How To Create Order Bumps in WordPress & Increase Your Average Order Value

David Frosdick

Last Updated: July 23, 2020

How would you like more sales revenue without increasing your website traffic, subscribers or customers?

Sounds too good to be true doesn't it, well it's not - let's talk about Order Bumps!!!!

In this article I’ll show you what Order Bumps are, why you should use them, how you can use them, and how they will generate you more revenue.

Online retailers have been using Order Bumps for years. Heck, Amazon even confirmed back in 2014 that 35% of their revenue came from Order Bumps and upsells so they were already testing it 6 years ago.

If you sell any products online and you're not offering Order Bumps on your checkout page, you are leaving money on the table.

Just think what you can do with all that extra molah…

Invest in expanding your business. 
Purchase a new car.
Take a luxury holiday.
Buy a lifetime's supply of chocolate biscuits (we’re English it’s an unwritten rule you should have a biscuit with every cup of tea).

It’s no longer a question of “if” you should have an Order Bump on your checkout pages… You should be asking “what” can I offer as an Order Bump on every product page.

As some of you will know, we just rolled out OptimizeCheckouts. This is our full functional WordPress checkout tool that allows you to sell products on your website, and guess what? You can add Order Bumps to those checkout pages.

So, let's jump into the article and give you a better understanding of Order Bumps and how to use them in your business.

What Is An Order Bump?

An Order Bump is an offer to buy a valuable related product that sits directly on the checkout form and is usually positioned just above the checkout button. It only requires a click of a button to add an Order Bump to a product order. These additional Order Bumps sales "bump up" the average order spend, or average order value (AOV).

An Order bump is not an upsell that someone sees after they click checkout on your order form. This is an offer that's visible directly on the same checkout form with an option to select if customers want to add it to their order.

To show you clearly how powerful this is, let's look at this example we made using OptimizeCheckouts.

The Order Bump is part of the checkout page that the customer sees before they have made payment.

As you can see, an Order Bump is already present on the checkout form and having this option can bump up your average order value hence the name Order Bump.

Regardless of the type or price of the main product you're selling, you can still include an Order Bump, and there's no limit to what the Order Bump offer should be.

You could sell a $497 product with a $47 Order Bump. That’s an easy sell when someone is already spending $497.

Notice on this example below that the product price is FREE but the Order Bump is $47. Someone who clicked through to get the free product will see the Order Bump. The Order Bump is related to the free product they initially wanted.

There really are no restrictions on how you can use Order Bumps, however, to get the most out of them you must tweak and test different pricing and different Order Bump products alongside the primary product you're selling.

To get the highest conversions from your Order Bump, the offer must be related and complement the original product purchase in some way.

Having a related and complementary product as an Order Bump is key, and something you should keep in mind.

The original purchase item should fulfill the buyers requirements and the Order Bump should elevate the purchase to a higher perceived value so that the offer would be silly to miss out on.

A few examples of Order Bumps that elevate the original purchase are:

Cleaning kit for an expensive pair of sunglasses.
Audio version of a written guidebook.
Weight Training guide for a set of supplements.
Phone protection case for a new smartphone.
VIP access pass for an event ticket.

Remember, by the time someone arrives on your checkout page they have committed to buying and have mentally made a purchase. You've already done the hard work to get them this far, now present them with a crazy offer that requires minimal effort to make the decision to buy.

With the correct copy and images, an Order Bump should be seen as a “no brainer” to the customer. They know they would be silly to miss this offer and decide to add it to their order.

Strategy Tip: Start Small

Start by trying small purchase upsell items $9, $19, $29 that compliment the original purchase. This little uplift in the price point may not seem like a lot but if a larger percentage of buyers add the Order Bump it will add up quite significantly over time. We look at the big impact this can have on revenues in some example figures further down in this article.

Why Should You Use Order Bumps?

Order Bumps are one of the easiest ways you can increase your average order value. They offer a subtle way of selling products to committed buyers. They increase the average order value without any additional effort from customers. Order Bumps don't require you to create any additional pages or complicated marketing funnels, everything is done on the original checkout page. 😎

Rather than making upsell offers to customers after they purchase, the Order Bump is there on the checkout to be taken.

Plus... there are no additional steps to be taken after the checkout process, which improves the user experience for the customer.

Order Bumps are like the nice sales person your customers actually want to see. They don’t attempt to scrape each and every last dollar in a desperate way like some upsells do.

Order Bumps should compliment the existing product without confusing the customer, and the more related these Order Bump offers are the higher your conversion rate.

I was recently purchasing a new trucker cap online. During my checkout process, I was presented with a washing protector to keep my hat in shape when washed, a cap rack to hang my new hat on and a carry case. All these offers were reasonably priced. It was an easy sell as it was directly related to my main purchase.

See how that works. I was actually happy to purchase something related to my order and it was something that I wasn’t even looking for in the first place.

They even went another step further and added another Order Bump to remind me of the default shipping option.

They are showing that Royal Mail has delivery delays, so if I wanted my items to arrive sooner then I should choose DHL and pay extra.

These are simple offers that increase the average order value of each customer. Read on and we'll give your some Order Bump ideas that apply to a wide range of different niches.

Crunching The Numbers

To give you the best example of the power of Order Bumps, let's look at some simple figures.

Let's say your main product you sell is $100. You sell ten products a day. Your average daily total order value is $1,000 (10 sales x $100= $1,000).

Now let's add a simple $27 Order Bump and say that five of the ten daily sales take the Order Bump offer. That would give you an increase of $145 to your daily sales total (5 Order Bump Sales x $27 = $145).

Over the course of a 30 day period that would be an extra $4,350 in sales (30 days x $145 in Order Bump sales per day = $4,350 in sales revenue).

If that Order Bump is a low service item like a written guide or blueprint, the majority of the extra sales from the order bump could be pure profit as no additional work is required to sell and deliver the item. 👍

Strategy Tip: Keep It Simple

Your Order Bump should ideally be something that is simple for you to create or a low maintenance service that is easy for you to deliver.

Order Bump Ideas

Order Bumps are very popular, and smart marketers use them all over the internet.

The simple reason for that is they work! They increase average order values with minimal effort needed by the product owner.

Here are some ideas on how you can use Order Bumps and what to offer.

1. Upgrade Shipping

If you are selling physical products you could offer a faster shipping time like the example above or next day tracked delivery on every item.

2. Physical Products

If you are selling any digital item, can you offer a physical version of it? An ebook can become a printed book.

3. Offer digital versions

If you are selling any physical product, can you offer the digital version? People buy books but still want the digital versions. Test these as Order Bumps.

4. Audio

Can you make an audio version of any product you sell? If you sell a book, can you offer the audio version of the same product. Product bundling is super popular and in most cases it’s a very easy decision for the customer when purchasing.

5. Interview or Teleconferences

If you have recordings that are related to the primary product offer those as Order Bumps.

6. Ongoing Support / Care/ Maintenance

This Order Bump is so easy to offer. If you are selling a high priced item that requires maintenance then offer a support or maintenance service with it. Remember when you last purchased a new computer? Did they sell you a care or warranty package with it? That’s the Order Bump. The same applies to a car or new kitchen appliance. These items always have maintenance packages.

7. Product Upgrade

Product upgrades can work well with anything you sell. For example if you are  selling software, could you offer an upgraded version or license. If you are selling a group coaching service, maybe your order bump could offer a 1-2-1 personal service.

8. Membership or Recurring Offers

If you have any kind of recurring subscription products you could offer those with your existing digital product. Maybe you are selling a Facebook Ads training course, offer your Facebook Ads membership as the product bump.

9. Video Course

Video courses can work great as Order Bumps. If you are selling a product such as templates or software tools, your users will benefit from a video course on how to maximise or accelerate their success using the product.

10. Swipe Files

Swipe files of templates, emails, images, headlines, etc. take time to collate, and as a result, they offer great value to potential customers. If you have collected a bunch of swipes while researching, they will make a perfect Order Bump offer.

11. Templates

Anything that will save your customers time or accelerate their success will make an excellent order bump. Everyone wants an extra advantage or step ahead.

As an example, if you're selling a copywriting course than a collection of pre-written headline templates would work well as an Order Bump.

12. Personalisation

The ideal Order Bumps are those that need little to no work to deliver to your customers.  Personalisation as an Order Bump will involve extra work but can be easy to sell depending on the product type.

Personalisation for physical products could be things like adding dates or names to items, product engraving or premium gift wrapping. For digital items, it could be a custom design service for a template, or example.

13. Certification

Certifications don't take that long to create, but they offer customers a treasured prize. For your customers to be able to advertise or promote that they are certified to use a particular product or perform a specific task can be very valuable to them.

Providing a certification as an Order Bump could take the form of a short course that once completed means the customer is proficient in using the main product they have purchased.

14. Upsells & Downsell

Convert any of your existing upsell or downsell offers into Order Bumps and track if they convert better.

Order Bump Examples

So we've given 14 ideas for Order Bumps you can offer. Next, let's look at some examples. Here are a few examples we found from around the web.

There are so many creative ways for offering Order Bumps; the aim of your Order Bumps is to increase your average order value. You can do this by simply offering something else that you already have in your product collection. If you don't currently have a product or service you can use as an Order Bump, we highly recommend you create something specific as right now you are leaving money on the table.

No products? You could trial offering your time as an Order Bump service.

Digital Products & Membership Club

This first one offers multiple Order Bumps on a single checkout form.

Notice how they use the copy recommended for you.

The Care Package

Here’s a subtle but clear Order Bump from Apple. They’ve always offered their care package during checkout simply because people take them up on the offer.

Notice that they allow you to spread the cost of the order bump to increase uptake.

Email Templates

The price of the main product is $37. The Order Bump on offer is a collection of plug and play automations. From reading the copy, it appears they are "fill in the blank" email templates that the customer can easily add to their autoresponder. Simple!

Design Templates

The primary product is the Email List Academy priced at $397. If you were buying a course about list building you would probably be interested in some nicely designed templates, right?

Well hey… there’s an Order Bump for that.

The Order Bump fits perfectly with the primary product and is priced at $97.

Certification & Support

The next example shows two Order Bumps called Addons on the checkout form. Note the price of the primary product and the Order Bumps. Also note these are unrelated offers but they both add value to the user.

The first is a certification that experienced users would buy if they could add these credentials on their own site.

The second is a valued added offer that will help customers get up to speed quicker.

Many small business owners would snap up extra training if it saves them time and money in the long run. The "setup and support" Order Bump can be applied to any software or SaaS product.

Physical Book

Here’s an example mentioned in our ideas list above. The physical book is being offered on the checkout page of the digital course.

Product Upgrades (or extras)

Offering product upgrades, or more of the same product can work really well as an order bump.  This works particularly well for physical products in ecommerce.

In this example from drone maker DJI, you can see that one of the order bump options is an additional controller which can be used by a dedicated camera operator.  This is the perfect order bump on this professional drone where you're likely to have one person piloting the drone and one person in charge of photography.

This further highlights the value of offering an order bump which is closely aligned with your main product being purchased.

How To Present Your Order Bump Offer

The perfect Order Bump offer must grab the customers attention, not interrupt the buying decision and also add value to their main purchase.

You don’t want an Order Bump to seem like you are pushing another product in the customer's face.

You want your customer to feel like - “wow that would really go well with this” or “that’s the perfect add-on for what I'm buying”, or even better, when they feel like you have saved them having to look for what they didn’t know they needed.

If your Order Bump adds value, you will build a better relationship with each customer.

1. Show the benefits

Your Order Bump should present the benefit of the offer and how it will save them time, money or enhance the experience of the main product.

2. Make it simple

Having a clear and easy to understand offer will make the buying decision much easier for the end users.

3. Make it one-time

To increase conversions tell the user this offer is ONLY available with the product they are buying.

4. Show Discounts

If your Order Bump is a special offer, clearly show the discount to the customer.

5. Avoid Complex Language

Your copy should be a round one paragraph long and focus on one main benefits of the Order Bump product.

6. Warm Up Your Audience

If you are using the same Order Bump on multiple products, your sales copy can subtly mention the Order Bump product before they’ve even seen it. This pre-selling of the Order Bump product in your sales copy will increase conversions.

How To Use Order Bumps With WordPress

Now we're going to show you how to create an Order Bump using WordPress and OptimizePress.

Firstly, you need to be using our OptimizePress Suite package. If you're not using the OptimizePress Suite, you can upgrade via the member's hub. If you are not yet an OptimizePress customer, you can choose the Suite package here.

To create an Order Bump on your checkout form, we first add it the same way as adding any other product inside OptimizedCheckouts.

Once you've added this Order Bump product (or decided which of your existing products to use), it's now ready to use in any checkout form on your pages. 🙌 🙌 🙌

Go to OptimizePress > Create a New Page > click see more to expand the categories > Checkouts > Choose a template.

Once you have the new page open > Select the checkout form inside the builder > click the chain link icon > checkout options.

In the screen that pops up you will see two options:

1 - Product
2 - Order Bump

Choose your main product from the first select option and under the Order Bump you can now choose your Order Bump that you just added and continue on through the steps in the popup window to finish the setup.

After you complete those steps, your Order Bump will now appear on your checkout form and it's ready to go!!

One of the main advantages of adding Order Bumps using OptimizeCheckouts is our set of preset Order Bump styles.

All of the preset styles have been optimised to increase your order values. We have made it easy for you to choose the Order Bump style you like, and for that to instantly be applied and change how it looks on your order form. 

Now Get Started!

Well, there you have it. We've covered the numerous benefits that Order Bumps can add to your business.

Now it's your turn to get started adding them to your Order Forms and increasing your average order value.

Hopefully, you can take inspiration from some of the examples we have shared, and our ideas have got you thinking. If you don't yet have an Order Bump product ready to go, offer a service. If you don't have an Order Bump but have upsells or downsells, try switching those over to Order Bump products and track conversions.

We highly recommend you start with simple to deliver, low cost, complementary products as your Order Bumps.

Have fun testing these, now go and make some extra money!

We'd love to hear from you! What will you create as your order bump for your next checkout page or funnel?

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    • Alan

      Wow Look Great!

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    • Richard

      We have our company built on OptimizeMember (mostly OP2 pages).

      We have OP3 installed and I would like to redesign our checkout pages using the new OP3 system and order bump methodology.

      Will the new checkout pages work with OPM member levels and onetime course purchases.

      We REALLY REALLY REALLy want to continue using OPM to power our business but it seems to be lacking these modern features and integrations with OP3 …

      James, what’s the future for OPM?

      • James Dyson

        Hi Richard – thanks for your comment!

        I’m pleased to say that although we’re not planning to further expand OptimizeMember features at this time (as it’s designed to work with OP2 mainly) – we are releasing an integration between OptimizeCheckouts and OptimizeMember in the next update 🙂

        With this integration you’ll be able to add buyers from OptimizeCheckouts to OptimizeMember including assigning a level and package to the contact.

        I hope that will solve your issue for now…

        Update should be coming soon – most likely next week as we’re currently testing this integration internally.

    • Cristina

      Getting better and better! When is Paypal integration coming?

    • Fábio Filipe

      Hi! This is great! I use them already and it’s great!

      When you add the one click upsell, recurring payments and membership area? Thant would be perfect!

      Keep the great job!

      • James Dyson

        Hi Fábio!

        One click upsells/downsells are coming in our next checkouts update – they are in testing right now so expect that feature in 1-2 weeks 🙂

        Recurring payments are in development too – we’re making great progress with this. Membership areas are already possible with Restrict User Access, WishlistMember or similar plugins (RUA is free and fully integrated with OptimizeCheckouts). We’ll have more developments in this area soon too.

    • Josè Scafarelli

      is this order form bump compatible with Amember?

      • James Dyson

        Hi Josè! We don’t have an integration with Amember at this time. If we get enough requests for this we can certainly consider it – but at present our supported membership integrations are Restrict User Access, Paid Memberships Pro, WishlistMember and we’ll be adding MemberPress in the next update.

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