JANUARY 8, 2019

The New OptimizePress is Here! Get a Sneak Peek of 5 Features in The All New WordPress Page Builder

In 2010, OptimizePress pioneered the world's WordPress plugin for building landing pages and sales pages.  Now, in 2019, we're innovating once again.  Introducing the brand new OptimizePress Builder 3.0... 

Eighteen months ago, the OptimizePress team started out on a huge development project investing tens of thousands of hours into building a brand new version of our tool that would create new possibilities for businesses and incredible experiences for their prospects and customers. A new version of the WordPress plugin you already love, making it easier for you to market your business online and generate more conversations, conversions, and consistency in your business’ success! 

Today, we’re giving you the first glimpse of the new OptimizePress 3.0 Page Builder, which is just one part of the all-new OptimizePress.

I’m sure you’re curious to find out more about what’s coming and we’re super excited to be sharing this first look behind the curtain of what OptimizePress 3.0 has in store for you (and your business).

New Feature #1

Boost Conversions with Super Fast Page Load Speeds

When we set out to develop the new OptimizePress Page Builder, we identified the key factors that influence the conversion rates of your websites, and one of those is page load speed.

A common problem is that most website editors are built with lots of complex code or littered with unnecessary files. This slows down the loading times of your live web pages, which in turn can drag down your SEO rankings and higher bounce rates — you’ve put in the hard work to grow your presence, but it’s the factors that aren’t always visible that can keep you from seeing better results.

We wanted to give you super-fast, industry-leading page load speeds, so we started from the ground up to ensure every page created with our 3.0 editor uses clean, minimal code with no additional bloat.

The truly great thing when you use our new editor is that you don’t have to do any extra work to get super-fast page speeds, we have taken care of that for you!

Throughout the course of developing our new page building platform, we regularly tested with key performance review tools like Google Pagespeed and GTMetrix - you can see some of the results an average landing page received above.

Start seeing these benefits from using Optimized pages created with our 3.0 Builder:

Higher opt-in rates on your pages (a streamlined experience leads to more trust and interest)
More customers for your business (getting leads to take the first step is crucial to converting them to customers)
Increased revenue and profit (need we say more?)

New Feature #2

Build Pages Faster Than Ever Before With Fully Inline Editing

WYSIWYG — usually, not so much.

Traditionally website editors have lots of pop-up menus or endless sidebar options. This is a problem because you waste time clicking through settings and this leads to frustration and increases the possibility you won't get your campaigns launched successfully.

While building the new OptimizePress 3.0 Page Builder editor, we focussed considerable time on making sure the new editing experience was easy and intuitive. We worked through every single setting, carefully refining the way you build websites so that we could eliminate complexity.

Our 3.0 Builder gives you capability without complexity.  As soon as you use the new editor, you'll know what we do - there's never been a better way! 

New Breakthrough Editor With Full Screen Editing

We've made huge breakthroughs with the new editor and moved the editing options directly into the page as you edit. Having the options directly in front of you as you build your websites, speeds up your progress and makes editing a page so simple.

It also means you get a seamless full-screen editing experience.

Whether you're building a page from scratch or using our brand new WordPress landing page templates or Sections (more on that in just a bit!), you'll find creating amazing high converting websites is effortless.

Edit inline with our contextual toolbar
No need for sidebar options - we have removed the need for sidebar options in most situations meaning you can enjoy a beautiful full screen editing experience (especially on laptops and smaller screens).

Full Featured Library of Elements

Elements are the building blocks of your landing pages, sales pages and websites.  Our new platform includes a rapidly expanding library of elements to fit any kind of page you'd like to build.

As well as including a wide variety of elements, most elements inside the OptimizePress 3.0 Page Builder include carefully crafted style alternatives so you can find the perfect design for your page or funnel.

We know a “one size fits all” approach to your marketing strategy doesn’t work, and the same is true for your marketing pages, so our element styles will let you choose the design that fits with your page vision, whilst still ensuring every part of your page is conversion-optimized for maximum results.

Complete Design Flexibility & Easy Layout Customization

We know one of the most important things you're looking for in an editor is layout flexibility.  With our 3.0 editor, we now bring a new level of layout flexibility with sections, rows and columns to make it super-fast and easy for you to achieve the design you're looking for.

Just watch how fast we convert one layout to a completely different format in just a few minutes

Some of the ultra-flexible features of our new editor include:

Visually adjustable column widths - just drag to adjust.
Set section and row minimum heights, or set to scale to screen height.
Adjust padding and margins of any section, row, column or element visually with easy to use sliders (and set negative margins where required).
Adjust column gutters (space between columns).
Nest rows within rows for almost unlimited layout possibilities.
Visually add underline, bold and italics, as well changing text colours inline with no need for custom CSS or coding.

New Feature #3

Your New Way To Build Conversion Optimized Sites

You use OptimizePress throughout your online business, so creating a brand new editor was a great opportunity for us to rethink and improve the way you create websites.

Conventional website templates often lack the optimized elements you need and this means poor conversion rates.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the new way you'll build your websites -  Sections.

Build High-Converting Websites Using OptimizePress Sections

Sections are pre-optimized combinations of elements that you simply drag and drop onto a page to make amazing looking websites.

We have all the sections you need pre-created and optimized for conversion in a dedicated cloud-based sections library.

Just a few of the sections included in OptimizePress 3.0 include:

Hero Sections
Opt-in Form Action Sections
Pricing Sections
High Impact Feature Sections
Light & Dark Sections 
Team Information Sections
Testimonial Sections
+ Many more...

So much of the conversion optimization on a web page is the stuff you don't obviously notice, like spacing between elements, fonts sizes, and colour combinations. Using Sections means all of the individual optimizations are done for you.

It couldn’t be easier.

This feature alone gives you the power to deploy more beautiful, higher converting pages faster than ever before, and makes you look like a professional designer in the process!

New Feature #4

Build For Mobile Optimization, Not Just Mobile Responsiveness

When we introduced mobile responsive websites in OptimizePress 2.0, we truly believed in the future of mobile web pages. 

But mobile isn't just about how your website looks on a phone or tablet, it's about how content works and whether it's optimized for conversion on a mobile device.

In the new OptimizePress Editor, we've introduced 'Optimize For Mobile' and made it effortlessly simple for you to customize your website specifically for the various mobile formats of tablet and phone.

Optimize For Mobile

Now you can customize your website specifically for the device your visitors are viewing on. You’re customizing for experience and engagement — what your visitor wants most.

Here’s what makes this feature so powerful...

When your new website is created, you can simply switch to view how it looks on a tablet or mobile device. You can change, hide or add any content for each specific device type. This means regardless of how a visitor views your web pages, they will display in the most optimized format for that device.

This ensures that you convert visitors in whichever format they view your content and offers.

New Feature #5

Edit With Any Theme, On Any Post Or Any Page

A key advantage of WordPress is flexibility, but it is very easy for your setup to get complicated with a minefield of plugins. 

To help you progress effortlessly, we have built the new OptimizePress Page Builder to work with any theme.

Even with the new WordPress Gutenburg editor, this does not give you marketing and conversion focused elements that are designed to increase leads and sales from your website.

With the OptimizePress Page Builder 3.0, you can edit any page or post content within your theme framework. This means you can customize layouts (add rows and columns) and add any of our marketing specific elements like opt-in forms, popup overlays, countdown timers and much more, all with no additional plugins. 

This power previously required you to be a PHP expert or HTML ninja. Was that a collective sigh of relief we just heard?

What's Next?

Want To See More New Features?

The New OptimizePress Page Builder is just one part of some amazing new updates coming to OptimizePress. In the coming days, we'll be taking you behind the curtain and revealing more of the amazing new features we have been working on.

Plus, we'll give you a first look at a brand new industry-leading tool that is going to make it super easy for you to create funnels that market your business and sell your products and services.

We can't wait to share the next updates with you.

It's Your Turn...

Tell Us What You're Looking Forward to Most

Which of these new features are you most excited about? What features do you think we should add to OptimizePress?

Share them with us in the comments below!

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