Landing Page Templates: The Best of Black Friday & Cyber Monday (Updated for 2022)

David Frosdick

Last Updated: November 15, 2020

Let's take a look at the potential of Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing for your business, and give you some strategies to help you make the most of this for your business.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday

As you probably know, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest sales opportunities of the year for your business.

Those of you who use OptimizePress to build your marketing sales pages and landing pages will love these ten new templates to get your holiday promotions off to flying a start.

We’ll circle back to those free templates a little bit later.

Right now, let's take a look at the potential of Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing for your business, and give you some strategies to help you make the most of this for your business.

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What is BFCM? 🛍️

BFCM = Black Friday Cyber Monday

Black Friday is an informal name for the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States. The U.S celebrates on the fourth Thursday of November and that makes BFCM actually a full 5-day sale for some businesses. 

It’s not just Friday! In some cases as soon as Thursday at 5pm the sales offers will begin!

The day after Thanksgiving has been labeled as the beginning of America's Christmas shopping season since 1952. For us Brits it’s still November and we are moaning if there’s a Christmas decoration up by then. 

Although the term "Black Friday" did not become widely used until more recent decades it sounds like it would more be associated with a somber day but it's quite the opposite...

Crazy Black Friday Crowds
The earliest evidence of the phrase Black Friday applied to the day after Thanksgiving in a shopping context suggests that the term originated in Philadelphia, where it was used to describe the heavy and disruptive pedestrian and vehicle traffic that would occur on the day after Thanksgiving. This usage dates to at least 1961. 


Now for me, this name makes much more sense to me. A popular explanation became the day that represented the point in the year when retailers begin to turn a profit, thus going from being "in the red" to being "in the black”.

Black Friday Deals Search Interest Increase

Black Friday sales day is HUGE, to say the least however something actually beats this with 67 million shopper spending online!

Lucky for us online marketers!

Cyber Monday 💳

It’s the 14th anniversary of Cyber Monday. Made famous apparently from a press release and boosted shopping in 2004 beating all historic sales days. It became the day to shop online and has continued to grow year on year.

Holiday sales in 2018 topped $1 Trillion.

US Holiday Season Retail Sales Chart

Get this...

Those 67 million shoppers in the U.S spent $6 billion during that Cyber Monday holiday season in 2018!!

Now, do you get why this is so important to be ready collecting leads to promote your Cyber Monday offers?

Black friday and cyber monday digital commerce 2019

Oh and one more thing… In 2018 67.2% of shoppers used their mobile phones this why using the latest version of our page builder you should be designing your marketing pages with a mobile-first approach.

Some of the best “Black Friday” deals actually come out on Cyber Monday!

Some stores even start offering their sales days earlier to lure in shoppers.

So your choice is to grab a deal early or hold off for a possible better deal on Monday!

This is simply the biggest sales opportunity in 2019!

Don’t have anything to sell? Don’t worry you can still make money. Read on to learn how.

Green Friday ♻️

Want to get ahead of the game. Some brands like Faguo are trying to encourage people to shop more mindfully #makefridaygreenagain

Rather than cheap products with single-use plastics, it’s a starting point for us to be spending our money on ethical products, no more single-use plastic or cheaply made clothes. You will see this trend grow over the next decade it could even become its own sales day.

The cotton industry is already using too much water and with this growing throwaway fashion, culture brands are starting a GreenFriday sales period.

Basically, try and be a little conscious of the products you are buying. Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it was ethically produced.

How to Maximise Your Sales 🤑

As this is such a big deal the best sales offers are exclusive to that day.

To draw in better sales think about bundling products or having limited additions available. Create a deal that is not regularly available all year and only on BFCM.

Remember this is a high priority sales period. Countdown timers MUST be used where possible even our evergreen countdown will work perfectly for in sales funnels especially when you have retiring visiting seeing an individual timer for their visiting time.

It’s your chance to try crazy sales experiments!

Types of Offers You Can Run 🛒

While sales and offers are great for business the customer’s buying experience is what counts. They will talk about the experience more than any marketing campaign you run. Here’s are some ideas to get your imagination flowing. Think out the box when offering any of these promotion ideas.

#1. Coupons

Don’t just offer a boring coupon. In fact, try not to call it a coupon unless it’s free first-class flight you’re giving away. Get creative with your wording. Can you offer an exclusive Mystery Ticket “coupon” that be used later with another deal or shopping period but is only available with purchases made on BFCM. This will bring repeat business later when they return to sped the coupon.

Chubbies are naming there holiday sale Thighber Week. First is a money off code then enter to win further gifts later.

I love the naming of this offer but feel its value could be increased unless they are giving away a car in the 10 gifts… While these offers can seem small if they have good followup emails they can turn these subscribers into long term customers long after the holiday period.

#2. Discounts

Rather than heavy deep discounts that we see all year round you have to go big. Rather than loss-leading products, some companies will aim for the mass volume of sales with low profit margins.

Here’s a big discount on a high ticket price item.

Here’s another big discount on a more everyday type of product.

Try offering big discounts on higher ticket spending and mystery bundled products. 

Big Discount Offer = Spend (high amount) Get (bigger discount)

With so many discounts continually offered online try and get creative as possible.

#3. Hourly or Daily Offers

Another discount inspired deal is to run hourly offers, those who spend first, get bigger discounts. Again using our countdown timers you could run these easily. If your sale is over the full 5 days then try out daily deals. Make your discounts available for different categories or product types. 

Black Friday - Physical Products (DVD’s, Books, Events, Coaching)

Cyber Monday - Digital Products deals (ebook, templates, courses)

#4. Bricks & Mortar

Just because it’s an online sale for Cyber Monday you can still run offers exclusively in your shop. If you are running BF sales then extend those or change it up for Cyber Monday. Make it clear than CM will be a different deal.

Batch is a curated gift company and also have a physical store in Nashville.

This picture above shows their storefront decorations for the holiday season. Through social media and email, they could drive more footfall to the store by announcing BF and CM offers are also available in store.

#5. Consider A Charity

For businesses already in good profit or those willing to take less profit, consider offering a charitable donation on all sales. People are becoming more and more savvy to corporate profits and they want to feel their money is going to a good cause. Help people, the planet, animals or wildlife and do good.

Clothing Brand The Kindness Co-Op already gives a percentage of sales to a charity. For Black Friday they can increase the donations for all sales during that period.

#6. Brand Partnerships

You could try partnering deals with similar products or businesses.
If you sell wine you could team up with your local cheese company. If you print clothing could you do some limited additional designs with another brand? 

The idea here is you both share customers and increase sales.

Uber and Spotify did this to great effect by promoting the idea of listening to your favourite playlist while using the Uber ride sharing service...

So simple. See how both companies get to promote each other?

#7. Packaging

So you probably wondering why I have included this. Well unboxing is a big thing. If you haven’t seen the kid who unwraps kinder eggs on YouTube….. say no more. I mean it’s not really even unboxing but the number of views is crazy!!!

YouTubers unboxing purchased goods is popular content and this is all about the buyer experience (and yes, there’s lots of YouTubers doing this, hence how I found the kinder dude).

Can you create a unique packaging or unboxing experience for products sold on BFCM. You gotta be creative with this one but it will go along way and be rememberable to your audience.

What’s an obvious one you could do?

Think Willy Wonka and the Golden Ticket. Can you package a Golden Ticket into an order?

For Cyber Monday try customer number 327 wins X (really BIG expensive Willy Wonka crazy prize).

You will be giving something away but it’s done through the packaging or recognising a customer.

Bud Light used the Golden Can where users could win tickets to NFL games for up to 51 years!

Nisan did the same on a car sales day where every car had a golden ticket with and “up to” amount. One of the tickets had the top prize.

#8. Giveaways

Again, think differently, don’t just give away something free like a BOGOF deal. Think bigger! Think surprise! Think impact! Make an exclusive offer.

Go BIG if you are going with this one. Give away something massively valuable. It helps if it’s related to your offers.

This example below from WPForms is BIG! No holding back there. There’s a lot of entries that equals a lot of emails and probably some retargeting. My only concern with these types of giveaway offers is that old Mary and John, who are in the middle of nowhere, still using dialup connections will enter. They have no interest in WordPress so the quality of the leads is very low. Still a great example of going BIG!

#8. Limited Numbers

Avoid doing limited number promotion unless you are selling something that requires your time.

BFCM is all about getting anyone and everyone to buy. While limited number style offers are great at certain times and add urgency, you really want to sell as many as possible. 

Instead, offer limited bonuses to those who buy first.

For example: "The first 100 buyers get bonus X".  This strategy is often used in product launch scenarios - the scarcity effect is the same and can be very effective at driving sales.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Landing Pages ✅

The main focus of your landing page is to build up interest and hype before your BFCM offers go live. The landing page must have an awesome hook but not giveaway the actual deal.

It should create suspense and tease the customer with hints on what you will offer. Also, make it clear the first offer is sent out to those who opt-in.

Use Countdown timers (with auto-redirect), bullet list elements and testimonials from last year sales or related products.

Use the Linked Evergreen countdown timer across multiple pages to keep.

Advanced User Technical Tip: 
Use auto-redirect on your landing page countdown timer that goes to a "BFCM Too Late page”

This page could also have another countdown timer and it would say. “Sorry you’ve missed the chance to get first refusal on offer as we sending this to loyal customer who signed up. But you can still get access in (countdown timer).

Use another countdown timer for a much short period like 4-8hrs.

The point of this is so you make it clear they should have signed up first time or opened your previous emails. Then next time you do an offer they will act quicker.

Teaser Email Sequence ✉️

You should consider teasing out a couple of emails prior to the big day to grow the hype for your offers. Remind them email subscribers get first refusal.

Include countdown timers in your emails.

He’s a schedule you could follow. Work backward from the sale day.

Sales Start Day: Thursday 26th, 2020 5pm
1st Teaser Email: Monday 23rd 2020 (include something educational similar to your offer)
2nd Teaser Email: Wednesday 25th, 2020 (24hr before start date)
Cart Open Email: Thursday 26th, 2020 5pm - Go!

If you want to start a sale early you can also give subscribers a sneak peek on your offers.

If you presale you could show the customer they are already getting a BFCM price. Reebok makes this clear on their products listings.

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BFCM Sales Pages 📄

This is the money page for you! It’s just as important as your Landing page but it’s going to do the work.

Let’s say you are selling a high priced coaching package.

People want to see the deal straight away and remember a high percentage are ready to spend like never before!

The hero section of your sales page should have a clear buy now button. Show as many testimonials throughout your offer and you MUST show the price comparison to what they would have paid.

Include mega bonuses in your offering. This could be access to the software, other products you have or a partner deals.

Considering offer payment options for high price ticket items.

Consider offer all nonbuyers a payment option on Cyber Monday.

Towards the end of Cyber Monday start offering a downsell product. This could be shorter coaching sessions for a lower price.

Sales Emails 💰

Right, we're still selling high price coaching package.

If you really want to maximise sales you must email every day over the 5 days.

Think of this sales period as you would a product launch.

Thursday: Cart open email
Thursday Night: Reminder of offer and why they should but first
Friday: Limited bonuses X available
Saturday: Show testimonials form buyers or list names, educate where possible.
Sunday: New Bonus added
Monday: Closing today
Monday Night: Cart closing soon! (6hrs before the end)
Monday Night Final Email: Ending Soon - Last Call - Only A Few Left

This email is for all those who have not purchased it.

Monday: Payment Options / Downsell

Monday Night: Installment Payment Options / Downsell

What Can You Sell?

As I said earlier if you don’t yet have a product to sell then simply sell a service related to your product. It could be a done-for-you service, coaching call, training session. Something that actually requires your time to complete.

New Black Friday Cyber Monday Templates 📝

Now let’s take a look at our highly optimized Black Friday and Cyber Monday templates. We had four legacy templates that we have rebuilt into two new templates and we’ve created another 9 new templates that can be accessed in the collections section. You can switch graphics, images text and colours. Do what you like. We have styled them to give you a starting base to work.

#1. Cyber Monday Deals Template

As I said earlier if you don’t yet have a product to sell then simply sell a service related to your product. It could be a done-for-you service, coaching call, training session. Something that actually requires your time to complete.

Template Features:

Countdown Timer
3 Column Price Offer Boxes
Modern Colour Pallete

#2. Black Friday Sales Page Template

This template has a lovely colour palette and is designed with a photography offer in mind. It includes pricing columns and custom content areas along with a guarantee section.

Template Features:

Dark Theme
Oversized High Impact Headline
Countdown Timer
Bright bold colours
Large CTA
Icon Section Layout
Video Thumbnail
Feature Area
Pricing Columns
Money-Back Guarantee Section

#3. Cyber Monday Exclusive Sales Page Template

This design is bold and pink. Could be adapted to any feminine niche, beauty products or couple retreats. It includes video player, review star and testimonials to show customer proof.

Template Features:

Bold Headline
Review Star Rating
Video Player
Trust Badges

#4. Black Friday Cyber Monday Template 4

This one of my favourites and will work for any sales offer throughout the year. The dark design and orange text go great together. We’ve angled it for the fitness niche but could be used to sell any type of class you offer.

Template Features:

Bold Double Headline
Bullet Lists

Here’s the class listing that could be converted into a product listing or courses.

#5. Black Friday Discount Opt-in Template

This a short-form landing page, no clutter, perfect for listing buildings leading up to BFCM. Again dark theme, large space for a custom logo or show the discount amount.

Template Features:

Block header space for logo
Inline optin form

#6. Cyber Monday Early Access Template

We’ve switched up the colour scheme using a green tone and large opt-in form above the fold and subtle leaf background. It has a two-column layout for content and to highlight features with bullets.

Template Features:

Spaced out heading
Inline opt-in forms
Feature icons
Two-column content area with bullet lists

#7. Black Friday Notifications List Template

Another one of my favourites. The hero section of could be a single landing page on its own. It has some other nice elements that show authority, trust and customer proof.

Template Features:

Logo space
Large headline
Countdown Timers
Inline opt-in
As seen in section

#8. Black Friday Dark Theme Landing Page

This template says bang! The Black Friday graphic is loud and also animated. Although it’s a short page with the countdown timer takes full priority followed up with testimonial space and matching background graphic.

Template Features:

Custom Animated Black Friday Logo 
Dark Theme
Bold Colour Palette
Footer Menus

#9. Legacy OP2 Cyber Monday Optin Template

This clean landing page was originally developed for our black friday templates in OptimizePress 2.0.  We've now revisited the design and updated it for the OptimizePress Lightning Builder.

Template Features:

Custom Editable Headline section
Countdown Timer
2-Step Overlay Optin Form

#10. Legacy OP2 Cyber Monday Sales Page Template

The second of the original legacy templates we’ve converted for the latest OptimizePress.  It was downloaded thousands of times and use by many of you reading this post. It includes a two-column layout, video, and pricing options all to increase sales.

Template Features:

Custom Editable Headline section
Countdown Timer
Video Player
Custom Pricing Section

#11. High Impact Optin Black Friday Landing Page

We are following the trend of the dark theme and red font but that doesn’t stop you from changing these templates. The large heading and timer take center place on this template highlighted by the red bar across the middle.

Template Features:

Dark Theme
Countdown Timer
Inline Optin
Full Page Height Design (maximum impact)

#12. Masterclass Alternative Black Friday Cyber Monday Template

This final template is back to the pink with two large call-to-action areas and full-width video sitting middle of the page. This would be perfect for a product with demo videos or ones that require a bit more explaining. Notice the top bar showing discounted prices!

Template Features:

Bright High Impact Palette
Oversized Buttons
Optional Video Section
3 Column Features Section

How to Access the Templates 🔑

Now the burning questions. Where do you go to access these Free Black Friday & Cyber Monday templates?

To access all the cyber series templates just go the Create New Page click the See More link if you don’t see Collections.

The Collection button will now appear and you can filter those templates.

Next, scroll down until you see Cyber Sales Series.

Now hover over View Collection and click to see all the Cyber Series templates.

Build Landing Pages That Convert with our Inspiration Lookbook...

Unlock Higher Conversion Rates: Get Access to 120+ Landing Page Swipes from Creators, Digital Marketers and Experts in our latest Landing Page Lookbook

Build Landing Pages That Convert with our Inspiration Lookbook

Get Access to 120+ Landing Page Swipes from Creators, Digital Marketers and Experts + insights and steps to boost your landing page conversions.

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      • David Frosdick

        Hi Peter, We are launching our own checkout system called OptimizeCart very soon. Be sure to signup to our email list for notifications when it launches. It’s going to be very simple cart suited to people who simply want to sell small downloadable products.

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      Hi I have cloned the membership package sales details from a different sales page onto my new Black Friday template for the add to cart detail which takes it to the membership package details so that once paid for the log in details are sent etc..all this works perfectly…however for the particular sale I want to run is to offer to send some products through the post as well as the online membership details…however at the moment paypal in the optimize press only gets the email address, name etc of the person and so when I get sales confirmation there is no postal address on there…is there a way to change it for this sales page only in optimize press / or I need to log into paypal to do it? (I have emailed paypal too)..I am really not techie and so if there is an easy answer on how to do it that would be lovely! 🙂

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        It depends on your strategy. If you want to build your subscriber list you might consider driving traffic to the landing page first which would offer the discounts after opt-in – but you may get a reduced response VS showing the offer on the front end. The benefit to using the landing page is that you can follow up with those people who maybe don’t purchase later with further valuable content and offers in the future

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        @LSLSonia:disqus: the easiest way is to head over to the Marketplace (at the navigation menu above). then click on “How to Install” link. watch the video where James explained step-by-step on how to install the .zip template to your OP 2.0 site. it only takes a few seconds to install the templates. all the best! 🙂

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          Thanks for the tip, I really appreciate it 🙂

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          I wish I was so organized to keep things handy as you do 🙂


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        Hi Andry – we have provided these special templates for free to our customers instead of doing any kind of any Black Friday Deals. I hope you like them! 🙂

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        Hi Jen. So sorry to hear of your issues. Can you confirm you are running the latest version of OP (2.3.3). And the latest WordPress? If you are still having issues please submit a ticket here:

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            @jenrohlen:disqus: KM here. just wanna reach out a hand. are you using the OP Theme or Plugin?

            firstly, if you’ve a bunch of plugins on your site. you can try to deactivate them and see if your plugin(s) actually caused that.

            then inside your WP Dashboard, go to: OptimizePress → Support → then check your “System Status” (Click on the ” Troubleshooting Guide” if needed.)

            Hope that helps a bit.

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