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Frequently asked WordPress Checkouts Plugin Questions

Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming OptimizeCheckouts plugin

Which payment merchants/processors will be supported?

The launch version of OptimizePress will support integration with Stripe for processing payments.  We chose Stripe because they have a comprehensive API (meaning our development team can work well with the platform) and it's the most commonly used credit card processor in our industry.

Stripe also provides features like Stripe Atlas, which makes their suite of tools available to customers who do not have businesses based in their main supported countries - meaning this solution should be open to the vast majority of our OptimizePress user-base.

We may support other payment processors in the future, but these are not yet in development.

Will subscriptions/recurring charges be supported?

We are working hard on building recurring payments support into OptimizeCheckouts

This feature will not be available in the launch version of OptimizeCheckouts, but we're aiming to add this as an update after release.

You'll be able to take payments and setup recurring subscriptions for your customers, perfect for membership sites and ongoing billing agreements.

Will Upsells/Downsells be possible?

Our upsells and downsells functionality will allow you to create beautiful complete sales funnels with the combination of OptimizeFunnels and OptimizeCheckouts.

We're working hard to bring this feature to OptimizeCheckouts after the intial release.

Can I add order bumps to my checkout?

Order bumps are a great way to maximise revenue from every visitor to your checkout page or checkout form.  We are planning to add order bumps in an update to OptimizeCheckouts after the release.

Why wouldn't I just use WooCommerce or a free checkout solution for WordPress?

 WooCommerce is a great solution for an ecommerce store - but it was designed for this purpose.  Most of our users are not building an online shop where a visitor adds multiple products to a "cart" - instead they want to sell one or a series of carefully selected products in a sales funnel process.

OptimizeCheckouts is designed specifically for this purpose, and everything is optimized to ensure maxmium conversions and therefore more sales and profit.

How do I create an affiliate program/referral program to work with OptimizeCheckouts?

We're not planning to develop our own affiliate platform for OptimizeCheckouts.

We recommend either Affiliate WP - or using ThriveCart which has affiliate program built in.

How much will OptimizeCheckouts cost?

OptimizeCheckouts will be available as part of the OptimizePress Suite plan.  We will be increasing the pricing of the Suite plan once our complete feature set is live - so we do recommend purchasing or upgrading soon to lock in the best annual pricing for your plan.

The Suite plan also includes access to our full suite of marketing conversion optimiation tools including our Funnel Builder, signature Page Builder and OptimizeLeads.