ThriveCart : Complete Guide & Review

Updated 28 March 2023

Thrivecart is a stand-alone (SaaS) shopping cart and checkout platform.  The purpose of this guide is to provide a detailed review of Thrive Cart and guidance on how you can use this tool for your business.

We'll also look at how ThriveCart features compare to our own OptimizeCheckouts solution.

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We'll give you an unbiased, open and transparent guide so you can decide if ThriveCart will benefit your business.

What is ThriveCart?

ThriveCart allows business owners to quickly create beautiful and high converting checkout pages.

Since its launch in 2016, the software has gone from strength to strength and is now arguably one of the most powerful checkout solutions available today.

Unlike most other dedicated checkout solutions, Thrivecart pricing is very competitive and is currently available to purchase for a one-time fee. Which is pretty remarkable considering the monthly subscriptions required for most competing solutions.

In addition to the power of the software and it's wealth of features, it is great value for money and a huge incentive for people starting out.

The need for a checkout solution

Checkout pages have gone through major changes over the last decade. As advances in technologies improved, so were the demands of the customer experience.

Many website owners began to notice these changes, with lowering conversion rates and the number of sales being made.

It simply wasn’t enough to have a standard checkout page on a site, with many of the most popular merchant services offering very little to no customization abilities.

Ugly Infusionsoft Checkout

Marketers and business owners faced an uphill battle in knowing where sales were coming from, with many challenges in being able to track and report their sales processes.

While many solutions arose to help solve this problem, Josh and his talented team set out to create a simple yet powerful checkout solution - something that wasn’t available at the time of development.

Offering the ability to easily add products, build funnels, bump offers, upsells/downsells, subscriptions as well as set up a comprehensive Affiliate and JV system, which we’ll get into later in this article.

The biggest incentive of all, which alleviates a huge problem with integrated checkout solutions is that you own and have complete control over customer transactions.

This means if you ever decide to no longer use Thrivecart, then you will still be able to retain your customers and transaction details with no fear of ever losing them.

Notable ThriveCart Features

The core part of Thrivecart has always been to create the most simple, versatile and powerful checkout solution for users. However, over the years of its development. Thrivecart has grown to include a few key powerful features rarely found in most other checkout solutions.