The New OptimizePress 3.0: Updates & What to Expect

In this post, we'll give you an update on the release of the brand new OptimizePress.

Please share in the comments below any feedback or questions you have, and we'll make sure we answer them.

Let's get started...

UPDATE: Your questions answered here.


OptimizeBuilder: The New OptimizePress Website Editor

OptimizePress 3.0 has been in development for two years, and it's just about ready to make its worldwide debut

The new OptimizePress is a suite of marketing focussed tools that will help you transform your website pages into ones that engage, convert, and WOW your customers.

The first part of the new OptimizePress to be released is the new dashboard and editor plugins, OptimizeDashboard and OptimizeBuilder.

Take a look:

OptimizePress Dashboard and OptimizeBuilder.

Step 1

The new dashboard and editor plugins are the first to be released.

The new editor is an entirely new way to build any type of web page you might want to create for your business.

Some of the key features of OptimizeBuilder are:

The new editor is a huge step forward. It has a clean and simple interface, with inline visual controls that make editing a breeze.

The new OptimizePress Builder includes a vast range of features and editing options. However, there are still many amazing things that we are adding for you:

Beautiful templates available now (with more being added regularly)

We've already started loading a range of beautiful templates, loaded with conversion boosting features.  We're adding to this all the time, and with our Cloud based library, this means as soon as we add a new template, it's available instantly for you to use in your dashboard (no update required).

How can you help us to build a better editor?

With the new editor, we focused on the core controls you need to build high converting websites. While at the same time ensuring you are not overwhelmed with a minefield of options and settings.

Please comment below with the settings, integrations and features you want to see. We want to make sure that the editor has everything you want included, and we'll be keeping this page updated for releases and features!


What Else Is In Development For The New OptimizePress?

The first tools to be released from the new OptimizePress are the OptimizePress Dashboard and OptimizeBuilder plugins. Yet, the new OptimizePress is so much more than the new dashboard and builder plugins.

To help give you a clear outline of what is in the pipeline, let me share with you two new products.


Using our new OptimizeFunnels plugin, you will easily be able to create marketing funnels. Funnels for all types of goals, such as:

OptimizeFunnels is in the final stages of development and beta testing.

STATUS: In Beta Testing


To further unlock the power of the new OptimizeFunnels plugin it had to have a sales cart!

So our team is working on features which will allow one time payments and upsells of products. Development is underway and making significant progress.

STATUS: In Development

We will be posting frequent updates on the development of OptimizeFunnels and OptimizeCart.

Alongside these two new products, we will continue to update the OptimizeBuilder editor.

In a future blog post, we'll share a more detailed timeline. This timeline will cover new features and integrations with projected deliverables for their release.


How Will We Help You To Master The New OptimizePress?

The new OptimizeBuilder plugin is a new way of building conversion pages for your business. To help you through the learning curve from OP2 to OP3 we will be hosting a series of weekly webinars. These webinars will help guide you through the adoption of the new platform.  We will also take time to answer any questions you might want to ask.

To complement these webinars, we have a range of tutorials and help articles. You will find these in the new Members Hub:

Please keep an eye on your inbox and our social media channels for information on the dates for these webinars.

You can, of course, reach out to our support team for specific help that you might need with the new platform. During this transition, we expect an increase in support so please bear with us.


How Will We Keep You in The Loop?

We started development on the new OptimizePress to create something amazing for you. As a result, our entire team got to work.

This has meant that during the last 12-18 months our communication with you has not been as frequent as it should have been. It's important to us that you have an active role in shaping future versions of OptimizePress. We also want to grow a vibrant community of people that share strategies and progress together.

Moving forward, we will host webinars to help you optimize the new platform. We will also be releasing guides and tutorials on marketing strategies.


How Will OP2 and OP3 Work Together?

We know many of you are members of our community with sites built using OptimizePress 2.0.  You're probably wondering about what happens with these sites with the launch of OP3.

The good news is, all your sites will continue to run as normal (as long as you have an active license and maintain an updated version of OP2).  We've also built OP3 so that it can run on the same WordPress installation as OP2. This means you can leave your existing pages if you wish and create new pages with the new editor.

While OP2 and OP3 will work together on the same site, you can NOT edit OP2 pages with the OP3 editor.  It's essential to understand the reasons behind this, as it means a benefit to you in the long-run.

When we started building OptimizePress 3.0 (in particular the new builder), our focus was on optimising speed and performance.  We simplified building pages in WordPress.  To do this, we had to take the hard decision to forgo backwards compatibility.

This decision meant our new platform could be as lightweight as possible, as it would not have the bloat of old code.

Avoiding code bloat also meant we could utilize new web technologies for page building which were not available when we created OP2 five years ago.

We appreciate this compromise may be disappointing to some of you. As you start to use OP3, you'll recognize that the ease of use and editing improvements are worth it.

Lightweight code means you get a better editing experience and faster loading pages.

The new editor is an excellent opportunity to rebuild old pages and make use of the fast performance and better conversion potential.


What's The Plan For Releasing The New OptimizePress?

We all love to play with new tools. Rest assured, we are as excited to get the new OptimizePress into your hands as you are to receive it.

Let me lay out our proposed rollout plans.

Last week we began the release of the OptimizeDashboard and OptimizeBuilder plugins. These were released only to OptimizePress Club members.

There are a few reasons why the initial rollout was to OptimizePress Club members:

These processes will be complete when all Club members are active in the new system. We will then start on the next phase of activations for OptimizePress 3.0. The next step will be for customers with an active support and updates license to receive their activation emails.

We aim to rollout to active license customers within 2 to 3 weeks. The rollout process will last for a few weeks itself as we have to activate invitations manually.

We will update you when this process starts.

YOUR Questions Answered

Frequently Asked Questions

We currently do not have an official public release date. However, we plan on a full release starting June of this year to our existing customer base.

All Club members and customers with an active license will be upgraded to the new version automatically and will not be required to purchase. 

You may be asked to confirm your billing information as part of the OP3 setup process, as we are migrating to a new billing system. 

We plan on adding FB comment widgets and other Social Media integrations to our platform and are all on our roadmap.

Right now, you can add Facebook Comments by using the HTML element and dropping in the code provided by Facebook on their Comments integration page

Please stay tuned for further updates.

The OptimizeBuilder should work with most well coded themes available for WordPress.  As there are many thousands of themes available, it isn't possible for us to test and guarantee compatbility with all themes.

As an OptimizePress customer, you have access to our in-house theme called the SmartTheme.  If you're not sure which theme to use, we recommend you use the SmartTheme and can assure you that it that works perfectly with our OptimizePress tools.

The original SmartTheme was released over a year ago at the time this article was written. In order to provide a seamless way to use OptimizePress email marketing integrations as well as providing updates for this theme, we tied the updates license and integrations into the OptimizePress 2 plugin. 

In order for us to provide a version of the SmartTheme to use with OptimizePress 3 in the same way, the only option we had from a development standpoint was to essentially clone the theme and instead, link the licensing and integrations with the new OP3 Dashboard plugin. 

Also, at the time OP3 was first released, the features other than email integrations and the updates license, that are included in the original and the new SmartTheme V3 are identical.

We may eventually add new features specifically for the newer SmartTheme V3 and will update this article at that time.

If you have any other questions please reach out to our team and we'll be happy to help.

If you have the current SmartTheme installed, you should see the new version listed inside the main OP3 dashboard, which you’ll be able to activate and use. Again, you will only see it listed if you have the current version of the SmartTheme installed.

You can install and activate SmartTheme V3 from the OP3 dashboard. Note you will need to setup the Opt-in Form integrations again if you were using those before.

As OP3 is an entirely new platform built from the ground up, you will not be able to edit any existing pages built with OP2. They are each their own completely separate systems.

All pages built with OP2 can only be edited with that version of the software.

Yes. If you are currently using OP2 and want to transition to the newer OptimizePress 3.0, we actually built the new OP3 so you can use it alongside OP2 on the same site. They will not cause issues with each other (they are like siblings actually).

We are still working on this aspect of the template system.

When we release those features you'll be able to save the template in our template cloud and it will automatically show up for use on any sites you are using OP3 on with your license.

OptimizeMember is tied in with OP2 which includes the email integrations for OptimizeMember. If you are using OptimizeMember and are utilizing the email integrations in OP2 for that purpose, then you’ll need to keep OP2 activated. 

OptimizeMember will not work without OP2 being active on your site. Make sure you keep the OP2 plugin and OptimizeMember both activated. 

To use OptimizeMember and protect pages created with OP3, make sure OP2, and OptimizeMember are active, and then you can go to “pages > all pages” and select the OptimizeMember Options on the right side of the normal WordPress editor.

Specific features for Membership sites are on the roadmap for OP3, however those will come in the coming weeks/months as we continue adding new features to the platform.

Currently (as of May, 2019) the initial release of OptimizePress 3.0, to our loyal (and highly appreciated) club members, does not have plus pack features or a membership plugin. 

Here are some things to consider as this is still an early pre-launch release of OP3:

You can use the membership plugin from OP2 and still protect your pages. 

- We will have new membership features built into OP3 in the coming weeks/months. 

- PlusPack features such as what was included with OP2 are on the roadmap for OP3. These may not come in the form of a new plugin, but will most likely be added directly into the OP3 builder plugin but will be unlocked only with specific package for OP3 (such as the OP3 Suite plan). 

- Features such as OptimizeExperiments, OptimizeUrgency, and other OP2 PlusPack plugins will also make it into OP3. We ask for patience on this. It took us nearly 5 years of development to get all of that into OP2. Since OP3 is a totally new platform, it will take some time to add all of these features (as these are priority, we hope to have all of these features in OP3 in the coming months, and not years). 

- We can not guarantee timescales for when any of these new features are coming, but just know they are planned, and are already in different phases of development.

- We also have a much larger development team now than we did in the early years of OP2. This means we can develop new features faster without sacrificing quality.

We have plans to develop a brand new Marketplace for OptimizePress templates which will be fully cloud based and allow instant access to purchased templates inside your sites. This won’t be ready for a few months yet, but we’ll be sharing more details about this as we get closer to launch.

If you have any further questions about OP2 vs OP3 please contact our support team and we'll be happy to answer those for you.


Tell Us What You're Looking Forward To Most?

We hope this update has given you a clear understanding and outline of the release of the new OptimizePress. 

As a valued member of our community we thank you for your continued support as we rollout the new OptimizePress. We are very excited to see what you build using the new editor.

Please share any questions or feedback in the comments below.

    77 replies to "The New OptimizePress 3.0: Updates & What to Expect"

    • Sajah

      Very excited about OP3. Been a OP2 user for a long time now, since it was first released. I’m afraid to go to anything else!

      A few things that I’d love to see:
      – A date/time feature for publishing launch pages during a live launch so you don’t have to manually go in there and turn a page on before you send an email about it
      – Somehow create evergreen expiring links for pages, or evergreen countdown timers so if someone is early on in sales sequence they see something different than someone who’s later on in the sequence… if that makes sense (basically you have to get PlusThis or Deadline Funnel to do this and who wants yet ANOTHER system?!)

      that’s all i got! thank you.

    • Arold blog

      An excellent page builder for his blog

    • Chris

      How can I duplicate a page with OP3? It was such an important application on the OP2. I upgraded and have a hustle to build up this new page. I am looking forward to an answer thank you in advance!!

    • Scott

      Just started with 3.0. Love it so far! Thank you!

      Any updates on an ETA for the Funnels Plugin? Or perhaps the opportunity to BETA test?


    • Ricky


      Please Please Please Integrate Your CART with Payoneer or with Paddle.

      The Worldwide Web will thank you for that.

      It’s to allow everybody in the entire world, regardless of country, to get paid by payoneer, locally, after using OP3 and your New Cart for selling digital goods.

      It’s to allow other countries people to get paid, giving those who don’t have Paypal and Stripe activated in their country get paid by PADDLE Via Payoneer.

      Thus, You would do really Good to the global Online Entreprneurs Worldwide when you Integrate Paddle and Payoneer to your new OP3 Cart.

      Thank you in the name of everyone left behind by Stripe and Paypal in all those countries.

    • Emmanuel

      Hi guys. This was a very long reading. David is great and I can feel your sense of passion and commitment to OP3. Honestly, as an outsider, I can only feel like jumping in now, and I would wish to jump into OP3. I wish to completely rebuild using OP3. I have signed up on the mail to get release updates. I look forward to finding you guys on the inside!!

    • Julie

      This is exciting! So we will we still be able to edit our OP2 pages with OP2, while also running OP3 alongside to build new pages? I want continue editing my OP2 pages without rebuilding them, but use OP3 to build new pages.

      • David Frosdick

        Nope, that’s not possible as is entirely different platforms that generate the new OP3 pages.

        • Kevin McClellan

          Julie, I think what David means here is you can use OP2 and OP3 both on the same site. You can edit OP2 pages with OP2, and OP3 pages with OP3 – but you can’t edit OP2 pages with OP3, but if you want to keep your existing OP2 pages and edit those with OP2, and then create new pages with OP3 then you can certainly do that.

          Hope that makes sense 🙂

    • Cristian

      When will you add the clone page option to OP3? I can’t fiind it. Thanks!

    • Rachel

      For those of us who are licence holders but not part of the club, when will we get access to OP3? Can’t wait! :o)

      • David Frosdick

        We’ll start inviting people from June. Again it’s a manual process but we hope to get everyone in fairly quickly. Funnily enough, some Club members haven’t even activated their own accounts yet and we have to chase those individually.

        • Edward Schmitz

          Hi David. I´m a license holder, but not part of the club either. However, I am looking forward to activate it as soon as I´m invited. You can count on me.

    • Benjamin

      You’ve got me excited with the inline editor. It looks beautiful! It’s the kind of thing that will allow me to focus on copy and media instead of the page tool. I’m drooling just looking at it.

      Next, page load speed. SEO tools have been giving feedback that the load speed is not where it needs to be. Having this accelerate is a breakthrough.

      I just see myself being able to produce more custom landing pages… Etc as this comes together.

      Thanks for all your hard work! I know this is a heck of a process. I look forward to experiencing the results!

      • David Frosdick

        Thanks Benjamin! The new feature block styling allows you to sync styles across sections so you can make one change to update all the block styles.

        The design possibilities have changed completely. You’ll be able to perform Magic from every page 😏

    • Alice Kara

      Will this be a theme builder, or just a page builder?
      Will you make it work with Yoast easily ?
      Will we be able to make real full pages designs?
      I’m really waiting to try it out, because I’m really tired of OP2 right now. Really heavy, and not modern at all.

      • David Frosdick

        Yes, it a page builder.
        No, it’s not exactly a theme builder but you can easily style the look of your blog posts and use all the page builder feature on the blog. Just like this post here. It’s styled using OP3.
        Yoast, yes it’s compatible.

    • Marc Sibille

      OP3 is great. I would love to see Birdsend in the integration as well as Trivecart. Cheers!

    • Arturo

      I’m excited that the date is approaching. One question, with OptimizeMember, have you thought about doing it? Thanks for everything !!

      • David Frosdick

        You can still protect OP3 pages with OptimizeMember (using OP2) but it’s not directly integrated.

    • Andrew

      It looks like you’ve put an incredible amount of time, effort and into producing the next benchmark WP marketing platform that the rest will be judged by, just as you did with OP1 and 2. Congratulations and Thank You!

      I can’t wait to try it, I’m a club member but didn’t receive an invite, or more likely it made its way into my junk mail which gets deleted.

      • David Frosdick

        Thanks for the feedback, Andrew! please email support. If you are a club member you can get access NOW!!

    • Leslie

      Sounds great. I hope the membership has more options for payments so that we can have 3, 6 or 12 payments for membership payments options. Right now it is built around annual or month to month payments. Also, simplifying the course building process.

      • David Frosdick

        The membership work is another phase completely. We’ll most like build a new version to work with OP3.

    • Mike Vakulenko

      Hi guys, will you include quiz builders or sort of quiz funnels in the new version? Would really love to have it.

      • David Frosdick

        We’ll release the development roadmap soon and you can see what’s coming.

    • Malik

      I am having compatibility issues while using OP 2.0 with Elementor, Divi & Brave Builder.

      I hope this issue will be taken care of in OP 3.0

    • Eduardo

      Hi OP Team!

      Thank you these great head start! You made us more excited actually. I’m having a great time creating pages using our new page builder. I’m happy also for the great support and assistance coming from your tech support specially Kevin. You guys rock!

      I,m excited to hear about optimize funnel but wondering if there be a new version for OptimizeMember or its within the funnel already?

      Hope to hear from you.

      Thanks guys!

      • Hi Eduardo,

        Shhhhh! Don’t give away our secret…. haha but yes we will have a new membership features in OP3 which will be much easier than OptimizeMember

        Great to see you here on the blog comments, & thanks for the feedback as well 🙂

    • stevko

      Can you give an updated vision on OptimizeMember in OP3?
      will OP2 members and OP3 members be handled in one membership-plugin?

      • David Frosdick

        We have more FAQ’s coming that will answer OptimizeMember questions.

    • dan renyi

      well done guys, looks promising!!

    • KM Lee

      As a loyal fan of OptimizePress since the early days, I’m really happy to see the team did not stop at OP2, but continue developing and improving the platform. I look forward to grow with OP and the community.

    • Charles

      My favorite feature in OptimizePress 2.0 is the A/B Split test. Are they are plans to add this feature to 3.0?

    • Juve

      What price are you considering charging to members who have been with you guys since OP1?

      • David Frosdick

        All active customers will get access. That’s our top priority right now.

    • terry

      First of all it looks amazing. If you could bring this product outside of the wordpress ecosystem it would be amazing!

    • Sergio Felix

      Wondering if you are going to include membership site capabilities to some of the templates at least or the overall new OP3 functionality?

      I originally purchased my first OP license to use it as a membership site builder which I then complemented with WishList Member (I still have a fully operational website on that).

      But I think OP2 dropped the ball on the membership capabilities and from what I can see on these updates, you’re aiming more for orienting towards funnel creation (which is perfectly fine with me) but I’d still love it if I could use OP3 for membership sites or if I should start looking at something else already.

      Thanks in advance!

      • stevko

        for me it´s the same. curious to know

      • Felipe

        I’m in the same situation, If the new OP 3 does not include templates for memberships and build the whole structure for lessons and the overall membership site, I will have to look for something else also. Can we have an answer regarding this?

      • Napoleon

        I have the same question

      • David Frosdick

        We will be adding membership style templates. The design opportunities are endless so you can have the best looking membership site on the web. The membership functionality is slightly different. While you can’t integrate OptimizeMember directly with OP3 you can still protect OP3 pages.

    • Olivier

      Hi, will OP 3.0 be compatible with LearnDash?


      • Hey Olivier,

        Yes LearnDash is absolutely fully 100% compatible with OP3 and the OP3 Smart Theme.
        We do not include specific styles for LearnDash and do not include LearnDash templates, however it does work.
        One plugin that is good to use for LearnDash styling is
        The Pro version of that plugin you can style LearnDash in very unique ways and I highly recommend it (I use it myself).

        Have a great day! 🙂

    • Steven Robertson

      I would like to see a Product Launch Formula type pages with the the typical 3 video pages and final sales pages being released on a set schedule with the appropriate links being updated between pages such as Coming Soon if the next video is not released yet and then active links when it is release. And be sure to allow UTM parameters in the URL without changing the URL for tracking purposes.

    • Kevin Carney

      I’m actually excited to see this. My biggest question is when can I get it?

      • Maarcelo

        I have been waiting since December 2018 when I received an email from OP but not able to get it though. When can I get it and how much would we have to pay for it? I am already a client. Looking forward to the new OP3. Thanks

        • David Frosdick

          If you have an active account, there’s nothing to pay.

          • Maureen

            What exactly is an active account?

            • David Frosdick

              When you are paying for yearly updates and support.

      • David Frosdick

        We aim to rollout to active license customers within 2 to 3 weeks. So not long 🙂

        • Miguel Gomez

          AMAZING!! I have a pro license and can’t wait to install this in all my sites!!!

    • Jason

      Fantastic news! I must admit I have only recently returned to OptimizePress. But the grass was definitely not greener on the other side and so restarted my membership.
      It was fantastic to return to a theme and Plugin that make sense and that produce amazing pages with such ease.
      So this announcement is like the icing on the cake. The new page builder, templates and funnels Plugin for OptimizePress 3.0 sound remarkable. I will be very much looking forward to the release. Now I am in mid site rebuild using 2 so i will put a halt and wait for 3s release…. Will be checking email regular guys! Thank you!

    • Ania

      How do I know if I’m on the list to get OP 3.0? Also, are the CARTS feature gonna make payment gateways more customizable?

      • David Frosdick

        If you’re a customer with an up to date support license, you are on the list 😀

    • Estefania

      Thank you so much! I was wondering this morning when or if this update would have take place. And here it is. Can’t wait to test the new OP3 builder!

      • David Frosdick

        It’s literally just around the corner as all the Club Members have been invited and we’ve been working on some minor fixes. Thanks for commenting Estefania!

        • Frank

          I’m a club member and have’t been invited yet! Is there something I should do to get the invite?

          • David Frosdick

            Frank, we’ve sent out all invites. If you haven’t received it then something has been blocked along the way or your unsubscribed from our emails. Please contact the support team and we’ll get you hooked up with OP3 today.

    • nicolas

      Hi Ian,

      Thx for your incredible work !

      I just have a question, when the evergreen countdown will be available in OP3 builder ?

      Best regards,


    • Steve

      Pricing comparison tables
      Would be helpful for transitioning from OP2 to OP3 to have a side by side chart of an elements list showing “here’s what you had in OP2” and “here’s where you get to it in OP3” and noting what is not in OP3 that we had in OP2 (or when it’s coming) and what’s new in OP3 that wasn’t available in OP2
      Would be helpful to have a simple indication as to what pages are built in OP3 vs OP2 – like a simple * next to page names built in OP3

      • David Frosdick

        Thanks for the suggestions. You can already see OP2 pages, they are called “LiveEditor Pages” you can see it at the top near “published” “draft” etc and you will see “OP3 Pages”

    • Ricc

      Please, in your webinars put a great focus on HOW to migrate the OP2 pages to OP3 pages easily.
      We will need to use 2 monitors, keeping both version open and then… drag’n’drop? rewrite? copy-paste? please help us, it could be a big effort.

      … or, maybe, we will keep pages composed in OP2 with pages composed in OP3 (?)

      thank you

      • David Frosdick

        OP2 and OP3 can run alongside each other. There’s no need to migrate your pages until you are ready to update the designs. OP3 is a completely new platform so OP2 pages will not be editable in OP3.

        • max

          for the templates, will you only have single page templates with their own unique design and colors, or will you make template sets, where, for example, you design an optin page, thank you page and download page (possibly sales page) based on the same design and color scheme, for consistency? So it looks consistent on a site?

        • Mike

          Seriously? It may be better to move to a different theme then if everything has to be rebuilt

          • David Frosdick

            You’ll then probably have to learn everything on the new theme anyway… Either way, OP3 pages are much faster and it’s a very smooth platform to use. You can build page very fast.

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