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Custom HTML Form Integration

Our newest feature allows you to easily turn ugly HTML opt-in forms into styled and optimized web forms ready to collect emails and build your list.

By David Frosdick

July 13, 2021

The email marketing space is crowded, full of different features and settings you can use to grow your email list and promote your business. 

One of the primary features many of these email marketing services lack is nice-looking opt-in form designs.

With list building at the heart of all successful businesses, having conversion optimised opt-in forms on your landing pages is vital for growth.

With today's update, we have a new feature that increases the range of email integrations you can use with OptimizePress. More on this in a moment! 

The problem with many HTML webform codes that the email services provide is that the designs are not always very flexible and usually bloated with CSS and JavaScript.

Therefore this can make it hard for you to match the form design with the design or branding on the rest of your page. 

Our new HTML integration overcomes all of these challenges. You paste in that big block of code HTML form code and let OptimizePress do its thing.

The OptimizePress HTML integration strips out the essential parts of the code and transforms the code into a stunning looking form design! 🙌

Are you already using one of our email provider integrations? 

An additional bonus of the new HTML integration is that you might be able to use their HTML code forms now to unlock other features or tracking they have in their services.

More Email Marketing Service Integrations

A key benefit of the new HTML integration is that it opens up more potential email services you can use with OptimizePress. 

As long as the email provider generates an embeddable form code, you can copy this code and paste it into our form element, and this feature will make it work on your landing page.

If you're looking to use an email provider we don’t already integrate with, check if they provide the form code to embed on your site, and if they do, there’s a high chance you can use it with OptimizePress.

HTML Form Codes

Let's take a look at the power of this feature in action.

Here's an example of the HTML code block that you paste into your website.

And here's how that HTML form code might look on your lovely landing page or shall we say, not so lovely anymore.

You can see the ugly opt-in form doesn’t work well with your conversion-optimized landing page. And a design like this can harm your conversions as the poor form design is easily missed and doesn't give a clear call to action.

Our new feature can transform that HTML code into something completely different.

Here's how the HTML code looks after adding it to the Custom HTML feature inside our opt-in form wizard.

As you can see, the HTML form has been cleaned up, looks on-brand with the page design and has a stronger call to action.

How to Use This Feature

Here's how to get started with cleaning up the HTML code.

1. Copy the HTML Website Code/Raw Code from your email provider.

2. Add the Opt-in form element to your page.

3. Choose the Custom HTML option.

4. Paste the code into the field provided.

Do NOT paste in JavaScrip or iFrame code. This feature will only work with HTML code.

5. Click Next and complete all the steps in the form wizard.

GDPR and Custom Form fields are not available with this HTML code option.

As you can see below, the magic is done. 

You can now style that form design to match your landing page design.

Watch How It Works

In this video, we walk through using this new feature and show you the before and after examples from above.

So there you have it.

You can now use any email service that we don't already integrate with, as long as they offer email forms as a HTML code option for you to paste on your site.

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