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Build Powerful Membership Portals and Deliver Digital Goods & Training

Whether you want to sell an ebook, digital product or online course, we include the right tools to help you do this on your own website with minimum fuss


Membership Site Functions

Build Beautiful (and Secure) Membership Portals

With OptimizePress you can create beautiful looking membership portals that elevate the value of your content.

Create Your Own Custom Members Portal

With our flexible page design framework, and built in membership elements (including login form, lesson and module listings and breadcrumb trails) you can create comprehensive membership portals that look completely custom.

Protect Your Content with Our Membership Plugin

Use the (included) OptimizeMember plugin to secure content so only buyers can access the content you've assigned to them.  Integrate with Stripe or Paypal to take payments and you're ready to start selling your content (online course, product or membership)

Sales Pages

Create High Impact Sales Pages for Marketing Your Products & Services

No matter what you're selling, creating a page that looks good and is designed to sell is what matters.  Our templates and elements are perfect no matter what you have to offer...

  • Online Courses
  • Services & Consulting
  • Ebooks & Digital Products
  • Product Brochure Sites
  • Book Launches
  • Minisites
  • Coaching Funnels
  • Seminar & Event Pages

Membership Integrations

Use Our Build In Integrations to Connect to the Services You Already Use

Our landing page functionality makes it quick and easy to capture subscribers and build your list fast

Stripe Integration

Create opt-in forms in just a few clicks to capture the data you want from your visitors

External Cart Integrations

Add members to your site when they purchase through external shopping cart systems like ThriveCart & SamCart

PayPal Integration

Integrate with any of the leading email marketing & CRM systems to save subscriber data

Customize Everything On Your Pages

Sales Pages

Works with the Tools You Already Use

No matter what you're selling, creating a page that looks good and is designed to sell is what matters.  Our templates and elements are perfect no matter what you have to offer...

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ThriveCart Integration

Use your existing ThriveCart checkout and automatically create member accounts for each of your buyers

Stripe Logo

Stripe Integration

Connect to your Stripe account for taking payments with OptimizeMember

Samcart Logo

SamCart Integration

Use SamCart to create members inside your website, and set permissions and access levels easily

Paypal Logo

PayPal Integration

Connect your OptimizeMember site to Paypal to accept payments using the popular online shopping platform.

Get Started With OptimizePress Today!

Start building your first membership site, launch your first course, or sell your first digital product.  OptimizePress has everything you need to get started...

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What You Need to Know

Membership Q&A

Why do I need a landing page?

Landing pages are one of the best ways to get your visitors to subscribe to your email marketing list.  This is normally done through an opt-in bribe or lead magnet.  You offer something of value to your visitors in return for their email (or name & email).  Once they join your email list, you can followup with them, providing more value and eventually offering your products for sale.

Who controls my content built with OptimizePress?

As you use OptimizePress on your Wordpress sites hosted on your own servers, you have full control over your content.  And don’t worry if you’re not familiar with Wordpress, we have guides to help you get up and running fast

Do you provide support if I get stuck using OptimizePress?

Of course! Our friendly support team are available to help you through your issues.  We obviously can’t build your site for you, but we’ll guide you in the right direction and help you get past any issues you have

I already own OptimizePress 1.0 - do I need the New OptimizePress and what is the difference?

Our new 2.0 platform has been rebuilt from the ground up – to incorporate the latest in web technologies and standards including responsive mobile ready design, CSS3 and HTML5.  We have also completely re-engineered the way you create pages with the platform with our new LiveEditor. So the new system gives more power, flexibility and ease of use when creating pages and websites

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