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New Template Set

Active : Personal Trainer Website Template Set

A collection of 17+ personal trainer website templates you can use to promote your business. This set also includes a range of funnels and checkout pages you can use to sell products, order bumps and upsells.

By David Frosdick

July 21, 2021

We have just released a brilliant new template pack aimed at the coaching industry.

The design of the templates follows a personal trainer or yoga coach, but you can easily adapt the templates to work for a multitude of niches and business types.

This personal trainer website template pack brings to life the design aspects that a physical business would need to promote its services and sell services to clients.

This collection includes templates for you to make a complete business site and additional pages for lead generation and selling products.

The ACTIVE template pack can be used for:

Don't miss the video below; we walk you through some templates and funnels we have built with this new template set.

Templates Overview

This template pack includes many pages with videos, lead capture and uses a mix of our fantastic elements to create a slick design to look professional and grow your business with various marketing strategies.

We've designed it as a personal trainer website template pack, but every template is highly versatile and easy to customize using our OptimizeBuilder page building platform.

Templates included:

Home page

The home page has lots of space around the primary call to action. It uses lots of elements with background images, feature blocks and bullet lists on the page.

Personal trainer website home page template

About page

The about page uses a two-column layout with video and a list building section to promote your most popular lead magnet. The about us page is great for sharing your business with your audience.

Fitness business About Page template

Contact page

The contact page keeps consist with the primary pages using the two column top section and content blocks through the page.

Active Contact Page template

Testimonials page

The testimonial pages keep the same layout with large images in the top section and content down the page with various elements to show social links and testimonials. Testimonials help to build rapport with visitors and defuse scepticism.

Active Testimonials Page template

Landing page

The main landing page is image-heavy, giving opportunities to show videos from classes, images from the business and lead capture points throughout.

Personal trainer landing page

Thank you page

A simple, clean thank you page showing your subscribers what to do next and keeping the design on brand. Notice the use of profile faces to keep personality on your pages.

Active Thank You Page

Event sales page

This template design uses many elements to showcase the event, location, event features and more. It uses feature blocks, split background images, bullet lists and videos.

Active Sales Event Page

Sales page (no checkout)

This sale page shows the person behind the product to build trust with the visitor and then flow into the content with staggered image layout and a pricing box you link to your checkout form.

fitness sales page template

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Sales page (with checkout)

This sales page template is the same as the previous template above, but this design includes a checkout form built directly within the page. Having the checkout form in the page keeps visitors on the page and keeps your business simple as it limits the pages you need to sell products.

Personal trainer sales page template

Checkout page

This template uses a two-column layout with an image on one side and a checkout form on the other. You can use an inspirational image to motivate buyers or showcase an image of your product.

Personal trainer website checkout page template

Order summary page

This template uses a video to thank the visitor after they've made a purchase. It also includes a FAQ section to help the user with any other questions about their purchase.

fitness business checkout summary page

Upsell / downsell page

This upselling template can be used after the checkout page and would also work with OptimizeFunnels. This template can also be edited for down selling products. Upsells and downsells are a great way to increase business revenues.

Fitness upsell page and downsell page

Webinar registration page

This webinar template uses a countdown timer with a call to action. It's on-brand but doesn't use the menu bar as some of the other pages in the set. The removal of the menu from the webinar registration page helps to keep visitors focused on registering.

Personal trainer Webinar Page

Webinar registration thank you page

This template would be used after the webinar registration template to give the users confirmation of when the webinar is and what they do next. 

Active Webinar Thank You Page

Webinar registration page (style 2)

This bonus webinar registration page has a simple design with 2 step registration form, promotion video and testimonials.

Personal trainer website webinar page

Landing page (style 2)

This bonus landing page uses a 2 step opt-in form to attract subscribers. The template also includes testimonials and social proof logos to help build visitor confidence in your business.

personal trainer landing page

Thank you page (style 2)

With this thank you page template, you can give access to your lead magnet video lessons. It also includes a section for download files and a help section to support your new subscribers.

personal trainer thank you page

Also includes marketing funnels for fast implementation

This template collection also includes seven marketing funnels to build your subscriber list and promote your products and services. These funnels are easy to edit and customize using the Funnel Visualiser.

Using these "done for you" funnels means all the pages come connected for you, so all you need to do is apply your branding and copy.

Upgrade to the Suite plan today to get access to Checkouts & Funnels templates

Funnels included for Suite plan customers:


This template pack is now available inside the platform for you to access instantly (for all plans). The funnel templates can be accessed inside OptimizeFunnels which requires the OptimizePress Suite plan.

We'd love to hear how you plan to use these templates - let us know in the comments below...

    7 replies to "Personal Trainer Website Template Set"

    • Bill

      Thanks James, but I’m in “Create New Page” and I don’t see
      “Active” collection under the Collections heading or anywhere.
      I also don’t see it in individual templates under the different categories such as Landing Pages.

      • James Dyson

        Hi Bill. Can you try clearing your cache – if you still have issues please drop our team a ticket in the helpdesk and include your site url and logins and we’ll be happy to take a look

    • KM Lee

      Loving the color combinations of this template pack. It has a ‘soothing effect’ just by looking at the previews. 🧘‍♀️🧘

    • Reima Petramaa

      Thanks a lot for all the templates. It’s easy customise them for own use. No need to waste time in front of the empty screen and trying to create something new. You guys know where we are going as far as web design is concerned.

    • Bill

      When you say “this template pack is now available inside the platform” what does that mean? I can’t find this personal trainer template.

      • James Dyson

        Hi Bill. You’ll find this template set by going to “Create New Page” under the OptimizePress menu on your WordPress sidebar. Once you’re in there, either look for “Active” collection under the Collections heading, or you’ll find individual templates from this collection under the different categories such as Landing Pages. Let us know if you need any further help!

    • Lee Croucher

      For business coaching site, looks awesone

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