Will OptimizeMember still be fully supported in OP3?

      • Is it going to be possible to finally have direct access to the full html of a page in OP3. I use the visual builder Thrive Architect and while it’s filly a visual builder, I can click their pages gear icon and directly access that pages FULL html.

      This is enormously helpful becaus our posting workflow starts in a FileMaker database where we enter all the content and then generate the html block in FileMaker which is 100% comparable with Thrive Architect. We paste the html from FileMaker in to the page’s master html area and BOOM the post to DONE in seconds vs hours of manually doing all the element placing, formatting and content.

      OP3 sounds amazing.

      I REALLY hope you will allow us direct access to the FULL html of the page so I can have FileMaker generate compatible code to use in an instant.


    • Justin

      James can you talk more about speed? I ran this page through Pingdom and, well you will know. How good is the speed really going to be, and how can you overcome what I understand are fundamental load speed issues associated with WordPress?

      • James Dyson

        Thanks for your question Justin. I appreciate you testing this page – although it’s edited in OP3, it’s a SmartTheme blog post on a site which is running OP2 and many other tools also – so not the streamlined environment we’d recommend for new landing pages.

        We’ve taken a number of steps to optimize speed including optimizing loading of css on landing pages (so no CSS bloat is added). We’re also optimizing font and icon loading, and only loading files absolutely necessary for the design and layout of the page. We’re also implementing more of our own optimization across the platform to make WordPress pages as fast as possible and reduce bloat – we’ll share more about this in the run-up to the final release of the platform.

    • Andreas

      Great News. I will take this upgrade for my account.

    • Rolf Finke

      Hey, James,
      I renewed my license for OP 2.0 recently. OP 2.0 installed accordingly, before the language files all in German completely translated, likewise installed and me pleased about it how well everything works. I also like the new Smart-Theme very much. After I had finished all the installation work, I couldn’t get the thought out of my head when OP 3.0 will be on the market and now this very good news from you. I am really thrilled. Thank you very much for the info. Best reagrds. Rolf

      Translated with

      • James Dyson

        Thanks for your comment Rolf!

    • Cris Catalan

      I am seeing a lot of OptimizePress 3.0 pages in 2019. Yahoooooo!!!!

    • Ofer

      What is the rough time frame for OP3 release to club members?

      • Ian Bass

        Hi Ofer, thank you for your question. OP3 is currently in final stages of beta testing, and we will be able to update you in a week or two with a more defined release date for OP Club members. Our entire team are working at full steam to get it out to you asap.

        • Ofer

          Good. 2 weeks went by. Is there any data for schedule?

    • Jason

      Hey OP Team! This new version looks awesome and I look forward to using all the upgrades. Now, I think that I will love the page builder that is now going to be new to OP3. I will admit that I have tried to use things Kajabi, Kartra, and looked into all the other funnel building options out there. I didn’t stick with any of them because of the ease of OP. However, the reason I looked into other funnel builders is because of the shopping cart ease to set up like in Kartra and then the ability to have a easy list building function with “if this, then that” options to avoid the hassle of using other add on like aweber. I currently us aweber and love it, but I’m always looking into making my whole process seamless for myself and my customers. Mostly because of stats for me. Now, my question would be around is there going to be a shopping cart function or something easy to create check out pages for adding sales to our businesses without having to go through a membership format? Lastly, would there be a function to move toward a contact list within OP verses using aweber or others? Last, last…what about hosting videos and creating something where you can do more layout functionality within the videos rather than having to use YT, Vimeo, or others?


      • James Dyson

        Hi Jason Thanks for the feedback. We do have some developments in the shopping cart area coming after launch. In terms of autoresponders and mailing list software – we believe in letting companies like AWeber, ActiveCampaign and Drip do what they do best. Running an email marketing service is complex and it’s not something we plan to focus on – we would rather provide easy to use integrations with the market leading software solutions out there. So we always advise using one of those to ensure you get the best deliverability and functionality for your email lists.

        In terms of hosting videos – we use Vimeo and Wistia in our business and recommend those. We’re not planning to offer hosting ourselves as those solutions do it so well 🙂

        • Gwen

          Please ensure video links from Amazon S3 can work on your platform as well. That would be great. I don’t wish to pay another monthly fee for video hosting Amazon S3 is so cost effective. For all the data I STORE there I’m paying less than $5 per month.

    • Glenn

      I see you have a funnel builder (yet to be shown). I’m wondering if you will have an easy way to do drip releases on a per page or per section level? Also, does OP3 replace OP2 and OP1 and can I use OP3 to update existing OP1 and OP2 membership sites? So far it looks awesome…

      • James Dyson

        Hi Glenn. With regard to Drip releasing content – do you mean more for membership functionality rather than sales funnels? We’ll certainly be offering drip release content on membership pages through OptimizeMember and an updated version of this in the future.

        The OP3 suite is a new collection of tools which will gradually replace the functionality offered by OP2. But the OP2 and OP3 platforms can co-exist on the same site so you don’t need to transition or rebuild all pages if you don’t want to or you can do so in your own time

    • Roy Ripper

      Great job James and the OP team!
      OP3.0 looks like it’s going to lead the field AGAIN and be the one that everybody else looks to emulate.
      James, I found OP originally through Brendon Burchard teaching. He now seems to have completely thrown his lot in with Kajabi despite building all of his original winning pages using OP.
      I’m primarily interested in my monthly training membership site, building courses and adding new paid members – Will OP3.0 offer and provide a serious alternative to Kajabi for peeps like me?

      • James Dyson

        Roy – great to see you here. We’ll definitely have developments in the membership and online course functionality once we have the main page building platform launched.

    • David Frosdick

      Exciting times ahead for OP users!

    • Rob

      Looks great but as Nick H said, it’s all down to pricing, and what features you get for what price… is it all included in the one price?

      Congratulations it looks good

    • Ofer

      COOOL!!! Waiting for this.
      Is it RTL (Right-to-left) compatible?
      The major required functionality is setting TRL ot LTR for:
      + Page direction
      + Paragraph direction
      + lists
      + Opt-in forms
      + Launch Funnel Menu